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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chayo's Nephew: Apatzingán Mayor Uriel Mendoza Arrested for Extortion

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
Father Goyo must be smiling today as last night, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) detained Uriel Mendoza Chavez, (above with Michoacán governor Fausto) mayor of Apatzingán for the  alleged  the crime of extortion.
In the statement issued by the state agency, the warrant issued by a judge of criminal cause charges that Mendoza had probable responsibility   in the commission of the crime of extortion perpetrated against  Ramón Santoyo Gallegos, José Martín Gómez Ramirez and Ricardo Reyna Martinez.
The victims were “regidores” instilled as political puppets in the Mendoza administration. 

Regidores, are similar to a board of directors, who vote on all   municipality issues.

Since January 2012, the men were forced to forward 20,000 MXN, of their pay, to “support the activities of the Templarios”.

Father Goyo, autodefensas leader of Apatzingán, has long accused Mendoza of extortion and led a group of self-defensemembers into city hall on March 4th demanding Mendoza resign, charging him, among other crimes, with extortion.

The mayor is a nephew of the now deceased premier leader of Caballeros Templarios, Nazario Moreno, El Chayo, and autodefensas charge he won the election because the other candidates were threatened or ran out of the municipality.

The victims reported that in January of 2012, Mendoza led them and council members to a location near the community of Las Punts in Apatzingán, where they were met by heavily armed men who identified themselves as members of the Templarios and said the 20,000 pesos a month (apx 1550USD) was needed to assist in the purchase of weapons, "leaving no choice to the offended to deliver the required amount," said the PGJE in the statement.

(above) In the March protest outside the Municipal Building, where his followers unfurled a banner that read:
"Uriel, Give us the 300 missing people seized by your municipal police, or tell us where they are so we can give them a Christian burial.''
Another Mayor arrested:
Noé Octavio Aburto Inclán of Tacámbaro was arrested for links to organized crime, with the help of federal forces, autodefensas liberated the community this week but have been a presence in the community since March 27th. 


  1. We are coming for you la tuta. You can run but we will find you.

    Attn: autodefensas

    1. What!!!!! Not if he pays you a million dollars. Case in point el americano

  2. It appears much of the infighting of the CDG is over extortion and kidnapping of innocents. Obviously, the systematic dismantling of the CT in Michoacán has made them very nervous.
    CT WAS a powerful and feared cartel that is being annihilated by the innocents!!!!
    Zetas BEWARE!!!!!

    1. Thats bullshit in tamaulipas people got to pay a tax to take a shit

  3. it was announced yesterday that the real premier leader of the CT was never Chayo or Tuta, and that it was in fact Miguel Ángel Gallegos Godoy (MAGG) who ruled the organization from behind the scenes as often stated by many a poster to this comments section. The announcement was made by Castillo who announced that MAGG is wanted by the government to answer to these accusations.

  4. buen trabajo AD! ojala un dua el resto del pueblo mexicano limpiara to los corruptos del govierno...

  5. UPDATE:

    1. Yes lets hope they get free , dr mireles said there about a 100 autodefensas in jail.

    2. Why do you want to free murders. Laws are laws. Posses and vigilantes can't be killing people. Regardless if they are scum. Hey my neighbor is a nazi, that dude across the sells dope. Let's kill them both!!!! Ya!!!! Nah man, that shit does not work like that's. AD needs to disarm.

  6. don't forget in your moments of happiness that the ct helped the pri get the state governorship and then the presidency of the republic., now they are the powerfull politicians cleaning michoacan of the shit they themselves made...

  7. The banner reads something like " Urial, Hand us over the more than 300 people who have been picked up by your Municipal Police and disappeared or let us know where they are so they can have a Christian burial. Resign now."

    and this is just one town !! If this was Russians doing this to ten people in Crimnea the UN would have kipnipshin fit. Why the world's blind eye?

    1. Because there Mexican and the world don't give a shirt.

    2. I often ask the same question

  8. I just hope they dont let him free like they let go pasalagua

  9. This is significant but reported low key because it substantiates autodefenzas accusations. Seems as though that is a recurring theme.
    Also Reyna, how long has Dr. Mireles been singing that tune?

    That Reyna had meeting was CT and is in collusion with organized crime?

    Fausto should be on the hit list.

  10. @5:15
    hank you for reminding me. I had not quite finished the post, I needed that and about the arrest of the other mayor. so I appreciate your input!

  11. Thats bullshit in tamaulipas people got to pay a tax to take a shit

    Everyone knew that the tax increase under EPN was a Bad idea, and that it would hit everyone hard, especially the poor and middle class. But both PRI and PAN conducted the legislation through to completion with PAN senators telling the press, "Don't worry: Well keep an eye on where the money goes."

    That's the problem. They should not have their hands on this money. They should let citizens keep the money and decide for themselves what happens to it.

    Like in the US, the citizens in Mexico woke up in 2012 with the terrible realization they got the government they deserved.

    1. Obama is a better president than EPN nuff said.

    2. Shut yo mouth son, both are bad people under the commend off one pperson and if you ask who ? Well then i wont be able to answer that question

  12. No prob. Keep up the great work. Atn 5:15

  13. Hi Chivis, what exactly happened when they stormed the mayor's office earlier in the year then? I thought they forced him to resign then?
    Also, when they say 'arrested', I know in Mex that doesn't necessarily mean arrested. Is he behind bars and won't be running the city until his trial? Or is this 'arrested' as in slapped on the wrist in front of the cameras, then written a cheque and escorted back to work?

  14. It takes alot of courage!

  15. Were going to run out of politicians in Michuacan pretty soon!

  16. In March Uriel had all his cabinet and workers gather a group of citizens and protest they wanted AD out and that Uriel was the 2nd coming.

