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Saturday, April 5, 2014

#2 Man in Michoacán State Gob,Jesus Reyna Detained for Links with CT

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat 
Update:  Reyna detained  for ties to Templarios....Reyna is number two in the state government of Michoacán 

Other reports indicate that the investigation came to a head after the  killing of Templarios leader Enrique Plancarte by members of the Mexican Navy.  Evidence confiscated in that event produced data and cell phone information leading to Reyna.  Reyna is rumored to have been working very closely with Plancarte.

However, SEIDO already had already  opened an investigation.  And later obtained information and evidence  gleaned in the capture and arrest of "El Many"  Morelia.  Who in his possession was a cell phone with information used in the investigation.  The investigation actually began when evidence surfaced proving Reyna had meetings on three occasions with both Premier Templarios leaders "La Tuta" and "Kike Plancarte". Other reports indicate fallen maxium leader "El Chayo" being in at least one of the meetings.

In  their reporting of Reyna's investigation, the media has been quick to point out that  Dr Manuel Mireles has been very vocal in his accusations of state collusion with organized crime and has named Reyna as being one of the collaborators;

"The acting Governor is one of the Templarios, and many of the municipal bodies, Municipal presidents, Michoacán state police and the public prosecutors are part of organized crime" he said in July 2013. 

Reyna was acting governor when Governor Fausto took a leave of absence for cancer treatment.

This story is evolving, we will continue to monitor it...... (click on document to enlarge)
My original post of last night:
Attorney General orders Jesus Reyna Garcia, the Michoacán Government Secretary and former acting governor, to render a statement to the MP 

The Attorney General's Office reported that Friday afternoon, Reyna Garcia complied with the order of the PGR , and was transferred to Mexico City to issue a declaration. 

This order derives from an investigation conducted by the PGR , reported the federal agency

Reyna Garcia’s statement was still being conducted late night Friday, before the Public Prosecutor's Office. 

Although it did not specify the reason Reyna appeared, there have long been signs of his possible links with organized crime groups operating in the state, namely Caballeros Templarios. 

Among those who have made these observations and issued complaints, are members of the autodefensas of Michoacán that emerged in February 2013.

Reyna had been purported in having  ties with CT by Senator Luisa Maria Calderon and autodefensas leader, José Manuel Mireles.   Claims were also made that Reyna Garcia’s wife is sister of the leader of the "Templars", Servando Gomez, alias La Tuta. 

In November 2013 Reyna Garcia issued a statement categorically denying any role or link to organized crime.

Today Michoacán government officials were not available to discuss the case.

This surprise move could go one of two ways, if an investigation with integrity is conducted it could mean a strong beginning into cleaning corruption in Michoacán, however, it could also find in Reyna  Garcias’ (pictured below) favor and an EPN declaration of Reyna Garcia being innocent of the claims and having no ties to organized crime.

 Sources used to write this post-Notimex-Universal


  1. Just about time this guys wife is tutas wife sister according to dr mireles , everybody knows he got that position thanks to ct organization.

  2. If there is no prosecutable case, then there is no prosecutable case.
    Many investigations never culminate in prosecution let alone conviction.

    Charges and allegations do not constitute prosecutable evidence.

    The interview could have to do with the evidence involving Hipo Mora, or the other AD being held on State charges.

    You folks are making assumptions that have no basis in knowledge, there are more than two possibilities as to why the PGR is taking a statement from Reyna Garcia.

    You are making assumptions, and coming to conclusions, without evidence or even factual knowledge beyond the fact that Reyna Garcia is being interviewed.

    Open your eyes to the world beyond your own.

    1. Yeah, yeah... el mothaphaca jesus reyna has cleaned out el kike and el chayo, and with el tio en bote, he goes for the virgin of guadalupe mantle.
      Not happenin' we all saw what he did as acting governator, he thought he was going to be there forever.
      But we'll see, we never know about el pri and los priistas...

    2. Yes they are assumptions. You are so right! Assumptions are still free and are not currently subject to a 'piso' by the CT's or by Reyna-Garcia whom I assume is as crooked as a dog's hind leg!

