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Saturday, November 16, 2013

31 bodies unburied in narcofosas in La Barca, Jalisco

Borderland Beat
I added some quick reference material for background info. for perspective incase anyone might need it.

On Monday Nov. 4, the military took control of the port of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, this included the the main offices of the local and federal government operating in that municipality.  

According to reports in the local press, the military arrived Lazaro Cardenas around 7:30 a.m. and from that moment on troops began patrolling the streets of the city and its surroundings.

The missing PGR agents instigated the search in La Barca.

The last contact agents  had with their supervisors was on Sunday Nov. 3rd between 7 and 8 p.m. Later it was learned, they had not arrived at their at their destination (BOM), base of mixed operation, in Briseñas, Cumuato. They were feared kidnapped.

Immediately elements were dispatched to search for them. They "combed" the area, all night and early morning, but to no avail. Later on, that Monday morning Nov. 4, they found the green pick up truck  in which the missing PGR federal agents,  René Rojas Marquez and Gabriel Quijadas Santiago had last been seen driving the night before. It was burned, abandoned on land located at kilometer 4, in the vicinity Cumuato, on the highway from Sahuayo to Vista Hermosa.

22 municipal police in Vista Hermosa, along with three civilians were detained,
on Monday, Nov. 11.  A federal judge who specialized in criminal searches, interception of communications, and bail, granted an order to implement a precautionary measure to arraign 20 municipal police officers of Vista Hermosa, Michoacan, who were arrested as part of the investigations by the disappearance of two federal policemen.

Sources at the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) reported that the arraignment period for investigation will be 40 days. Research will be conducted to ascertain the whereabouts of the agents René Rojas Marquez and Gabriel Quijadas Santiago.
The Attorney General indicated that two policemen and three civilians were released because from the investigation because they were no longer thought to be involved in the disappearance of the PGR agents. 

Detainees who gave their statements to the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) in Mexico City, provided information on a warehouse that was used as a safe house. So began an operation in the town of La Barca, which was the location of the first body.

A group of agents along with experts with sniffing dogs continue to work throughout the week in La Barca, Jalisco, trying to locate bodies in clandestine graves where the detainees said that they discarded the bodies. 

7 corpses were found Thursday bringing the total of uncovered bodies to 14 men and two women. They were located on land between Jalisco and Michoacán in La Barca; Their identity still has not been established

Human remains were in some cases "tied, gagged" and "tortured," and "most of them have tattoos," divulged the ministerial staff. Four of them were in an advanced state of decomposition, the sources said.

Friday afternoon, Mexican authorities increased the count to19 bodies scattered in eight mass graves in La Barca.  

Sources at Attorney General's Office (PGR ) confirmed that none of the bodies are the missing federal officers. Details pending.

Based on information, it is presumed that the bodies may correspond to "people who have some connection or relationship" to "clashes between organized crime" that operates in the area, particularly the New Generation Jalisco cartel and the Knights Templar.

Earlier this month Mexican authorities lost track of two agents whose truck was found burned. They launched an operation which resulted in the arrest of 22 municipal police from Vista Hermosa and three civilians, who were confirmed linked to organized crime. 

From their testimonies, the PGR inferred that its agents were arrested by the police of Vista Hermosa, who were informants for New Generation Jalisco cartel, and they turned the agents over to the gunmen in the town of La Barca. The narcofosas were found in the municipality of La Barca, in the neighboring state of Jalisco, and the bodies were male, except in two for two females.

Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) of the PGR has doubled the personnel assigned to collaborate in the investigation to find the missing agents and solve the case, ministerial sources said.

Luis Carlos Nájera Gutiérrez de Velasco, the attorney General of the State of Jalisco said on Tuesday the count of bodies had risen to 21 unearthed bodies and they are awaiting details regarding identities and cause of death.

Thursday, Nov, 21 Update

In the last 24 hours, 9 bodies have been unearthed. Operations are conducted at the margin of the Lerma River, between the municipalities of Vista Hermosa, Michoacán and La Barca, Jalisco. The area closer to the bed of Rio Lema has been included as part of their work this Thursday, so there is speculation the toll could rise further.

As part of the work considered for this Thursday, so the death toll could rise, Federal authorities have decided to expand the search to area in to bed of the Rio Lerma,

Local reports indicate that some of the bones were sent to Mexico City , to be analyzed by forensic experts. For the advanced state of decomposition, ordered DNA tests to try to establish identities, from obtaining more features.

Organized crime groups operating in different municipalities of Jalisco and Michoacán were behind the killings, and that some of the exhumed bodies show signs of torture and mutilation.

Officials are still searching for the bodies of two agents kidnapped from the area on November 3 while going to the base.  With the addition of the 9 unearthed bodies in this area, the toll has reached 30 bodies.

The Attorney General's Office, Jesús Murillo Karam announced now that so far 31 bodies have been found in mass graves located in Jalisco .

He also mentioned that none of these bodies are those of two recently deceased police, however, continue with the identification process.

