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Monday, March 10, 2014

6 die in Tamaulipas

A total of six unidentified armed suspects were killed in an armed  encounter with Mexican security forces in central Tamaulipas state, according to an official government news release.

A news release publishing on the government website of Tamaulipas said that a Mexican Naval Infantry road patrol encountered the suspects at a residence in San Fernando municipality Sunday.  The dead included three men and three women.

Three unidentified individuals were rescued from captivity by the military unit, plus marines seized a number of weapons  ammunition and drugs.

Meanwhile in Ciudad Victoria, the state capital of Tamaulipas, four unidentified individuals were freed from captivity by a Mexican Army unit last Thursday.

According to a news account posted on the website of Milenio news daily, the unit was dispatched to Sierra Ventana colony on a citizen's report of criminal activity, and found the victims, as well as two suspects who were detained at the scene.

Four rifles, two handguns, 47 weapons magazines and 840 rounds of ammunition,  as well as one vehicle and radio gear were seized in the aftermath.

Elsewhere, on the border municipality of Carmargo, Mexican Army units raided two location and seized a number of drugs, weapons and munitions last Friday.

According to a news released published on the Tamaulipas government website, the first raid took place in Cuauhtemoc colony where a Mexican Army unit located a residence where drugs were stored.

Marijuana wrapped in 347 packages totaling 1.5 metric tons were  seized by soldiers.   Weapons and munitions seized included five AK-47 rifles, 53 weapons magazines and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

A second raid took place at a residence in Nuevo Camargo colony where soldiers found nine AK-47 rifles, nine AR-15 rifles, five other rifles, two semiautomatic pistols, 266 weapons magazines and  5,907 rounds of ammunition.

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  1. Would like to know who were the ones "rescued from captivity" were they local businessmen,migrants, or possibly members/relatives of a rival faction???


  2. nice to hear about Tamps.

  3. Would you like their address,phone number and date of birth ,shoe size and make and model of car they drove ????

    1. 7:58 I think the shoe size is all WE need, don't WE? It would be AWSOME if they started posting the shoe sizes of everybody aawwww!!!

  4. Ahhhh who cares. There's real action going on elsewhere, and that what bb provides; right. Blood sport for the gladiator spectatador.

  5. I still have family in San Fernando, it'll be nice to hear more about Tamps and AD groups forming as well.

  6. Do the soldiers bang.on.sight or do the criminals shoot.on thr soldiers or both? Because it seems.the soldiers.have abdopted.a.shoot.on sight policy. Not sure.if.this.a.good.thing.or.not. Might I.think killing them.since.they Beating.them and throwing them to jail have a.more.psychological detterent on.the.criminals. Simply.becsuse.they.have to.face.the.consequences in while.tjey.are.alive.

    1. 4:13 nice writing style loko, keep working on it, member practice makes mastery (???)

    2. Hey loko


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