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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Estanislao Beltran named Spokesman for Autodefensas

Estanislao Beltrann new "sole spokesperson and coordinator" for AD groups
The statements of the leader Jose Valverde Manuel Mireles to the newspaper 'El País' have had an impact within the Group Self-Defense Tepalcatepec because minutes before 14:25 on Wednesday decided to appoint Estanislao Beltran as the sole coordinator and spokesperson self-defense in Michoacan.

In the news 'Connecting the Dots', it announced that the main objective of the appointment of Beltrán Torres's  is to refute the claims that José Manuel Mireles issued to the newspaper El Pais, in the sense that the agreement for the institutionalization of the self was no more a theater.

It should be noted that during the ceremony held on Wednesday, the leaders of the Michoacan AUC expressed their affection and respect for José Manuel Mireles, but said that since the incident he suffered he recently has been completely detached from what happened with the movement and collaboration they have with the federal government.

In this regard, it reiterated this process is not a sham and that it believes it is possible to work together with the authorities of the federation and the state, in order to find a solution to the problem of insecurity faced last several years .

After the announcement, the leaders of the AUC held a small meeting with representatives of the Mexican Army and Federal Police to assess the progress made in recent days, this in recognition that there was not enough attention at the continued extortion toward residents of the state, so the only way to avoid it would be to have full control over Apatzingán.

Note that the paramilitaries have committed to continue its advance only in coordination with the authorities, but said that there are many communities that require greater presence to the insecurity currently living.

In terms of social development, the people of Tepalcatepec expressed to the  representatives of the state and federal governments their requirements regarding the lack of educational infrastructure, irrigation canals, packers lemon, mango, new job opportunities, among others.

Borderland Beat translation of the 'El Pais"/Dr. Trevino interview.



  1. And so it begins...

  2. What a scam artist

  3. I hope the plane accident was not sabotage from within the AD group to advance a separate agenda.

  4. He is a scam artist hiding behind the church

  5. Remember that the mexican army has killed a few of the self defense group affiliates in cold blood. Why the fuck would you guys join forces with the enemy ??? This is only going to start another kind deal and or corruption with AD instead of the cartel. How can you trust the government there the reason mexico is what it is today. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!!

  6. chivis
    escribe editor de blog autodefensas,
    asi es lo que quería el narcogobierno

    Hermano yo lo que menos quiero es crear division,cosa que ya hicieron estos que pactaron con el disque Comisionado,pues es lo que esta buscando el narcogobierno para luego acabar con el movimiento.Aqui yo veo una cosa,

    Tanila(Papa Pitufo)Hipolito y demas se vendieron y ahora estan de parte del narcogobierno mismo que los esta manejando cuales titeres,digo esto por que la prueba esta en que en cuanto hablo el Doctor Mireles de ese pacto de mierda,

    repudiandolo,llamandolo teatro y burla,enseguida tienen esta reunion de caracter urgente Castillo y sus ahora secuaces para luego salir a decir Estanislao Beltran(Tanila,Papa Pitufo)que el Doctor Mireles quedaba relevado de su puesto y que el,papa pitufo,tomaba dicha posicion,y quien cabrones destituyo a Mireles?

    Y quien cabrones le dio a Tanila el poder de hacer a un lado al Doctor?

    A Mireles lo puso el pueblo,a Tanila unos cuantos pendejos vendidos,nunca consultaron con el pueblo el puto pacto y ahora quieren hacer a un lado a Mireles,quien si defiende al pueblo y esta de su lado y le dice y exige al narcogobierno las cosas como son?

    No señores,Tanila y los que estan detras de el,que no son mas que templarios arrepentidos,Jose Alvarado el Burrillo y los viagras,que despues que se les da una oportunidad ahora traicionen a Mireles,el movimiento y al mismo pueblo eso no señores.

