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Monday, February 17, 2014

Neza, Mexico: Weekend Rampage leaves 4 Killed and 11 Wounded

Borderland Beat

The bodies of two men were found wrapped in black plastic bags in Colonia La Impulsora, Municipio de Nezahualcóyotl in the state of Mexico.
According to initial reports from municipal police, the discovery was made around 5:30 pm in the Santa Ana Hacienda Street, near the intersection with  Hacienda Pastejé avenida.

The two bodies were bent forward, bound with masking tape,  were left near a planter.
They were found in the Nezahualcoyotl neighborhood  - an area on the outskirts of Mexico City. 
Just a few hours prior to finding the bodies, an armed  command attacked a bar in the Benito Juarez in Nezahualcoyotl, and fired on  customers, the attack left a couple dead and four others injured.
According to Reforma, the attack occurred around 2:00 pm in the El Baby Cafe and Karaoke, located on Fourth Avenue, where gunmen got out of a car and fired into the room in which there were at least 20 people .
The newspaper added that the wounded, between 25 and 35 years old, were taken to a hospital.
The couple, identified only as Mario and Veronica, died at the scene of the shooting.
On Friday the 14th, in the same colonia (neighborhood) a command stormed the Wings and Beer bar and wounded seven people.
reforma and sipse


  1. Why do they always kill the innocent people i hate to take a dump and somebody storms in and shoots me dead totally unacceptable

  2. LFM trying to stay relevant what a joke why don't other cartels just take them out?

  3. Do these idiots own stock in the hefty trash bag company or what? They r always wrapped in black trash bags! They r just disgusting for doing those kind of things to ppl its just sad! I bet the buzzards in mexico are fat!

  4. Would someone explain what the reason is for wrapping the 'victims' up in garbage bags and taped up as well as other 'victims' hung over a bridge wrapped up in white cloth like mummies? I don't understand also why so many who are about to be murdered are blind folded. Why blindfold someone who's about to be killed. (so gross writing these questions but I would like to understand the 'reasons')

    Canadian girl

  5. La familia michoacana vs los caballeros templarios in that area

  6. Julian leyzaola,expert kidnapper crimefighting interrogator,tormenter of his own corrupt police officer comrades and bertie boy moreira are in morelos state nearby, with their arrival, crime has spiked and with the dedicated help of PF commissioneer enrique francisco galindo ceballos, it will be ensured that pena nieto's regime will be one of the worst ever

  7. @9.45 Canadian Girl, we know perfectly that real mexican sicarios do not care about dirtying up their cars or trucks, or hiding the bodies of their victims, unless they are under orders of police or military elements, or these military or ex-military elements do the killings themselves, the wrapping of the carcasses helps to move them without soiling their vehicles,also to keep the stench away, as the murdered are known to lose control of their bowels, if you are familiar with Dr jekyll and Mister Hyde, you can see the need for covering up your tracks by tidying up te crime scene, the victims and specially yourself.
    there is also the involvement of your gentle country's businessmen in the takeovers of state owned enterprises in mexico and all over latin america, as part of the british empire like china and australia, canada can not fall behind the others in helping the global powers that be in carrying out whatever crimes are deemed necessary, depopulation and destabilization being part of the whole game, since ritchie nixon got pelted by rotten eggs in guatemala, j f kennedy unleashed the peace corps, with diastrous results, now latin-america enjoys the results of being friends with the devil himself.
    the nazis that the CIA helped escape to america, have successfully taught the latin-american satraps how to carry on with the murdering ways of the thurd reich and then some...bless you canadian girl, keep being nosy and curious, fact ckeck and spread the gospels...

  8. I served during Operation Joint Guard, as a part of the NATO stabilization forces, deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina in the 1990s. The merits of a joint effort in rounding up war criminals cannot be overstated. Mexico really would only stand to benefit from a temporary occupation of multinational forces.Multinational efforts by their nature are a safeguard against corruption and profiteering. It's long past time to round up every last one of these war criminals transferring all of them to an International Criminal Tribunal to face swift, sure, and seen justice.

  9. Templarios running from michoacan and running into remnants of la familia who won't let go of their last stronghold I think templarios will be eliminated before la familia.

  10. after a long reluctance, mass murders, rapes and gencide,the US dragged by the nato puppets, intervened,after dividing the spoils of an oilless little country, osama bin laden was left an orphan, hungry for blood, and his own saudi arab country would not have anything to do with his crazy royal ass, or was it afghanistan? GEORGE W BUSH had no intention of ever talking with the mustafases, and if 9/11 had not happened, he could have been a better president, except haliburton and blackwater needed the "few" billion dollars they got for their engineering prowess.
    certainly a joint operation is needed to round up war criminals and bring them to justice, urgently, the latin-americans should board the trains of death and invade the US to bring to justice a few "people", by way of the gulf or course, all illegal immigrant trafficking was "unadvertently" steered to the area by the US/mexico FOREIGN US STEEL COURTAIN on the west...
    Please note, nothing against the US as a country or servicemen anywhere.


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