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Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Bert" Moreira Demands Forbes Delete his Name from Most Corrupt List

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat

The infamous former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, is in dispute with Forbes Magazine and its inclusion of him on their recently released list of Most Corrupt Mexicans.
He claims Forbes is responsible to him  for ensuing damage following the publication of the article titled : "The 10 most corrupt people of Mexico in 2013."
In a letter from Mexico City law firm Christian Zinser 
Cieslik and  Associates to the U.S. based magazine, charging the article, authored by Dolia Estevez, is false and has harmed their client.
The law firm stressed that the information published online and in the magazine publication is defamatory and malicious towards their client.
They have charged both the publication and Dolia Estevez responsible and says  compensatory and punitive damages are in order.
On behalf of Humbero Moreira they request a retraction  and an immediate apology to their client to be published in a prominent place on Forbes.

Oh brother, he just doesn’t know how to shut up and go away forever
In case anyone is wondering, Bert attributes his body to Crossfit training.

I translated the narrative long ago and it is below the video.  If anyone is able to add my translation to subtitles, I would be forever grateful. 
Bert this one's for you

Humberto and Ruben Moreira: The hidden face of corruption
English translation of video:
(0:05 -0:08)
In the State of Coahuila, behind the face of what is supposed to be a social government that helps people 
(0:09 – 0:17)
is a well-armed criminal net of corruption, shadowy businesses and influence peddling; by Humberto and Ruben Moreira, their relatives and unconditional friends.
(0:18 – 0:28)
Thanks to a very serious investigational work, secretly obtained several months ago, it has been discovered the tentacles that form the corruption net, that is headed by Humberto and Ruben Moreira,   through front men - ( Prestanombres 0:30)  that cover and hide sources of illicit enrichment
(0:34 -0:38)
It is  a casualty that the government of Coahuila is in debt for around 20 thousand million pesos.
(0:39 – 0:43)
Much of this money was derived from the honest effort of the people of Coahuila.

(0:44 – 0.55)
The reality is that it has been blatantly destined to enlarge the personal fortune of the Moreira Family and their unconditional friends. These are some of the unconditional friends and partners of the brothers Humberto and Ruben Moreira:
(0.56 – 1:06)
Javier Villarreal Hernandez: Former secretary of finances and actual head of the SATEC (Tributary Administrative System of the State of Coahuila) He is an employee of the Moreira’s.
(1:07 – 1:15)
From his strategic position inside the government of Coahuila, he has become the head of the financial operations of the Moreira net.
(1:16 – 1:18)
Javier Villarreal Hernandez has been very careful that his name doesn’t appear in these transactions.
(1:19 - 1:28)
He does everything in the name of Francisco Javier Flores Valdes, supposedly the nephew of the Moreira brothers and husband of his subordinate Anabell Torres Leza
(1:29 -1:32)
Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes, his wife’s brother in law; Aurora Villarreal Hernandez,
(1:33 – 1:37)
his sister and his father, Hector Javier Villarreal Garcia    (continues next page)

