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Friday, May 2, 2014

Coastal Communities Report Links between “Papa Smurf” And the Caballeros Templarios

All Photos Courtesy of Regeneración Radio
Updated: Translation of Document

By: Regeneración Radio / Tejemedios
Gabriel Caballero Farías, known as “El Plátano”, was born and raised in Caleta de Campos, and underwent emergency surgery on December 3, 2013 because of a condition on his cervical spine. 

 The operation went smoothly and the doctor, as is in other cases, prescribed him a year of rest.  On January 14, 2014, a little more than 30 days after the operation, “El Plátano” joined the autodefensas of Aquila.  “I went to Aquila because they had risen up in arms, I became an autodefensa because of the violence that my town was suffering through, people couldn’t even go outside, the Templarios were just doing stupid things in the town; they had threatened us all.”  Such was the level of extortion for people living in Caleta de Campos; that is why Gabriel opted for the safety of his family and left his hometown to move to the city of Colima for three long years.  On his exile, he left his life as a rancher, his ranch, and orchards of mango and papaya.  “Here everyone knows my from when I was a little kid, they know that I’m a hardworking person and know that I’ve never been around thugs”.

Gabriel makes this explanation because recently Estanislao Beltrán "Papa Pitufo" (Papa Smurf), leader of some of the autodefensas of Tepalcatepec, has spoken criticism to the press about “El Plátano” and the autodefensas of Caleta de Campos being pseudo autodefensas, this occurred after the shootout that occurred on Sunday August 27 in the town of Chiquiapan.

On the morning of February 13, 2014, “El Plátano” took his AK-47 and rode on a truck along with his autodefensa comrades; the community of Ostula, 30 minutes from Aquila, had just been liberated barely three days ago by a group of locals who had also been forced to migrate from the area and now returned as autodefensas.  The autodefensas, led by Semeí Verdía, had called on all of the communities and landholders of the area for a meeting to address the issue of the movement.  The meeting was a high calling and was attended by many of the coastal Nahua communities from the municipality of Aquila.  The decision was emphatic; full support for the autodefensas and authorization to displace along Highway 200, which connects Lázaro Cárdenas to Manzanillo, installing checkpoints in order to expel the Caballeros Templarios in the area.

Some 60 trucks, filled with autodefensas from the municipalities of Aquila, Cohayuana, Chinicuila and Coalcomán took off to clean the coast.  Within two weeks, they had already fulfilled their mission.  They checked village by village, house by house, hill by hill, but found no one; the Templarios had already escaped.  While this advancement was occurring, checkpoints were placed along the road: El Duin, Cachán, Tizupan, Huahua and finally, on February 24, Caleta de Campo, establishing the autodefensa border with territory not yet liberated, about 70 kilometers from the port of Lázaro Cárdenas.
Gabriel had acquired sufficient experience during the operations of the coast and as well as being a native of Caleta; he was elected as the coordinator of the barricade.  “When we arrived, people felt kind of scared, but then they saw that I liberated Caleta and said; oh, well he’s ‘El Plátano’.  By the time we arrived, we gathered about 400 people, then we made the assembly and the people began to rise up in arms, they saw that we were people from Caleta, all of the people support us”.

The barricade of Caleta de Campo can’t survive without the support of the people.  The kitchen we have that feeds the volunteers is supplied by donations from the community, “without them, without the support of the people, we wouldn’t exist,” says “El Plátano”.  In its borderline condition, the roadblock hasn’t been without its tense moments.  “Who is helping here is the Federal Police; they arrived and set up within a few days.  Who we distrust is the Mexican Navy; they have come here repeatedly and tried to disarm us, if we didn’t ring the bells, they would disarm us.  We have the people on our side; they came out and defended us in front of the Navy.  They couldn’t mess with us”.
Courtesy of Tejemedios
Coastal Communities Report Links between “Papa Smurf” And the Caballeros Templarios
This is how things remained until Sunday April 27.  It had been several weeks that they had reports about a checkpoint being set up in the town of Chuquiapan claiming to be autodefensas; they had never had contact with them or with any other autodefensas of the coast, which are coordinated by Semeí Verdía.  “They were wearing facemasks all the time, and the same people from there told us that they were being paid by organized crime.  We saw time passing and nothing was being done about it.  We talked with Semeí and Dr. Mireles to be given permission to advance”.  The permission finally arrived and on Sunday “El Plátano” confirmed with Velerio, an official in charge of the Federal Police who entered the zone along with the autodefensas and who also set up with the autodefensas at the checkpoint.  “The Federal Police has been with us since the beginning, we have coordinated with them all this time; so I talked with Valerio and he confirmed with me that his superiors had given them permission to advance”.
At 3:30 in the afternoon, more than 150 autodefensas from Aquila got together and began the expected advancement.  The operation took Highway 200 towards Lázaro Cárdenas led by the autodefensas of Caleta de Campos.  At the checkpoint, the Federal Police stayed to guard the area.  A few minutes later after the group left towards Chuquiapan,  “Papa Smurf” appeared in Caleta, who had come down by Arteaga, through a trail in the mountains accompanied by the State Police in a convoy of 20 trucks.  “We come for ‘El Plátano’”.

