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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Michoacán: A Fight to the Death...for life

By Vato and Chivis Martínez
Note from Chivis:  on Monday We received the following video from Dr. Mireles, autodefenzas leader,  asking us to please post and share it with others.  I asked him if he would clarify a report in the press indicating autodefenzas were pulling back and allowing the feds to take over.  His reply is at the end of the video narrative.
 I called on Vato, the most talented translator I know, asking if he would please transcribe and translate the video.  We worked together on this post, for sure he more than I.  I want to thank readers for the incredible response I had to my call for a translator for this 45 minute important video...
"Michoacan: A fight to the death...for life."
Special report for Rompeviento TV. 11-7-13--Hipolito Mora Chavez, Leader of the La Ruana Self Defense Group:
(00:20) All of Michoacán should do what we are doing. All of Michoacán and, I believe, many other cities in Mexico. I think that the cities are going to do what we are doing, fighting, rising up for their freedom. Because that's what it's all about, freedom, that we no longer had here.
--Dr. Mireles (00:34), General Counsel for the Citizen's Self Defense Council for Tepalcatepec:
The way we are living in our cities compared to the last 12 years.. It was a town with a lot of fear, a town full of ghosts, a lonesome town on weekends, when, prior to the last 12 years, weekends were a celebration among families, generally, there were festivals in the gardens, social gatherings, there was folklore. There was life in this town. (01:20)
(01:30) (Screen script):
Tierra Caliente (Hot Country) Michoacán, honors its name. It's a dry valley, with extremely hot temperatures that rise above 50 deg. C (122 deg. F.) in the summer.
Tierra Caliente encompasses parts of Michoacán, Guerrero and the State of Mexico. In Michoacán, the region is divided into two valleys: Apatzingán-Tepalcatepec and Huetamo. This field investigation deals with only one part of the Apatzingán-Tepalcatepec valley, which includes the municipalities [equivalent to U.S. counties]  of Buenavista, Aguililla, Coalcomán, Tepalcatepec and Apatzingán, on the southeastern part of the State of Michoacán.
The gradual and terrifying incursion of organized crime transformed the Tierra Caliente region into at least three realities, in the view of those who are living and suffering them: a true war zone, a land of horror and fright, and a land populated by courage and hope.
--Dr. Mireles (02:40): With the domination by organized crime, with all the names we have had here in Tepalcatepec... First the "Zetas", then "La Familia", then the "Templarios". The only vehicles that were allowed to travel freely around here were theirs, the criminals'.
--Hipolito Mora Chavez: Before the Movement, we didn't have the freedom, or rather, the confidence, to go out on the streets, to go to our jobs. At night, as soon as it got dark, the streets were empty, the people were gone, inside their homes. Parents would not allow their children to go out on the streets. The streets were full of Caballeros Templarios, armed, just as you would see a federal policeman walk around, for instance. They would charge a "cuota" (extortion) for everything.
--Agustin Villalobos:  member of Tepalcatepec S.D. force: With rice, we were paying more than 200 pesos per ton. Last year they took more than 20,000 pesos ($1,540) from me just for that. Those little toy trains they have for children? They would charge 150 pesos per month for that. Tortillas went from 12 pesos ($1.00) to 16 pesos ($1.23). The increase was for them. They had total control of everything, everything.
They allowed lime packing/processing plants to open for only 2 or 3 days a week, supposedly to keep the prices up. For those of us who produced small quantities of limes, they would not accept them. The people from whom they would accept 1,000 or 2,000 boxes of limes, they were all friends of theirs, friends of the Templario leaders.

Or, the limes would come from orchards that belonged to the Templarios. So there would not be much production, they would accept limes from their own farms, and that's all, they would brush us aside. That's where they began to interfere with the citizenry. they were hurting everybody, from the poorest to the richest.

(05:15) (Screen script)

The production of limes represents 80% of the economy of the Valley of Apatzingán. -- Sergio Ramirez, President of Siprolimex.
--Agustin Villalobos (05:25), Tepalcatepec S.D.: I joined because we could no longer tolerate these people, the attacks, the robberies, the fraud they were subjecting us to, these people, the so-called Templarios. Theft of cattle, home robberies, everything; of families, kidnappings... We could not go out of our own homes to go out on the streets at 10:00 or 11:00 at night because their pickups would speed by and, if you were not careful, they would run you over, those people.
They took possession of the roads end even the houses. They would come and tell you to get out, get your things, and if not, they would kill you.
--Dr. Mireles (06:10): We know that after the last 12 years, that they were killing our families, tying them up by their hands and fees. We knew that we were going to die. Fortunately, we chose the way that we wanted to live. But they "disappeared" more than 250 families from the city, they "disappeared" them completely, without giving them a choice, and they were all executed, they died with their hands and feet tied, cut into pieces.
We knew we were going to die anyway, so we chose the way we would die, and that is, fighting. All of us who live here, all of the people in Tepalcatepec, La Ruana, Buenavista, Coalcomán, Aguililla, Chimicuila, Aquila, all of the people who are today being murdered in Apatzingán, all the people decided, "If they are going to kill us with our hands and feet tied, it's better for them to kill us while we are defending ourselves".

