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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Six Men Found Executed In Oaxaca

By: Pedro Matías

Saturday March 29, 2014, Oaxaca, Oaxaca—Today the Attorney General found six people executed with a coup de grace to the forehead and several bullet wounds throughout the body in San Miguel Soyaltepec.

Apparently three of the victims are from Oaxaca and the rest are from Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.

The discovery was made on Saturday around 10:00 a.m. on the diversion of Calería, near Pochota de Chichicazapa, where a taxi from Tierra Blanca, Veracruz was also left abandoned.

Attorney Héctor Joaquín Carrillo confirmed that the Assistant Attorney General’s Office for High Stakes Crime is already investigating the case in which six people were killed and left in Oaxaca territory.

The official believes that this is a result of a “cockroach” effect following the operation that took place in Veracruz in which 10 alleged Zetas were killed.

Carrillo said that among the six executed, two people have a history of selling narcotics.

Elements of the State Investigations Agency (AEI) headquartered in San Miguel Soyaltepec moved to the dirt road leading to the site Nuevo Paso Nazareno where six male bodies were found.

The Regional Attorney, Pedro Antonio Ruiz, learned about the case and ordered the removal of four bodies that were found in a white Pontiac van with license plates MFW6009 belonging to the State of Mexico.

The other two men were found dead at the side of the van, in a white Nissan Tsuru taxi, with red stripes, and license plates 14-54SCH belonging to Tierra Blanca with taxi number 314, Veracruz.

Ruiz said that the six bodies were tied up.

It was reported that three are from Oaxaca, Abel Thomas Miguel “El Mocho”, 38, his brother Ángel “El Peyuco”, 22, Francisco Javier Vega Gómez, the taxi driver from La Reformita Oaxaca ; Javier Sarralangue (Father) and Javier Sarralangue (Son) who were nicknamed “Los Tigrillos” were from Tierra Blanca and another man with an alias of “El Muletas” was also identified.

Sources:  Proceso, El Sol De Cordoba,


  1. keep saying zetas are done they responded quickly to whom dropped dime on them thats great intell what goes around comes around and chapo absence is being challenge with no success of cds responding it looks like zambada doesnt care on the side of chapos side to help them with any counter attack

    1. This was publicized by the government to put pressure on them the more you know of there acts the more the people the state and the feds will put pressure on them the CDS responds more than you think the zetas are still around I wont deny that but think

  2. Wow !!! Oaxaca . Add that state to the Devil's playground.
    Just another day in Aliester Crowley's Mexico.
    Search online Aliester Crowley in Mexico.

  3. Zetas are an evil that needs to be dealt with immediately!

    1. What about the other cartels cara de caca

  4. Its just sad whats going on in Mexico! In just ten years all of Mexico has changed. Don't believe when told that nothing is wrong and thats it's safe. Maybe before people were poor but they haf self respect and worked harder or accepted their situation and did what they could to make a better life for their families! Now all I see is envy greed and mistrust of everybody? What kind of Mexico is that? Mexicans should be united to make a better and stronger Mexico so it can compete in the world stage! There is no future in fighting each other! These tic for tac killings are a reflection of Mexico becoming a failed state and goes to show the Government has no control over its own country! Mexico is going to lose alot of business and tourism if this bullshit continues!

  5. CJNG getting slaughtered, it's all good nobody gives a fuzz about that shitty cartel

    ATTE: English Zeita


    amado & vicente carrillo's mom dead

  7. @6:24 eingleizita best regards to your ass, thanks for the memoriezzzzzz
    You Tube
    --holandeses tocando norteñas old school.
    --pochos de aqui y de alla: ay te dejo en San Antonio.
    --los lobos y Rowan Hèze: la anselma
    --Dwayne Verheyden, a two year old playing norteño music records at two years old in holland, who became an accordion player that plays norteño music like a fish in the water; can't attribute political influences to his music.
    quite an experience.
    now about 20 years old, he travels the world doing what he likes best, playing norteño music, unlike some world travelers that do it spreading their message of hate, for music or for rival cartels.
    i was wondering about the chino antrax runinng away to luxembourg, and found that there are many mexican loving communities all over the world, with welcome mats, where mexicans can get lost.
    no political statements to make today...