    Aqui el pueblo manda y si no alinean,los alineamos y a chingar a su madre y vayan a lamberle los huevos al pinche gobierno corrupto pero no lo haran disfrasados y autonombrados "lideres"de las Autodefensas"yo estoy como la mayoria de los verdaderos comunitarios con Mireles y Simon,quienes si han peleado por el pueblo,para el pueblo y liberado muchos pueblos.Si los pendejos que pactaron no recapacitan se les hara a un lado,que mucho ayuda el que no estorba y ADELANTE PUEBLOS LEVANTADOS Y VIVAN LAS POLICIAS COMUNITARIAS!!

    Lo puedes publicar hermano,el anterior tambien,un abrazo y Dios lo bendiga.Que viva el doctor mireles que el no se vende

  7. In Mirales I trust! As far as these other guys the jury is still out! Letting in ex Templarios is the biggest mistake they could make. Just like in any government thare are many voices and also leaders. They don't have to Agree on everything but they do have to work together to reach their common objective. It's to nobodys benefit for a Revolution or civil war in Mexico, just look at what has happened to all of the countries with civil wars in recent memory. They should stick to their original main objective and tha was and should still ve to clean house one small town after another until Tierra Caliente and Michuacan is cleared of Templarios, crooked cops, and corrupt politicians!!!

  8. No surprise. The government's offer, as I have said before, had two main objectives. One, to divide the autodefensas. Two, to identify the autodefensa members and their weapons, the so-called registration. When I read the El Pais interview with Dr. Mireles, I felt better, because I thought that the ADs had not been fooled, after all. That they were approaching the accord with a great deal of healthy skepticism. But it looks like the government's principal objective has been achieved. The comunitarios are divided and the infighting will be disastrous. What the Templarios couldn't accomplish in a year of fighting took the government only a couple of weeks. jlopez

  9. They way Papa smuf held up that Templario sword just didn't feel right its as if he gave it meaning like if there was an awe factor. That sword may be a beautiful and expensive sword, but it should have been destroyed like everything else templario. Remember stick to the objective no cartels, crooked cops, or corruption. That stupid sword means nothingto the people just like that fake saint who oowned it. That sword is cursed and anybody else who is awed by its beauty and decides to own it thereafter will also be cursed. The Devil works in mysterious ways!

  10. Thanks google translate

  11. Ppl the cartels will never seize as longs as there is demand there will be supply.

  12. As long as the objective is the same then let's hope the Auto Defensas can keep pushing forward and stay clean from corruption. Remember the old saying divide and conquer. Don't let the Government fool you!

  13. Why would anybody voluntarily join those that they know for a fact are corrupt? I think that you have to question their actions as being shady in till otherwise proven to be on the level and with what has transpired in the past few days I personally would be very skeptical. With Beltrán Torres's making the statements that he has made it looks like a power grab and once again you have to question what he received in exchange for his joining the federal government (PRI)? People need to look into anyone who is so willing to join those corrupt assholes. I think it's time to take the gloves off and for those who are found to be involved in organized crime or taking bribes they really need to be taken out and executed. It's nice that the Mexican people are humanitarians but to date it's totally failed them and the only one's who have paid the price are the innocent and damn it it's just foolish to keep going that way. The people know who these criminals are, they need to clean Mexico with the blood of those deviants, the people need to do a new thing.

  14. Dr Mireles is and has been the face and the leader of the AD, and until he recovers, someone has to pick up his FALLEN STANDARD, papa smurf having done that, is being watched by everybody, he must deal with the situation now, and inspite of the words that televisa put in Dr Mireles mouth about surrendering their weapons, and in spite of talking with general cebollas, has carried on with the liberation on a few other towns. don't let the seeds of discord take root in th AD movement, divide and conquer is a precept widely favored by the expert machiavellian priistas even among themselves, and the unaware need to be aware that the stated goals of the AD are very pointed and simple, no crime, no criminals and if the state government can or will not do its job, it better gets out of the way or it will be removed, giniral cebollas can stick his rurales up his ass all he wants, his puro teatro is a circus, mireles says so and the AD people knows it is the plain truth, maybe for the moment, some AD leaders will have to put up with the FALLEN STANDARDS of the government conquistadors, but there is no need to eat the government popo.
    Where Dr Mireles is very correct is in expressing the people's shortcomings when it comes down to administering the state and governance,but time has shown that a people's movement can do wonders with the proper supervision of an honest as possible commitee and the prospect of swift punishment for those that chose to misbehave. the leaders may go here and there , the people will always know better and where their heart is right now is still Dr Mireles, whether he likes it or not; the classic redeemer's trap, full of reluctance, firm on his way to martyrdom if it is what it will take, bearing his cross to the bitter end, denied a few times before the rooster sings three times, accepting that his kingdom is not of this world