And that's what we are doing. And we have lasted longer than we thought we would, because we have already lasted more than eight months.
There were threats every day on the radio, that they were going to come with 500 vehicles loaded with armed men, that they were going to kill even the chickens in Tepalcatepec. They have not killed even a chicken, much less one of us.
--Martin Ochoa, Tepalcatepec S.D (07:35).:  For example, rapes: of young girls, married women, any woman they liked they would carry away. If you were walking down the street they would insult you. they felt they owned the streets. They were measuring the streets so they could charge a percentage. Because they said they were going to build a "Magical Tepalcaepec". Nope, not "magical"; but stupid! We didn't like what we saw, that's why I'm here.
--Samuel Gomez, La Ruana S.D (8:10).: Here, nobody could get together to chat, 2, 3 persons, or take out your cell phone to make a call and they would get all over you. It was difficult. I didn't lose any of my sons, but those boys, those men they killed, were our fellow workers, honest, upright people whose only crime was that they were poor. Seeing how they would pick up our friends, how they would murder them and dump their heads here and there... We lived through a time of savagery, but thank God it's over.
--The Organization (08:50) (Screen script)
--Dr. Mireles (08:50): I belong to a group of people descended from the founders of the city who get together once a week. We had been planning for two years what we wanted to do but we never found the courage. Never. So this situation had been going on for several years. My grandfather, in his day, was one of the people who started a large Movement, too.
At one of our suppers, two years ago, one of my friends said, "If this town has more than 25,000 inhabitants, and there are only 90 criminals, why don't we arm ourselves and drive them out?"
(09:40) and I told him, "We don't need all 25,000 of them. I have seen you hit a running goat at 400 meters right on the head and knock it down."
"Well, it's not the same as shooting a Christian (a human being)".
I said, "No, it's easier. The human being is larger and moves more slowly".
"Well, I wouldn't be able to do it..."
"Well, I'm just saying..." 
And so it went like that for two years, until one friend said, "Let's do what the Arabs are doing, let's enjoy our dinner and whatever happens, we won't talk about it ".
This was during the time that they were bombing (Middle Eastern cities), and we saw that people would duck when there was an explosion, but then continue to drink their coffee.
"Let's do the same thing."
So we were just going to accept the situation. But one day, I told them, "They came to my neighbor's house and took their 15-year old daughter. They told her mother, 'That 11 year old girl you have there, give her a bath and change her clothes while I bring this one back. She's next.'  continues next page