“The Federal Police defended me because they know me; we’ve been working together for three months.  ‘Papa Smurf’ was investigating me in order to catch me because he’s being paid by the Templarios”, Gabriel said irritably.  For a moment, the situation could’ve become dangerous, but finally the Federal Police and the convoy of Tepalcatepec gave in to the argument of the Federal Police and everyone took off towards Chuquiapan, where a few moments ago a shootout had unleashed.  It was “El Plátano” and his comrades who had finally made contact with the fake checkpoint.

Upon the arrival of the coastal autodefensas to Chuquiapan, they were ambushed; taking fire from the hills and the roadblock.  After the confrontation, which lasted about 15 minutes, they repelled the attack and killed four gunmen.  “When we arrived, we were greeted with gunfire, we got out of our trucks and defended ourselves, but they looked like they didn’t know how to use their weapons well.  Soon after, a gunman died from the hills and the three from the checkpoint also fell”.  After the shootout and while the autodefensas tended to their wounded, Estanislao Beltrán, the State Police, and the Federal Police arrived.  “I didn’t see who it was, but the weapons of the Templarios weren’t there anymore.  How strange is that right?  I think it was Papa Smurf who made them disappear, that’s why in the photos released to the press the dead gunmen are unarmed.”

An hour later, Semeí Verdía, and José Manuel Mireles arrived at the scene.  They confirmed that the checkpoint was associated with the Templarios.  During the operation 18 people who remained at the checkpoint, were also able to be detained.  When questioned, they explained that a woman from the town of La Mira had promised them between $1,000-$1,200 pesos for “supporting” the people at the checkpoint.  “Many of us said yes because we were desperate, because of the lack of work, we need the money, that’s how they convinced us to stay”, one of them said.  Another of the detainees, a youth who was barely 20 years old, admitted to have been working for the Caballeros Templarios as a “hawk”, “I reported on the movement of the feds here”; he was unaware of addresses of people in charge or who paid him.  After the urging from the autodefensas, they reported about someone who goes by “Cebollo” as the person who explained to them about the “checkpoint”.  Another detainee was identified by the autodefensas of Huahua as a man who tortured and killed innocent people.

“We have no doubt that “Papa Smurf” is with the Templarios and the Mexican Navy.  We found a truck from them with a document that was signed by “Papa Smurf”, where along with the people from this checkpoint, they asked the Mexican Navy for help to fuck us up”.  That’s why the Mexican Navy has bothered us so much, all this time they have been with them”.  The document that “El Plátano” is talking about, shows very clearly the signature of Estanislao Beltrán, who serves as “representative of the communities of the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas”.  In the document, they request support and “permanent” presence in the area, autodefensas who moments before, had confessed to being paid by organized crime.

“How is it possible that the Mexican Navy will provide support to them while seeing that the Federal Police was with us?  Did the government representatives ever gather to see who was who?  Everyone here knows that we are for the good of the people”.  Gabriel vigorously questions.  The detainees were handed over to the Attorney General of Michoacán and transferred to Lázaro Cárdenas.

After the police and the autodefensas of “Papa Smurf” left, the autodefensas went to the neighboring town of Chucutitán where different operations were performed, and they delivered material in order for the residents of the town to arm themselves.  During the tour of the orchards and the river banks in Chucutitán, vehicles, remains of a camp, and a narco-laboratory were found.  While the checkpoint of the pseudo autodefensas existed, they never performed patrols in the surrounding communities in order to chase out the Templarios from there.