  8. Balacera en matamoros,


  9. at 6:24 AM
    "CJNG getting slaughtered, it's all good nobody gives a fuzz about that shitty cartel"Yeah,we in La Compania are trappin day in day out and takin care bout that bitness,ye feelin up on me?Puro Z all day on the down low wit my dawgs,we be gettin it in and out of each other all day,rough ridin each other,ya feel me?
    ATTE: English Zeita...Atte Cmdte EPIC BELL

  10. @ 4:33pm zetas are no longer what they were. Many criminal "bunches" call themselves "zetas", so take your pick; now everybody says they belong to a cartel? Cash-Flow is and always will be controlled by higher ups which do not appear on the news as such, then there are the "politicos" which everyone murmurs about, then we mortals read about it on some news channel the way those afore mentioned intended for us to hear about it. If you can't grasp this basic principle of power, then = hopeless;

  11. WHO SAYS THAT ZETAS ARENT NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dude zetas are done on monterry N.L cartel del golfo are fucking them up and plus you have the CDS killing zetaputas in monterry too

  12. eingleizh zieta and cmdte. epic bell, pinchis fundillos de campana, desfundillados hasta parecer cazo de freir chicharrones.
    the zetas covered a lot of ground, showing their pedestrian habilities, and their carwashers, paleteros and tamaleros turned into able grameros, pushing their shit by the gram, and paying piso plaza and tax, so what is your reason for bragging, pendejos.
    el taliban left your motherfucking company and took all the people he took because z40, the walking barrel of menudo with the "military prostitute" bearing was not paying them, to invest HIS MONEY on the horse ranch and horses the US government took from his brother.
    the mexican military school of communications has churned a lot of capable technicians, also the universities and thechnological schools, the original zetas knew how to put them to good use, the corruptipn was their shortcomming, something failed, the zetas are there no more, their big bosses are selling them down the river, the zetas are not needed anymore, their creators have gone on to bigger things, and they will not die or go to prison for anybody, these days, it should be a shame and a death penalty for anybody claiming to be a zeta, but hey, there are pendejas of all sizes, whatever makes you happy Z):p+

  13. at 2:21 PM
    "no political statements to make today..."
    Well,thank god for that,but,yall come back now,ye hear.There are many gringos here you can hate on for no reason,you know you cant pass that up?

  14. @March 31, 2014 at 8:46 PM: You sir, are correct;

    @March 31, 2014 at 7:19 PM: do the logic, those people and names which you mention, are Operators, just like a manager for a big superstore chain,

    Think about it, If the CEO for any big corporation has to be replaced, do you really think that the corporation that has been doing this (making cash) for more than 60 years will cease to exist because their head "operator" was replaced?

    Never amigo, the show will go on, just wait and watch.

    Maybe you are way too young to know any history, but you can always google it or read about this and all the other drug wars that have taken place in the world over the centuries (century = 100 yrs. centuries = several hundred of years.

    The store has a committee and neither you nor I or many will really know what's going on.

    We don't know squat, that I know for sure.

    Just because you can eat it doesn't mean it's good for you or real.
    (as in read or hear about it)

  15. pawns die, the kings and the queens go on dancing with the bishops and the cavalry, amid their towers of strenght.
    when will the cannon fooder learn?
    let's play checkers.

  16. @8:50 hey! hi thanks, i know i got me a following.
    don't worry, we don't exactly blame all of the gringo, you know perfecly, more than half of them helped the black and mexican derrelicts elect President Obama, two times! now he is selling us all down the river too,
    but mitt had been selling us all down the river for many more years already. there you go, thought for the day, happy?

  17. Fuck the cartels, those motheruckers will all burn in hell.

  18. only to take over the plaza and same old shit again just different day


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