And I began to talk about it, and they all began to , "They did he same thing at my house', one by one, they said, 'They did this to me." So what are we going to do?
One of them said he sent his wife and daughter to the United States. His wife was very pretty, and his daughter too,.
(11:30) And these guys were beginning to break into their homes, so 8 days later we rose up.
--Hipolito Mora Chavez (11:35): First, the self-defense groups were created. After that, a citizen's council was formed in each city. We have one here. So that the council would take part in the problems that we were facing. Whenever it needed, it would call the town meeting, put the questions before them, and try to find a solution.
They called a meeting of the whole town, and there, during that meeting, they would point at certain people and say, "We want him for this, and him for that. The town itself chose the council members.
--Dr. Mireles (12:25), General Counsel for the Tepalcatepec Self Defense Council: (It was) something that had never been seen, a city that was 100% united. In this social movement there is no room for political and religious ideologies because we have people with different beliefs.  Some have commented to me that they don't share my religious beliefs but they're in the Movement because of what it stands for. There's people from all the parties, fighting for the same goal.
On Saturday, October 20, I once more verified the city's unity, because, because while we took 3,000 men to fight, to open the doors at Apatzingan, when we returned at 10:00 p.m. that night to here to Tepalcatepec, more than 5,000 people were waiting for us. Just in case they were needed. Sure, that includes our women, our elders, some minors, but it means that the people are still united, that they are ready to fight. Not just the groups that have been organized as self-defense groups, but the whole town is ready to defend itself.
--Hipolito Mora Chavez (13:55): We were the first group to organize here in La Ruana, and I'm proud to say that we have a group of community police women. They are patrolling in the afternoons, a little at night, and I'm proud that they are supporting us.
--Samuel Gomez (14:17): That's why I did it, that's why, when it was put up on the Internet that my commander had led the uprising, I was very happy and I cam and presented myself and told him, "Commander, her I am, one more soldier, as a member of the community, to fight for my city." And I don't think it was just me. I think that many of them have come back, there are many who came back.
Now, they took everything that I owned, looted my houses, because it was what they did. But, like they say, the good thing is that we're alive, and, thanks to my commander and the community (police), I recovered my homes, for each of my sons, and the ranch. And I feel at ease, I feel content. I'm proud to be a soldier, a community police member, with my commander Hipolito Mora Chavez.
Samuel Gomez (15:20), La Ruana S.D.: We don't get paid even one peso. My commander has no money, nobody gets paid. We all get to work. But any time there's a problem, that we have to fight, we call each other by radio, by phone, and we're here in a moment, all  the community police members, ready to fight. And we fight out of pride, for our towns, our families, not because they pay us. That's the most important thing.
--Hipolito M. Chavez (16:14): They don't charge one penny. Sometimes the boys go around all worried because their electric bill is due, somebody got sick, or something. With great hardship, and when we are able to, we help them, from the lime orchards. 'Here's 100, 200 pesos, 500 (pesos), a very few times, i,000 (pesos) as much as we are able to help. We all contribute.
--Dr. Mireles (16:44): We are all very angry for the things that they have already done to us. In fact, sometimes I think that all the courage we have is born out of anger. There's nobody taking part in the Movement out of personal revenge, because there are a lot of people who attacked us for many years without mercy.  It may look as if we are dehumanized, but we have never gone out looking for someone to kill. That's in our favor. We simply guard our defenses and repel attackers.
We don't neglect any defense. Those of us who go to other cities to help them are the ones who have the day off. That's what these people don't take into account.
I'm asked, "How many people do you have?"
I tell them, "I have 3,000 armed men guarding our region 24 hours a day, just in this place. But those are not the same 3,000 people who will go on guard duty today, nor the 3,000 that will go on duty tomorrow." Like right now, I just got here from my (shift) on guard duty, I got here at 5:30.  I come to work here at 7:00 a.m. Not one of the community self-defense men has been absent from his job. We have fishermen, Sheetrock installers, ranchers, milkers, cheese makers, none of them have left their jobs.
A question they insist on asking is, "Who is financing you since you have been doing this for more than eight months?"
But the answer is very logical: If before we could support ourselves, and also support the criminals, now that the criminals are gone, we have more than enough money to support ourselves. Before, with great limitations, because we had to pay even for breathing, we could live even like that, we ate. Sure, there was no money for a baptism, a "quinceanera" [girl's coming of age party], nothing like that because we had to ask permission even for that.
I witnessed the abduction of a fifteen year old girl, very pretty. She came out of church and they picked her up just as if she was an animal, threw her in the back of a pickup and took her away. Those situations were common for 12 years. Now there's nothing like that.
--Jose Santiago Valencia (19:38), Tepalcatepec S.D.: We're here because the people went to see us in Tepalcatepec to ask if we could help them run of some people who were harassing them.
--Interviewer: People from around here?
--Jose S. Valencia: Yes, people from around here, people from Apatzingán are asking us to come into town, they can't stand them anymore. They're killing people all over the place, all of Michoacán wants to rise up because they cannot tolerate them. I don't know what kind of people they are.
--Interviewer How many control posts do you have?
--Valencia: Well, I'm not going to lie to you, but I'm going to tell you, more or less, to give you some idea. It's from Aquila, Aguililla, El Aguaje, Naranjo de Chila, Las Colonias, la 19 de Moreno, San Juan de los Platanos, El Atravezano; the Movement runs from the coast all the way here, and it looks like it's going to be here a long time.  When the people ask us for help, with God's help, we're going to help them, without self interest, simply to get them out of this modern slavery.
--Dr. Mireles (20:50): The Council of Michoacan Self Defense Forces has but one single objective: to clean up Michoacan of organized crime, in any of its forms and at any level.
--La Batalla (The Battle) (21:20) (Screen script)
Through the Internet, Rompeviento TV was able to corroborate confrontations (that took place) in wild regions and areas, deaths with no reports of dead, wounded without reports of wounded, rage without consolation, consolation in rage, love in dignified rage.
--Dr. Mireles (21:30): We had our first casualty in the Movement at a point where we border with Coalcoman, when Coalcoman still belonged to the Templarios. We had a casualty there, the man died in combat there.
I call the ones who get killed "casualties". We have a great number of wounded. Right now, we have five in the hospital from that last attack in San Juan de los Platanos and two from the attack against us in Apatzingán, that's all.
--Interviewer:  In the hospitals around here?
--Mireles: No. We have to send them to hospitals in other states.
Another casualty was in Aguililla, another casualty in Naranjo de Chila. There were four casualties on the same day in an attack on La Ruana, and there have been another six casualties, sporadically, in Buenavista. We estimate that our combat deaths are no more than 40.
Deaths of non-combatants, that organized crime shot, mainly, especially on the 10th of April, when there were more than 40, where there were women, children, elderly people, including a seven month old child...
That was a very regrettable incident with those people because they had gone on a march to the roundabout at Cuatro Caminos in Nueva Italia to see the governor to ask him for help. Because each of these persons works two or three days a week, picking limes, and they still had to pay the Templarios to be allowed to pick limes.
When they were on the way back, in the vicinity of Buenavista, La Ruana and Tepalcatepec, they were riddled with gunfire in a place called Infonavit Los Girasoles.
As always, local newspapers reported 14 deaths, but we made 40 body bags.
--Hipolito Mora Chavez (23:45): Thirteen (deaths) in a single day, twelve Templarios and one of ours. And there have been gunfights at night around here, I don't have an exact number, there have been deaths. Just yesterday, there was one (death), or maybe two deaths, something like that. I don't have exact numbers because the little towns are remote, isolated, and we are all very busy.
I don't have a list of those who have died, but there's a boy with us who likes to use his computer. On October 28, we had a fight that up to now has been the toughest during the past eight months, here in La Ruana. A confrontation that lasted almost two hours... two hours, it looked like we were at war. You could hear the sound of gunshots of every single caliber. We lost four boys that day, and the Templarios lost many more than we did.
We lost four of ours. Of the Templarios, I really cannot give you an exact number because, frankly, I didn't count them. But I did see many, many of them. Also, the Army is very reserved about these things, they took part in the gunfight, same for the Federal Police, they also fought. Now we can say that we fought shoulder to shoulder.
--Jose Santiago Valencia (25:37): Well, I imagine there was an analysis done, two years with the Caballeros Templarios (versus) two years without the Caballeros Templarios, and it looked like a comparison between a paradise and a desert. So then, logically, I don't know where you would have gone...
Screen script (25:53)
The situation in Tierra Caliente is so unreal that it verges on surrealism. The majority of the inhabitants of the cities freed from the yoke of Los Caballeros Templarios cannot go to nor cross through Apatzingán. The reason? Apatzingán is controlled by the Caballeros Templarios who have a road block at the exit from that city. 
Any resident from the municipalities of Buenavista, Aguililla, Coalcoman and Tepalcatepec who ties to cross Apatzingán to go to Uruapan, Patzcuaro or Morelia, or other cities, would be signing his own death warrant. As inconceivable as it sounds, a few yards from the Templarios "civilian" road block are located the headquarters of the 43rd Military Zone, a division of the XII Military Region.
--Dr. Mireles (27:00): Yesterday they murdered another one of our members, for the simple reason that he was from Tepalcatepec. They murdered him in Uruapan. Like him, I could give you examples of a thousand executions of our people, who live elsewhere but who carry voter's registration cards from Tepalcatepec.
--Martin Ochoa (27:16): Here, for the simple reason that we are from Tepalcatepec we cannot say we're from Apatzingán. But I'm glad they're afraid of us, because that's what that is.
--Dr. Mireles (27:26): They ask, "Why 16 year old boys?"
So I ask, "Where do you live?"
"Distrito Federal (Mexico City)".
Oh, no. Over there, they are boys. Here, they are men. And not because they are fighting. They're men because of their lives in the country. They had already killed  this boy's brothers. He was the only one left to defend his parents. And the attack was right there on his ranch. He was not one of those we went to help. In all the trenches, the people manning the defenses are the people who live there. They're the only ones who know the criminals because they have lived with them for many years.
