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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Templarios Financial Officer Dead, Reports of Soldiers Seizing Body from Funeral

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

Reports of body snatching of a dead narco has a twist,  the body was taken by Mexican soldiers. 

Samer Joseph Servin Juarez “El Rigoberto “ died of a heart attack.  
He was designated as one of the 15 Caballeros Templarios leaders most wanted by the Mexican agency PGR.  Within the rewards offered, ranging up to 30 million pesos, was the 10 million peso reward for Servin Juarez.

Servin Juarez was not among the Templarios “heads” indicated by autodefensa leaders as their most wanted.

The dead Templario was a financial operator for slain leader Kike Plancarte, while working in the key  Michoacán cities of Morelia, Querétaro and Reynosa Tamaulipas.  He was a close friend of  and as his financial officer, he  worked closely with the now deceased Enrique “Kike” Plancarte.

The story being reported is a group of Mexican army soldiers, burst into a Morelia Michoacán funeral home and took the body.  In the presence of family and friends, the body was placed on a stretcher by soldiers, placed in a van, and driven away.

He was to be cremated on Wednesday at 6PM, and as the story goes, the body was taken an hour prior to the cremation.  The body was taken to Michoacán state PGJE facilities,  where a premier diagnostic laboratory resides, among other diagnostic tests conducted there, is  DNA testing.

The DNA testing of Nazario Moreno, El Chayo, and Francisco Galeana, El Pantera, among others was conducted at this facility.

In speculation, it is possible that upon learning of the pending cremation of the deceased, authorities wanted to extract DNA.   There is such a deep mistrust by the people of Michoacán, pertaining to information issued from  the government, by both states and federal governments. 

Subsequent to the 2014 killing of “El Chayo” - the premier leader of Templarios aka “died twice”-, was officially  announced for the second time,  public announcements are now rejected sans solid proof.  

Although EPN supporters were quick to point out the 2010 official announcement of El Chayo’s death in Apatzingán  was reported in the previous Calderon , not by the Peña administration.

The problem with that attempt to distance them from the 2010 “killing” is the proverbial elephant in the room,  EPN’s administration never dispelled the death as being false, and did not have Chayo on the most wanted list.  That leaves either one of two possibilities… or both, the federal administration, as previous administrations, simply have never cared about the heavily indigenous populated Michoacán or the gross lack of security within its borders, or  EPN’s administration they believed Chayo to be dead and did not think it important to investigate the claims of citizens.

Either case is a shameful travesty.

Almost immediately after Chayo’s (above) 2010 “death”, citizens reported seeing the Templarios leader, saying he was in fact alive.  Autodefensas had been very vocal and adamant that Chayo was unquestionably alive.  It is indisputable now, that the people and autodefensas were correct. 

Dr. Mireles is doubtful that Plancarte is dead.  Or I should say he is not satisfied with the proof offered by the government. 

When I heard of Plancarte’s death, I immediately contacted Dr. Mireles and asked if it was true.  He replied, “Apparently so, however DNA testing is needed”.    That is yet to be conducted or perhaps completed.  A bout a week ago there were many reports saying that Dr. Mireles insists Plancarte is alive.  That is not 100% the story, the full story is that he wants proof and in this day of indisputable evidentiary conclusion based on DNA, there really is no reason to challenge the need in these cases. 

Dr. Mireles has a trained scientific mind, he is a surgeon, and he requires more, in that context, and when it is possible to attain indisputable proof, one is hard pressed to argue against that position.

Until and if that should ever occur, Dr. Mireles is “not buying it”.

I do believe Plancarte is dead, but I also thought Chayo was killed in 2010, based on the photos, and  must say if Kike Plancarte should become “twice dead ll”, I wouldn’t be in complete shock.


  1. The templarios will fall one by one. La tuta were coming for you.

    attn: autodefensas

    1. I'm waiting mija

    2. 5:16 @ don't run when they are at your door

    3. We dont we fight to the death

  2. El VERDUGO VERGUDO de los TempaxsApril 26, 2014 at 4:35 PM


  3. Keke is alive they paid the government to make people believe his is dead he paid a family lots of money because of the guy was going to die to for him or go to jail ether one he made a big plan for this to happen this from a member of los c.t

    1. With chayo dead pretty sure tp have nothing to offer the government, threat of real revolution is better motivation than a few million dollars

  4. Vas a mamar tuta,... la cia anda detras de ti eres hombre muerto.. atte peña nieto.

  5. I wish to see La Tuta killed and not arrested. Unfortunately I think La Tuta is to much of a coward to get into a fire fight with the military.

  6. Tex

    Exactly what I have been predicting in the past year:
    he will be caught
    and he will be caught alive.

    of course I wouldn't care if he was killed, but i don't see him fighting.
    But I have taken the stance that when it is apparent there is no hope of gunning or paying your way out, the smart thing is to give up and fight in the courts etc. why die? personally I think that is stupid. and tuta is many evil things but not stupid he is not.

    1. Thats because you are a girl. Its called honor / pride if you chose that lifestyle and you kill without remorse if you are a man you will accept that one day it will happen to you,pues Te la rifas en el fuego. If you enjoy freedom than looking at four walls is not an alternative.We all like to win and to many dying and not allowing anyone to stop you or hold you down, is winning.

  7. Most temptations go out shooting if you haven't noticed. They go out the way gangsters want but there to scared to do it when time arrives. Im not a fan of no cartel but its an observation that other cartels don't go out like that. I know there's a lot of zeta and Casa nuthuggers who will not likev this comment but itsfacts

  8. I'm a constant reader of BB and I very much appreciate all the info provided, it truly gives me a view on what is happening in small areas of Mexico and not all like some people think. Chivis why are we never informed when a big name narco gets sentence or punished for his crimes. Thank

  9. 10:57 in your world...
    in the real world, where we live, you lose your last battle rather sooner, and you are a PENDEJO when you chose that life, while winnng, and after your last battle, a PENDEJO hijo de puta from start to finish, worth less than a dog thurd, comprende, imbecil?


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