    Uriel began a campaign saying Goyo was a drug trafficker and pedophile. Goyo's health deteriorated as threats came in against his life.

    He left to France for a few weeks. and Uriel thought he was safe. He came back to Apatzingan to what he thought was business as usual. He refused to resign the first time, he just left the city like a cockroach.


    el padre goyo estara super feliZ

  17. 8:09 !!! badanov never comments, what's the world comming to?
    now this shit must be getting real bad...
    and, badanov, mexican people voted against el pri and nieto by two thirds, only the international satrap neo-liberal pirates financing and stealing of the vote, fixed that pri victory.
    on the other hand, el peje andres manuel lopez obrador, PRD, sponsored by carlos slim helu, and the best candidate, can't be trusted either, all his PRD governors have coluded with the powerful to steal the government money from the people and get their states into astronomical debt, with impunity, the death penalty needs to be imposed and the putrefact mexican government, supported by the weapons the US supplies them, needs to be kicked out to at least concentration camps.
    in iraq the cards with the photos of the worst of the worst, quickly took care of saddam hussein and his gang, it would be nice to have a series of cards for mexican government officials, military and police commanders, but saddam hadn't really done nothing to deserve his fate...

  18. Badanov,

    Taxes are the foundation of any civilized society. without taxes, the government cannot pay police a decent salary, thus making them prone to corruption. the problem isn't the taxes, its the misappropriation of them that is the problem. You want cops, firemen, and ambulances to show up when your shot pay your taxes. you want nice well lit roads to drive on? taxes!

    to the folks hating on EPN:

    I'd have to say its easy to bash him because of what he comes from which is a political party with a long history of corruption, a checkered past for violence against women, and some other stuff probably, that i don't know about. However, his actions have spoken loud and clear. criminals and kingpins all over Mexico have been getting busted right and left. i could be wrong, but it really seems as if the tide is starting to turn. he just popped the second in command in BLO, if the articles are true and he's letting ADs in GRO handle their business as well. Other past presidents would have quashed the ADs a long time ago. he's taken a gentle approach in dealing with them, even if he didn't give them credit for some of the captures. i read and look at information from a wide variety of sources in the US and Mexico, left and right leaning, and all of them seem to indicate the situation in Mexico is improving rather quickly, namely that conviction rates are starting to increase and impunity is declining. until i see otherwise, Pena Nieto is appearing to do what he set out to do which was improve Mexico for ordinary Citizens. time will tell

  19. @1:40pm la unica manera de agarrar a un cochino encebado como miguel angel gallegos godoy, es con toda la mano adentro del cabus, en el horno.
    the only way to grab a greased pig like m a gallegos godoy is with a hand up the ass...
    el chayo and el kike plancarte are pulling your feet to take you with them micheladas, por chaquetero, they will carry you home to hell , without snitching! but hey, you won micheladas!!!

  20. When the President say that his country was about to go into a revolution, thats his hand was forced. I give credit to groups like the AD!!! It would have been business as usual otherwise!!!!

  21. Badanov, maybe you should go back to just reporting on the daily kill.
    --editors are famous for not being the best writers, and many reporters are known for impartiality or the lack of it.
    --the income of the mexican people does not compare to that of the US lowest paid worker, there is not much to tax, the government has been taxing trough taxes to sales, and many times extort kickbacks from the humblest and poorer street vendors.
    --the PIIGS members have trashed their economies for having listened to those proponents of austerity measures that would bring immensely big economic blessings to them...Portugal,Ireland, Italy, Grease, and SPAIN. through the Euro and the European Union.
    --it did NOT happen, now the europeans come back to their former latin american colonies, now rebel US banana republics with a smiles on their faces, and their latin-american puppets' hands up our arses...with the help of the US armies, weapons and mercenaries...
    --mexicans get paid about 4 or 5 dollars a day, those that can get work, because the chinese get paid $.40 usd a week and a bag of cacaroaches, who can compete with that?
    --the mexican government get paid kickbacks to keep salaries low.
    --to save you the pain of reading my popo, check on LAYDA SANSORES, mexican senator's youtube video where she tells the mexican satraps to privatize "...a la puta madre que los pario", she is no pendeja!
    --to better inform youreself, about taxes and mexico, check on mexican federal deputy LUISA ALCALDE, expone al secretario de hacienda luis videgaray y revela la corrupcion que planea la implementacion de la reforma
    --how is pemex going to progress or pay dividends to the mexican people when the government zetas and cdg associates have been stealing and milking pemex with the complicity of the mexican oil workers union and the association of US oil companies?
    --the money earned was used to buy back the mexican presidency and it is supposed to produce dividends now! for someome else...
    --badanov, all the ills on mexico and latin-america, come from powerful US economic interests, and when the latin-americans get tired of it, there are EU satraps always ready to come with their fake smiles, to buy banana republic failed narco-democracies and latin-american babies, stolen from their poor parents, who in some cases have been murdered, like the argentinians and guatemalans suspected future communists...
    --after the experiences with the bad boys of felix ismael rodriguez, klaus barbie, and their gorilla armies of drug traffickers...
    --we have the good guy working to restore "confidence and trust in GOD!" --the new pope will save latin-america now...
    --right after the brasil football championship ends, all the latin-america will be restored to dignity and prosperity... NOT, NOT HAPPENIN' !!!

  22. 6:58 the Auto Defensas are not murderers, while some associates may have other motives, and may be pulling their strings on the sly, the ones imprisoned have been tortured and accused, they as a whole are not guilty for defending themselves and their families. you need to have your head examined, hopefully by some narco sicarios...


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