Like a military person once told me, "If a Templario were to walk by me here, I'm going to greet him. I don't know any of them!"
And that's true. But us, we have them completely identified. We are the ones on guard duty for 24 hours and they don't fool us. Our casualties cause us great pain, fills us with sorrow. Generally, we never know how many from the other side died. Until afterwards, we come across their bodies in the hills and canyons, where we also have to patrol.
We do this the day after, or a couple of days after, an attack.  We see, sadly, that they are young men. In the case of these last bodies from San Juan de los Platanos, we saw that they were young men between 18 and 25 years old.
Interviewer When was the fight?
--Mireles: Precisely on the 26th of October, until the morning of the 27th, Sunday the 27th (of October). We saw that the young men carried small packs. We thought they would carry a sandwich or something to drink, but no, all they had were cartridges and drugs.
Interviewer: what drugs?
--Mireles: Crystal. As if their bosses pay them with that so they'll be encouraged to fight, or they drug them and send them out.
We have seen, many times we've had the opportunity to see our attackers. We get the impression that almost none of them come to fight of their own free will. Because of the way they fight..
(30:04) Here, Dr. Mireles raises his arms above his head to show how the attackers fire their weapons with their heads down....
They poke their weapons out from wherever they're hiding or from their cars and fire until they empty the magazines, then they throw them down and take of running. They leave behind pickup trucks, radios, weapons, ammunition, and take off. We have also noticed that they never leave their wounded behind because we have never captured any of their wounded.
Again, of the bodies we have found, when the press goes out, when the public ministry (prosecutor's office) goes out the next day to pick up the bodies, they only pick up those that are in plain view, where the attack took place. But some of them go away wounded and don't get very far, but nobody goes to look for them. That's why we have different numbers, very different from what the press reports. 
It's sad for us. We haven't stopped being human. What makes us sad is for them to send drugged people, paid people, people who think it's easy. Because all their lives they have killed people who had their hands and feet tied, and were blindfolded. It's sad, because now that they are facing an armed man, a single man can make them run or finish them off. We're all civilians; not one of us is a professional with weapons, not one.
I'm a surgeon, the others are cattlemen, others are construction workers, fishermen, other men sell water on the street out of jugs to make a living. But them, they have already raped their sisters, impregnated a daughter, killed a brother..
We have very strong reasons that we tried to report to authorities, but there was no response. Kidnappings were committed, the murders of our families. We have many family members of whom we could not get back even a fingernail from them, even when we offered ransoms, not millionaire ransoms, because none of us is a millionaire... With one of my wife's family members, I offered 50,000 pesos ($3,800.00) just so they would tell us where they had dumped the bags, because they had already told us they had dismembered the body.
Freedom (32:24) (Screen script)
--Mireles: After February 24 of this year, at the beginning, there was less life, less activity, we were all fighting. Now, the fortifications that we fought out of in the beginning have been moved forward. Our towns enjoy sacred peace, they show life. On June 22, for the first time in over 12 years, there was an open air popular theater (function), there were folk dances, poetry. There was participation by the city, there was a big fair, a festival.
On June 22, we celebrated the 136th anniversary of our independence, of the establishment of Tepalcatepec as a sovereign, free municipality. The day was observed. What had for the previous 12 years been a symbolic ceremony, that day there was a festival in all of the city.
--Samuel Gomez (33:43): To our friends who rose up in Tabasco,I send you greetings. To the comrades who rose up in Oaxaca, too. Those from Guerrero, from Cherán, and those comrades that I know rose up in Sinaloa, greetings, too. Not one step back; always forward, because freedom for the people is the most important thing in the world.
--Agustin Villalobos (34:13): Well, we have cleaned up many places in Michoacán, it's all cleaned up, with only good, honest people, hardworking, who take care of each other, we have trust.
--Hipolito Mora Chavez (34:26): The self-defense groups appeared and the Templarios left and left some belongings that they had stolen from somebody else, like this one, for example. We have notified the family members that they can come and pick it up.
There have been other people who have come to take possession of their houses, their fields, their tractors...things the Templarios had taken from them.
--Samuel Gomez (34:00): It makes one happy to be in your own town, with your friends and families from childhood, and we can stop anywhere to chat, drink a glass of water, that's beautiful. We're in a free city. Look at what it says on the pickup: "For a free La Ruana".
--Hipolito Mora Chavez (35:25): They don't have a presence here in La Ruana, nor in Tepalcatepec, nor Buenavista, Aguililla, Coalcomán, El Aguaje, Tinzandaro, Catalina, Las Colonias, Santa Ana, all those towns are free, thank God.
--Actors and Stages (35:40) (Screen script)
--Martin Ochoa: They had the same things we did. Sometimes more, because Apatzingán is bigger, there's more money moving around there than there is in Tepalcatepec.
--Dr. Mireles (36:00): ...With the State, we have none. We were waiting until Mr. Vallejo returned, until he settled in. We have a meeting planned with him, we don't know when we'll have it, I hope it happens. We need it.
We also know they are not going to let him govern. We know that perfectly well, it's very clear to us. In any case, if they won't let him govern, we ourselves will ask for state powers to be suspended [by the federal government]. There's no alternative; the power of the State does not exist in Michoacán. It exists in the government offices, in the secretariats, there, it does exist, but not in the state. We have been fighting for eight months without support from the state. And without a governor, for some time.
--Agustin Villalobos (37:00): He's the one who has caused all those problems for us here. Nobody other than them. First they came and disarmed us, then they allowed those people to grow, and now we have that problem. And we're going to stay her so long as God gives us the strength. We're going to go on with the fight. either they clean it up or we do, God and the Holy Virgin willing, we'll stay here. Going forward.
--Martin Ochoa (37:38): Make the Movement grow larger for the rest of our comrades in the state to participate, because the way we see it, I think they're going through the same things.
--Dr. Mireles (37:44): We already did what we judged was the prudent thing to do, and it went well for us. We didn’t have many casualties; we had some, but not too many. Our cities are in holy peace. We opened the doors in Apatzingán, not only to allow people to visit and conduct business, or for health reasons, as it was done in the past, but also to allow criminals who are not comfortable without presence to leave.
Unfortunately, not all of them left. The few that stayed are still committing murders; they’re killing people in Apatzingán every day. Despite a great effort by the Army and the Federal Police to patrol 24 hours a day, to control points  of ingress and egress, these men put up their own control posts at the exits and entrances to Apatzingán.
We use different methods. I told a military general that if he gave me 72 hours to clean up Apatzingán, I would clean it up in 72 hours, with the help of the community self-defense forces, who are now legally constituted. He said he also wanted 72 hours so he could do the job. The 72 hours are up.
We have a lot to be grateful for on the part of the international public opinion, which is the only one who paid us any attention, who believed in us. Because while the interim (governor) was governing, nothing was done here.
While we were burying our dead every day.
So when the State of Michoacán is against you, the narco-politicians in the state of Michoacán, nothing will ever happen. It’s not in their best interest. If they had only admitted that there was a crisis of authority, a failure of the rule of law in the State of Michoacán, they would have been run off, all of them.  They are parasites in the system. They have never worked at anything else their whole lives.
(40:08) Not once in their whole life, none of them, check it out. They have done nothing else their whole lives. So then, for them, the people are not important. That’s definitely the case.
It’s sad to see everything that was going on. We are all witnesses because we been in all these attacks, and for that man to say, “No, there’s nothing going on here”. So, I don’t know on what grounds the international media are saying that there’s a crisis in Michoacán, because there’s nothing going on here.
To make fun of him, they came out with a photograph on him that had a yellow car full of bullet holes that said, “I’m from Michoacán, but nothing is happening over there.”
Now, the common media in Michoacán, we believe they’re part of organized crime because they distort everything. They discredit our movement, which is a social movement. That’s what’s so sad, that those who are supposed to disseminate he truth are the ones who distort it.
We are in the same place. There is no rule of law, no justice. We’re in the same place, we don’t have anything.
(41:00) The only thing I ask of them is to get the truth out. All of those who call and say, “I want an interview,” I tell them, I’d rather not. I’d rather you came here and live it. Live one day with us and tell the world what you saw, not what Dr. Mireles is telling you. Dr. Mireles can say many things, but it’s not like that.
The Call (41:50) (Screen script)
--Samuel Gomez: I'm telling all Mexicans to lift their faces and to fight for what is ours, our families. To all Mexicans, I repeat, fight for what's yours, just like we fought.
--Agustin Villalobos (42:07): To my friends, let's unite and get on with this business we are working on. Above all, let's unite peacefully, and organize ourselves to attack these people.
--Dr. Mireles (42:20): First, (I want) to say we are grateful for the moral support you have given us, all of you, our friends in Mexico and our friends outside of Mexico. And the most important thing is for you not to abandon us, to leave us by ourselves. We need a lot of help with food, medications, with surgical implements, an ambulance. It's a difficult situation. If somebody out there can lend a hand, you can do it directly.
(43:00) (Screen script)
Michoacán is emblematic of a case of civil, not peaceful, resistance and defense. An important sector of the population of Tierra Caliente reached a situational limit. Fear had crossed the line of what was permissible and imaginary. Reality collided not only against the rural and city faces, but also against the Mexican authorities.
The failed state was no longer a myth; the loss of political, social, economic and judicial control became undeniable. Citizens and rural people from all social strata organized, armed themselves and decided to confront, using the only means within their reach, the rule of organized crime. Forced by their tragedy, they chose to break the rules to decide their lives and recover their freedom. Every people has a limit.
End of video translation