On Thursday, April 30, they began to perform an operation in the town of Chucutitán, about 60 kilometers from Lázaro Cárdenas.  The operation consisted of a house that neighbors identified as a gathering house for the Caballeros Templarios.  Upon arrival, they found no one, but after an intense search, they found assault weapons and clothes hidden under the ground.  Among the items, shirts alluding to the Caballeros Templarios, and official uniforms of the Mexican Navy and Municipal Police were found.
“The autodefensas from the coast are one of the cleanest autodefensas in Michoacán.  Over in Tierra Caliente, they have their chaos and they went to come here fuck us up.  They’re going after the mines, that’s what really matters to them, they are being paid by the Templarios and the Templarios are giving them protection, the mafia here is very dangerous and this is not yet over”.  “El Plátano” fears for the worst because along with the accusations that the press has charged him with, the Federal Police no longer stations itself at the checkpoint; after the shootout they left and haven’t returned.  “They know about the things that I’ve discovered, you can’t imagine, that’s why they want to smear me because if I disappear, fear will come back to the people.  That’s why I’m telling you all of this; I’m worried that this may be the last time we talk”. 

Cd. Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, 08 de Marzo del 2014.
Decima Zona Naval Militar
Attn: Vicealmirante Luis Orozco Inclán

Por medio de la presente nos dirigimos a Usted para pedirle su valioso apoyo y su presencia permanente si fuera posible, en el punto que por el momento nos encontramos en la comunidad de Chuquiapan ya que tenemos temor de un ataque de algún grupo delincuencial, y lo que buscamos es paz en nuestros pueblos y comunidades de acuerdo a la ley orgánica del ejercito y fuerza Aérea mexicanos capítulo VI cuerpos de defensas rurales, Artículos 116, 117, 118, 119, 120 and 121 en el sentido de que nuestra manifestación es pacifica con el fin de detener esta ola de extorciones, asesinatos, cuotas, secuestros y violaciones a nuestros derechos fundamentales y no contamos con ningún tipo de armamento y es por este motivo que nosotros nos cubrimos el rostro y miedo a represalias de los grupos delictivos que han tenido el control de nuestra región y que en su momento nos vamos a presentar con nuestros documentos para que se corrobore que nosotros no tenemos ningún nexos con grupos delincuenciales y antecedentes penales, queremos legalizar y ser reconocido como guardias comunitarios este movimiento como lo están haciendo en todo el estado de Michoacán, somos gente del pueblo de cada comunidad de la sierra-costa michoacana.
            No dudando de su valiosa colaboración con el pueblo y presencia como cuando se les ha pedido el apoyo ahí han estado y pedimos tener seguridad social para que ya no haya más abusos a nuestras familias de ningún grupo delictivo.

C.c.p    SEDENA Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional
C.c.p    Derechos humanos
C.c.p    Fausto Vallejo Figueroa-Gobernador Constitucional de Michoacan
C.c.p    Arquimides Oseguera Solorio Presidente Municipal de Lázaro Cárdenas


Firmando de común acuerdo los representates de las comunidades del municipio de Cd. Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán
Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, March 08, 2014.
SEMAR (Naval Secretariat)
Tenth Naval Military Zone
Command Headquarters
Attn: Vice Admiral Luis Orozco Inclán
Through what is present, we turn to You to ask for your valuable support and permanent presence if possible, at this moment we find ourselves to be in the community of Chuquiapan; we fear an attack by a criminal group.  What we are looking for is for peace in our towns and communities in accordance with our Organic Law of the Mexican Army and Mexican Air Force, Chapter VI, Bodies of the Rural Defenses, Articles 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, and 121in the sense that our demonstration is peaceful in order to stop the wave of extortions, murders, quotas, kidnappings, and any violation of our fundamental rights; we don’t have any type of weapons and that is why we cover our faces and fear for retaliation by criminal groups who have been in control of our region and at this time. We will present ourselves with our documents to corroborate that we have no ties to criminal groups or have criminal records.  We want to legalize ourselves and be recognized as community guards, as this movement is doing throughout the state of Michoacán; we are people from each of the communities ranging from the sierra to the coastal region of Michoacán.
            We don’t doubt your valuable collaboration with the people and presence such as when they have asked for your support there; you have been there and we ask to have peace so that there are no more abuses towards our families from any criminal group.

