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Friday, April 4, 2014

From Self-Defense Members To Unjust Prisoners

By: Heriberto Paredes

(March 30, 2014) On March 26, an incident that unveiled the true vocation of the federal and state governments passed by unnoticed by most of the press and of course, no spotlight was placed on this event.  A group of 11 people were suddenly arrested by members of the Ministerial Police of the municipality of Ziracuaretiro and later taken to the Social Rehabilitation Center in La Piedad, another municipality of Michoacán.  

Within this group, three are members of the self-defense groups of Taretan and the rest are people who supported the idea of organizing to clear the area of organized crime. These three members are Santiago Duarte Sanabria, Jesús Fernández Alcázar and Victor Manuel Duarte Hernández, leader of the self-defense groups in Taretan.

The incident occurred after a meeting between self-defense members of Taretan and citizens of Ziracuaretiro, as well as members of the state government; there was an invitation to officially register the arms of the self-defense members and to voluntarily access it, they had to go to Uruapan to proceed.  Or at least that was the agreement made; however, halfway through the trip, the vehicle convoy changed course and headed straight to La Piedad, where they apprehended the 11 people.

It should be noted that the situation in Michoacán is complex; the presence of the Caballeros Templarios is still constant and has led to murders and kidnappings.  A resident of Ziracuaretiro, in a telephone interview for SubVersiones, says that “Since last week, the atmosphere has been very tense; we can’t live like this, that’s why we agree that the self-defense groups should organize and clean the villages of Templarios.  

The people arrested last Wednesday are honest people who until now have only worked with the federal police and the army in order to locate criminals, it isn’t right that they are now imprisoned and accused of things they didn’t do.  We can’t allow this approach from the government that decides when you are an ally and when you are a criminal.”

Several witnesses claim that everything was going peaceful, the self-defense group of Taretan along with residents of Ziracuaretiro agreed to organize in order to rise up.  Even the regional attorney of justice, Iván Martínez Gutiérrez, as well as various elements of the ministerial police attended the meeting.  At the request to officially register their weapons in order to not violate the agreement made with the Commissioner Alfredo Castillo on January 27, members of the self-defense groups got on official vehicles (including the attorney) and headed towards Uruapan. 

It was during the middle of the trip where the vehicles stopped and the trip changed direction towards La Piedad.  There were no preliminary investigations or complaints or arrest warrants to justify the actions of the authorities.

Both families and residents of Taretan stuck together to demand the immediate release of the three self-defense members and the other eight people who were coordinating to form a self-defense group in Ziracuaretiro.  The three men are accused of bearing arms for the exclusive use of the army and have a private attorney after the legal aid failed to comply with the legal procedures properly.  Many people say “these three men are honest people who have only been concerned with clearing their town of Caballeros Templarios; one of the men’s father was murdered and that is why he decided to join the movement to combat organized crime.  

They have collaborated with the federal police to tell them where the members of the cartels are, especially on ranches that surround the town; they have also helped the military during operations and even prevented them from being ambushed by organized crime.  We don’t understand what’s happening now”, says a resident of Taretan who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by the Templarios and also now the government.

In previous articles we have mentioned it, the strategy of the federal and state governments is being shown increasingly more: to break up the self-defense movement.  It’s quite clear that once the government has taken advantage of the work that the self-defense groups have done to clear Michoacán of organized crime, the government doesn’t recognize this sacrifice and starts attacking them.  

Through deception, people who are not criminals have been detained.  In the opinion of a resident of Buenavista Tomatlán, “the government would help more if they weren’t here and stopped bothering us, we are already finishing the Templarios but when are we going to end the State”.

So far there are still 78 members from the group of Aquila that are still being imprisoned in the prison Mil Cumbres in Morelia and in Peñón Viejo, Veracruz, as well as one of the most visible leaders of the movement, Hiplólito Mora, who is being held in the jail of Apatzingán.  

It surprises many people in this Michoacán region that law enforcement becomes effective and quick when it comes to unfairly  blame the self-defense members but when it comes to members of the Caballeros Templarios, there doesn’t exist “not even an investigation, a remark, something that makes us believe in justice, because we denounced those responsible for several murders, extortion, and kidnappings but the police continue to do nothing”, expresses a man who in his tone of voice clearly reflects the indignation he is living in. 



  1. the federal police and the military never should have been allowed into the state, it was supposed to be community addressing their own affairs, now that the fucking federales have measured te AD and the land, they take off the "nice" masks.
    i fully hope the community rallies to denounce these motherfuckers, and show all the other states what they can expect from el fucking presidente
    "el puñetas" pena nieto...