Chivis:Recently there was an article “Mexico self-defense groups backing off from confronting cartel in its farm city stronghold”, published by Associated Press in American media outlets.  It reported:

“Two leaders of the main vigilante groups in western Michoacán state said Tuesday that they are pulling back from confronting the Knights Templar drug cartel because the Mexican government has promised to oust traffickers from the area.”

This was news to me, so I wrote Dr. Mireles today and asked him directly about the article.
In part his reply said the following:

"In the villages where there is no autodefenzas the Army and the Federal are taking possession as a result of an agreement with us.

We have not abandoned our trenches.   We are only giving the Federal Government those villages (with lessor problems), while we asked to take the cities with more problems.”…Dr. Manuel Mireles
They were not pulling back; they were not in those villages to begin with.  It would be ideal if the government would in fact conduct their duty, but autodefenzas leaders make it clear it is a “trial basis”, in a limited timeframe.

The article also uses the term “vigilantes”.  This is a term that is not applicable, Michoacán autodefenzas are exercising their constitutional right to self-govern and self-police.  I hope to write an article that gives greater understanding of their constitutional rights.



  2. Chavas, you do not decide the definition of vigilane, the definition is not about being good or bad, but it is what it is.
    vig·i·lan·te /ˌvijəˈlantē/ noun
    "a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.

    1. what did one nalga say to the other:
      hay un @ 3:48 en medio:

    2. Sacatel dedo guey

    3. Se dice; "te sacaste el dedo guey"...y bien we got a bb literature professor here...lets hear it for the bb professor. .hurray!!!

      Fuck this guy're #1. -NAJ

    4. @4:51 DON'T,chivis...

  3. Amazing work Vato and Chivis u guys never disappoint!! This was such a good video I'm sure the exposure and words coming from there mouth directly will allow people to see what is actually going and realize that these people need our help!!!

  4. 3:48PM and nor do you. article 2-27-and 39 of the Mexican constitution gives indigenous groups the right to lawfully self govern and self police. Logical people would comprehend the fact that had they not have the right, they would have been arrested long ago by the corrupt Michoacán state government.

    I am impressed you know how to google the word, but unimpressed with your inability to distinguish the difference. key word without legal authority. what gets autodefenzas in trouble is if they use the weapons outside the constitutional provisions of article 10. Which happened with four of their members.

    What is perplexing to me, is how narrow your focus is, to look at a translation of 45 minutes, and a personal message from Dr Manuel hours of work over two days, and pick an argument over the meaning of vigilantism .

    How silly you are

    1. Vigilante,defend theirs'and others' life's and property,help each other for the common good,criminals,defend their "right" to other people's lives,property and family,to abuse at will anyone that refuses to submit to the subjugation in complicity with the self appointed and corrupt authorities,do not let "grammarians" muddle the issue,tuta la puta says it is criminals against criminals,but it is the people and their hope against criminals, their abuses and their enablers,BB great work,keep it up,for the decent...

  5. Nice exclusive report on the uprising in the Tierra Calente region, good to see hope instead of misery and dispair.

  6. Chivis you can put ignorant asses in place like no other. You actually attempt to educate him in the process.

    Outstanding post, I cannot wait for your interview with Dr Mireles

    1. She didnt attempt, She did educate his ass..-naj


  7. Heyy nice job vato and chivis keep it up guys , i would like that this self defense groups keep popping all over the country not just in michoacan and guerrero . Come on people of mexico tamaulipas , sinaloa etc you do too guys can do the same co.e together as a true community and get rid of these parasites.

  8. Another future cartel nothing changes in MX

    1. 6:37 another cartel,like this one may have one leg to stand on,while it gets fingered like this one...
      Patita de angel style...
      CP, of the people,for the people,will not let victory get stolen from their hand so easy, they are not in the dark about the cartels, their methods and the consequences...