(1:38 – 1:42)
Who have under their names, ownership of  gas stations, car washes and expensive real estate.
(1:43 – 1:50)
Vicente Chairez Yañez: Former Secretary of administration of the State and current Finance Secretary of the Directive Committee of CEN of PRI.
(1:51 – 1:55)
He is the main operator and protector of Humberto and Ruben Moreira’s interests, as well as for their family.
(1:56 – 2:06)
Vicente Chairez Yañez
is a dangerous man that enjoys of the trust, Humberto Moreira, has granted him. He is his lieutenant in dirty businesses and operations with abusing authority and police force use in Coahuila.
(2:07 – 2:10)
Vicente Chairez Yañez is the direct link of all the corruption net
(2:11 – 2:20)
With Ruben Flores, a questionable  attorney of San Antonio, Texas, that according to the proof obtained, he is who is in charge to legitimize and sanitize the operations of the Moreira net in the foreign country. (US)
(2:21 – 2:24)
He is also the personal front man of Humberto Moreira in construction enterprises
(2:25 – 2:28)
and real estate in the city of San Antonio, Texas, such as  
(2:29 – 2:31)
Transnational Construction and Real Estate Co, LLC,
(2:32 – 2:33)
Procon Marketing, LLC and
(2:34 – 2:36)
VICAP Global Investments LLC, among others.
(2:37 – 2:40)
Among the properties, and enterprises that appear under the name Vicente Chairez Yañez
(2:41 – 248)
include a mansion in Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas with a contractual value of more than 700 thousand dollars,
equivalent to approximately 10 million pesos.
(2:50 – 2:55)
attention is drawn to the fact that Vicente Chairez and Roberto Casimiro Gonzalez,
(2:56 – 3:02)
owner of the powerful communication media group RCG of Coahuila and one of the principal
(3:03 – 3:06)
partners and benefactor of the Moreira’s , creating operations out of the country
(3:07 – 3:12)
as front men of Humberto Moreira , Vicente’s wife’s brother in law is  Arnoldo Rivas Duron.
(3:13 – 3:18)
On September 16th, 2009, Vicente Chairez suspiciously, through a questionable transaction became the owner of channel 22 of Piedras Negras,
(3:19 – 3:21)
previously it was  as part of the RCG group and owned by Roberto Gonzalez another front man for Moreira,
(3:22 – 3:31)
furthermore as the enterprise Radio Communication of Saltillo S.A de C.V., that was obtained through Super Medios of Coahuila S.A de C.V. in October of 2009.
(3:32 – 3:35)
Oscar Moreira Flores, uncle of Humberto and Ruben Moreira is the brother of their father:
(3:36 – 3:39)
In 2009, the newspapers El Norte and El Siglo de Torreon
(3:40 – 3 44)
exposed his dirty businesses with a value of over 50 million pesos.
(3:45 – 3:50)
Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes: the nephew of the Moreira brothers and husband of Anabell Torres Leza,
(3:51 – 3:54)
former secretary of Programming and Budget of the State of Coahuila.
(3:55 – 4:01)
Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes amassed an unimaginable fortune for his 26 years of age,
(4:02 – 4:04)
thanks to his unconditional relationship to the Moreira Family.
(4:05 – 4:21)
Numerous signs and evidence place him as one of the principal front men inside the corruption net of the Moreira’s. He is owner, majority shareholder or stockholder of the enterprises and properties that the net possesses in Saltillo. It is estimated that altogether,
These businesses have a value that exceed
(4:23 – 4:24)
1000 million pesos.
(4:25 – 4:39)
His enterprises are favored directly through his wife, Anabell Torres Leza, former secretary of Planning and Budget of the Government of Coahuila or through third parties with acquisitions and millionaire contracts by the State of Coahuila in an illegal covert method.
(4:40 – 4:44)
Some of these enterprises are JP Incorporated S.A de C.V.,
(4:45 – 4:49)
Grupo Inmobiliario e Infraestructura Los Alpes S.A de C.V.  (real estate corporation),
(4:50 – 4:52)
Business Storage Corporation S.A de C.V.
(4:53 – 4:54)
 Servicio El Toreo S. A. de C.V.
(4:55 – 4:56)
and a ranch named Los Mimbres, near Parras, Coahuila.
(4:58 – 5:08)
One of the multiple procurements of Javier Villarreal Hernandez, and operated by Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes, was the acquisition by the State Government through the Secretariat of Finance,
 (5:09 – 5:13)
of the offices of the Governmental storage center in Arteaga Coahuila. This property was deviously purchased
(5:14 – 5:28)
 by the business Storage Corporation S.A de C.V., under the mane of Marco Antonio Martinez Saucedo and Francisco Xavier Flores Gonzalez, partner and father of Francisco Xavier Flores Valdez. The property was acquired with 
(5:29 – 5:40)
15 million 500 thousand pesos, to be sold just 23 days after the purchase in 68 million 400 thousand pesos, 4 times more than the original price.
(5:41 – 5:49)
Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes: Javier Villarreal wife’s brother in law and front man. He is the head of the Tributary Administrative System of the State of Coahuila (SATEC)
(5:50 – 5:58)
 and the principal operator and front  man of Javier Villarreal Hernandez in the purchase of properties and business openings in the state of Texas. The participation of Schuessler Reyes in the Moreira net
(5:59 – 6:05)
consists in acquisitions of properties in different cities of the state of Texas under the name of Schuessler enterprises.
(6:06 – 6:10)
Some of the enterprises under Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes’ name, within a very long list, include
(6:11 – 6:22)
MPV Family Partnership, LLC, Peninsula South Padre 1, LLC, Aero Premio, LLC, Alpes Group, LLC, Barcelona at Stone Oak, LLC, Villa Premio Gas, LLC and IXE Systems, LLC.
(6:28 – 6:38)
Additionally, several properties are registered in the Public Records of Texas, under the names of Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes, and/or his wife Itzel Rotelo of Schuessler, sister in law of Javier Villarreal Hernandez.
(6:39 – 6:51)
Ruben Flores Jr., lawyer of San Antonio, Texas: His law firm is in charge of giving legal representation for the multiple commercial, financial and property transactions that the Moreira net create in the foreign country.
(6:52 – 7:08)
The law firm, The Flores Group, specialized in International Corporative Rights, Tax and Migration Services operating for the Moreira net, and the transactions and operations in the foreign country. The address of The Flores group is 7272 Wurzbach Road Suite 901, San Antonio, Texas.
(7:09 - 7:13)
Rodolfo Camara Ahuja, representative of the Government of Coahuila in McAllen, Texas.
(7:14 – 7:17)
Multiple properties of the Moreira in the foreign country are registered under his name.
(7:18 – 7:33)
In addition to all this net of corruption, illicit businesses and influence peddling, through front  men of Humberto and Ruben Moreira, exists strong evidence that with no doubt show how members of Moreira Valdez Family have acquired
(7:34 – 7:42)
numerous properties and buildings in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, so blatantly, that without shame they are acquired  under their names
(7:43 – 7:55)
as the compound  that Humberto Moreira possesses  in San Antonio, Texas under the name of his mother in law, Herminia Martinez de la Fuente, with swimming pool, spa and 5 spacious bedrooms with a value of more than 1 million dollars.
(7:56 – 8:11)
This is just a part of the criminal corruption net that head Humberto and Ruben Moreira, and is what they plan to continue doing in Coahuila with Ruben Moreira as Governor. 


