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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Deception of Dr. Mireles' Former Wife

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

It is unfortunate that the private life of Dr Mireles has become public fodder, it should be the business of no one.  But in this instance, it may become an important part of his legal case.  

This post began as an update of information on Dr Mireles, legal case and health. However, information became confusing as it seemed there was a power struggle that commenced between Ana Valencia Chavez, the former wife of Dr. Mireles, against everyone else in the doctors support group.

After the arrest she appeared at marches, gave speeches, gave interviews, in essence attempting to reclaim her role as Dr Mireles wife. In her speeches she said "My husband is a hero, he is not a criminal, he is Mexico's hero, he cleaned Michoacán of criminals and established peace".

She then hired an attorney for Dr Mireles, who already has a massive legal team, who are working pro-bono. When asked about Talìa Vázquez, the known spokesperson and lead attorney for Dr Mireles, Valencia dismisses her as "only a friend".

I have personal knowledge from Dr Mireles, that Talìa Vázquez is his attorney and the attorney that has always tended to any legal issues on behalf of Dr. Mireles. She is his attorney and his trusted friend. They serve on the National Autodefensa group together, "Yo Soy Autodefensa".

This was all very confusing to everyone following the case and history of the doctor. But now it is very clear what is transpiring. Ms. Valencia is using the imprisonment for personal gain. Both financial and status.  

She has created a fund "For Dr Mireles Legal Costs". Dr Mireles has made it very clear, he is not asking for, nor does he want money and has no campaign for funds. His legal team is in it for justice.
This was immediately after he was arrested that Valencia initiated her fund. 

Priscila the editor of Grillonautas News, a close friend of Dr Mireles, along with Talìa Vázquez, without  divulging Ms Valencia's name, quickly spread the news that the fund for the Doctor was not authorized nor wanted.
It was only when Ms Valencia continued her charade that they decided to precise and blunt who was behind the money request and expose that person for what she is. An informant had forwarded a secretly recorded telephone conversation with Ms Valencia that will expose her feelings about Dr. Mireles, and her lack of concern about criminal activities being conducted. She wants him dead, she says he is poor but what he has she wants.

Below is one of two videos.  I am working on the long phone coversation of Ms Valencia, this one is an interview with Talìa Vázquez, the post begins with an update on Dr Mireles legal and health status.

Hospitalized for five days

 Mireles was hospitalized for the second time, this hospitalization for  five days.  He is struggling with issues manifested from his diabetes.  He requires a specialized diet with meals at regular intervals to accommodate his three times per day injected insulin.  His attorney and wife have visited him and he is now doing well and is in his spirits.

Meanwhile, in his legal case, the hands of justice move at a snail pace if at all..  Despite the massive worldwide support for Dr Mireles, from the public at large, journalists, and social activists, the feds are not going to make simple for the autodefensa leader.  His legal team spokesman and lead  attorney,  Talia Vázquez, estimates a minimum six month ordeal for the legal process.

Legal issues
As I have previously stated, several legal preparation were created prior to his arrest, as his arrest was inevitable eventuality, that or death, the government wanted him gone one way or the other.  After his arrests complaints immediately were filed, and after formal charges,  an appeal against the detention  was initiated  by multiple attorneys from his large legal defense team. 

If that move fails, there will be an injunction to release filed  to determine if legal missteps transpired from the government with respect both to the detention and actual arrests.  This is why it was critical to involve the Human Rights Commission from the onset, to stand as a third party to document any potential  breach of  Dr Mireles legal/constitutional rights. 

Including the handling of his arrest, transfer, and incarceration.  Issues such blindfolding, cuffing and placing a hood on Dr Mireles when arrested.  A treatment I have never seen prior, including the arrests of many dangerous figures of Organized crime.  Also, transferring him 1000 miles away from his support group including his legal team, and not allowing his attorney to see him for 24 hrs, and not allowing him his medication for several days. 

I believe the injunction will be a direct Amparo, which means a direct filing to the Supreme Court.  This type of Amparo is done to prevent any interference of non judicial government agents e.g. prosecutors, police, public administrators.  

Direct Amparo applies to an act of authority that violates the constitutional guarantee of a citizen.  This may be attacked on one or both of two grounds; the unconstitutionality of the act, or the unconstitutionality of the law itself.  The supreme court has evolved into a third rule, that is confusing but is regarding judicial acts of application or administrative acts of enforcement which amounts to Amparo against laws.

Stepping forth to join the legal team is a large force of attorneys and scholars that were attendees at the first National Yo Soy Autodefensa conference held at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico).  Dr Mireles was the keynote speaker at the event.  

