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Saturday, March 29, 2014

4 die in Sinaloa state

A total of four men were shot to death in an exchange of gunfire involving the Mexican security forces Friday night, according to Mexican news reports.

According to a news account posted on the online edition of El Debate news daily, three of the four men who were killed were identified as Juan Francisco Espinoza Lopez, Sergio Enrique Ceniceros Angulo and Jonathan Atadeo Lagunes.

According to various news reports, a Mexican Naval Infantry road patrol intercepted a convoy in ejido Sinaloa de Navolato in Culican municipality, one vehicle of which was a Humvee with the victims, and exchanged gunfire with the occupants and others in the convoy.

According to a separate news account in Milenio news daily, the confrontation took place in two areas in the ejido and involved hand grenades as well as small arms fire.  Some elements of the convoy had dismounted, and so marines continued their pursuits into corn field all the while firing their weapons. 

Three marines were wounded in the exchange including one hit by grenade shrapnel.

The Milenio report noted that the commander of the Mexican 9th Military Zone, General Miguel Hurtado Ochoa had visited the scene in the aftermath, but to explanation was made as to why such a senior commander would be in the field.

News reports suggested that the fourth victim was a former Navolato municipal police commander, identified as  German Ceniceros Ibarra, AKA Jaguar, who went missing back in 2008.

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  1. So it begins..........

  2. "pues soy hermano del licensiado y aki en el Dorado me hago respetar si se meten y pisan la plaza pues les doy final y no vuelven a entrar"

    1. "Soy amante de los narcos y los huevos bien mojados se los dejo, a cualquiera sea capo o naco tan tan"

    2. Eso mi amigo eso! jaja SI Viera Como me dolio Su comentario casi me Mata a palabras.

    3. @9:21 amigo anonimo RIP/qepd ; murio por la patria

  3. Of course he stopped by the scene. He needed to find out exactly what happened there. When your paid big money by the BLO to look the other way and protect their people and then they get slaughtered it's probably best to get all your ducks in a row first before you have to go answer for that shit.

  4. Great read. So, another "missing" bad guy finally gets killed. Excellent.

  5. D.E.P. Compa Tigre

  6. Replies
    1. They said both father and son

  7. Are the cds or blo?


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