  1. I'm sure Forbes is retracting the statement and doing a reprint as u read this-stupid, dishonest shiester, Bert.

  2. This asshole belongs in prison.

  3. damn that is some funny shit. he will see it he hashtags saltillo with every tweet

  4. Thanks again Chivis for the translation. This is why, there is a need for more investigative reporting in Mexico. We all should thank the courageous Mexican reporters for this piece.

    This report is the reason why Mexico IS the most dangerous country for professional reporters. Scores have died for reporting much less. Narcos and PRI politicians don't want their deeds published in newspapers and televised news.

    1. She has earned a Nobel Prize in Journalism, now, let's get her nomination in to the prize committee. Chivis totally ROCKS!

  5. Truth is a defense to libel or slander.Forbes need not worry.

  6. LMAO! I have those exact sweatpants he has in tryin to show off his body..what a dork

  7. "5 middle schoolers killed in CDG crash Reynosa,,,by elcienporcien"
    Not one comment about it yet,but motherfuckers want to talk about this human excrement.Little children,will elicit human emotion but not as much intellectual interest as this scum.I guess there will be no justice for these innocent schoolchildren and their families.How fuckin sad are all of us,and cowardly.

    1. 7:34 it is sad for young persons to have a bad day,but "Bert" moreira,ruined the lives of many more children and their families,his deliberate corruption deserve to go on first,since he is the bigger criminal...
      There is billions of news pieces going on in the world at any given moment,it is unfair if you feel like you do about BB,to come and say it here,you could just have made a little report,why crash the party to complain about it?

  8. A place in Bexar Co. valued at $700.000 dollars. Watch out ...... Forbes will be shut down and out of business and doing Popeye cartoons after the Mexicans get through with them . Nobody, Nobody ,Nobody publicly exposes the Mexican elites . They are a protected entity. Forbes don't mess with the Mexicans. Forbes gave it their best shot . But, when referring to Mexico it does not happen . Mexico is untouchable and the world needs to accept Why & how can this be?

    1. You my friend are an idiot

    2. ^ I agree, he is a total idiot

    3. The Forbes came over on the freakin' Mayflower, blue blooded gringos. Steve Forbes is a lawyer! Phat Boy Governor can bitch all he likes, won't do him much good, though. Oh! Don't think for a minute that familia Forbes can't get down, dirty & dangerous. They've ruined many lives without flinching. Old money's like that.

  9. lol , feel what It feels like to be excommunicated from society, exiled from your homeland , cyber bullied for exposing the truths of violence in Mexico.

  10. WTF ? 5 yr old body builder ? Some kind of Nazi style super human race?
    100% pure bullshit & photo shopped WTF?

  11. If I was Forbes I'd pull it, those crazy people will come after u

  12. He demands this. He Demands that . How many people died, dismembered , missing during his reign? Knowing how it goes Forbes will be forced give him a formal apology and lick his azzhole as part of the deal.
    Nobody , Nobody , Nobody exposes Mexico. God Bless Forbes Magazine for exposing these Marie Antoinette & Nazi types.