  9. @3:26 pm your disrespectful misspelling of her name, isn't anywhere near as shameful as your ignorant, misguided, misplaced and failed attempt to discredit this selfless, hardworking activist and volunteer for social justice. You should be embarrassed by having overlooked the fact that these autodefenzas are legally empowered by the federal constitution of the republik because it exposes the feebleness of your thought process, but you should be ashamed of your disrespectful, and pathetic abuse of this person's proud name. This is no popularity contest. I have never met her, but scripture tells us"you will know them by there fruits:" All we've gotten from you reeks of rot and bitter decay. Grow up.....Kelly McFadin Baja,Arizona

    1. In defense of the grammarian vigilante,he got to define the word,while picking on the chiva illustrated is not welcome,but smartly,forgot to define CRIMINAL,which points a finger full of popo to himself,via the over-there...

  10. Auto defense groups take the fight to the enemy who have enjoyed, until recently, a cowering populace. The message must be spread throughout the frontier and the revolution will begin.

    1. This is a true uprising of social political and religious context. La lucha sigue!

  11. Excuse me slander anonymous @3:26pm. The real culprit is Anonymous@3:48pm. I'm sorry for any damage I've done to your good name, Anonymous @3:26pm . Please forgive my sloppy thought process.

  12. @6:37...that's right ,so do nothing...correct?
    I have stated many times the destroyer of Mexico is apathy. Until citizens are passionate about change, they themselves are the worse enemy of change. I doubt if you read or listened to the entire video. Because in the video it sets forth a perfect example of what I mean.

    Specifically the story about the Arabs, and the 90 vs 25,000 (I refer to this as the malevolent 1% VS 99% apathetic/dispirited citizens)

    I would like to ask you to research autodefenzas in the history of Mexico.
    they have been established for decades, and successfully so. In states where they have been established, crime has been slashed by up to 90%...long term.

    1. If they were a cartel in the making than u would c ppl making money and abusing their power. They would b killing everyone that they suspect is bad. But no they're very respectful of the fact that most of these cartel members are misguided and drugged teenagers and 20yro's. I don't c them becoming a organized crime group especially with the type of leaders they have. Most are well educated and are risking everything for the ppl

  13. check out that cool badass Jose. now that's the way to dress in a revolution.

  14. Thats true chivis i am from michoacan and my grandfather rip used to belong to what they call la defensa the defense in english and it was a group of rural voluntiers police forces , it was formed and then soported by the government itself to defend from the they used to call los rebeldes the rebels or revels in english a im not sure of the right trnslation but you guys sure can figure it out the so called rebels were a bunch of thives whom commited all kinds of ctimens at the time not just robberies but also raped women among others. Heey chivis dont pay atention to theperson saying that autodefensas are o
    Another cartel on the making because most likely this is a person who support cts and he is just trying to confuse people you k ow what i mean .

  15. Chivis. You are one badass motherfucker. Love your articles. Your comments even more. Paz . Dwsde so. cal.

    1. I think chivis is a female.. dudes just try to act smart

  16. Since the Mexican government cannot protect its people, then the next best thing is to let the people defend themselves.
    The other alternative to see the innocent people getting slaughtered by the drug cartels.
    Which has been what's happening all this time!!!!

  17. Chivis said...
    @10:04...I don't get upset at ignorance, only when it is dangerous and in this case it could mean lives of innocents.

    When I contacted Dr. Mireles it was after I researched him as much as possible. A couple of readers told me he was in prison prior for growing marijuana. There is no record of that other than one newspaper account saying he was in a short while, another saying he was arrested but released because of lack of evidence. The truth is he went to California as a legal resident and volunteered for American Red Cross and was the president of a nationwide migrant association. You don't get a visa in the US with a criminal record in your history.

    I wrote to him 2 emails and fax to his office and personal. I laid it out who I was at BB and my 501C3 foundation, something he can respect because of his cork in Sacramento. I told him I wanted to help as a humanitarian and an interview as a reporter :)

    he wrote back within 12 hours. and we have communicated since then. this video was the first thing he ask me to please share, so I think he must feel it is a good representation of who they are. Thank you for your support and sharing the story of your family. I will look the group up.

    I asked Dr Mireles how much the ambulance they need would cost. They transfer injured autodefenzas far out of the area as the would be targets for killing in hospitals close to their municipalities.

    I asked if perhaps I could send a good used ambulance into Lazaro port, now that the feds have taken it over. But I knew duty is a huge issue, it is for me I bring in many school buses. I am supposed to be able to do so duty free because of my non-profit status,(under NAFTA agreement) but that is done in DF and they are yet to give me approval, they just jack us around, I just give up in frustration and pay high duty.

    Dr. Mireles said it would be very difficult, and duty high, so it would be best to buy in Guadalajara or Mexico in new, fully equipped is apx 40k USD... (he says this La nueva equipada cuesta 529 mil. En Mexico y Guadalajara.)

    This is a fantastic way we can help the people. Almost in every interview he asks for help in getting an ambulance and food. They desperately need it. My foundation can contribute a sizable donation to kick off a campaign. I will make a post with information, and think of the best way to contribute.
    November 17, 2013 at 12:45 AM

    1. Chivis god bless you for all your work. You must be numb to all the thank you's. but all the staff at bb go beyond the call of duty for this websites. you actually care about whats going on, instead of posting plagerized stories. Please provide proper info om money transfers and i bet he will have enough for 2.
      ***all readers who enjoy this website and care about whats happening please donate what you can. The editors off bb do a unselfish job running this site. we benifit at no cost or time. Anything helps and itd be a small victory for all of us to make somthing great happen.
      Of the subject id' loooove to beat la tuta into next year for his crimes. One can only hope. salu2 desde chicago

    2. Don't worry,slam the grametrica all you can, it will survive...

  18. Our pendejo president PEÑA NIETO knows how da situation is but don't care we need NATO, there's a lot kids, n young people diying everyday to the shootings by THE CARTEL MEMEBERS.

  19. CT and that Tuta the parasite Puta are a bunch of cowards...CT lowlife gangbangers run like sewer rats when honest community people fight back.
    CT cockroaches should gangbang that well known Cheap Slutty Daughter & that Gay Faggot Son of Tuta.

