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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Self defense group formed in Jalisco

El Universal (Tuesday, November 5, 2013)

By Ulises Zamarroni

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

GUADALAJARA.-- An investigation into a shooting confrontation in Michoacan, in which there was one death and two wounded last Saturday, revealed the existence of a self defense group in the municipality (county) of Jilotlan de los Dolores, in the south of Jalisco.

Commanders of the 5th Military Region and the Public Security Directorate in this Jalisco locality and an investigation  initiated by the Michoacan Department of Justice revealed the existence of armed community police in the town of La Loma in Jilotlan de los Dolores.

A commander  with the municipal police in this locality, on the border with Michoacan, reported that, on Saturday, a group of armed men on at least four pickups were on a road that leads to the La Loma police station.

"It looks like they were with "Los Caballeros Templarios". They were going to kidnap somebody, but the residents of the town confronted them with gunfire and chased them all the way to Michoacan. There, the municipal police who are with the Templarios blocked the road with two patrol vehicles, and in the gunfight there was one casualty, it looks like", stated a commander who asked that his name not be used.

The version was corroborated by commanders of the 5th Military Region and with the 17th Infantry Battalion stationed in Zamora, Michoacan.

Meanwhile, in the criminal investigation No. 168/2013-1, initiated by an agent of the Michoacan Public Ministry into events that took place on the highway to Periban, in the vicinity of the intersection with the road to Buenavista Tomatlan, which resulted in the death of a municipal policeman and two wounded, notes the seizure of a black Dodge Ram, 2009 model, with superimposed license plates from San Luis Potosi, which was reported stolen on June 26 in Guadalajara.       

The rear and doors of the vehicle had lettering that read: "Citizen Self Defense  Patrol Vehicle No. 5, La Loma Security, Cattlemen's Association La Loma, Jalisco. For a Free Loma Jalisco".

On this subject, the military admitted the existence of an armed community police in Jalisco, while the Municipal Police Commander said that he did not know the number of members that comprised the self defense organization.

The State General Prosecutor is now investigating the presence of an armed community police in Jalisco.

Yesterday afternoon, the agency reported that General Prosecutor Luis Carlos Najera Gutierrrez de Velasco visited the town of La Loma and met with local authorities and military commanders, but found no indications or evidence of the group, or indications that it is located in Jalisco, if it exists at all.


  1. Thats what they need to do KEEP YOUR GUNS and theirs too if u can get them and RISE UP!!!

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  3. "There, the municipal police who are with the Templarios blocked the road with two patrol vehicles,"' they should of executed the corrupt municipal police. Bastards!

  4. How do yu knoe it was CT I'm not a big fan of CT but cjng do extortion in michoacan and blame CT cjng are the majority of armed civilians in michoacan blending in w da ppl to clear out CT just cause crimes happen In michoacan doesn't mean it's CT rival cartels go in each other's territories to heat up each other's territories to have the govt in there ass common ppl listen to narco corridos watch the mexican news see it 4 yourself

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    2. That's not true

    3. Who gives a sh!t if they are not, as long as they get CT out... then hopefully people from julisco stand up for them self's if cjng is Causing to any problems, they should go down as CT ...

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  5. The town keeps a little over 1000 people, there must be around 300 able adults, so if a few of them are armed and defend themselves I see no big deal, it is more like a conflict between neighbors.

  6. Crap!!! Don't let them mess with the tequila!!! Priorities people!

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