The Institute of Legal Research at UNAM, Escuela Libre Derecho, and a group of Michoacán attorneys have joined the legal team.

The community ofCherán, joins  the majority of Tierra Caliente communities in their support of Dr Mireles.  Cherán is the model by which led Dr Mireles to the autodefensa struggle.

Video Interview
Ana Valencia, the former wife of Dr. Mireles says the false charges they are making against him are going to be useful for her to finish with Dr. Mireles.

This is the gist of the interview with Talìa Vázquez, the lead attorney for Dr Mireles, I hope to post Ana's recorded conversation soon.

Reporter: On the video that is running at the internet, in the intro we hear a communication which it
seems is your voice, I don’t know, can you confirm this?

Attorney¨: No is not my voice it’s a channel of Grillonautas.

Reporter: a person reads a communication about an anonymous posting, where it is reported that Ana Valencia is reporting that you are not the defense of Jose Manuel Mireles.  Is  Ana Valencia one of the wives Dr. Mireles has had during his life?

Attorney: She is the only one he has had.

Reporter: The only one officially, but didn't he have another?

Attorney: Well about the personal life or Dr. Mireles, what I know, is that Ana Valencia is the only wife he has had.

Reporter: This lady also said that she wants to be a municipal president of Tepalcatepec.  She says that she has communication with a General from the police,(must be state or federal). Well this is before the detention, but that was everybody wants  to finish off Dr. Mireles, what do you think of this  as an Attorney ?

Attorney: I woke up and saw the video and I’m sad, I knew about this situation so I don’t have to hear Ana´s  (recorded) conversation, she is here in Mexico and in an interview she said that I was not  the attorney of Dr, Mireles, I was surprise because that kind of issue has to be stipulated with document, not with words, I have my agreements,  that says that I’m  the attorney of Dr. Mireles. This lady doesn’t know  Dr. Mireles legal files. 

About his personal life it’s sad that a wife speaks like that, I understand that as a woman we can have hard feelings when we are through a divorce  but ok, you  get the order completed  and that´s it.

Reporter: I have tried to tell to the public, that it is  a personal matter and if she wants to take the house from  him,  or the truck,  it is not our business, but the thing is she wants to take the properties, (the house Dr Mireles lives in is part of his father’s land) but coming from that, she is creating controversy involving the authorities.

Attorney: That process of the authority we already reported about it, obviously they planted evidence and fabricated criminal charges, but is also so evident to see who   Judas is, in other words no one has to love Dr. Mireles or stay happy with him.

She has the rights to married or been divorced or whatever they want, but she is asking for money, (donations) because she saying she owns the truck.  

About the truck (amour Jeep) 2 people owe money on it, Dr. Mireles owes 700 thousand pesos and I owe 370 thousand as I already explained. –Note: I think she must have given the down payment for this to make sense and is co-owner as in a lien until repaid I  know he had no money and was making payments with donations from a small circle of friends and supporters who were concerned for his safety, after Castillo took away his old amour truck-

If the truck is not paid it they will confiscate Dr. Mireles Properties or mine for the portion that is owed, she does not own the truck.

Reporter:  About the relation with the general that she is saying she has, will this be a part of the investigation?  You as an Attorney will present this as a demand, to see who the general is, that sought her (Ana) to conspire against and damage Dr. Mireles?

Attorney: I as an Attorney I work according instructions, I tell Dr. Mireles that by law what it is the process and he is who make the decisions. Tomorrow I will go to Sonora,  it is a right the prisoner has, to say who he wants to visit him.;

So this lady  (Ana) cannot go into the prison in Sonora, Tomorrow I will go and tell him about his embarrassing video, because he appears in the video, where he says Ana threatened him.

Because he could use the testimony of the lady in the court to go and make clear what the audios says, to see why she said that, to whom she saw, and why she was making  those deals, is so serious what she is saying.
Reporter: This is so serious; it is against the ethics that the authorities have to follow in the investigation.  So this video we don’t know who is running it on the internet, whoever did is saying important things that confirm that they are not acting according the law.


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    TO: 3:24-perfect look for those Mexican soap opera novelas

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      Plural. European nations import mass quantities of dope as much as USA. Wake up Citizens!

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    If they free him his movement will live on . If they persecute him we will built shrines to him and move on with a fever .
    Will we love him more if he dies ? I hope we don't have to find out . He rallied the good people and he will be immortalized in history for it.

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    The important part is that Ana wants her former husband dead, is working to make money off of his imprisonment and is working with a general to do Dr Mireles harm.

    That is what this BIG story is about. STFU about damn typos.

