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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Forbes concedes it helped bolster Chapo's "Black Legend"

Borderland Beat

'El Chapo' Guzman has become a figure of legendary proportions. Yet his status as a mythic Mexican has been created by a number of media outlets. 

Today, Forbes magazine has admitted that it contributed to the creation of the "black legend" of the drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán by including it in its annual list of the richest men in the world. Forbes Americas vicepresident Edward de Valle II told Notimex that he carefully evaluated the decision to include him on the list, and the backlash that may result, but he was ultimately convinced by 'El Chapo's tremendous wealth and influence that could not be ignored.

'El Chapo' Guzman has been featured on Forbes' list on numerous occasions. Being a part of a list that includes some of the most important businessmen, politicians, prominent executives, "increased" the fame of the drug dealer, says de Valle, however, he emphasizes that that "was not the magazine's intention." Last year, the drug cartel leader made it to number 67 on the list of the World's Most Powerful People, a list topped by U.S. President Barack Obama. The infamous criminal also figures at number 1153 the list of the world's billionaires, defining him as a figure of not only great wealth but also powerful influence.

'El Chapo' Guzman was the most wanted man in the world following his 2001 escape from the maximum security Puente Grande Prison in Jalisco. He was recaptured on the 21st of February of this year in Mazatlán. With a fortune estimated at over $1 billion dollars, 'El Chapo' featured on the list from 2009 - 2012. De Valle II explains that in the end, this kind of public attention became a "double-edged sword," as it concentrated attention on the cartel boss and hindered their financial transactions.

Guzman’s complicated life, and his criminal organization received increased attention, and in some way  "pushed" the aim of capturing the capo.  

Sources: Latin Times and Notimex -also posted by Siskiyoukid


  1. Replies
    1. 10:28. Hilarious. It may be a piece of crap magazine but in the US it does wield more power. Sad. Great story thanks.

  2. Lol El Sapo Guzman Loera did not have near the power and cash the media desperately tries to make us believe. His capture proved that, it also proved he was more hype and secured his exclusion from mythical martyrs like El Botas Blancas, Senor de los Cielos & Tony Tormenta

    1. Martyrs lol two of them died shot up like dogs they dident want them alive rather dead. The other died in a operating table. Chapo is still alive because he has power and money if not he would had been killed too.

    2. Martyrs die for what they believe in , how many times dis ABL survive ambushes from the Gov after 2008? I thought so. I'll give you ACF but at least he didn't give them the gusto to see him being dragged to prision while being a Capo.
      Chapo is still alive because he wasan informant.

  3. Green light on Forbes for

  4. What a grand illusion all these bullshit narco corridos create. Here you have the biggest fish of em all and he lives his life hiding in 'middle-class' communities and back-ass sierra's in the middle of bumfuck Durango/Sinaloa. I much rather live a modest middle-class life and be free to go out and have a beer whenever/wherever i choose. El que nada debe nada teme.

    1. Wow nicely said... Ps I use to love corridos till el movimiento alfresco fuked them up. Now there just hella exaggerated

    2. Well said. But that's what makes these lazy rats what they are. They want the easy way out.

    3. You deal your cards, others have better deals and cards up their sleeve.
      From el mexicano, lehder and escobar, to el chapo, the most famous and ignorant of them, mysteriously connected to banks on the cayman islands, barbados, china, luxembourg, even in the US fuck it! They have not brung down nobody big yet, no matter how bad it gets, those big powerful bankers and politicians keep enjoying all the perks, all the money, all the toys and all the pretty boys, the capos die young or go to prison and all they get is powdered soap, said to take longer to pick up when dropped...

    4. Rodriguez Gacha left school at age 8; El Paisa HP Escobar got kicked out of school when he was 10 for setting fires; Chapo didn't finish grade school, neither did Caro Quintero. Caro Quintero, went to work herding cattle, drove a truck and planted some pot when he was a teenager. El Chapo, el Mexicano y el Paisa HP all became car thiefs by age 14, had killed, more than once, before turning 18. None of these 3 arsewholes are smart! Their MONEY is. The criminal mind works wonders with hard, cold cash mis queridos! You can buy all the power you like if you can afford the price. You can also pay to put a man in jail for 28 years- for your crimes.

  5. lmfaaoo Forbes is the national enquirer of the financial world. Their billionaire ranking is PURE BULLSHIT WITH NUMBERS PULLED OUT OF THEIR ASSES. How the fuck would you know how much money anybody has let alone a god damn wanted criminal?

    They only make those richest of the world rankings because they know people like to read them despite being utterly inaccurate. Forbes is yellow journalism. a shit rag publication full of bullshit lies. I feel sorry for anyone who took them seriously.

  6. If anything they're underestimating his wealth. Here's a man that is/was in charge of one of the biggest criminal organization in the world.-- with cells in Europe, Australia, etc. AGL worked with the likes of El Padrino Felix during the hey days of the Guadalajara Cartel. He da man!!! His family is still operating and remain at large. His business associate is busy running his money laundering businesses while he walks the streets of Culiacan a free without a worry in the world.

  7. Anyone who believes Forbes is an idiot.They manipulate thousands of people into buying their ridiculous magazine using people like Guzman and Escobar etc,and then you find people take it as gospel?Don't care about the individuals named,but in a supposedly"up-market"magazine?How can people actually contemplate buying that crap?
    Forbes should close down through lack of sales,who is buying it?

  8. Well, well Chapo was no "bon vivant" you can't buy class and he may never know the wonders of reading a good book.

  9. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain", "I am the great and powerful Oz!". I cracked up when the sewer rat was caught and people said it could not be the infamous 'El Chapo' because there were not 100 men guarding him at all times. Cut through the hype and you still have a mini thug. You can't take it with you when you go to hell or even to prison.

  10. March 28, 2014 at 2:46 AM
    "Well said. But that's what makes these lazy rats what they are. They want the easy way out"
    If you knew anything about the drug game,you would know it isn't easy nor are they lazy.Guzman got where he got to by being lazy?Does that make any sense?The stresses,danger,police,yes easy and lazy.

  11. some day when forbes grows up, they will expose the US associates of the drug cartels and their international handlers, and how much money they really make, launder and have made from drug traffickng, and who their mexican associates are, and how much they cost.
    the connections so much denied of the US intelligence agencies like the CIA,
    the DEA, the FBI, the ATF, and men like felix ismael rodriguez, the bush family, the contras and the taliban, etc, etc. with different branches of drug cartels on different countries, the corruption of the military and police institutions all over latinamerica, then we could stary believing something from forbes and the like.
    how many times have forbes and other magazines recommended stocks and investments that crash soon after you buy their stinky stocks?
    and not one of this magazines has ever acknowledged that they misled the losing parties of these investmemts with their ill researched recommendations.
    they are full of bunk and BS, we can still check on them all, a quick google will bring instantly information about their dirty deeds!
    but do it quickly before they outsource the managememt of the web to malaysia and the data gets burned or erased to comtrol our ignorance...

  12. El Chapo Guzman is a crimanal who has caused many deaths .Chapo onky has a 3rd grade education level. However you cannot deny the man is a Genuis when it comes to drug smuggling and money laundering and is a financial guru. He is a Billionare ...therefore he deserves to be mentioned in the Forbes list of the richest people.


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