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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Federal Judge Orders Mireles torture investigation

A Federal judge instructed the Attorney General's Office to investigate probable acts of psychological torture against the leader of the AUC, José Manuel Mireles committed during and after  his arrest by federal forces.

At a press conference, attorney Salvador Navarro Molina said the Fifth District Judge in Michoacan, Jorge Armando Aceituno Wong, orders federal prosecutors to inquire into alleged abuses against his client.

"There are acts constituting the offense derived from torture".

 Their lawyer said the preliminary investigation of torture was filed with  the PGR in Uruapan, Michoacan.  Molina, along with Talia Vazquez Alatorre and Nestor Moon Ortiz, all attorneys of  Mireles, reported that their  client was the victim of an "conspiracy" and fabrication of evidence by the authorities to imprison him for possession of weapons , and  drug possession.
"We're Bringing the José Mireles Case to International Human Rights Organizations"

The attorneys stated that they will bring to international human rights organizations proof of the Public Ministry's [investigative police and prosecutors] willful misconduct in the cases of the citizen leader and his three bodyguards.

For example, Molina Serrano stated that the day Mireles and his bodyguards were arrested, ministerial authorities name different places where he was arrested, there is no flight log of the prisoner transfer, the weapons allegedly confiscated were tampered with (i.e., "not registered") and the supposed drugs thatthey were carrying were not weighed. Molina Navarro charged: "In this case, we have both illicit and illegal evidence, but the biggest or most flagrant violation is the Public Ministry's willful misconduct, that is, the intent to act with knowledge of purpose." 

Accompanied by colleagues Néstor Enrique Luna Ortiz and Talía Vázquez, the attorney declared that the weapons were tampered with and planted; there is no agreement on times; the actions have various inconsistencies, such as locations and times, nor was the scene of the events preserved.

 They explained that the case file contains two pages with the letterhead of the Michoacán Attorney General (PGJ), but indicating two different places where the arrest occurred: page 29 states the place of detention to be La Mira, [municipality of] Lázaro Cárdenas; page 30 specifies that the detention occurred in the town of San Antonio de Viña in [municipality of] Tacámbaro. 

The two locations are about 275 kilometers [170 miles] apart. Moreover, the case file records the recovery of "14 weapons, one 2014 Jeep Cherokee vehicle and four plastic bags with green grass, marijuana-like, and one with white powder resembling cocaine"; without, however, specifying the weight [of the alleged drugs], which constitutes another irregularity, the defense team points out. 

 Another irregularity, the lawyers stressed, relates to the transfer of the surgeon and his bodyguards after their arrest on June 27. The three were moved from Morelia to Lázaro Cárdenas in a Black Hawk helicopter. According to Mireles' defense team, traveling the 300 miles between one city and the others should have taken an hour and a half; the transfer, however, lasted  five hours. 

 The case file specifies that the arrest occurred at 6:00 p.m. on June 27, and Mireles and his bodyguards were handed over to the Attorney General's Office on the same day at 8:00 p.m. In his statement, Mireles said that his arrest was carried out between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m.; however, it is not possible to establish the departure time because the file does not include the flight log. 

 The aircraft landed at the Attorney General of Michoacán at about 9:10 p.m.; that is, the transfer of self-defense would have taken about six hours. In this regard, Molina Navarro said: "I am certain that this time was lost precisely in torture, which doesn't necessarily have to be reflected in blows or injuries. Torture can also be psychological." Mireles reported that during his transfer he was afraid of being thrown into the sea. 

Molina Navarro said that "it is clear that the armed people are not committing crime" because the weapons were registered with the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), and they had the proper permits. The defense attorney argued that "an order to release for lack of evidence to proceed should have been issued [by the Judge]; on top of that, (now) the Public Prosecutor should be investigated for torture and violations of due process." In turn, Talía Vázquez, who is responsible for recording and publishing communiques from Mireles on the social media, accused Commissioner Alfredo Castillo of not having complied with agreements signed on April 14, 2014. 

The gist of those agreements was to: 
  • Detain identified suspects, including Servando, La Tuta, Gómez; 
  • Transfer self-defense forces [imprisoned outside Michoacán] to Apatzingán [Michoacán]
  • Render non-accusatory conclusions [i.e., not-guilty verdicts] to secure their release; 
  •  and Protect the leaders [of the self-defense groups].
 "None of these things happened," Velázquez charged,  drawing attention to the 384 self-defense members still in prison and the more than 5,000 applications to join the Rural Force [established to replace and legalize the self-defense groups] that have not been dealt with. 

The Mexican government, Vázquez elaborated, has turned Dr. Mireles into a "political prisoner" for not complying with the agreement considering that he did not "pay attention to the disarmament," but neither has the State done everything it promised on May 10. Therefore, she said, the defense team will file Mireles' case record before international human rights bodies ... in order to seek their support.