  13. it is not shopped the kid has been on television around the world, look to youtube he has videos. creepy, and there are more kids like that. i just googled kid body builders

  14. Why does the dude hide and reside in Texas? LLC this & LLC that, swimming pool, million dollar house , Whats wrong with a nice crib in beautiful Mexico?

    "All Mexico's EX's live in Texas"

  15. MINI ME is that you in the picture?

  16. Is this Forbes Magazine on the stands already? I want to buy one. Will be worth something.

  17. WTF? That would be like charlie manson suing time magazine for making him look ugly when they put him on the cover once.this just dont make no damn sense and god will expose mexico one day!

  18. "But this has not anything to do with crime and the border"
    As part of the dirty deeds of Mexican Governments,it is like the key to the world of corruption in Mexico,I hope all the moreira's empire gets tied up in court,because coahuila is not paying for the loans made to the state of coahuila under false pretenses and misrepresentations,then stolen by the moreiras...
    imagine what Pena nieto,moreira's candidate is up to,the PRI out of the presideny,fought like a bitch to keep robbing and plundering,and I have no doubt they are the main cause of the drug trafficking and murders in the country.what a great report,congratulations on getting out of reporting the amount of daily deaths,and there are a few more "businessmen", narco-politicians and straight out criminals to chase.BB thanks for lifting my spirits,good job chivis.

  19. Great job Chivis, thank you.

  20. As an attorney, truth is a defense under common law to defamation. Even an ounce of truth will leave this corrupt official without a standing because there is no standing to bring the suit. Furthermore, this official is a public figure. In New York Times Company v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964), in order for a public official or a public figure to prove defamation, they must prove actual 'malice.' Actual malice requires that the person suing prove that the challenged statement was published by those who either knew it was false or were reckless in verifying its accuracy.

    The Supreme Court has said that a public official is one who, at the very least, has or appears to the public to have, a substantial responsibility for or control over governmental affairs.

    This individual has no change of winning.

  21. By the way Chivis, this is probably the best article you posted updating readers about these corrupt officials. Great job and keep up the good work! Also, I wish you would take up my offer to testify on behalf of my clients in immigration court as an expert. I emailed you probably more than a year ago with no response. Lol.

  22. Exposure is good. Exposure is gooooooooooood!

  23. Hahaha, what a joto, somebody call the waaaaambulance

  24. I have a question that is totally unrelated to this...why doesn't BB have Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion listed under mexican cartels on the site, I mean El 85 is a man of respect,he has the same values and morals as El Chapo and MZ, strictly drug trafficking and a few bullets in the clip for the adversaries..CJNG is my favored organization next to Sinaloa Cartel and CDG is cool too...also is there an alliance between CDS and Templarios?

    1. You speak of "El 85" as if you know him personally LOL. And you shall be placed in a barrel filled with cement for dumb ass comments like " CJNG is my favorite organization".

    2. Hey!I am a fan of "Bertie Boy" I fully hope he comes to the US to sue Forbes and BB, so we can arrest his nasty ass and put him under protective custody until the trial is over,then more protective custody until His trial is over for being a money launderer and a zeta,and he is housed with osiel!!! Beastie Bertie would make me so happy,I'm sure all borderland fans would be envious of each other's happiness for a change.nuts to Bertie boy.

  25. "nothing to do with crime at the border" I beg to differ, Moreiras are crime at the border and a better example can not be had.

    About the 5 children killed in Tamps. Horrible, but it sometimes is a difficult choice to be made by us, with time consideration and space for 9 stories on mainpage. IMO, and maybe because Coahuila is "my" state, I have seen the destruction the corruption this family, Bert the Z Governor, in particular, has caused in our state. I work closely with the state government heads of education and the impact is as though some one turned the lights out in the state. I have been waiting 2 years for a transformer for one school for the disabled.

    Bert destroyed the state, a state that was flourishing when I arrived a decade ago. Lack of educational opportunities equal uneducated children, equals a large pool of recruit for cartels.

    Sometimes, a story may appear to have greater significance than one we have chosen to post, but one must look at the big picture.

    To the atty, I don't recall seeing the email, but I am not able to read all of them, in general in there is not a subject I will not open an email. If you choose to send another I will be on the lookout though I am not certain I can help.


  26. "Nobody exposes Mexico".. not everyone has tiny beans for balls.