    1. fuck you arriba la tuta y sus muchachos chinga tu madre pendejo

    2. Si y vomas quitales las armas (rifles y granadas) y todos ellos q defiendes corren cagandonse de miedo...

      Yea n just take away their rifles n granades n they will start running while shitting themselfs

    3. 10:47 the arguments of the puta tuta,(a teacher) seem to flourish in the fertile ears that listen ignorantly to his poppycock,he got a government check for being a teacher for so long,without even showing up at a school room until denounced.was la chucky protecting him?also commandate Marcos, said to be a university professor,and from tamaulipas,both coincide in Guerrero state with chiapas and Oaxaca where many guerrillas protect and help drug trafficking Colombia guerrilla style,the similarities are amazing,both surge when air and sea trafficking got harder for established organizations and the new ones needed to do it by hand,spreading vice and violence all the way from southern Mexico to the north,paying the nacos in species,they had to "sell it or eat it".so much for being professors and/or "revolutionaries".
      So Mister 10:47,what makes la puta tuta so sexy to your eyes?you must be a real faggot Mister maricon...much like all the teachers that grew their greed at la chucky's breast,ora por pendejo was y chingas a tu tuta madre,junto con sus muchachas

    4. Ke vergas va andar sabiendo ese pendejo ni le contestes

  20. Chivis, thanks 4 the awesome article on Dr.Mireles. I personally would like 2 congratulate him & all the BRAVE MEN, WOMEN, TEENAGERS, SENIOR CITIZENS ETC...OF THE STATE OF MICHOACAN.YES, YES, YES, YES, YES THEY R BRAVE & SMART!!!!!!!!!!! Taking on a full fledged war against a diabolical cancer that has been destroying, mutilating, raping, drug addicting kids, extorting, kidnapping, torturing, severe beating, forced prostitution etc... the government has again failed the people & state.Dr.Mireles is right - mas vale morir details pie y no de rodillas "con la cabeza en la tierra " Mexico has had its share of revolutions & I feel its probably time 4 a new kind of uprising. In my prayers I always ask our lord -2 let good overcome evil @ all cost - so,I totally understand Dr.Mireles & his group brave civilians. As 4 the negative comments above mind -ENOUGH IS ENOUGH -DIDN'T UR MOMMA TEACH U - IF U DON'T HAVE SOMETHING NICE 2 SAY -DON'T SAY NOTHING @ ALL!!!!!!!!! VIVA DR.MIRELES!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thank you Chivis, I feel this could be one of if not the most important story in Mexico. Why this is not reported in the U.S. news I just don't know.

    1. 10:58 we can't find this kind of news on the papers radio or tv but rarely,it could be a continental sized conspiracy,but when Spanish "princes of Asturias"come visiting the former latin american colonies the Spanish crown is "trying"to recover,the news all over the continent trip over each other rolling the welcome carpet in adoration,now that Spain's economy is fucked up(while king Juan "sin miedo" de Borbon,the man that used to be Franco's pretty boy,the man that killed his little brother and competitor for the Spanish crown,got very rich).
      All the PIIGS countries economies got fucked up thanks to their governments austerity measures,now they come to Latin America to steal some more,INCLUDING DRUG TRAFFICKING OPPORTUNITIES,like investing Latin American drug trafficking organizations own money in the buying of their own countries.and that's the news!oh! And let's don't forget,president Lopez portillo bought a lot of real estate in Spain,his ex wife too,and hid their money, stolen from Mexico,in Spain.
      Humberto "Bert" Moreira,ex governor of coahuila,the teacher that did not have bus fare,went there "to study" with all expenses paid for by la chucky's teachers union.
      Beware of the ambassadors of "goodwill" and the adorating "press"that inform us of such celestial events.I'd rather have BB all day,thank you!

  22. I makes me want to get down there and get me a big .50 sent in to help hunt these rabid dogs .
    It sounds like the good people are taking over now . Guns should be allowed to be owned by the people of mexico . gun control should indicate how steady a persons aim is while protecting his family and possessions .
    Exterminate these vermin !

  23. @11:05 AM #I gotta say, as much as I deplore violence, I agree wholeheartedly with you about Protecting family and vulnerable, lots of people have let things slide simply because they haven't taken the initiative in these kind of matters, all it takes for evil to "win" is for the Truly Good guys (and gals) to sit back and do nothing. That is, until Jesus steps in and Judges this whole mofo illuminati satan devil worshipping demon possessed mind-controlled twisted hypocritical world. Until then all we can do is try protect the innocent and the vulnerable our children, try to educate them cause they are our future and our hope lies in them. It's not just Mexico I keep saying this it's all over the world, just you guys in Mx have it a whole lot worse. I'm not perfect I'm not totally innocent but still I'm Praying to Jesus and I always will. It's a spiritual war, fundamentally and only standing your ground with spiritual power and Truth will work. Sorry to say this but all the guns tanks bombs in the world will never hurt satan. he's just laughing at us right now.

    1. Many religious cults,have taken hold of many people,for many reasons,it would be in everybody's interest to keep religions separate from the state,for their own good and the state's.
      Many evil people,delegates of the devil himself,are taking over "religion" and using it to stick it to the people,these neo-pharisees/Philistines and their many denominations,and their evil pretenses keep trying to brainwash the unaware for their own evil ends,usually not good at all. remember that the devil takes many forms,many of them very attractive...

    2. Please include religious cults like the legionarios de cristo and many others hell bent on their evil ways,even within the Christian Catholic apostolic Roman church

  24. We need to help this people , I wish I could be there ,if I had no responsabilities here in the us

  25. This what I had dreammed since I left my country many years ago , they need to analate all those bad cartel leaders , I cant wait for a bether mexico , once my kids are older I wanna go back and retire there and be part of the movement

  26. Its is the most ignorant thing of not being able to own guns in Mexico ! this needs to be changed only gun control serves is Tyranny ! God help these people in Mexico ! sad

    1. 1:20 it is even more ignorant to propose that gun ownership is the solution,that NRA philosophy only benefits gun merchants and the people that needs as many weapons and boots on the ground to carry on their evil purposes.
      Death penalty for corrupt government officers would be the most important component of any good reform in Mexico's life,corruption causes all evils in Mexico,starting with education,which funding the corrupt politicians and their unions keep looting,I mean privatizing.
      And so on,the Mexican government, supported by the weapons and military training provided by the USA,and the mexican sicarios armed by weapons supplied "on the sly" by private merchants looking for some narco-money to pocket,are the main causes of the Mexican people's problems,and the infinite corruption of the Mexican government...NO MORE GUNS!

