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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


President Enrique Peña Nieto said Tuesday that his government would invest the equivalent of about $3.4 billion in social and infrastructure programs for the beleaguered Mexican state of Michoacan.   The funding will go to scholarships for students, pensions for the elderly and credits for small business owners, as well as for infrastructure projects such as highways and a new hospital.

Guerrero Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero, reported yesterday that, almost five months after the hurricanes 'Manuel' and 'Ingrid' seriously beat up the people and infrastructure of that state, not a single penny of the 30 billion Enrique Peña Nieto promised has reached the state.

On November 7, 2013, in an event which was attended by at least six members of his legal office, legislators, business leaders, and the Guerrero governor  himself, the head of the Federal Government announced the 'Guerrero New Plan', designed in 'three phases',  to 'promote economic growth and inclusive social development within a framework of transparency and citizen participation' after the tragedy.

Manuel'  struck Guerrero on the Pacific coast on September 13, 2013 and simultaneously Hurricane 'Ingrid' came ashore  from the Gulf of Mexico, which generated an official toll of 123 dead, 33 wounded, 68 missing 59,000 evacuated, 218,594 people affected, 35,000 houses damaged, and a great destruction in the road infrastructure in the state.

But, according to Aguirre Rivero, what the president promised has not arrived and not a single peso of those millions offered has been seen in Guerrero.

Statements of the PRD Governor match the claim also made more than 2000 natives of the region of La Montaña in Guerrero, who performed in Tlapa the 'Pilgrimage of Hunger', which demanded that federal authorities release the resources promised by the President, for damages left behind by 'Manuel'.

Also yesterday, attended by all members of the legal and extended cabinets, Peña Nieto announced the 'Michoacán Plan' based on 'five lines of action' and that this year will be invested 45 billion pesos to encourage state's economic recovery, infrastructure, employment, education, security and social development, among other areas.

The same President instructed federal officials, especially the head of the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry), Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, to monitor each of the commitments made  yesterday and also that federal resources show through.

He also promised to visit the state, at least 12 times this year to be closer to the Michoacan.
In both cases, as we all know, the promised aid is urgent.

However, the delay in Guerrero is unjustifiable in the light of structural damage left by the storms and the huge gaps - already large -  left to the historically poorest.

 Michoacán, of course, also requires that these presidential commitments are met as soon as possible and that not one peso deviates from the target.

But after the failure in Guerrero, doubts about the ability of government action and committed political will arise.

In one state, for example, there is a government run by the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and the other administration of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Just two days ago, Osorio Chong said before the mayors of Mexico: 'We are not making the issue of security a political issue and so we will enforce ... is a crime take the issue of security for a policy matter, to break a political enemy or knocked on his political intentions, it's not going to happen from us. '

And hopefully it will be established.   very soon in Guerrero, where promises are already nearly five months late ... and, of course, in Michoacan, where since the beginning of this administration of EPN, citizens have demanded,   not  federal special measures,  but simply carry out their basic responsibilities.


  1. Where can we read more about the failure to invest the money in Guerrero? I'd think there's more to the story than "he promised billions, gave none, and there's been no follow-up".


  2. Mexican government is so damned corrupt that I wouldn't doubt if all that money is in someone else's bank account already. A good example is the case of a Mexican federal judge and a Mexican attorney also a former federal judge that deposited over 2.2 million dollars of dirty money into several bank accounts in McAllen, TX. according to their town's local newspaper "The Monitor".

  3. My family in Mexicali told my mom that PELA NIETO was charging extra for Electricity for the street lamp thats outside their house.. yes for the street lamp outside their house
    - el wyno
    You guys should do an interview with Jose Fernandez Norona I recommend it and watch his rants on YouTube where he exposes corrupt politicians from both PRI & PAN

  4. Chivis theres an interview on a member of gente nueva and they ask him about internal conflicts its in tierra del narco atte californiano

  5. Don't remember what Mexican paper recently revealed 15 stash houses or bodegas filled to the rim with supplies destined for 'Manuel' victims, which were never given out.