C.c.p    SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense)
C.c.p    Human Rights
C.c.p    Fausto Vallejo Figueroa-Constitucional Governor of Michoacan
C.c.p    Arquimides Oseguera Solorio Mayor of Lázaro Cárdenas

Signed in agreement between the representatives of the communities of the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán
 Source: Regeneración Radio


  1. This story is so full of shit i can smell it from LA MIRA,so why did the ADs from csleta take the reporters camera wen they came shooting into chukiapan,why did the hole town kick them out off chukutitan,why did the Feds live them,pinche platano ya sacatelo del. CULO pinche chueco calets save k la Familia Caballero son puros CRYSTALEROS

  2. This story is so full of shit i can smell it from LA MIRA,so why did the ADs from csleta take the reporters camera wen they came shooting into chukiapan,why did the hole town kick them out off chukutitan,why did the Feds live them,pinche platano ya sacatelo del. CULO pinche chueco calets save k la Familia Caballero son puros CRYSTALEROS

  3. This is sad, i don't know if papa smurf is corrupt, but i wouldn't be surprised if he is. It wouldn't be the first time a leader goes rogue, Mexico's history is full of stories. like that, just like obregon used zapata, or carranza used villa and zapata in order to get to power, and i could stay up all night giving samples. Unfortunately once people are at top of a movement they go insane, power makes people go mad. Likke Charlie Chaplin said in his speech n "In the name of democracy - let us use that power - let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world - a decent world that will give men a chance to work - that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will! Dictators free them selves but they enslaved the poeple!!!"

    -Rage against injustice

  4. n - in the name of democracy - let us use that power - let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world - a decent world that will give men a chance to work - that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will!

  5. It's such a mess. Hard to know who finally is who's side. Thanks for the article!

  6. H3 vs templarios vs autodefensas vs cartel jalisco nuevos gays vs indios de cheran vs pfp vs army vs marina vs government vs innocent people vs borderland beat bloggers vs naco computer bangers........This shit is out of control and nobody knows who the fudge is who. I just hope michoacan don't turn up like that death smelled hell like tamaulipas.

    1. It already did,but even worse.idiot.

  7. don't trust the navy yet trust the federal police?
    ask any Mexican who they trust more, this story is hype from a guy that Pitufo says is with caballeros Templarios, he says it before this guy said it was Pitufo..

    no proof either way. this may be bullshit to sway attention of them, and the fact the photos show they cold-bloodedly killed at least one young guy.

  8. Not surprising; I never trusted papa smurf. Something about him reeks of of an untrustworthy character.

  9. Dr Mireles said this group acted without permission to advance.
    I agree with 11:32 who the hell ever trusts the corrupt federal police over Marina? This guy executed those people.

    I think this "banana" man is spinning the story. But I appreciate BB running both sides of it.

    1. Yeah i think this guy is total bs. He not only claims papa smurf is linked with the Templars, he basically says every ad from tierra caliente is bad. So he's saying mireles too? Nah my dude you're just nearvous and are trying to stir anything you can before the ad fully take control

  10. Would someone please translate the document?
    How do we know it is valid? and valid signature?

  11. 150 in the Caleta group and not one saw who took the guns from the guys that were slaughtered?


  12. If Papa Smurf were to side with the Templarios, why wasn't he caught red handed then?

  13. @may 2 11:31 hahahaha... You hit it right on the fucking head, good one.

  14. 11.22 has it right. The Caleta De Campos AD group consist of pissed of citizen of Caleta De Campos fed up with templarios controlling the area and raping its natural resources. If you ask the people of Caleta what they think, they are 100% behind the ADs. Why Papa Smurf wants to run the cateta group out is all about the money. Smurf together with the state police and the templarios want the port of Lazaro, iron mines and lumber on the coast of Michoacan.. I am guessing we will here soon Dr Mierles distancing himself for these traitors Papa Smurf,H3 and the Americano. All tempalios puppets ..Fixing the lack of communication and organization between AD groups need the support of the government which is hopelessly corrupt. Those guys killed in Chuquiapan were just stupid wannabe templarios that should have been in there own town working a real job.

  15. All of Mexico is corrupt. Can't trust anyone. Its all about money and power.

  16. Interesting story. The Templarios stategy is to really blur the line between the good guys and bad guys, after a while its a big clusterfuck and nobody knows whats what. The document is important and needs to be investigated further. What is Papa Smurf's explanation for the document? Say what you want about El Platano but he's at least talking about it and giving his side of the story. The bottom line for me is Dr. Mireles. He is the most respectable and trustworthy of all. He needs to give a statement on this and Papa Smurf as well. They better figure this shit out quick, the 10th is coming..........

