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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update: Autodefensa Leader Dr Mireles is Transferred to DF for Safety

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
update at bottom..

La Huacana is federal jurisdiction. At 8AM this Sunday, José Manuel Mireles has yet to present his statement to the agency of the Federal Public Ministry, because he was being treated by medical experts in different disciplines. 

The condition of the medical graduate of the Universidad Michoacana, is serious but stable,  having suffered a head injury, fractured right jaw, chest trauma, multi-fractures  on both sides, pulmonary contusion and blunt abdominal trauma.

At the hospital where José Manuel Mireles is hospitalized,   which is guarded by dozens of federal police and soldiers,  Efrain Mendoza Banuelos (at left), reported to be the pilot of the downed plane, was also hospitalized.

Due to building unrest, Dr. Mireles, along with several of the autodefensa group, were transferred to Mexico City (DF) this morning.

Though the face of a patient was covered, his trademark gray hair was peeking out from beneath the sheet drawn up to cover his face.  He was transferred onto an heavily guarded ambulance and taken to a Federal Police facility.  A large heavily armed federal police convoy escorted the ambulance. 

He was then boarded a Federal Police Black Hawk helicopter for the 186 mile flight to Mexico City.  Unlike his initial transfer yesterday to Starr Hospital in Morelia, the exact location and name of the hospital in Mexico City was not revealed. 

The federal government appears to hold the safety of Mireles as the top priority, evident by his transfer out of Michoacán, where Caballeros Templarios have infiltrated every level of state government authority, leaving Mireles vulnerable to attack.

Meanwhile, in Parácuaro (see above when they took over the city from CT), a clash between the newly formed autodefensas and Caballeros Templarios commenced at 7AM as Templarios attempted to overtake the citizens and retake their previous stronghold.

Unconfirmed reports of several injured citizens, and a dozen dead Templarios resulted from the conflict.
Autodefensas armor truck travels to the conflict this morning in Parácuaro
One of the vehicles used as a narco blockade and set afire at the entry of Parácuaro
Dr. Mireles and his group, were in route to Parácuaro when the plane he was in was involved in an accident.  Their is no evidence at this time of sabotage, and the investigation is in the hands of the federal government PGR..

The Government of Michoacán, on their website, reports that Dr. (José) Manuel  Mireles continues to be in stable condition.
In another reports, at a press conference, the Attorney General of the State, Marco Vinicio Aguilera Garibay, announced that the investigation into the plane accident of yesterday, will be turned over to the Federal PGR. 
However, yesterday  it was already announced that the PGR was taking over the investigation, why it was necessary to make the announcement is the guess of anyone,  perhaps it was to issue a complaint regarding the lack of cooperation the state government claim to have confronted against a group of autodefenzas. 
Aguilera claims that immediately upon learning of the plane accident, an investigation was initiated which included commanding  the ministerial staff to mobilize to the hospital in Huacana, but were prevented by a self-defense.
Supposedly, the staff of the state prosecution, “in the spirit of not wanting a violent situation to evolve”, they withdrew, and were “prevented from undertaking their duties.
Diagnosis at Huacana and Morelia hospitals:
Mireles José Manuel Valverde, 56, a pre-diagnosis of mild brain trauma and probably broken jaw. He was conscious, calm, focused and stable.
Banuelos Efrain Mendoza, approximately 35 years old with moderate, semiconscious and right clavicle fracture head injury. Patient in serious condition. (pilot)
José Alfredo Jiménez Alvarado, 37, with a fractured tibia and fibula in the proximal third,  conscious, oriented and tranquil.
Jennifer Contreras Ortega, 17 years old, policontundida (I believe this means contusions but not sure) suffering anxiety, she was conscious, oriented and stable.
Carlos Eduardo Farias, about 53, arrived in unconscious state with hypovolemic shock, died at 20:30 pm while being attended to.
José Manuel Mireles Valverde and Ephraim Banuelos Mendoza, required specialized medical care, so were transferred to a private clinic.
Dr. Mireles: was diagnosed with head and facial trauma, multiple trauma, fracture of the right orbital base, jaw, mandibular fracture in his right arm, rib fracture on both sides and right pulmonary contusion.
Banuelos Efrain Mendoza, presented multiple traumas, facial trauma, fractures in both branches of the lower jaw, closed chest trauma, flail chest and multiple rib fractures and pulmonary contusion.
video is footage of his transfer and helicopter take off


Thank you DD and Buggs and especially Choco
Source Quadrain, La Voz, Facebook


  1. Keep up the good work citizens. God will protect those doing good. True heros

    The cartels are scum.

