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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Former Governor Humberto Moreira's Money Man Surrenders in El Paso

Borderland Beat
Former governor Humberto Moreira and his former treasurer Villarreal

Hector Javier Villarreal Hernandez, the former treasurer of the Mexican state of Coahuila, appeared in a San Antonio federal court this afternoon to face one count of conspiring to launder money.
Prosecutors allege he laundered in Texas millions of dollars, the proceeds of drug trafficking, bribery, embezzlement and fraud. Villarreal faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, but court documents in the case did not detail the allegations against him.
In earlier civil lawsuits, federal and local prosecutors have accused Villarreal of stealing millions of dollars from Coahuila government coffers and laundering it in San Antonio.
He waived his detention hearing and will be held without bond.
Villarreal had been a fugitive since a detention in East Texas in February 2012, when immigration officials let him go despite widespread reports of the allegations. He surrendered in at El Paso on Wednesday and was transferred to the jail here.

U.S. authorities seized $2.2 million from a bank account they said was controlled by Villarreal who is accused of stealing public funds in a scheme that involved hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent bank loans.
Federal authorities seized the money from the Bermuda bank account believed to have been controlled the , a former finance secretary in  Coahuila ..
Villarreal and Botello

The U.S. Department of State's order to release a former Mexican government official from custody after a Tyler traffic stop has an East Texas congressman wanting an oversight committee to look into the order, which has now been reversed.

One day after being told to release 41-year-old Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal, the former secretary executive of the Tax Administration Service of Coahulia, Mexico, and his 28-year-old wife, Maria Teresita Botello, authorities said they are once again searching for the couple.
"It's the kind of thing that I constantly worry could happen, but I was kind of surprised when it actually did happen," U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, said Wednesday in a phone interview.
Smith County sheriff's deputies arrested the couple last week and transported them from the Smith County Jail to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division, or ICE, of Homeland Security in Dallas. After their arrest, the State Department ordered their release.
Gohmert said he was told the couple was released because they had a valid visa despite Villarreal being wanted by his own government.
Smith County Chief Deputy Bobby Garmon said Villarreal and Botello are wanted for the embezzlement of hundreds of millions, possibly billions, of dollars through Villarreal's office in Coahuila, Mexico.
The Coahuila attorney general told Mexican media that Villarreal was arrested in November for his alleged involvement in the falsification of documents to take out government loans from banks in Mexico.
Since posting a $1 million cash bond in Mexico, Villarreal and his wife were believed to have been hiding in Mexico City, Mexico and Brownsville.
Angry Coahuila protestors asking "Moreira, where is the money?"
The couple's attempts to elude law enforcement came to an end Feb. 1 (2012)when a Smith County deputy initiated a traffic stop on Texas Highway 31 west when he noticed the couple's 2011 Mercedes SUV did not have a front license plate.
Garmon said that during the stop, the two gave conflicting stories of where they came from and were going.
"The deputy asked for consent to search the vehicle and was given permission. Once inside he found two small children, plastic bags of clothes and toys and a large amount of U.S. currency and a shotgun," he said.
Garmon said the deputy took the couple and another man, identified as 33-year-old Oswaldo Coronado, a U.S. citizen, into custody and transported them to the Smith County Sheriff's Office for questioning.
He said that during the interviews detectives gathered information that the three were involved in money laundering. They subsequently were charged, and Child Protective Services was called to place the children in foster care.
Garmon said that after his office asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives to check the shotgun, the Department of Homeland Security and ICE got involved in the case.
"It was not the weapon but who the owner of the weapon was associated with that piqued their attention," he said.
Federal authorities took custody of Villarreal and his wife and transported them to Dallas, where they were held on a federal detainer due to immigration status.
State Department spokesman John Echard deferred questions to ICE. Carl Rusnok, Dallas-area ICE spokesman, said he was still seeking answers to Tyler Morning Telegraph questions.
Garmon said federal authorities told him ICE was looking for the couple based on Mexican warrants.
"People make mistakes, but the State Department is now telling everyone that Mexico wants them back," he said.
 Thank you Siskiyou kid for the video
Sources: KYTX -MySA-Reuters


  1. RATS!!! Now they will know what poor people suffer from they're greed.

  2. Bulllshit. Hr should be tried and prosecuted in Mexico for the damage he has done to the families.

  3. This is just one that got caught! There are many more in Mexico maybe this guy was just more greedy!

  4. The bottom of the ocean holds lawers , politicians used car sales men and sharks

  5. Cuales fueron sus motivos para entregarse voluntariamente quien sabe , pero ya es hora que se sepa quienes dejaron en la completa quiebra al estado de Coahuila , ahora que se persiga a Humberto Moreira y los que falten pero lo curioso es que porque EU , lo persiga mas que Mexico que es donde mas dano causaron porque esta una megadeuda enorme , bueno Justicia es la que se necesita . aguas Moreira

  6. Well who did the shotgun belong to?

  7. Its time to taste boiled eggs, peanut butter, in jail pinches ladrones

  8. My guess is he surrendered to be the first in line for a sweet deal....Bert should be shaking in his chonies..

  9. I know that it is a bit off topic but, I would like to wish my sweetheart a Happy Valentines Day. Her name is Chivis Martinez and she is not a Google language translator program. I'm not so sure about her eyes but, the rest of her face is very beautiful. Her personality is awesome as well ~~{~~@

  10. I think he negotiated some leverage prior to giving himself up, in the mean time during his time on the run he probably made sure his family is well set financially and for life, i don't think he has to much to worry abot the charges in Mexico because eventhough Bert is in Spain he still is a powerful force of influence. Peña Nieto will either pardon Bert or make any investigation or charges go away before he leaves office, by that time this Dumb ass will be close to finishing his prison term in the US and will be deported into a Mexico where Moreira once again rules. Just my Dos Centavos. Cristero

  11. Chivis,

    A good educated guess.

  12. e-kisses and hugs to you chivaaa! i know there will be thousands of adoring fans, but there is no one more special than me, right there at the end of the line...happy valentine, i wish you all the happiness, you deserve it. havana banana and texas grandma, canadian girl and all the secret women of BB, you all light up our days and nights...
    OXOXO s a plenty, i'm jealous but i don't blame you for having all those losers at your feet waiting for the next photos, if you ever find your heart...

  13. Puñeta-Nieto won't be able to cover and protect Bert if this guy's testimony and evidence is strong enough...The U.S. could present strong evidence.
    Puñeta-Nieto -"Ni modo, Betito. Te tengo que "coger". Tu robo fué muy descarado. No puedo tapar el sol con un dedo. Hay te va el dedo"....
    Beto Mierdeira - " Y los millones que te acabo de dar, que?"
    Puñeta-Nieto -"Eso fue un regalo tuyo. Yó ni sabia que eran robados...ha te pasó la mano en lo que rabaste. Fué demasiado dinero. No te mediste. Ahora chingate tu solo!"....

  14. 10:22 chivis! i don'think a lady ... come think of it a lady should, by any means. how long were you a hippie? or are you still one?


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