Sources: Diario,Jornada,TelemetroMilenio, Cambiomich, Informador, Universal, Aztecnews


  1. Sad that this BS is spilling into my little town :/

  2. You better keep searchin' - warmer, warmer, getting warmer.......

  3. They should string these cops up instead of putting up with a whole bent department. Hopeless!

  4. Wow Mexico is so Safe. I about throw up every time people say how nice and safe Mexico is. When you become a victim or know victims or become informed .Your thoughts about Mexico completely change.
    Never, in many years has Mexico fell into the chaos it is in now,

    1. To me Mexico seems more messed up than I ever remember it even in 08, O9 when I was in juarez. Now it seems more widespread and way more screwed up everywhere in Mexico

    2. Not really, my home town calvilo,augascilents ... maybe the safes state of mexico.. but you never hear people or businesses paying tax... it all depends what part of mexico... I live in between Jalisco and Zacatecas...

    3. We play against calvillos baseball team in so cal

  5. Allegedly a motorcycle racer has died to a manmade booby trap on the Baja 1000 race.

    Another conspiracy?

  6. Where are thou CJNG/CT cheerleaders? Funny that these 2 cartels rarely get any support from anonymous mofos such as myself Xp, but when articles about ZzZzZzZz, CDG, Sin, CFO, AFO etc.... pop out we get 100 or more comments!

    1. @6:42 p.m you gotta be a fuckin psychopath to cheerlead for any of those cockroaches!! How bout cheerleading the innocent mexican ppl? They WILL prevail in the long run!!! No evil regime has ever lasted in the history of the world as they all eventually fall and there is a reason for that! God dont like ugly and what u do in the dark will come to the light!!

    2. 5:31 first things first,after beheading los zetas,the templados are next for being so evil,I'd bet the other cartels membas are holding on to their shitty bloomers very tightly,and the popoliticians too,even I am affraid,and I didn't do anything!

  7. something is very wrong here.

  8. They have to seriously decide to work on the corruptiion or give it over completely to the narcos cause in 9 or 10 states they have infiltrated and call the governmental shots. So sad and disgustingly pathetic!

    1. Yeah but it won't be like that for long. Mexico WILL have a revolution unfortunately IF there isn't some type of peaceful agreement amognst the people.

  9. it sends a message showing how fast Mexico can lock a city down even if they had to bring 100k+ troops ..........

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  10. People on this side of the border, US, are always crying about illegals coming over here to live and for me all the good people of Mexico, till the bullshit that's going on down there get's sorted out, come on in and to hell with all those who talk shit. I could not imagine having to bring children up in an area like that, even thou I may love my country I would still want someplace for them to be safe. It just saddens my heart to see where man's greed has taken him and just how despicable we've become and in most cases I don't even blame these criminals because they know no other life but poverty. Why, all one needs do is look at those at the top, government and business, these bastards have been so corrupt for years that every last dime they can steal from the people they will and do. I'm afraid Mexico is just a country where the corruption is more out in the open and I bet most countries this day en age are to some extent just like Mexico but the scum, politicians and business, hide it better and until the good people root out these greedy pigs and do away with them and I'm afraid to say we need to go back to middle ages for people who violate the people's trust we may not ever see our world a better place. People around the world need to realize that this is our world, not theirs, it's all of our and these criminals at the top have really begun to believe that it's always been theirs and we are their personal toys to either murder or work in their fields, no more people unite and be free. Peace.

  11. Hope this crap finishes some time.... es tiempo de humillacion Mex. It doesnt matter what State... alot of innocents pay the price... GOD BLESS

  12. I fear that those missing men sre already dead

  13. Have an uncle that's been missing since August hopefully it's him so my uncle could have some closure

    1. Sorry your family has to even entertain the possibility 7:15. It is so tragic.

    2. La barca Vista Hermosa area is really active but it's never on the press

  14. CNG fans are too disgusted or they couldn't read far enough to realize the police force of kidnappers were NFG informantes! Too limp to believe.

  15. You know what I notice on these posts that the community of Borderland beat really genuinely care so much about Mexico and work very hard to keep us informed. And we basically give them a lot of shit for their efforts. I am going to act more civil from now on. BB is like family to me - so I'm going to treat them like family and say thanks for your devotion to the cause dude! I appreciate it more than you know cause I speak no Spanish and read less than I speak.

  16. How do we find out about women that write to BB? Just from a demographic point of view,I am curious a out the % of women,men etc that make up BB reader/bloggers/poster/trolls,I have seen that BB has had millions of visitors,99% of them supporters,if only and purely in opinions.
    Might add to anonymous an F or an M,or an O for other?and an arrows for one up or down per post, per comment,per visit?of course it is all up to youses,while I am a dictator,I know my place and that I am nobody here,and that nobody loves me,but my mama does!

  17. @ November 16, 2013 at 6:29 PM Yes , it has escalated & spread to areas that used to be quiet. Thanks for your comment.

  18. @November 17, 2013 at 7:15 AM Prayers for you and your family. God bless . Thanks for your comment. For those readers in Europe and other places besides Mexico . Spread the word of the missing and the atrocities and pass along Borderland Beat to your friends to get the word out. Those in Mexico unfortunately cannot speak as freely as others living outside of Mexico.

    Peace .

  19. Go to
    that is the bible of finding info on websites, they have a female to male break down...

    BTW in popularity (lower number is better than high number)

    we are in the 12k range in the US of over 50million websites
    globally we are 67k out of 680million + websites


  20. Don't understand your breakdown of statistics but I'll take your word for it being impressive. BB is pretty good!

  21. chale se pasan de verga estos weyes con sus mataderas no deverian de ser tan culeros
    but good exist and latter on we would find those personons that did this and we will chop them heads


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