  18. Chivis obviously has permission to do this.On another point.The Mexican government claim this as due and proper lawful procedure?Get the fuck outta here,how Mexicans put up with shit like this?They should give this guy a medal not plant bullshit drugs and weapons on him?It is now 2014 and the Mexican government is showing its contempt for its people again,the Mexican people also seem to have a dangerous apathy that allows this shit to continue,in essence only they can change it...

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  22. when this broke the first thing I said was ana valencia will say it is not her voice. It is her, and was recorded a couple months back. There will be court filings to supeona her phone records and they have Paco's.

    SHe has appealed for funds both for the vehicle and legal.

    Pricila sat on the recording for months because it was not so relevant, but now of course is.

    Ana has a new interview out saying it is not her, just as I thought she would. All one has to do is look at dr mireles talking about his enemies and who he fears more than tuta...and that is Ana Valencia Chavez. He avoids her like the plague.

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  24. I feel for dr. Mireles, it's a tough battle . That he is in. Locked up and not being able to trust anyone because he keeps getting staved in the back. Hope he makes it through. ..

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    Is Mireles true blue ? God I hope he is . I really like what I have been reading on BB about him for a long time. Sure you can bet there is a certain amount of "dirty laundry" that goes along with being human but the picture I have been seeing is he is a good man . The contraband issue ? I air on his side because Mexican police and officials are notorious for their corruption . I believe with such a high percentage of corruption 100% of the final product can be rotten .

  26. 5:48 hope the shit hits the fan much sooner, EPN said to be sick, cancer, and that that is the reason he looks so thin and wasted, government say that is a personal matter and NO COMMENT either way.
    --also same guy, HugoSadhOfficial, is always ranting against el pri, and the government ratas del DF: cuanto mas nos robo carlos salinas de gortari a los mexicanos.
    --15 mexican families own about 150 billion dollars worth of property stolen from the mexican patrimony, built by all of us, and not at all by any of them.
    --53.5 million of mexican are poor and nobody can find any credible reason, all the wise PhD's in the US or in mexico, with their doctorates, can't find the reason either, because some of those billions and billions of dollars are expected to end in their pockets...
    --he also said mireles a la carcel, la gaviota gets 15 million pesos, ?!?!!?? why?
    --poor mrs valencia looks real gypsy, like, you know, baby kidnapper grade... somebody needs to shave her brow...

  27. Dr. Mireles vive - la lucha sigue!!!!
    Dr. Mireles for President - for a better Mexico

  28. 150 billion would represent THEIR EARNINGS ONLY, at 10%, that would mean about 1500 billion dollars have been stolen from the mexicans muertos de hambre, 1350 billion to the international zionista global satrapy full of vulture capitalistas, and that is only mexico...
    --everybody reports on the corrupting powers of the narcs, about how they corrupt the poor politicians, military and police, bla bla bla, im getting convinced that it is the absolute other way, the propaganda diverts from the fact that the narcs are too stupid to know any better and go and get into their bitching and quarreling, because it serves to further destabilize the countries targetted to have the dogs fighting for the table scraps, claiming human concerns for their well being, and to have people chasing the wrong beast.
    --the hoodie, the threats to dump Dr Mireles on the sea, the isolation, everything points to the treatment suffered by war prisoners under war criminals bush-cheney's opportunity creators halliburton/blackwater war criminals, wonder what so many mexican spanish speaking veterans of US wars are doing all over mexico?
    spying, and teaching the abu-ghraib/guantanamo nazi methods. as if the mexican government or people had a need for any of it...
    THANKS US TAXPAYERS !!! bags of shit would be more welcome!!!


    new tuta video ...he claims Simon the American owes him money

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  34. This thread is hilarious. Chivis, thank you for giving us of your time. The people complaining can go to Spanish language blogs and use Google translate or watch Fox News.
    It is a tragedy that the plight of Dr.Mireles is being is pushed aside. ere for grammar of all things. People are so easily distracted but this is a first.
    A man gives up his life to liberate his paisanos and is betrayed by all around him. Keep the good Dr in your thoughts and prayers. History shows us that things get worse when good leaders are taken out. Who will be the next man to stand up against the tyrants?

  35. y quien es el "general" que anda hablando con mrs. ana "bigotes en las cejas" valencia? his wife would like to know, l know in mexico military guys lose their ass in court to their wives, child support, the house, alimony, and expenses for el sancho, plus attorney's fees.
    that is why so many military are exploiting the narcs all over mexico, the government doesn't pay them since carlos salinas de gortary stole the sedena budget, about a billion dollars a year

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