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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coahuila: Father of Arrested Ex-Treasurer says-It's Humberto Moreira to Blame for it all

Borderland Beat
A long history of collaboration-in photo above Moreira brothers (former and current Coahuila Governors) pose with Javier Villarreal during their reign as PRI Coahuila executive officers before Humberto became Governor
A day after the U.S. government announced the indictment against Javier Villarreal Hernandez, Coahuila treasurer under Governor Humberto Moreira, Villarreal’s father, Hector Villarreal Garcia,  said the sole author of the mega fraud, in that state, is the former governor.
"My son is innocent, that I have no doubt. Moreira is solely responsible.  He was the governor, he is the author of all this, he said in an interview with the newspaper El Norte.
According to the father of  Villarreal Hernandez-accused in the U.S. of drug trafficking, money laundering and illicit enrichment- his child was used by Moreira to divert  millions of dollars from the Coahuila treasury during his time as governor between 2008 and 2011.
"All this is contrived by Moreira, to hold Javier responsible,  the second criminal judge and the prosecution of Coahuila armed for this, without legal basis," said Villarreal Garcia, who said he was surprised by the news of the surrender of his son, with whom he said he had no contact for a long time. "He lived in the United States, we almost never spoke," he said.
He also referred to the video released last year, in which Sergio Fuentes, one of the Moreira partners , says the former governor was not aware of the fraud.
“The plan was to lie to Coahuila, because after that video”, he said the Moreira protected sources now "have disappeared".
He insisted: "They are to blame, not my son."
He similarly, accused the Attorney General of Coahuila of only keeping  allegations against two of the five involved, including his son, for almost everyone else, he added, they withdrew the detention order (same as arrest warrant).
Hernández Villarreal on Wednesday surrendered to  U.S. authorities in the city of El Paso, Texas, he was then transferred to San Antonio.
The  ex-collaborator of Moreira is accused in the U.S. "for his role in a conspiracy to launder money," reads the indictment, filed by federal Attorney Robert Pitman, the DEA agent, Steven Whipple , IRS federal agent Houston division, Steve McCollough, and Janice Ayala, Special Agent Research Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
His mug shot when detained in Coahuila-he skipped after making bail
The indictment against the Coahuila ex treasurer argues that "since January 2008, Villarreal Hernandez and others conducted financial transactions involving proceeds from illegal activities (drug trafficking)." Of benefiting from the proceeds from the sale, distribution or importation of controlled substances.
The indictment also states the formal charge as "bribery of public officials, embezzlement of treasury money through fraud and electronic banking."

According to the prosecution, in part,  criminal activities included , Villarreal Hernandez transferring to the United States, money  acquired through money laundering from the sale of illegal substances, "in order to disguise the nature, source and ownership of these resources ".
Before surrendering, the former Coahuilense official evaded justice on two occasions. The first incident occurred in Saltillo, on October 28, 2011, when after posting bail of 10 million pesos he fled after being released from prison.
The second occurrence was on February 1, 2012  in Tyler, Texas, about 160 miles from Dallas, where he was arrested along with his wife, Maria Theresa Botello, after being stopped in a traffic violation.  When the couple along with a third passenger, Oswaldo Coronado (the trio in the photo above) gave conflicting stories, the deputy requested permission to search the vehicle.  It was during the search more than $ 67,000 was found along with weapons, this resulted in the couple being jailed on suspicion of charges of money laundering.
In error, Villarreal and his wife were released five days later. Since then his whereabouts were unknown until yesterday he surrendered to U.S. justice.
In addition to the house in the gated Villa Bonita, north of Saltillo, with over 1 million dollars value, Villarreal Hernandez acquired more than 12 properties in Texas, estimated at $ 25 million, and in  Bermuda bank accounts several million dollars.
Its properties and 2.2 million in the account of Bermuda were confiscated by the U.S. government.
In speaking to the press, Michael J. Wynne,  defense attorney for Javier Villarreal, stated his intention to  recover properties seized from his client. (in foto at left)
"My client is innocent and will fight the charges against him," he said. "I can not say more than that," said Michael J. Wynne  a member of the legendary firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP, founded in 1934 in Chicago.
From his office in Houston, Wynne specializes in criminal defense of "white collar" crimes and corporate investigations,  for which he earns $ 400 an hour.
The highly experienced Wynne was assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Texas for 11 years, where he won numerous cases of money laundering and public corruption.
Also handled investigations in the U.S. and abroad for the Department of Justice, including civil and criminal appeals, and money laundering, among others.
Coahuila silent about the arrest-evading reporters

The Government of Coahuila was silent regarding the surrender  in Texas of Javier Villarreal, financial operator of former Governor Humberto Moreira.

Coahuila Governor Ruben Moreira, the once close but now estranged brother of Humberto, cancelled scheduled public events.

His twitter account reflected  activity, however, noticeably missing was any comment about the case of Javier Villarreal, who is accused of money laundering, bank fraud and drug trafficking in the state he governs.
Meanwhile, spokesman of the State Attorney, Jesus Carranza was also ignoring the progress of the case.
Upon request for information on the actions to be performed, Coahuila PGJE prosecutor, Homero Ramos Gloria, was reported "in a meeting" at the Federal District and managed to also avoid  giving interviews
Villarreal's Saltillo Coahuila home in Villa Bonita was in a guarded gated community

 Source: El Norte-Proceso-Democrata Norte de Mexico


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  2. he can win has the $$$$$$$$$$$ to buy best lawyers

  3. The attorneys should not be allowed be paid any money by their clients or any other sources until they are found not guilty. If they are paid for their services and loose the court decision, they should not be paid with ill gotten or illegal money from the client or anyone else. They should not receive anything. That is the risk they should take if they feel so confident their client is not guilty. A poor criminal that is arrested cannot afford such an expensive attorney, so why should an even larger criminal be afforded a better lawyer. They should find out what his salary was in reality, and figure after living what kind of defense he could really afford. The attorney should not be paid with stolen or drug money.

  4. That house is worth just over a Million pesos not dollars ! BB should fact check

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  5. well cancan....are you really going to make that an issue? Of all the important issues in the post? FYI houses in the development DO go up to 1M Dollars...according to relators. It was not the point of the story.

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