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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mexican Army dismantles narcocamps in Tamaulipas

Raids on two narco training and logistics camps and other locations in two northern Tamaulipas municipalities have yielded more than 19,000 rounds of ammunition and 22 rifles, according to official Mexican news releases.

The news website of Tamaulipas state government said that the six  separate operations took place in Mier and Reynosa.

In Mier, army troops seized one AK-47 rifle, five weapons  magazines and 146 rounds of ammunition.  In another camp, soldiers seized two AK-47 rifles, 20 magazines and 600 rounds of ammunition.

Also in Mier, in a break called Las Morenas soldiers found seven rifles, 98 weapons magazines, 2,600 rounds of ammunition and USD $800 in cash.  Nearby on a rural road, soldiers located  five rifles and 2,370 rounds of ammunition.

In Reynosa, soldiers found six abandoned vehicles on Libramiento Sur, with 732 rounds of ammunition and 35 weapons magazines.

In ejido Los Longoria, also in Reynosa municipality, soldiers seized six rifles 12,676 rounds of ammunition, six kilograms of marijuana as well as gun parts.

Missing from the government report were detentions or shootout victims. In years past local drug cartels have fought hard against Mexican security force encroachment on parts of Tamaulipas, especially locations where narco training camps were established.

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  1. Replies
    1. 1:38. Great job! Less scum in

  2. You know they are LYING about this and several other busts when they don't arrest anyone. I lived in N. Laredo for 6 years and knew several key figures in the dope game at the time(Mario Flores aka Meme or 02, his brother Tavo, Jose Manuel Contreras García aka El Mono, his brother Jorge, Rogelio Rodriguez aka Pomponio, Rodolfo Hernandez aka Popo, etc...) and the "bust" was ALWAYS the same: The government(local, state and sometimes federal police) asked certain drug dealers to hand in unwanted or broken weapons, spoiled or bad weed and they simulated this huge bust about every 3 months. Notice they never bust expensive drugs in PRI state Tamaulipas? This kind of news is fed in hopes that international media picks it up as a fight against drugs. However, in N. Laredo they didn't bother to make headlines anymore(back when the Zs didn't have control over local media) because EVERYONE knew their charade.

  3. The mexican government is not informing the public on the casualties of these and other shootouts, but this does not mean that at least a couple of criminals were not eliminated Good riddance.

  4. "Erik said...
    You know they are LYING about this and several other busts"
    The world over they do this kind of shit,little raids turn into"major drug ring"dismantled.Couple grams turn into ounces,ounces turn into keys,the people become importers and supply whole cities,everything gets inflated and the only ones who know whats up are the people who live there.Everyone else believes all the preposterous shit they are fed and as you say it happens with almost EVERY raid..


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