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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Omar “Z42” Treviño Morales is Not Dead

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

Yesterday Blog del Narco posted that Z42, leader of Los Zetas cartel was killed in Guatemala, while riding in a rag top Lamborghini.

Our fantastic readers are the seed of many posts, sending in breaking events, information and image support.  When the story of “42” was published we began getting the comments pouring in that he was killed.   Although I have commented on various posts that he was not killed, the comments continue to arrive in our comment box.

So let’s clear it up once and for all.  

Blog del Narco summed it up like this:
“Also, unofficially it was known that two gunmen were wounded, although no official report on what happened. after which circulated the rumor that one of Los Zetas is executed Omar Treviño, brother of Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, "El Z-40", who was head of the criminal group.

Subsequently, intelligence agents escorted the Guatemala experts for the State Attorney to lifting and transporting the executed Omar Treviño and carrying weapons.

Meanwhile, Army personnel and Guatemala Metropolitan Police closed all access to where they executed Omar Treviño sheltered the site, while helicopters flew for several hours this metropolitan area.”

The story was posted on BB forum, where I made a comment saying:

“I checked the four top noticias in guate and there is nothing.  

Zetas typically do not dress or live flashy (reference to the vehicle) as other cartels like Sinaloa  and Omar stays close to Nava in northern Coahuila.”

Then a resourceful BB reader (Magic) found the story that correlates to the BDN photo and video,  which was published on April 23, 2014, Wednesday of this Perú.
Text from “Perú21” newpaper:
A shootout this afternoon , around 3:30 pm, at the intersection of Aviation Avenue and Clara Barton Street in Surquillo, one was killed identified as  businessman. The deceased was identified as Hugo Quintana Bardelli, 45.

Quintana Bardelli, who used to frequent this area according to witnesses, was traveling in his black Lamborghini sports car without plates when he was intercepted by three hooded  men who fired 19 shots at the vehicle , 14 bullets through the windshield.

Still alive, but with several bullets in his body, got out and collapsed soon after . The wife and father of Quintana Bardelli arrived at the scene.

Police sources consulted by Perú21 said that before fleeing in a brown car to an unknown destination, the murderers had taken a black briefcase from  the car of the deceased.

In September 2013, Quintana Bardelli was registered in the National Superintendency of Public Registries (Sunarp) as an entrepreneur dedicated to buying and selling, marketing and distributing a variety of products from clothing, lingerie, jewelry, toys, heavy equipment , car parts, musical instruments, among others.

The Italian portal Bardelli reported that Quintana was included in an investigation for a mafia involved operation  in trafficking visas for that country.

This website states that his wife Laura Cambriani, an official at the Italian Embassy in Perú, was responsible for facilitating the paperwork for Quintana Bardelli who contacted potential clients and visas offered in exchange for large sums of money ranging between U.S. $ 2,000 and U.S. $ 7,000

Use this as a cautionary tale
A number of narco blogs have become alarmingly unreliable.

News has become increasingly difficult to verify and attain, which may have resulted in some disturbing practices, such as flat out fabricating stories. 

Bottom line: Z42 was not killed in Guatemala, was not killed in a Lamborghini, and is mostly likely riding an expensive horse on a ranch in northeast Coahuila.

So put away  the celebratory Tequila.


  1. BDN is a freaking joke. The only thing they have going for them is the occasional "exclisive" videos. Other than that everything else they post is stolen. No credit given to ACTUAL reporters. By the way, has anyone heard from Lucy? Last I heard she was hiding from the CIA and EPN's goons. Pobrecita. Move over Eric Snowden.


  2. A big salute to Mr. Z-42 from your brothers in England, keep pushing forward the company keeps growing worldwide everyday and we won't stop.

    Fuck all the enemies worldwide

    A big ATTE: English Zeita

    1. Puro C.D.G puto. And fuck england, keep ur life fag. Because dumbasses like u get put to sleep on this side.

    2. They sell Maruchans un England?

  3. So omar trevino change his name to hugo quintana bardelli and they found him.

    1. Lol, I like that

    2. Should've changed his name to barrack hussein osama. Omar would get away scott free!

  4. Sorry he's alive, good reporting only one we can count on

  5. Hes hiding in coahila sucking on carrillo family nuts

  6. LOL good article Buela.


  7. Why does BDN do this? Is web traffic more important than credibility? You tell tell its not Omar...the guy on the ground isnt a fucking whale like he is.

  8. I knew it was a lie. Top cartel bosses never get killed by other cartels. When they get killed it's the military that does it.

  9. Shame hes not worm food the scumbag
    English zeta im telling your mum on you

  10. Has all signs of an Italian mafia hit.

    1. The italian mafia hasn't existed in decades; they disappeared with the end of the alcohol prohibition.

    2. You are sadly mistaken ,the are very real and still alive today

    3. it was an italian hit because the car is italian or 3 hitmen or the way he died..mmmm..let me think about that

  11. Z-42 para El Presidente!

  12. Recently they posted an article about sicario pictures, these pictures where from sets of narco movies you find at the $5 box at walmart, one of the "sicarios" is clearly the actor max hernandez jr, and on another picture a "sicario" with "tattoos" clearly shows that those tattoos are a sleeve like the ones on halloween costumes

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  14. Keep hating on Z42. I am sure his feelings are very hurt by your peasant remarks. The only work you oxygen thieves have put in is playing Call of Duty and Assasins Creed. You can barely kill a chivo let alone another person. Putos

    1. bit deluded if thats whats important. go back to playing marioland or some other crap


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