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Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Bodies Found on One of the Busiest Beaches in Veracruz

Borderland Beat
XALAPA, Locals from the town of Alvarado, Veracruz reported finding seven half-buried bodies in a vacant area entering Playa La Cava. The bodies showed signs of torture and various gunshot wounds.
Elements of the Secretary of the Mexican Navy, the Federal and State and officers of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) moved immediately to the site where they were found the bodies of four men and three women.
The discovery occurred last Thursday the 19th, but until now wasn't revealed.
Police beat reporters who arrived at the scene said they received phone calls from Javier Duarte, government spokesman to not broadcast the news.
The bodies were taken to the city medical examiner to determine the cause of death and identification. The perpetrators left no message with the bodies.  The only thing that is known is that the victims had bruises on different parts of the body and marks from the gun.
The area where the bodies were found is one of the main entrances to the beaches of Alvarado. 
Playa La Cava is one of the busiest entry point for tourists coming from all over the country. A mile away is the Anton Lizardon Naval Academy

The PGJE said it has opened the ministerial case  429/2013. The statement came a day after the discovery the bodies.


  1. I have a question, in the past, graphic photos were shown with bodies literally cut in half with high powered rifles. Why don't they show those photos anymore?

    1. Are you a serial killer wanna be.?Or just a sick fuck?

    2. It's all part or Pena nietos plan to not let the media have shit. Where lucky to even get this pictures now a days

  2. Looks like a place to take the wife and the kids next vacation. Just ignore the graves. Leave the pail and plastic shovel in the car

  3. Just CJNG mofos trying to heat shizz up nobody cares about these faqs may they rot in hell

    A big salute to my MX ZzZzZzZzZzZ comrades

    ATTE: English Zeita

  4. Contaminated beaches ..... Now what ?

    Why didn't the experts in Mexico safety mention this incident ?

  5. Typical sickos, This is what one gets in Mexico . There is a group of individuals telling people how "Safe" Mexico is with no regard for human safety they talk of how beautiful and nice Mexico is and encourage all to go.
    I went & was subjected to violence and cyber bullied and eventually exiled from my homeland. I have no idea why these individuals continue to paint a false sense of land travel security in Mexico. Check out the site of experts

  6. Replies
    1. 4:34 Yes chilindrina,keep trying until it makes sense,then it gets entertaining...

  7. All lugar ya man, Stevie Hyper D me longtime bredjin yeah. Nuff love n respect to my fellow English Zeta

    Atte: English Zeta, Manchester Bad-Manz

  8. We'll there goes my vacation plans to some resort beach destination in Mexico. Dead bodies are dropping like flies all over Mexico's beaches: Puerto Penasco, Sonora; Veracruz. I'm going to change my vacation plans to some Caribbean island instead -- like Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, or Dominican Republic. English mierda STFU

  9. @8.21am if you're going to advertise the fact you're English, don't talk such utter shit and give us all a bad name. You so called Manchester bad man wouldn't last 5 seconds around these murdering scumbags. They wouldn't think twice about burying you so calm down being an internet warrior.

  10. Agree with 4:46 English zeta what an idiot, And aint Stevie Hyper D a dead D&B Mc.

  11. On this Xmas eve when lives lost to warlords and sicarios in Mexico .
    Someone has to make a sick but not funny joke. These are supposed to be EXPERTS in safe travel in Mexico . The website unlike trip advisor does not have a disclaimer when referring to Mexico. Instead on Xmas eve the website and forum makes a mockery of all lives lost during these horrible times in Mexico. There is nothing funny about the death and human suffering in Mexico.

    What kind of world do these people live in? The kind of world they will tell you , your sister, daughter, mother, grandmother that mexico is safe. And encourage them to travel by land there. No regards to human safety when
    referring to the conflict / war whatever in Mexico.

    If your an expert in Mexico Safety Join in the forum " Is Mexico Safe"

    1. Who the f are u ? Seems like all your trying to accomplish is to make Mexico seem like a horrible country. Go on vacations to Somalia and then come crying about Mexico u lil b****

  12. @ December 25, 2013 at 7:46 PM Drive a new 4x4 ford F250 from the border to downtown to San Fernando Tamps or all the way to Monterrey!
    See how long the F250 & driver last. I've been to Africa & all points in between in the Legion . Mexico is a corrupt horrible country (beautiful of course) that its population flee to United States for better quality of life and escape the evil warlords that rape and pillage their communities.
    Just remember the San Fernando Massacre ,& the 49 bodies dumped on the highway, 9 bodies swinging in the wind from a bridge in Nuevo Laredo, More than 500 Taxi drivers in Acapulco fallen victims to criminals. It goes on and on and on.
    Basically it is Cartels /bad guys in Mexico aka Demonic possessed people . If you doubt this ? Wait until they cum for your wife and daughter. Until then say thanks to Marie Antoinette , Nazi types & Santa Muerte et Satan for a crime riddled beautiful country like Mexico.

  13. @ December 25, 2013 at 7:46 PM Your answer

    Who the f are u ? F*ck U !!!!!

    First a humanitarian that has sacrificed my reputation , exiled from my homeland, publicly humiliated and life ruined by criminals and azzholes to get the truth out about the ongoing atrocities in Mexico that go overlooked and forgotten in regular media. Who the Hell are u? An insensitive criminal under demonic possession led by the devil ? Covering up atrocities in Mexico will only last so long before the whole world is informed.
    The same as the concentration camps of WWII were finally exposed at a cost
    of millions of lives. Mexico will pay for its evil deeds . If you wish to find me I can be found putting flowers at the entrance of Dachau , Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor and many other camps throughout Europe.
    Its time Mexico for to face the Piper ..... All cartels and bad guys (dismemberers etc.) are under the influence /possessed by the Devil. Plain and simple. Its now a war involving the killing of clergy ?
    Humanitarian Groups , The Vatican, and the eyes of the world are upon Mexico.

    1. 12:09 putting flowers anywhere does not curb crime anywhere,mister humanitarian.
      Putting the realities of crime in Mexico on the news,toghether with the names of the most visible criminals,may help a lot more,putting evidence before the UN,the oas,all International forums may help a lot more.we need to pool our most evil efforts on denouncing the crimes of the international fronts of the "free" traders,and find ways to fixing the bitches lording the ills of the world,then go brag about having done something really worthy...

  14. Imagine 7 bodies found on Santa Monica Beach or Atlantic City beach?
    Decaying rotting green flesh . Every new agency would be all over the story.

    There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  15. We need to ship those narcos off to syria.they wouldnt last a day over there i guarantee that!!

  16. No bodu should go in the north of Mexico, its TOO dangerous, if you go in mexico, take the plane and stay in your resort !

    1. All Mexican resorts are controlled by narcos,pederastas,pimps,and government criminals,why help their narco/pederasta touris enterprises?help the poor in your own communities,there may be much more entertainment there if you look carefully...

  17. All you so called gangsters and or thugs over in America. . . Come to any state in Mexico ANY state. .. Get your muthafukin issue handed over to ya.


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