    3. Hahahahah you obviously don't know how the system works in Mexico..........the way it works is your guilty until proven innocent. Even with out any evidence. Politicians and celebrities have impunity in Mexico they can do this bs arrests they will be out at the end of the day.

    4. Lol "governator"

  3. Finally a step in the right direct to clean up the completely corrupt government of Michoacan. Since the AD showed up in my town, CTs are no where to be found and properties have been returned,crime is O and the 100%of the population are behind them. In part thanks to the federales working side by side with the armed civilians to maintain security. If that pig Jesus Reyna Garcia is found innocent AD will never disarm.

  4. I suspect a sham investigation so as to give the public a showing that the federal government is doing something about organized crime, meanwhile rounding up the AD and dismantling the movement.

  5. Jesus reyna garcia and la puta tuta are concuños because their wives are sisters, I don't know how it goes in inglish, but I know good news when I see them.
    Chivaaa! You make me happy today...
    --How about a mexican anonymous boycott of anything mexican imports in the US in support of the AD?
    --no dances, rodeos, avocados, lemons, travel, etc,etc...
    --mexican anonymous needs to organize the mexican government in exile, we can not afford to keep being victimized and robbed by the pri mofos
    --the prize is: the redeemers will be crucified, at least, if it goes well...

    1. I agree, but Mexicans have been kept ignorant by the PRI and the teachers union. It's a nice dream but that will never happen, evidence my older family members vote PRI because of the nationalistic colors. How stupid is that?!!!

    2. @300 pm Jesus Christ not this self hating kid again; your dumbass ignorant family is not all of Mexico, that way of thinking has been revolutionalized in so many places you don't even know of because you refuse to see beyond what your ignorance allows; your twat family may be a bunch of retards "who like el PRI because of the nationalist colors" there are MILLIONs who have opened their eyes decades before today; if you read a book about the people you love to hate so much you'd learn a thing or two, enough of your "Mexicans are all morons who just want a truck and bump corridos" not where I am son, take it somewhere else already.

    3. 944pm hahaha bro you mad? Dajalo que diga lo que quiera, probablemente tu tambien tienes el Nopal en la frente como ese wuey.

    4. 820 me cansan con sus mamaditas de pendejetes que odian a su misma raza y ni saben de que pinches hablan... con o sin nopal en la frente tengo la verga del tamaño tan grande que a mi raza siempre la llevo en alto porque yo si se de donde vengo pinches mocosos mamones que quieren ser mayates vayanse mucho a la chingada... Muthafuckas don't know with that bro shit; fuckin kids thinkin this war in Mexico is a game

  6. What u mean it can go two ways???the evidence shows he has ties to CT..this is mexicos chance to send a message:

  7. If it wasn't for las auto defensas it would be business as usual for these coward politicians.

  8. This fat slob deserves some good ol' prison forced man-on-love!! He has been so used to screwing the people that its now time for the people to screw him!!

    El Pollo de Coachella

  9. @ 7:24 AM

    Are you doing pro bono legal work for the caballeros Templarios?

    Your statement, "If there is no prosecutable case, then there is no prosecutable case." "You folks are making assumptions that have no basis in knowledge" and "You are making assumptions and coming to conclusions, without evidence or even factual knowledge beyond the fact that Reyna Garcia is being interviewed".

    Speaking of evidence, please reread the first 2 paragraphs of this article. There is cell phone data of the recently killed leader, Kiki Plancate linking him to reyna garcia and the well known fact that his wife is la Tuta's sister. plus many eyewitnesses that are "confessing" about his ties to the CTs.

    Your post reads like a closing statement of a defense attorney trying to get his client life, instead of the death penalty.



  10. if arnold schwartzennigger was governator terminator, we can call the recycled zombie calaca governeitor Pellejos Vallejos and jesusita reyna governators too, it's only proper...

  11. 4:39 no te enojes bro, ora del coraje vas a tener que lavar los chones, y nada de poner a la vieja a lavarlos, ok? esta bin traer el nopal en la frente, luego luego se nota, "mexican" pero nose vale ponerle reloj al nopal, ya seria mucho mas naco eso, ya he visto varios...


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