  17. This "drug war" has always been about the money. Money that ends up in the pockets of outwardly legitimate agencies and those "elected officials" entrusted with upholding and enforcing laws on both sides of the border. Police states are dangerous if you understand civilizations history. Cartels are pawns of a scary agenda which must be exposed after careful impartial study......... AD is just another mask for evil that wants a slice of the pie. Revolution empower the next generations. Also this saga of the "war" in tamaulipas is about restructuring ..... too many cheifs and not enough aztecs business as usual while capitalists enjoy the bennifits of THE SHOW. It took the DEA 42 years and billions of pesos to bag a washed up boss and yet the drugs coming out of mexico today are of better quality than what they were before all the honchos started being arrested. Simply find your local dealer in America and inquire or experience the different significant changes lately. Tax payers should get they money back. All in all AD is the "other guys" and law enforcement agents sometimes are working for the men they claim to protect the people from. Atte: ARRIVA NAFTA.

  18. The AK in the top foto looks like a screw build.

  19. i am amazed, smarter comments every day, the serial Queens of the Nile will not be happy, this is not black eyes jack's ill intended but professional posts, without content; it's not me either, unprofessional, unfocused and ill intended; half a million readers in about three months must be producing other posters, buuugs are you buying the numbers? i hope you are not a priista vote buyer...

  20. If true these reports are quite troubling and at least in my view would put in doubt the sincerity of some of the ADs true intentions. I can't help but question the integrity of these allegations, for example why would the soon to be extinct CT be paying Papá pitufo who is part of a movement responsible for the destruction of the cartel itself? Makes no sense at all, but if it is true that the so called pseudo ADs confessed to having ties to the CT why in the world would Papa pitufo ask the navy for help reinforcing them? I would assume that Pitufo had to know who he is vouching for, either way this whole situation is an unfortunate distraction just a few days before the ADs are supposed to disarm per their agreement with the feds. I hope this gets resolved and the movement continues pushing forward for the sake of Mexicos future.
    I wonder what Dr Mireles' take is on all of this?

  21. This report - 1) makes no sense (it's poorly written/edited) 2) can't decide what it's trying to say, and 3) is probably wrong.

    Papa Smurf is right now getting with the gente de La Mira. Todo chido:

  22. May 3, 2014 at 12:53 PM
    "i am amazed, smarter comments every day, the serial Queens of the Nile will not be happy, this is not black eyes jack's ill intended but professional posts, without content"
    May 2, 2014 at 11:57 PM
    "Would someone please translate the document? It is?Errr,,never mind...?

  23. If the idea of the article is to confuse the BB readers, its' well done.

    I still don't understand the points written. Mainly because its poorly written and reads like cantina bitching, with beers and compadres. It's one person with "Allegations", not evidence. Even the "Document" could be forged. Let's wait this out, until the ADs have an official position on the situation.

    8:59 AM has good points: "The Templarios strategy is to really blur the line between the good guys and bad guys, and after a while its a big clusterfuck and nobody knows whats what."

    Divide and conquered.



  24. the templaria show is over, the puppet masters behind them remain, apparently disorganized, without a name, but owners of the whole shebang as always... no news is good news for miguel angel gallegos godoy and co.

    ,,i'm jealous,, anything interesting i've ever written has been karaoked from somebody else,, because of the lack of "intellengence",, knowledge and smarts,, goodbye cruel world,, i'm goin' to mongolia and join the circus,, ..
    --did i see my favorite fan chewing his thumb on FULL METAL JACKET? something keeps reminding me...

  25. Papa Pitufo had a talk whith people from La Mira, he wants people start their own groupe,he also said that they had called the caleta groupe to have a meeting they never showed up,as for the road block in chukiapan were the caleta groupe killed 5 peolpe cold blood there is now about 150 guys from mireles and pitufos guys and yea they got alot of weapons now...lets see wat happens wen both groups confront each other

  26. CANTINA BITCHING, nice way to improve the list of concepts, it will go to the list with BALACERAS VERBALES and EL MIL ESCUPIDAS.
    --is it OK for guys from the Forum to come here and try to upbride us under "anonymous" ?
    --i guess they feel lonely and forgotten over there, ashamed to come back here, and on top of it getting an asskicking by our lowly side.
    --hey,, guys from the forum,,have you lost a puppy?
    --i hope some of you read our comments section and recognize your puppy,, and give it a roasting at least,, for making you look bad,, for losing a controversy,, coming to a gunfight armed with just his ignorant peanut and perforated cauliflowers,for dropping his name, going awol'and coming back defeated, tarred and feathered; i would be ashamed of having an associate like that, hush hush, he from Reynosa!!!


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