Sources: Reforma, Proceso, MexicoVoices translation by Jane Brundage


  1. the penalty for being one big hijo de la chingada should be the firing squad,
    and el castillo de cagada who "was nowhere" when DR Mireles was arrested qualifies very well, enough to be arrested immediately, as do the guys who arrested him and his escorts, juersaz rurales my ass, they were just used to "rancheriar" the AD (treat them like pumpkin seeds, or ignorant farmers), and the population into a false sense of security while the crooks consolidated power of the viagras and el americano, PURO TEATRO, said Dr Mireles, and it was the plain truth, no, not the aleluya magazine...

  2. Are there any 'asociacion civil'/NGO's that provide financial assistance to Dr. Mireles's struggle? Dr. Mireles' heroic struggle to overcome tyranny and insure safety for the common person is the struggle of every law abiding Mexican citizen/patriot!

    1. You want to set something up so you can steal the money, hell no thief!

    2. Patriot my ass, you just want our money!

  3. W T F they got laws in Mecsico..Public Ministry's willfull misconduct" sounds Political...Tony Montana used to say...

  4. Do not project your values onto those that are trying to make a difference. It was simply a question. Only you took it to a place of common thievery. Get a life.

    1. Thief you want our money!

    2. That's is just what swindlers WOULD say.

    3. What do you have to say for yourself, thief.

    4. I am here to protect the good ppl from thiefs like you.

    5. Where did the thief go, you have to defend yourself.

  5. We need a new padre hidalgo allende morelos guerrero enough is enough viva mireles alejo garza tamez chivis martinez !!!!!!

  6. I wouldn't put a lot of hope into the order of the federal judge that the Attorney General investigate wrong doing by "federal forces" in the arrest of Dr. Mireles. The arrest order came from the A/G' s office and now they are ordered to investigate themselves. The fox guarding the hen house?.

    I am glad to see the attorneys for the Dr. taking their case to the world stage. All the demonstrations and protests have been good because they have kept some attention on Dr. Moreles case and have hopefully helped keep his spirits up.

    But EPN (and PRI) have historically either responded to demonstrations with force to quash them, or simply ignored them knowing how short is the attention span of the public. In a few weeks or months (well before the next elections) interest will have faded and it will be a back burner issue.

    The attorneys taking the case to the international arena will put pressure on EPN that he cannot ignore at the risk of hurting his image that might adversely affect his attempts through all the reforms to attract international investors.

    1. EPN, Castillo, and the rest of the PRI Cartel Thugs messed up! Now they will have to face the consequences! We will see what the international community says about their conduct!

    2. They will blame eachother.

  7. Can anyone truthfully say what this mans"supposed"crime was?
    Most people know what his crime was
    "He dared to stand up to the Mexican elite"
    And they had no scruples whatsoever in arresting him and letting him languish in prison.Most of us have respect for doctors.....
    How could you arrest this man?There was a chance for people to say enough is enough.But people were not motivated or interested to get off their ass to protest,a country wide protest against political immorality.Now,his supporters are forced to partake in this sham of lawful procedure from the ever so upstanding and transparent Mexican government...

  8. nothing will hurt pena nieto, his sponsors have all the money, weapons and gorilla mercenaries to support his brand of democracy, i mean cleptocracy, neo-porfirista, the partido revolucionario institutional has come full circle to total corruption, giving away all the mexican resources to be mined by foreign investors who will make trillions of dollars for the effort of taking the money to their banks and mexico to the cleaners, talk about banana republics, the eternally mined prostitutes of the world colonizers, whose products are worthless until the profits come into their "owners", who will then pay their banana colonies, if they are lucky, one 10th of 1% for their help...
    that is why pena nieto has no fear, salinas and england got his back, just wait and see who gets the benefits of stealing pemex...

  9. You sound like a hammer in search of a nail. Truthfully, without Pemex resources, injustice and tyranny will be the 'coin of the realm' because Mexico will not have the legitimate resources to build an effective governance infrastructure. All the Dr. Mireles' in the world will come to naught if the Mexican Central Bank is tapped out. Nothing could make the cartel's happier. A failed government really does put Dracula in charge of the blood bank.

  10. this mireles incarceration is just another evidence in a long line of evidence showing how shamelessly corrupt EPN is. i cant believe some mexicans think EPN is some kind of savior. IF EPN wasnt corrupt he would have done something about dr. mireles incarceration. instead, i bet he's behind this.

  11. Disgraceful the way they treated and are treating Dr Mireles...
    2014 and they treated a doctor like this,and what was his crime again?
    Once a politician and party are in office,they can and still do get away with the most underhand behavior,behavior that is allowed by all of us.Democracy?

  12. nobody is a thief until they have properly stolen something, and our friend was only asking if there was some organization taking $ to help Dr Mireles, until then, you the accuser, are the thief for robbing someone of their credibility, without reason, there are a few tricksters like you at the forum, some of the resident clowns there would like to have you in the club...

  13. "Where did the thief go, you have to defend yourself"
    I just thought i could do worthwhile things with the said monies?Philanthropic things such as flying to Chichen Itza,then on to the Yucatán Peninsula,thence to Palenque and then Acapulco,i wish to research the migratory habits of the indo-European in the clement months.


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