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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Death of indigenous leader in Chihuahua sparks demands for investigation

By Chris Covert

The death of an apparent indigenous Indian leader has moved the heads of several indigenous communities to demand investigation of that crime and several others involving indigenous Indians victims in the region of Sierra Tarahumara, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a news report which appeared on the website of El Diario de Chihuahua and La Polaka news dailies and data which appeared in a Facebook page operated by the forum, a forum was held in Ciudad Juarez city late last week named the IV Pueblos originarios de la Sierra Tarahumara en Defensa de Nuestros Territoriosm or Indigenous People of the Sierra Tarahumara in Defense of Our territory held in Ciudad Juarez which demanded government action against drug and local criminal gangs they say are responsible for several murders and other violence in the region against indigenous peoples.

Last week's victim, Jaime Ayala Subia Socorro Ramos Ceballos was killed in armed confrontations with local drug gangs near the village of Choreachi in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality in southern Chihuahua. 

According to data supplied by Indian chief Lorenzo Moreno Pajarito and two others identified as Emilio Enriquez Cruz and Alfonso Molina, local drug gangs are killing indigenous people and intimidating their families with violence, whenever they resist against illegal logging taking place on Indian land, specifically in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality, and in Mogotavo as well as in Barrancas del Cobre, also known as Copper Canyon.  The forum was held to present their demands to the Chihuahua state government that the government do something about the violence and encroachment, by both the government and private companies on ancestral Indian lands. Among the pueblos signing or supporting the petition were the  Tarahumaras, Warojios, Odame and Yaquis, from Sonora and Chihuahua states.

The petition expressed fears that ongoing violence at the hands of local criminal gangs will force indigenous peoples away from their tribal lands and customs, and "send them to the cliffs".

That last statement was a stark reminder of an event in the Sierra Tarahumara region in which it was reported that several Tarahumara Indians had committed suicide by jumping off cliffs, because of the lack of food available to care for their families.  That charge was made in a television interview in January of 2012 by local peasant leader, Ramon Gardea, who claimed that as many as 50 Tarahumara Indians had committed suicide by throwing themselves off cliffs to their deaths.  The report was dismissed by Chihuahua state government officials, and indeed, no bodies were ever found that would support the account.

The El Diario de Chihuahua account said that teachers had left the Sierra Tarahumara region because of the murder of a boy named Jaime Zubias Cevallos  September 6th, and the murder of Ayala Socorro Ramos the next month, November 6th, and the fear is more will do so if violence and the threat of violence continues.

Indigenous peoples were being warned away from the region so that forests can be exploited, according to the account.

Two other leaders in Choreachi, Angel Manchado Ramos and Prudencio Ramos Ramos, said that they and their extended families have been threatened and intimidated them, including the use of written threats and by putting them under pursuit.

Individuals from Chihuahua municipalities of  Bocoyna, Temoris, Batopilas, as well as other states, have been sent to the area to harvest forests but have been prevented so far.

The concerns expressed by Mexican Indian tribes highlights the extent of the Mexican national government clampdown on reported acts of violence in Mexico.  No account of the murder of either of the two victims who had died since September 6th has been reported by the Chihuahua state Fiscalia General del Estado or attorney general, asd would be de riguer in such instances.  Mexican press relies heavily on local attorneys general for crime information.

Only last week it was revealed that drug related murders would not be included in subsequent statistical reports by the federal government in order to give a much better account of what is happening than the actual reality.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and


  1. why are the well off always trying to steal from the Indians?

