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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Televisa Broadcast Journalist, Alberto Angulo Gerardo, Killed in Angostura, Sinaloa

Borderland Beat
Sinaloa. - An attack by gunmen Monday night in Angostura- killed a renowned journalist and a sportscaster who worked for Televisa and local radio in Hermosillo.

Alberto Angulo Gerardo, 42 years old, was originally from Angostura, Sinaloa but was based in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora where he worked for Televisa Hermosillo and local radio stations. Alberto Gerardo was also head of Social Communication of the Ministry of Labor in Sonora .

A police report reveals that armed men traveling in two vehicles attacked the four members of the family driving in a compact car on a country road leading to Campo Plata in Angostura.

The journalist was killed by an armed group while in riding in a white, 2014 model Bora automobile while returning from a funeral.

Martin Robles Armenta, attorney general of Justicia, confirmed that the incident happened around 22:00 pm Monday night in the vicinity of the community of Agustina Ramirez, municipality of Angostura.

The deputy said that the little that is known is from the statement.  The journalist accompanied his family returning from a wake. On the road they were hit by unknown persons who shot them. So far forensic tests are being performed as part of the initial inquiries.

Jesus Antonio Aguilar Iniguez, director of the State Ministerial Police of Sinaloa, confirmed this morning that the attack was the result of an attempt to rob the Sonoran.

The journalist had been at the wheel, and accelerated with intention of escaping from the assailants who firing heavy weapons into their vehicle.

"For several kilometers, on the road leading to Campo Plata, criminals shot ttrying o force the family to stop. When Alberto Angulo Gerardo was injured, having received multiple gunshotss, he lost control of the car, it overturned and he was killed," said a statement. 

Police said after the shooting and subsequent crash, the three women passengers were injured, and the attackers fled the scene.

The Legacy of Alberto Gerardo

Alberto Angulo Gerardo was a prominent sports journalist from Hermosillo, is here to stay in this city and left a great legacy to the time of departure.

The sports writer/announcer, with more than 20 years of experience in radio, came to Hermosillo from his home State, Sinaloa, at the beginning of 1990's with the purpose of studying the degree course in communication sciences at the University of Sonora.

He started out as at a low level at local radiofusora operator and was slowly climbing up to make a name in the radio spectrum, with a musical program called "the Radioactive man", where he delighted his audience with songs in English.

In 2001 he joined the television to narrate the world series of major league baseball, between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees.

Radio still ran his programs, "Radioactive man", "The trunk", "DL sports", among others,and on television he did  "Notivisa sports", "Televisa Deportes Hermosillo", he was the official reporter for Fox Sports starting in 2004 during the local matches of the now the extinct team, Coyotes de Sonora.

Similarly he announced  Hermosillo owls games in the third Division of Mexican soccer, He announced different boxing fights held in the Sonoran capital, as well as many major league games, among other major events in the world of sports..

His favorite sport was soccer, he even practiced it. He played in a League of Veterans of Hermosillo, where he played as front striker, since he was in possession of a skilled left-handed leg.

A prominent member of the sports media, Alberto Angulo Gerardo, was 42 years of age, is survived by his wife Laura Reyna and their three children, Valeria, 12 years, Luis Alberto, 10 and Diego Armando, 5.

Family members, friends, acquaintances and colleagues from the media gathered this morning at a well known local undertaker to say goodbye to the journalist Alberto Angulo Gerardo. 

As many friends, as media and members of sports leagues, carried wreaths placing them next to the coffin of the popular sportscaster, on which hung his laminated press badge that credited him as a journalist for Radio SA.

The body of Alberto Gerardo arrived in the Sonoran capital this morning and will be there throughout the day, the tributes and prayers will continue tomorrow from an early hour. José Cruz Victorín, Secretary general of the Stirt section Hermosillo confirmed Thursday starting 9:00 Thursday will pay tribute to Alberto Gerardo on the premises of the. 

Then the cremation will take place and finally at 19:00, there will be  a mass in the parish of Santa Elena. Allan de la Rosa, leader of the Association of sports reporters in Hermosillo, said that fellow journalists from the sports source will provide a tribute Saturday 23 November in the the Olympiad Stirt-Codeson, an event for which already they are refining the last details.

The vigil is at the funeral home located in Juarez and Luis Encinas.

Sources: Debate, Sipse, Elemparcial


  1. There is no way this man was anything but what he seemed, a good man who should have had security with him, not cause he was rich but because he was a Mexican treasure. He was one of the good guys.

  2. I hope these people get punished for this in this life, killed and burn in hell or worse!

  3. THANK YOU GOD. Too bad it wasn't Joaquin Lopez Doriga, Adela Micha, Ciro Gomez or any of the other Televizzza crew that misinforms the Mexican public with its lies and simulated good government.

  4. This is a clear sign chapo is losing the war

    1. A que tiene que ver esto con el chapo ??? Este pedo nada que ver con la guerra que esta en agostura esto esta en disputa toda via nadie gana el terreno vato.

  5. Snitches get stiches

    1. The art of snitching is getting better, rightfully so...
      Snitches just need some respect and better training
      The best snitching is when you don't have much to gain,other than 2 or 5 million us dollars per head,found on the most wanted lists of the FBI...
      And society will appreciate the help, immensely,THANK YOU,MANY THANKS!

  6. El chapos people gor sure television has been poking at him this month

  7. This makes me sick and sad.

  8. sorry to see another journalist killed in Mexico. it seems as if good men just come and go in Mexico - and nobody even blinks an eye.

    but back to Chivis - what is the word on her health? I am getting worried that you guys are not saying anything. whatever is happening - let us know the truth. thanks.

    1. 9:59 My chivis is baack at work,the doktorz
      are worried now about all the cocaine, morphine,opium,heroin,and medical marihuana it is costing them,they suspect they have been had.
      Eat a lot of chopped raw liver chivis!
      "With fava beans" from the right sources...

  9. thats messed up these people where innocents !

  10. hey havana any update on chivis?

  11. So far the surgery went well. She lost a lot of blood. Her lungs held but she had a bit of a rocky first night. Threatening to go the computer room which I thought of as an update herself-so I held off saying anything. Meds have lowered her ability monitor her mouth-so I gather she's been amusing docs and staff with threats of medical marijuana for pain. I'm sure they are aware like we are that they "broke the mold," with that one," I haven't heard anything since yesterday. But like everyone I'm waiting and hoping etc. for only the best.

    1. Havana- I was so relieved when i read your update that I ran off cheering and laughing going,"Hahahahavana says "they broke the mold with that one!" And they did and she's back! Thank God! Thanks for the news yesterday!

  12. Hey Havana Diva - thanks for the update. Please let us know more as Chivis recovers.

  13. havana, thank God I was thinking something very bad went down, tell her forget medical mj i can hook her up with better

  14. how is this a clear sign that chapo is loosing the war?? quit being ignorant chapo is the only mexican drug trafficker that has power even forbes said it and put him on there list quit talking out your nalgas.

  15. Live by da gun die by de gun.


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