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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

From Prison Former "CT Mayor" Seeks to Name Successor

Borderland Beat Posted on forum by Pepe

The Michoacán State Legislature is currently considering naming the replacement for former mayor of Lázaro Cárdenas, Archímides Oseguera, who was arrested after appearing in the now-famous La Tuta video filmed at his house in Lázaro Cárdenas.

State law allows the deputies from his party (PRD) to choose the replacement, with the whole chamber later ratifying this decision. Yesterday the deputies from PRD were set to choose the successor.  

One faction led by the leader of the PRD deputies in the chamber, Fidel Calderón Torreblanca, had been pushing for the the wife of Oseguera, Nayeli Julieta Pedraza, to be named the new mayor.  The other faction led by state PRD leaders, such as Federal Deputy Silvano Aureoles Conejo (who's emerging as an AD supporter in next summer's governors race), was seeking to have the elected city administrator, Manuel Barreras Ibarra, named as mayor.

Well, yesterday, the Calderón Torreblanca faction switched its allegiance to city water director Agustin Zapién Ramírez.  Zapién is famous for appearing in the SAME VIDEO with La Tuta that brought down Oseguera.  He's also had several complaints filed against him for his work as water director for Lázaro Cárdenas.

It gets better.  It turns out that Calderón Torreblanca switched his support to Zapién after receiving a letter sent from prison by former mayor Oseguera.  In the letter, Oseguera recommends Zapién to Calderón Torreblanca as "someone who's aware of the promises we made during the campaign .... working very close with me in getting out the vote."

When the existence of the letter came out, there was an explosion of outrage, and Calderón Torreblanca was forced to cancel the vote and re-scheduled the decision for June 3rd. 

Sources: Provincia-Milenio-La jornada Michoacan 


  1. As one of my friends used to say, you couldn't make this shit up if you tried!

  2. why would the corrupt city council still have the authority to elect anybody?
    just because el castillo de cagada says so?
    --free elections is the order of the day, free of corruption, and undue influences, like vote buying, acarreados and "reformed" templarios...
    --observers will be needed that have no ties to el pinchi pri or el pinchi prd or el pinchi pan, or el nuevo y corrupto pinchi verde ecologyst, or the microminced pps, pc, pt, morena, mc, etc etc etc...

  3. i mean the state deputies (state rep.)..they are lucky they do not get kicked out too...

  4. At least we know how the Mexican government's civil service tests works. Political nepotism and coercion.

  5. Seems fair. El Chapo probably got a say in his successor, right?

  6. Free elections please !!! I bet a real donkey would win a free election over any of these clowns! With a salary of only carrots and water!

  7. I live near Lazaro Cardenas, and I tell you so many citizen still support this corrupt mayor because he is talent at manipulate them. He do thing like pay for wedding of young girls so that every female think he is good man. He will name as successor member of Templarios and the citizen will support him as well and protect these illegal activities of him such as narco traffic. I feel there is so little hope for these citizen if they allow there self to be manipulate.

  8. CHIVAAA! you really know how to dissappoint me, this story gave me goosebumps like halloween to just look at the mexican cesspool of politics.
    love you chivis, keep it coming...

  9. "State law allows the deputies from his party (PRD) to choose the replacement, with the whole chamber later ratifying this decision."

    yeah, I think you should be stripped of all powers once you have been convicted of a FUCKING FEDERAL CRIME!!!!

    GOD!! THE MEXICANS GOV ARE A BUNCH OF PENDEIHOS!!!! (while biting my tongue in anger)

  10. its just amazing all the bullshit that happens in mexico


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