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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

26 found dead in Guerrero state

A total of 21 unidentified individuals were found dead in a number of hidden graves in the southwestern Mexican state of Guerrero, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news report which appeared in the online edition of Animal Politico said that 21 bodies were recovered in Taxco de Alarcon municipality since Saturday night.  A Mexican army unit received an anonymous tip about the mass grave, which was said to be near  location called Puente Campuzano.

According to the report, the Associated Press originally reported Monday that 12 bodies were found Monday, nine men and three women, but later reports now say that the total is 21.

The Mexican news daily Reforma quoted Guerrero Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE)  or attorney general spokesman, Iñaki Blanco, saying that some of the bobies were bone fragments, and that at least one municipal police agent's uniform was found.  The mass grave includes at east two pits, or fosas.

A news account published last week said that a separate grave was found near Cajelitos 10 days ago, presumably in the municipality of Chilpancingo -- the state capital of Guerrero -- containing three men and two women.  That grave has yet to be confirmed by official sources.

Taxco de Alarcon was the location in June of 2010 where 77 dead were found in  a mining pit.  At the time, then Guerrero governor Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo said the find was an example of the scope of the drug trafficking problem and an example of the cruelty of narcotraffickers.

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  1. The capital of Guerrero state is "Ciudad de Guerrero" not Chilpancingo, the latter is a busy hub anyway.

    1. No it is Chilpancingo look it up, I was raised in Guerrero

    2. Es chilpancingo compa. Tienes Que leer UN poquito

  2. breaking news dea agents house torched by gulf cartel in the USA.

  3. What needs to be done is temporarily relocate every honest, hard working Mexican to a safe shelter within Mexican territory or abroad and then, leave all the scum this country ( Mexico) has to offer (like 65% of the total population) and bomb the shit out of it, like Blitzkrieg during WW2.
    What Mexico needs is a purge, not racially speaking (Mexican is not a race, it's culture/nationality) but socially speaking, we need to get rid of the undesirables (the corrupted, the criminal class and drug addicts) who are financing and supporting the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, fucking crack heads all over the world should be exterminated.

  4. This with the discoveries in Coahuila and some other states , smacks of a deal done between the PRI and the cartels. The massive pressure from the united nations , and other governments currently giving Mexico aid financial and otherwise, to locate the missing bodies of some of the victims. The deal is probably that the cartels give up some clandestine grave sites , on the proviso that no-one will be arrested for any of the killings , and that the cartels can carry on killing people like it was for free , and just bury them somewhere else.

    This makes it look like the Government is finding some of the bodies , whilst continuing to be complicit in the killings and impunity the cartels receive.

  5. @9:27 your elitist ass needs to be examinated, with a broken broom handle of course. who should be killed, you for being such an ignorant popo head or the people that put the idiotism in there?
    drug addicts do not make money for themselves, but they certainly help business move, the ones at the top of the feeding chain are many less, and easier to find and exterminate, but the US that knows who they are, refuses to do anything about it, the US is not even the ones that benefit the most from the narco trafficking money, foreign banks that launder trillions of dollars every year, which they launder and recycle into our economies, are the ones to be blamed, and you in the stupid fashion of the know-nothings come and blame the broken ass crackheads, you are chasing after the wrong dogs, "scent" (that is short for silly fart)

  6. 11:29 i wish someone would ask anything from the mexican government, the sooner we'd find no help will come, every community needs to form their own police organization, for no pay all need to work on it, the reward will be peace and tranquility for all in the community, and they need to send the military and federal and state police away, they are the most unqualified to be left loose in any community in the country, if you pay attention, the ct are runing away, and the federales are staying put.

  7. the guerrero state controlled Auto-Defensas, are nothing but sicarios of the caciques, and killing and hidding corpses like this is evidence, of their evil purposes...

  8. 9:27 and if you get rid of the crack heads, who is going to move the drug trafficking business of the "rogue" elements of the CIA?


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