  2. every time i think of cartels taking advantage of innocent people and basically fucking up Mexico, I think of those piece of shit presidents Mexico had that let this happen. I know a lot of you have asked how you can send money to Dr Mireles in la Tierra Caliente to help him fight crime and that's good. another thing you could do, is send the Dean or Person in Charge at Harvard University, a letter asking "How dare you hire a person who protected and promoted people who were in collusion with the Sinaloa Cartel, and thus have blood on their hands. By hiring Calderon as a profe at their fine university, they are hoping an ex president teaching there will only enhance their prestige,. but if enough people point out that Calderon is nothing more than corrupt politician with the blood of tens of thousands on his hands, it might not seem so prestigious to have him there. Alot of you talk shit about certain capos who are evil pieces of shit with cesspools for a mind, but to only do that, is to excuse the real culprits and biggest pieces of shit in Mexico which are the elected politicians at the top, who are supposed to protect the people and instead protect the cartels. low level politicians might not have choice since they can't count on the feds to help, but Gotari, Fox, AND Calderon have no excuse other than they were inept at best, or straight sell outs who didn't give a shit about mexico or its people at worst...i encourage all of you send Harvard University a letter to the effect that the had a murderer and thief as a professor. if he was worth a anything, he would have stayed in Mexico to help build his country after the mess he left it in, when his term was up

  3. it would be nice to embarrass Calderon by starting a letter writing campaign to Harvard asking for his resignation. through Genaro Garcia Luna, Calderon supported drug trafficking and the ruin of so many lives...he's the devil in sheep's clothing. And it doesn't cost us more than the cost of a stamp (50cents) & postcard to do this. maybe Someone could make some postcards that show the destruction in Mexico to use for this effort. send Harvard pictures of widows crying, orphans selling chick lets, corpses, burnt out homes, etc etc and use those to send Harvard the message that we support their support of a criminal who helped ruin a beautiful country...i don't know if its just me, but it seems a lot of this anger is directed at the symptoms and not the disease which are the mexican government.

  4. I DNt recall when ex presidente Felipe Calderon being this bad my opinion I think they need Felipe Calderon back as president he didn't care and took the war to all the cartels

  5. 11:16 there are article with the title "Calderon's strategy was correct" in Spanish however. I think history will be much kinder to him than the treatment he has received from narrow minded people. Michoacán was controlled, when he left it went nuts with violence. Death rates are higher now than with Calderon. Some people are beginning to get it ...that he was far from perfect but he gave a good effort and did good in many areas.

    he is beginning to receive standing ovations when he speaks. Harvard is full of pompous scholars and rigid thinking liberal student body, who know next to nothing of Mexico, its issues, and the drug war. Their opinion means zero to me. Liberals shout and protest but do little of hands on help. Its a fact I became aware of while conducting my humanitarian work in Mexico for a decade.

    1. 7:06 much as the Spaniards came to the Americas to Christianize the poor Indians, with crosses and swords at the front,and to get some of those untold treasures of the Indians,same thing is happening today,the Reverend sun myung moon established a foothold in south-america,for a share of the drug trafficking bounty,his operations are well documented,about brainwashing American youth and looting Latin America to their hearth's content,I don't have a personal quarrel with the volunteers that try to help the poor in Latin America,but behind them I see the imperialistic forces of the vulture culture trying to steal whatever is left of value in the banana republics,once and for all,and the vultures ain't stopping at the border,I told you before about the testament of Cecil john Rhodes,who states very clearly the goal of extending the British empire all over the world,and to recover the former British colony called the united states,a statement from the 1800's I read on a book from about 35 or 40 years ago,I won't deny the uppity author got imprisoned, the people he denounced for the crooks they were,with plenty credible proof,never were prosecuted,now the USA is living a situation we were told about 40 years ago,I found about this thanks to a quarrelsome friend of ours i can not name, but it made my time spent oogling BB very worth it,we all should research our employers,if we are doing the devil's job, the least we can do is find out,and know.
      Chivaaa!you don't have to post this,but maybe save it,and keep it close to your heart

  6. Those people are one of the most legendary indigenous populations on the plant. To see this and to hear stories of how the general population views the various mexican indigenous tribes as a "lesser" is unreal. Thought we had evolved past that and learned our lesson in the fair treatment of the original caretakers of the land u live on.

  7. Where is the guy that says chapo losing ground, weird he hasn't commented!

  8. Replies
    1. 7:43 chapo is your papa,from conception, now go back to kissing your favorite brand of teabags...


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