  2. Now the worry is that the federales and soldiers will have Dr. Mireles at their hands and far from the war front.

    1. Corruption is also in the federal government so dont be so sure he is safe

  3. Dr. Mireles is a leader of the self-defense in Michoacan and a symbol of a revolution that is transforming Michoacan. It was only a matter of time before he suffered an "accident" or an attempt on his life. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Dr. Mireles is a threat to the establishment in Michoacan/Mexico. He is a dangerous man. Godspeed Dr. Mireles.

  4. God doesn't care either way,the most the people can do is pick up Jesus standard and keep kicking the Pharisees,the Philistines and the centurions on the ass,the usual as usual.
    Best wishes for Dr Mireles recovery,and I hope he has proper leadership to take over whether he comes back or not,it would be a pity if his absence derrails the communitary police and all they have been doing...

    1. Muy bien dicho Dios no tiene control sobre toda la bola de criminales en el mundo robando y aaesinando a jente inocente por billetes.

  5. God bless dr mireles michoacan , mexico and the world needs people like him

  6. Chivis este cambio de hospital se devio por que los autodefensas advirtieron, que si le pasava algo al dr mirales por parte de los templarios o gobierno coluido con los iva desatar una guerra en contra de ellos y culparian al govierno por el atentado...y que no van aparar van a seguir adelante combatiendo al los caballeras templarias las ratas del pueblo...animo autodefensas sigan dandole e la madre a estos ratas sean zetas caballeras y todo los que sea ratas..

  7. Very good to know that Dr Mireles is alive. But those are serious injuries ... His recovery will take a while. Prayers for him! P, CA

  8. Wouldn't be the first time somone is killed in a hospital....

  9. Fight the good fight

  10. Keep fighting the good fight and speedy recovery

  11. Policontundida: with multiple contusions.

  12. Hang in there Dr. Mireles !!!!!! Please hang in there . Oraciones para Herr Doktor Mireles. Dios Bendiga esta alma !!!!! Dr. Mireles we love you.

    Rough Rider 1898

  13. Chivis, We are passing the word . Please pray for Dr. Mireles. No matter what belief . Please Pray for the hope & future of Mexico. This man is only
    hope Mexico has. God bless & God help the honorable Dr. Mireles !!!!!!!!!

  14. God bless i wish people will wake up and follow this great mans lead in every state not just michoacan we need a doctor mireles in every effing city in mexico

  15. Dr mireles we love you! Stay strong you will live to fight another day

  16. Perhaps this was an accident ... Possibly true Chivis. It happens regularly. But someone needs to tell Dr Mireles not to take such chances. As far as the autodefensa movement is concerned, he is irreplaceable rihht now.

    Yes, we understand there are a variety of leaders wyhin the autodefensas. Not just one person. That is good. Perhaps these leaders are inspiring to people inside Mexico. That could be true. But currently there is only one leader who can bridge the gap to the USA and the international community. That person is Dr. Mireles. He is critical to the movement if it wants to establish credibility. That is VERY. It is always amazing how much these social transformations can depend on one man, or one set of events. P, CA

  17. I knew the goverment would get him, he has become to powerful. He will never leave the hospital alive. Long Live The Good Dr. Mireles, Viva Zapata, Viva the Reloution.

  18. Goverment want him dead, and they will use the Cartels

  19. the municipal police with conjunction of CT want dr. Mireles dead.

  20. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND DR MIRELES A MESSAGE OF GOOD WILL,,,,,I am collecting them and will send them this weekend.

    I will add those that have bee sent through comments so far, and you may continues to post on posts pertaining to him...or use this link..


  22. Extranjero jubilado en Mexico, enamorado con el país, desea que l doctor recupere bien. La lucha para la justicia depende mucho en el.

  23. diosito lo bendiga a usted y su familia, gracias por todo que a hecho

  24. Chivis, All my prayers for the Doctor. Damn, sounds like a political murder attempt.

    Perhaps, the BB readers can do something to help the Doctor and the self defense movement. Are there T shirts that we can buy? T shirts of Dr Mireles face, Self Defense copies and other things. maybe baseball caps, stickers, buttons. It can be financial support for this movement and help counter this "Narco culture" here in the U.S.A.

  25. Chivis, I'm sorry I am not really good with computers and I can figure out how to send the message to Dr. Mireles ... I'm sorry. I want to know how I can help ... is really important to get the message accross, so people not good with computers know what is happening in Michoacan. Gracias

  26. Why is there a 17 yr old girl with them??


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