  27. Bert can not get Forbes to retract their claim that he is percieved as corrupt. He even tried to bribe them. LOL.

  28. >>Anonymous said:
    If I was Forbes I'd pull it, those crazy people will come after u"

    or after you, chicken shit

    1. Lol. Agree with @5:32 PM. What the hell these corrupt individuals going to do? If they ever come after Forbes or any American professionals, then they are asking for trouble.

    2. Fidel Herrera beltran,also known as Z1, ex-governor of Veracruz trying to be ambassador to Greece...aristoteles Onassis,and stavros niarchos,shipping magnates doing a lot of shipping business with Southamerica,any drug trafficking to suspect there?

    3. 12/23/13 6:14 pm What are you talking about, Aristoteles Onassis and Stavros Niarchos, they both died more than 20 years ago.

  29. The WTF of this list should be why carlos salinas de hurtari isn't on it

    1. Carlos salinas is an onest person,and by far the best president mexico ever have .

    2. 5:53 Mon,you wanna make chivis and her grammar slaying sicarios come after you.
      For a jokester of the year,you shall be kick on the nuts.
      If you are serious,you get Sarah Palin'cake of piss and popo to fill your mamadora...

    3. Am just saying couse my ancle Miguel became pretty wealty when salinas was president .

  30. I know this is off topic admin but.. what happened with R5. Is he dead or alive?? What's up with Alfredo Beltran-Layva is he out and taking control???

  31. Go back and read again,"nothing to do with the border" is an ironic attempt at IRONY, because some of your readers who always accuse chapo of being a snitch,or the grammar police,or those that have seen photos somewhere else,etc.
    this article on "Bert" lifts my spirits and renews my faith on BB,cheers!

  32. the most powerful tool for defending freedom and keeping scumbag politicians on check is free speech and freddom of the press. Thank you Chivis and all reporters who have paid the ultimate price for merely reporting the truth...

  33. He cares more bout money than his dead son. To him he was just collaterall damage, part of the business.

  34. Let the family die, all in the name of big bucks!

  35. No es justo que el sr.Moreira este en esa lista miembros de mi familia an trabajado para el y es un hombre muy honesto y no a robado tanto como dicen parte de lo que tiene se lo ha ganado con el sudor de su frente .

    1. 12:26 even if Bertie Boy gave everything he stole to baby Jesus,it wasn't his to take,give or no give it away,and he gave some to the campaign of Pena nieto,that is 40 more years in and your family do not exactly qualify for expressing any support for Bertie Boy,not even moral...

    2. No digo que el sr.Moreira sea perfecto o que sea un angel yo se que a cometido errores pero todos cometemos errores acuerdate que somos humanos .

    3. 10:23 el Senor moreira es un hijo de su rechingada madre.
      Mister moreira is a son of his very fucked mother.
      Not all human beings are the same,some like moreira and his ilk do not deserve any mercy whatsoever,I hope the US take all of his properties,under whatever names he is hiding them,his accomplices and his enablers will gladly give up moreira's ass to save their own,more truths need to come up about the PRI,the priistas and their corruption,up to the motherfucking presidents of the country and their dirty associates like z1 Fidel Herrera beltran and Manuel cavazos lerma,pederastas like el gober precioso and kamel nacif and Jean succar,and their televisa associates...

  36. what a pussy. poor baby... crybaby! jajaja

  37. If Moreira isn't corrupt, then he is incompetent. He can be both.

  38. malditas envidiosas,le tienen envidia al senor moreira porque el es muy rico y porque ha sido gobernador,y el senor presidente pena nieto lo va a dejar de presidente para el proximo sexenio,tambien le tienen envidia porque el senor moreira esta muy guapo y joven,ya quisieran tener su cuerpo para el cristmas! feas envidiosas chismosas,sigan vendiendo tacos en el mercadooo!

  39. Moreira is not only corrupt but has caused the poor of Mexico to suffer now and many years in the future. But not only Moreira but 90 % of the Governors and Government of Mexico, are corrupt in ways they themselves would justify under the laws which they make. Mexico has evolved into a Fascist State, because People like Carlos Sim own the government and now Cartels own the capitalist. It does not matter how you concieve it, the Poor in Mexico and throughout the World are the ones suffering the consequences of Governments and repressed from defending themselves by Religion. Viva los Putos-Ricos de Mexico

  40. @406 hahaha wtf calm down!

  41. Such a lovely way of asking a favor. No seas tan mal educado!

  42. 4:06 @#$%& borderland beat will not post your popo because it is so funny to witness your frustration.
    So go back to eating your panties,asswipe.
    Make me happy,post again,you @#$% you.


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