  15. Awwwwww shit...... Well, it was good while it lasted. Fucking crooked ass government splitting motherfuckers up.... Dammit!!!

  16. Dr. Mireles you better get better real soon so you can boot Papa Smurf the fuck out!

  17. The problem with Mexico is it has an attention span of about 10 mins. Look at the real hard facts and grow some balls. You are in the mess you are in because of your government. What change? Then demand a new government of the people. Anything short of that is just the normal way Mexico works, spin your wheels and fall short with nothing to show for it.

  18. enrique "riqui" francisco galindo ceballos, nephew of writer julio alfredo ceballos alonso, (writer, psychologist, criminologist, arrested with zetas associated with enrique rejon aguilar"el mamito").
    --enrique francisco galindo ceballos FAILED the confidence examinations while commanding the SSP of the state of san luis potosi,TWO TIMES, getting pronounced failed and untrustworty,not fit to serve and recommended for more investigation,he also accepted that he took bribes and misappropriated 100 000.00 pesos.
    --he got fired from ISSSTE for "administrative faults"
    --when he was in charge of the SSP on the state of san luis potosi, he assigned commander martin castillo palomo to a district closer to him, where he was promptly kidnapped with his detail of guards, and they have not been seen ever since, chief enrique francisco galindo ceballos refused to release any statements regarding this case, but is widely blamed by the people of san luis potosi of having commander palomo executed for having found about chief enrique francisco galindo ceballos and his family's links with the zetas,who had bought all the political influence with the police in the state, commander martin castillo palomo is still missed by the people of SLP and still enjoys a good reputation.
    --under the leadership of galindo ceballos the polizetas and policia zetatales came to enjoy the worst reputation ever, with corruption of even the school of the policia federal in the state by more than 50%,all of them corrupt cadets zeta sponsored.
    --in spite of his academic qualifications, wherever enrique francisco galindo ceballos appears, crime of all kinds skyrockets ???????!!!!!
    --MANELICH CASTILLA CRAVIOTTO, associate was sentenced to death by the zetas, he used a bulletproof suv, and the zetas confused JAIME ZAPATA,s suv with manelich's.
    --julian zapata espinoza el piolin worked for enrique rejon aguilar "el mamito",and before that for enrique galindo ceballos as a police officer.
    --enrique galindo ceballos and his uncle julio ceballos worked for the zetas,
    el lazca, el mamito,and el taliban.
    --Manelich castilla craviotto sold the san luis potosi plaza to CDS while being paid by the zetas at the same time, he is a close associate of carlos slim helu

  19. So they kicked dr.mireles to the side

  20. I don't get this "advance only in coordination with the authorities" accord bullshit, the autodefensas should had never agreed to that, when we all know people, certain people who are part of the authorities work for the mafia.

  21. February 6, 2014 at 6:25 PM ?
    @ February 6, 2014 at 9:03 PM "Thanks google translate"Heard that...
    Yup,,whats the point,,if you can read and write both,why post the one no one can read?Whatever..

  22. This is an interpretation by journalist's,Dr Mireles was almost killed in the crash,he HAS to recuperate,didn't we all know Estanislao Beltran had taken a more prominent role precisely because of that crash?Dr Mireles will be back when he has healed sufficiently enough to take part again.

  23. February 7, 2014 at 4:17 AM
    I hope everyone reads your post and clams down..Dr Mireles was almost killed,someone had to stand up and take his place until he has healed.
    Simple as that .


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