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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Apatzingán:Chayos nephew "may be free in 2 months" says attorney

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Morelia, Michoacán.-The mayor of Apatzingán, Uriel  Chavez Mendoza could be released in two months, said his lawyer, Eduardo Quintero, who said that they have the necessary elements to prove his innocence.

Quintero said the arrest of Chavez Mendoza, was politically generated, and based on the testimony of only three people, the three councilors of the  City of Apatzingán, "oddly, one of them is the city office manager."

Also, the mayor said that when he is released he will file a lawsuit against his accusers because of their false statements. Currently the mayor is in criminal proceedings and  evidentiary stage.

On 15 April, Uriel Chavez Mendoza  was arrested for alleged extortion three aldermen of the City, requiring  them to pay an  amount of 20 thousand pesos to Cballeros Templarios.

Chavez Mendoza was long accused by autodefensas as having close ties to Templarios, the former mayor mother is the sister of  the fallen Templarios leader Nazario Moreno González, alias el Chayo.
If the attorney of Chavez looks familiar, he was the attorney representing autodefensa founder Hipolito Mora. 
 Mihoacan 3.0 and Borderland Beat


  1. just checking to see how much of an uproar the news causes...
    the fact is nobody in politics in michoacan is free of guilt, is you don't pay you don't play, from el esqueleto en pellejos vallejo down to el policia municipal mas pendejo.
    --reform should include the authentic auto-defensas, and the people that were there with them, no member of government at any level should have any right other than to be examinated for trustwortiness to keep their job...
    --wonder if uriel chavez mendoza would submit to the examinations?
    --would alfredo castillo or any of the chapulin AD that have jumped to his side, or any member of pena nieto's cabinet, especially those involved on the fighting of corruption?

  2. Templarios are done tgey used to ship so much mary jane to austin tx and now they dont send shit belueve me i knoww sum people

  3. Dear Chivis,

    What's the latest on the CAM movement? Are they still advancing to free other towns and cities? Is the road blocks happening? Have the 187 auto defensas been freed? Is there still political infighting between the CAM and the "Fueurza Ruales"?

    Thank You,


  4. ESB
    Hola...I just wrote a comment on Un Vato's latest post. AD are not advancing, but all of Mireles' ADs are holding ground and not laying down arms, still protecting their communities

  5. ... and for those who wonder, Dr Mireles and Mora just tried to join the Juerzas Rurales to be able to keep their weapons and avoid confiscation, of course el castillo de kagada and his ass kissers will use that fact to promote their special bullshit.
    deep in their hearts, everybody knows where each stands, and that it is all theatre and bullshit from the chilango castillo de cagada


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