  2. Fuck Yeah!!!

    Pero, quien sabe?

  3. @ 7:41pm:
    Chayo & kike Dead, That's ONLY 2 guys (Not Innocent and well deserved their fate) Compared to How many innocent people murder,kidnapped, raped,,, Clearly You nor your family haven't been abused and don't know what that is like to ask for justice and no answer from the maxican justice.
    Be well my friend.

  4. Clearly the CT infrastructure is alive and well... and they are still collecting pisos, so the very large amounts of money are still coming in and still buying off the state officials and federal as well, including obviously the "regional attorney" whoever/whatever he is.

    Disgusting how EPN just wants to turn back the advances and give the people over to CTs again... someone should do to his family what is being done to innocents in Michoacan.

  5. Context means everything when evaluating a comment. Was the quotation made before the two caballero deaths? Would they have even been sought and killed if not for the efforts of the people of the AD's including the person who made the statement? Are the Templarios still out terrorizing the citizenry and in collusion with governmental officials? Are innocent AD members being prosecuted by the government after an offer of working together? If all things were just and proper, there would be no need for AD groups and the Templarios would never have blossomed into a defacto state government/criminal entity. What is the date of the statement that you question? Was it a true and valid statement at the time?

  6. Long live the autodefensas death to the templarios.. make them pay mexico were sick of the templarios torture and kill la tuta make sure to video tape it too.

  7. Civil war is about to break out. Fuck the Mex gov

  8. Thank you everyone at BB for caring about Mexico. We are in agony here and sometimes it feels like nobody cares. Although the pain that we are feeling here is immense for the people weve loved and lost in this senseless war, it feels good to know that we are not forgotten.

    1. No ay pedo pa eso estamos!! ;-)

  9. With the help of the AD

  10. Some times i think im not from this world really , good honest people go jail , bad corrupted people live well become respected majors , presidents , respected people wtf is wrong with this world can someonw get me out this world because this one is upside down. I dont feel like keep on living here anymore.

  11. The government is planting the seeds of Revolution is what I see! It's inevitable! Those A.D. that truly feel were doing the right thing by fighting C.T. and now see that their real enemy has been the government after all! They will get hardened in their struggle and shift to a more revolutionary fight! This does not look good for future negotiations with government!!!

  12. it is probably that Jackass Hawkins gone undercover.

  13. How come no one is reporting that the Michoacán State Human Rights Commission has CONFIRMED that Yurécuaro AD leader Enrique Hernández was tortured by state police to get a confession? And that one of the other AD's detained died while in state custody for lack of medical care?

    There's apparently a guy nicknamed "Yanki" who's been given a task force assigned to break-up the AD's by any means necessary.


    I am sorry 5:09 is an important story, but I only have a few minutes here and there, it is my daughters birthday and family time.

    I just read the story an hour ago on my blackberry. are you able to translate for me? if so you can send to and I will post it later today. or send through comments.

    the other story is federal police are working again with AD. in the sierras and in the 1 liberation. this after AD conducted their own liberation of 4.

    I am not sure what to think. and have not had time to ask Dr M..maybe tomorrow. thank you

  15. "Yanki"? Haha, I wonder if that's prenounced the way I think it is. Would be one of the few funny parts of life that we could take from this f---ed-up situation. We used to call soldiers allied with the King of England, Yankees. The oddly enough, the New Englanders got called Da** Yankees by the southern states.

    Seriously though, when the top thug decides to be King, do you expect him to let you not be a peasant and pay tribute while his men do what they please? This was inevitable, once the gravy train was disrupted, as others said. Bribes and blackmail and extortion all around. :/

  16. @5:12 in mexico some gringo or gringos used to be called yanqui or yanquis, the k was not used much before the inglization on the spanish language, now you have wey for güey, which used to be a buey on two legs, tolido for toilet, suera for sweater, lairas for lights, brecas for brakes; i just call them honkys, and mexicans=chiggers.
    and the wueros are using spanish words that murder the spanish language too, but no problem, we are just doing what we can to communicate, pinchis güeros todavia piensan que chingue su madre means good mornin', and too many mexicans believe that the pinchis güeros don't know what chingui su madre means. some blacks think mayate means a beetle, but they could be called tecazcuanes, because of the black color of that big cockroach, it is a surprise for some to find out mayate means faggot in all fours and there is no racial exclusivity there, because a mayate can be chinese, mexican, white or black, or english upper echelon military, all white...ok, enough mexican slang for today, good day.


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