  6. I love how those pig's in the Mexican government (PRI) are now coming to the aid of the people after all the hard work has almost been done, how pathetic. I still say the worst thing those in the militias can do is to join such an evil group of human scum as those who reside in government, it's like saying we were only in this thing to get our piece of the pie. I truly hope that the people of Mexico stay the course and get rid of those who have been robbing them blind for almost a century because Mexico is such a beautiful country and the people deserve so much better. Maybe at some point the people in US might look at Mexico as an example of what a country could be like without having such a corrupted government and politicians who only care about themselves but actually care about their homeland. Sad thing is, the US is quite a ways behind Mexico, I don't mean violence wise, I mean their is so much institutionalized corruption going on but it's so well hidden right now but all the dirtiness is coming out and we see those in power getting just as scared up here as those in power down in Mexico. If only we could have a world without this disgusting need for so much power and money that people just don't care about one another to the point they are willing to kill over such bullshit. If those who want to fight over having it all want to do it so bad we should set them up with an island and let them go at it and just leave the rest of alone to enjoy our lives.

    1. i'm Mexican, don't compare the US and Mexico, corruption exist in both countries but everyone knows Mexico is a failed state. I live in the US now because of that reason. You don't see a bunch of gringos crossing the border to live in Mexico. thanks to century of brain washing from El PRI and it's nationalistic choice of colors /Lies has made the people put them in office despite turning my country into the shit hole that it is today. Nothing good has come when PRI is in office except for the 1 % RobBing us blind.

  7. Mexicans voted him in, even with so many rumours and really proof that he is crooked... they get what they deserve.

  8. Estúpido.Pendejo.Narco.

  9. corruption... wake up people!

  10. Is it just me or this Michoacan thing getting really boring? Are other areas of Mexico being ignored by B B journalists? I feel like the focus has been primarily Michoanacan and I don't come to B B as much as I used to.

    1. Do your own research and post your own articles.. there is alot of news out there that is not covered here. I check this site daily for new news on any area, I really like the Michoacan articles because the people are fighting back and winning.. a shining example. -Gio

  11. This pathological liar is the Mexican version of Odumber lies lies lies,

  12. This is exactly what the US goverment does....We need a bailout so fuck it give to the banks...and of course the "right" people keep a couple of billion...that's exactly whats going to happen here...some of these corrupt fuckers will keel some of the money.

  13. guerrero will not see any money until the federal government has contracted and completed the sale of all beachfront and water rights of the state to "private investors".
    by now we all should know that the state only finances a downpayment on whatever progress with contracted loans, 90%of which the satraps promptly steal, leaving the little projects bankrupt and in ruins before they even get started, giving the socialistoid government a bad name, and allowing the privatizant neo-liberal to capture the projects for pennies, and leaving the people to pay for the snowballed loans and interests for ever.
    governor angelico rivero "el gavioto" did no favors for el pri when he jumped to the prd, and now the state of guerrero is going to learn a lesson, el gavioto, for all his long career as a priista, never knew who was the boss, and after he is gone he will still be wondering what the hell happened, meanwhile , hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes and caciques will keep tormenting the people of guerrero with their varied sicarios
    until they get out of the wonderful tourist resort.
    NO MEXICANS WELCOME!... state of guerrero's new motto

  14. Maybe next time before electing a governor or the next president the Mexican people will think twice about voting for the PRI in exchange for a torta or a kilo of tortillas or this old quote will apply to them..."nunca se les quito lo pendejo"...some people I guess just never learn...

  15. What a fucked up way the PRI is taking away from the poorest to the pockets of the politicians. The PRI has sucked away the country dry. The Mexican people are too pre ocupied with Televisa and the spoon fed propaganda of news they receive from Doriega.


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