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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Morelia, Michoacán - The main reasons for complaints before the State Commission on Human Rights (SCHR) against the Army and the Federal Police (FP) in the Tierra Caliente region are searches without warrants, injuries, torture, planting weapons and drugs, and neglect in the performance of authorities, reported the state ombudsman, José María Cázares Solórzano.

The head of the SCHR pointed out that there has been a decrease in this type of anomalies committed by federal forces, but nonetheless there are still 22 complaints against the military and one against officers of the Federal Police. Cázares Solórzano added that there are no complaints against the self-defense groups.

Last weekend, state and federal agents detained about a hundred people through raids and arrests without warrants. The detainees were turned over to the Regional Prosecutor's office for Michoacán.

DD note, The commission didn't comment about abuses by the Knights Templar against the citizenry.


  1. There are many more complaints than that but dead people can't talk.

  2. what's new?

  3. Thanks for the update, glad to see the scoreboard on the Ad's side

  4. FYI misspelling in the title. "Military" no reason to post this comment. just wanted to let you know. Good post! ~Tiso

  5. expect more, many more crimes without anybody to blame, a sure indication of the policia federal expert criminal behaviour, , especially with the expert in kidnappings, extortion and disappearances in charge:
    the man that failed the trust and confiability examinations two times and was fired from his SSPE de San Luis Potosi for not being fit to serve, not even as a sidewalk sweeper, the "man"accused of kidnapping, murdering and disapearing his own police commanders like Martin Palomo for discovering who was enrique francisco galindo ceballos and that he was a ZETA FROM THE START, with his uncle julio ceballos, another dirty police commander that started "el riqui" on his criminal life from inside the official institutions as a porro in the san luis university...

  6. What about the people saying the autodefensas wanted to recruit them so they had to leave not just out of town but the state

    1. 11:51 When they get out of your imagination,present them to testify to the fact that they had to leave because of the auto-defensas

  7. The reason army/federal police abuses have decreased isn't because the authorities are doing a better job of respecting human rights. No that's not the reason at all! The reason is called AUTODEFENSAS!! The federal forces have now somebody looking over their shoulders making sure they don't commit abuses against the citizens of Tierra Caliente. The ADs uprising against the CTs can easily become an uprising against the corrupt/inept PF and Sedena. If this AD revolution of Tierra Caliente/Guerrero continues to expand, there is no authority in Mexico that will be able to stop it. If citizens of any nation decide to rise-up against a govt., there is no govt. in the world that is able to stop the uprising. God bless Dr. Mireles. God bless the martyrs of Antunez and Tierra Caliente.

  8. Where is this info from?

  9. Can yo put the info on el abuelo and autodefensas... thats really important.. so people supporting autodefensas know what autodefensas rally are

  10. I wonder if the AD have set up halcones just like cartels do? Are they stalking the cops and army? Are they spotting narcos for takedown? Just wondering.

  11. 10:00 there is no perfect crime, even any perfection is a defect in a crime,and hiding the bodies, a favorite diversion of state employees, be it police or military, points to them exactly, the Dr Jekylls and Mr Hydes of the police and army can cover the sun for a while, but not forever, and can make a fool of a lot of us for a while, but not forever...
    most criminal elements all over the world do work for politicians or rich bosses, and they don't get that much of a good pay, the big money is for the big businessmen and big politicians, not for "naco-narcos"...l
    and then all the money gets stolen or appropriated by the big banks or the US government, forensics can at least say what happened, and point us in the right direction, police officers usually can put toghether two and two together, but not if there is no money or over time, preferably both...

  12. Also with Pena Nieto's new government blocking or dismissing as many human rights complaints as possible.

  13. SICARTSA, Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas SA, was sold to mexican private interests by carlos salinas de gortari, the devil himself, it was probably bought with funds made from stealing product from the state owned steel company, like it is being done at pemex, and in the true style of billion dollar Arcelor-Mittal, probably instigated by by arcelor mittal themselves, the recipients of the government gift of the las truchas conglomerate, at the time the largest in the world. their executive murdered, for giving a hard time to the illegal miners, the ct cartel, their former associates that started robbing sicarta with the zetas and la familia michoacana, everybody is blaming the drug cartels, but very little gets said about the relationship of a thoroughly corrupt corporation with global investments, accused of corruption on the british empire from where they manage to corrupt through kickbacks the powers that be to acquire "distressed" state steel conglomerates, be it english, irish, rumanian, polish, russian, etc etc. and including the US steel industry, now almost eradicated from the realm of the motherland through unfair competition and the buying of the US politicians of all persuasions. the mexican politicians didn't have a chance against the greed of arcelor-mittal, nuch less the ct cartel.
    the chinese embassy refuses to comment on the business deals with the ct cartel or their supplying them with meth precursors, of course...
    perhaps jayhawk or carretero de durango mazatlan want to say something more on this arcelor-mittal situation, or on the powers that be that are so seduced on the prospect of acquiring pemex through the same dirty tricks, like milking and milking pemex pipelines, whose relationship with companies like VALEO gas stations have fattened the wallets of the pirate vultures about to take ownership of pemex, or the ones causing the problems on venezuela to create the very same conditions that culminated with the pinochetazo in chile, where the english wanted the cooper mines and the US/CIA delivered for the UK, not even for the US for gosshakes!!!
    not for nothing people accuse the CIA of being a US entity working for the enemies of the country, and the US of being the mercenaries of the global powers of the rich.
    welcome to america, the banana continent of the banana republics...

  14. for chivis investments, is it true that all of bitcoin money is gone because somebody stole the pin and all the money? once again it would prove that if you can't trust physical entities, like banks with federal insured funds, and real persons in charge that can't be imprisoned,fined, fired, not even charged, no matter what, a net cyber/anonymous corp. assets or executives
    was going to be any good for anybody other than themselves...


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