  27. Dr. Mireles is truly an amazing, brave man! I'm so proud of these men and women! I think most of us go through life with opportunities to help and become part of something bigger than ourselves. But, we chose to be cowards and do nothing. We owe this individuals more than just a comment on a blog. So Chivis, please let us know how we can help!!

  28. Vigiliantism call it whatever u will but more ppl in mx needs to do what this man is doing!! Not much else they got to lose as the narcos and gvt keep taking it!! Better to die standing up than live on your knees in fear!! God gonna put an end to those losers one day!! Nothing evil lasts forever!

    1. The Mexican government is affraid that "vigilantism" will be chewing their asses next,that will mean they have lost control of "the powers that be" that own or wanna own the plantation turned banana republic known as Mexico,all you have to do is follow the politicians and the money they steal to:
      The USA,the Cayman islands,to European banks...nooo? makes one think of a much smaller little David against a much bigger better armed and many headed Goliath.
      For some that is an even worthier enterprise
      the bigger the mark,the easier to hit,the harder it falls...

  29. What is the name of the song? I know it is Dire Straits, I remember I had the album Brothers in Arms, is this song from that album? If so I don't remember it.

  30. Chivis: Can he start a gofundme campaign to raise the money? Check the

    Por un Mexico libre de partidos politicos...los peores traidores.



  31. don't stop with the cartels, when your done with them, go after the politicos that protected them...display them in street, drag behind cars....seriously, I'd rather see a politician who protected the cartels out of greed and avarice, not fear, dragged through the streets, than a sicario being dragged through the streets, even though they probably deserve it as much

  32. @ Pepe 007

    Yes sir, we are working on something, hold tight. Tho the boss is very sympathetic, we are a reporting agency first and foremost. But he has agree to allow me to post Mireles donation site. It won't be long, I will tell Mireles about good idea, I will check to see how much cut they get, paypal is about 3%

    1. Heyy chivis the leaders of the self dendense groups in michoacan are suppose to get together with the michoacan governor , i think this the right moment for them to ask him for help specially an ambulance if you can have any contact with him mr mireles ask him to demand the governnor for one

  33. self defense groups are starting to form in chihuahua

    1. What part or towns of chihuahua your talking about?

  34. So how many people does Dr.Mirales has with him 24/7 watching his back? Like seriously i am afraid tha in one of this days CT bastards kills Dr.Mirales...

    Mr.Mirales and his people should make armed trucks like the Z and CDG have those trucks call the monstros!

  35. Just killing la puta tuta a pedradas would set the ct running all the way to Guatemala,nobody would want to be next...

  36. What ever happened to commandante marcos he started h3lping indigenous people in chiapas and in michoacan from oppression and now I haven't heard anything about him. I read that ct is in chiapas isn't commandante marcos stay there? I'm starting to thing he was bs and just got rich and.....

  37. 4:33
    Subcomandante Marcos is still commanding EZLN (Zapatistas) in Chiapas.
    He was very instrumental with the recent first "Escuelita" if you are not familiar with the escuelita just google Escuelita Zapatistas. There is not the issues with narcos presently such exists in other places, more so with the federal government who still attack zapaitas in many ways, destroying property, buildings such as schools and self government buildings etc.

    Their struggle is different than the autodefenzas, they struggle to keep their culture intact, autodefenzas struggle is to ward off violence and hardship caused by organized crime groups, mainly Templarios.

  38. 7:18...yeah the governor finally said he wanted to meet with them...after denying their existence. at least he is better than Tuta's governor, I am happy he is gone and the governor returned.

    as for the ambulance, I am writing to him in the AM, I am sending him info. I am sure he will ask for one, and maybe the governor will give it to him, but I doubt it.

    He has more than half of donated funds towards the new ambulance. I intend to post a post so BB readers can send donations to him for the ambulance and food they need. ..

    Also there are radio stations and media people in US and Mx that are in contact with him like me. He sent out an email to all of us about something and I saw that a radio station in Los Angeles is working hard trying to get money. so I don't think it will be long, it would be nice to have it by Christmas.

    1. The returnin' governor named tuta's concuño,the former interim governor of michoacan,the new secretary of governance,after the terrorist attacks on power stations and gas stations,that shows who got power behind the power of the powers that be...

    2. Miss chivis I read borderland everyday and think your doing a wonderful job now I don't know how to post but there's a great article in my home town paper about dr mireles its the modestobee you might like it pretty intresting

  39. Chivis: Jesus Reyna Garcia, Tuta's governor, is the Secretary of Governance for the State of Michoacan. He's the "Osorio Chong" to Gov. Vallejo, so he's still deeply involved in running Michoacan state government. He was interim governor while Vallejo was in the U.S. getting a liver transplant. Rumors are that he did not want to leave when Vallejo came back, but went back to being Sec. of Governance, second in power to Vallejo. He's still a dangerous enemy to the self defense forces because he controls the state police and, for all practical purposes, the municipal governments. -- un vato

  40. 6:05AM...I believe that was his former position he is just returning to it. The difference is the governor is corrupt but not stupid. He will not be as blatant as the asshole who is related to tuta, and met with CT during his temporary term

  41. If la tuta really has word, cause he actually took time and risked his life by showing his face and making a video to broadcast it to the world, he would've provided and donated a new ambulance to the vigilantes. Cause according to his previous video, "his boys stupidly extort and commit crimes against humanity. So if he were to be true, he would've felt obligated to do so. -NAJ

    1. 9:06 The perra is just trying to look impolute and virginal,just like z40,who says he is "just a farmer"and that all the other guys did all the other crimes, Don Francisco Pinochet may believe him and have a telethon for the
      twata the puta's defense fund.cry tuta,cry, the end is near,cry all your crocodile tears, so you won't even have them to drink when you are in hell,cry some more tuta,cry!


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