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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Four Dismembered Bodies Left In Teloloapan

By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras

(May 2, 2014) Chilpancingo, Guerrero— The dismembered bodies of four men were left in Teloloapan, municipality located in the north of Guerrero, this morning.

The discovery was reported at 10:00am on Friday at the street 2 de Abril in the heart of the town, a few meters from the Public Prosecutor’s office.

The bodies were kept in eight black plastic bags.  Next to the bodies, a message was left attributed to the criminal group “La Familia”:

“This is going to happen to all the rats and kidnappers; I’m going to fuck up your fucking mom fucking bitches.  Attn: Santana Ríos and my comrade El M 16.  Long live la FM (Familia Michoacana)”

During the last 24 hours, seven corpses have been left in Teloloapan.  Yesterday, three bodies were dug up from a clandestine grave located on the outskirts of this town that has been crippled by drug violence.

 The surge in violence in this municipality is recorded after the arrest of Mario Casarrubias Salgado, leader of the criminal group “Guerreros Unidos”, which maintains a dispute with hitmen from “La Familia” for the control of the north of the state.

The capture of Casarrubias Salgado took place during an operation of the Mexican Navy, the Mexican Army, and the PGR of the State of Mexico.
Along with the boss of the criminal group in the city of Iguala, Isaí Salgado Cereso, 29, originally from Guerrero and José Rivelino Mejía Salgado, 43, of Torreón, Coahuila were also captured.

Source: Proceso
Graphic photo

Photo: Diario de la Tarde


  1. The U.S. should go in a take over. These acts are genocide on humanity! !! The Mexican government obviously doesn't care what happens!!! Weapons should be legalized for the Mexican citizens so they have a fighting chance! !!

    1. Seriously, why would the US military want to enter Mexico?

    2. The US THE US arnt you tired of the us sticking it's nose in more shit it can't handle idiot

    3. Maybe try because they border us Jack Ass!!! And it affects our economy, when were sending over billions and there is no results!!

    4. Gamers. This site taken over by gamers since 2011.

  2. Two were found in Celaya, Guanajuato early Thursday morning.

    Normally Celaya is pretty quiet, but this looks like spillover from Michoacán, as well, part of six killed in the last three days there:

  3. If they killed rats and kidnappers,isn't that a good thing?

  4. the US CIA rogue agents started all this, from US ambassador what's his name getting the CIA with the Mexican federal police DFS and the military to create the necessary communist guerrillas to defend the country from. among those federal police officers were Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, Rafael Caro Quintero, Pablo Acosta, Rafael Guajardo, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, etc etc, all widely proven and documented, with felix ismael rodriguez at the center coordinating Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros, bolivian or salvadoran? with the colombian and the mexicans for oliver north, the CIA and the bush crime family, certainly, the US has been in mexico already, and not in the business of making friends precisely, not yet...

    1. If u think that the c.I.a.wld actually made any deals with this guys I bet u also believe in
      Nostradamus and u.f.o.s u dumbass

  5. Stop saying US should enter you fuckin clowns,US should not have entered Iraq,Afghanistan(trying to impose a democracy on a feudal nearly medieval structure,the motherfuckers marry 8 year old girls)never mind Mexico(look at Iraq now)it only causes ridiculous nationalistic arguments and its never for humanitarian reasons anyway.Fuckin naive bullshit,,thats troll shit,causing cain

  6. the US can handle anything, including its private contractors' bullshit, if only it was exposed for all the world to see.
    --that is why flooding the internet, the media and tv with disinformation, paid self censure and forced regulation, and getting control of the internet away from the evil forces in the US, is so important for the forces of evil.
    --US private contractors' CONTRACT ON AMERICA has driven down the US good name and reputation, for the greater benefit of the false prophets and their neo-nazi liberal capitalist Jesus.
    --for the greedy there is not much money to be made from other people's well being, education or prosperity.
    --the moment serious analysis of the root causes of crime on the mexico/US border expand to the crimes all over latin america and the world, the devils behind it all start getting fits and snow jobs, good luck on that, and let the best man or woman win.
    --i wonder how long are we going to stand for reporting and reciving the body count? it is not even accurate.
    --which is part of the STUN and AWING of LATINAMERICA that leaves us paralyed and open-mouthed with uncertainty and terror, wondering when it will be our turn to march to the new gas chambers of the superior beings that decide our fates...

  7. CAUSTIC TRIP, and very corrossive, you're welcome...

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  10. the US has never intended to introduce democracy on those oil rich backwards asian nations, on the contrary the US has impossed the most backward ignorant and fanatic religious establishments, that will "legally" allow for the economc rape of their countries, that is the reason behind the troubles on ukrainia and venezuela, and mexico, all the free trade agreements, and the coming trans-pacific pact, are not to help any people, but to help vulture capitalists rob and steal from them, for 1% of the "profit" wich coupled with the pollution they leave behind, is too much good benefit for them broken ass nations.
    --the billions the US suppossedly sends to mexico, coupled with all the loans and gifts, are stolen by US businessmen and private US contractors without even leaving the banks; corrupt presidents sponsored by the US, and educated in the US, and cocksuckers like Genaro Garcia Luna, Carlos Slim Helu's pretty boy, steal most of whatever trickles down to mexico.
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  12. USA should not go into Mexico, its a lost cause. Nothing there for US......


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