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Sunday, November 17, 2013

8 die in Ciudad Juarez massacre

A total of eight individuals including three children were but one stabbed to death in Ciudad Juarez Saturday night, according to Mexican news reports.

According to a news report which appeared in El Diario de Chihuahua news daily news website, the incident took place at a residence near the intersection of calles Luciano Becerra and Fernando Montes de Oca in Morelos Zaragoza colony.

Originally Mexican press released news that the victims had all been shot to death, but neighbors nearby did not report any gunshots.  However, later reports said one shot was fired.

Three of the child victims  were identified as Daniel Romero Castañeda, 6, Abril Romero, 4 and Valeria Lara Castañeda, 4.  Rosa Maria Castañeda Morales, 60 and her daughter Maria del Carmen Castañeda, 28, and Rosa Maria Castañeda Morales, 30 were also identified as among the dead.

A news account which later appeared in La Polaka  said that one of the female adult victims had been shot to death, but reports did not say which.

One of the two male adult victims was identified as Ruben Romero, 28.  A second male victim was said to be in his 30s. All the victims had been bound and gagged prior to being killed.

An unidentified three month old infant also was reported kidnapped from the residence, however, neighbors had taken the child for safekeeping.

The massacre was discovered when members of the victims' church noticed their absence and sought to find them.

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  7. It is not clear whether this is cartel violence - or that sick acts of one man. It may be some sort of terrible domestic dispute that went wrong. One of the sad things about Mexico is that the large number of unsolved cartel crimes means that ordinary people can also hide their own "dirt" from the police. Sadly, some very bad domestic and personal crimes are unsolved because of the large number of murders and grotesque crimes. I hope they find whoever did this.

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    2. Reportedly,November 22,two of the killers have been arrested,and confessed that they killed those people for not paying gambling debts from dog fights.
      other people say these guys did not kill anybody,and the police just made them "the confessing patsies".of course,we know the cd juarez police do that all the time

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  16. Borderland Beat (by Chivis) posted this atrocity (dated 8-14-12) concerning the decapitation of an entire
    Veracruz family of 7. The post was titled:

    "Veracruz: Family of 7 Decapitated including 4 young children".

    The article (with pictures of the death house) suggested that the massacre occurred on 8-11-12.

    In part, the report said:

    "... Veracruz: Seven members of a family, including 4 young children and their grandfather, were beheaded and their bodies left inside their home in the town of Manlio Fabio Altamirano, Veracruz, reports authorities.
    ."The Attorney General of the State of Veracruz is investigating the death of seven members of a family were found inside their home in the colonia Mata Loma," explained a government spokesman.
    Neighbors were concerned after not seeing any of the family since Friday evening. On Friday evening the family had dinner with some of the neighbors and that was the last time they were seen by anyone. Neighbors decided to check on the family, and as they approached the home detected a foul odor. They peered into a window and made the gruesome discovery.
    The authorities were notified by neighbors, the bodies already showed signs of decomposition, it is presumed that death would have been at least 72 hours prior to the discovery. [killed circa 8-11-12]
    The Prosecutor's Office of the PGJ, revealed the identification of the victims as; Isidoro Reyes 65 years old, Manuel Reyes Ramirez 38, Ines Diaz 30, Manuel Reyes Diaz 12, Aleyda Reyes Díaz de 9, Esmeralda Reyes Diaz for 3 years and a girl estimated to be 4 years old, her full name is Aleyda "Coquita" Reyes Diaz.[ elderly man age 65, man 38, woman 30, boy 12, girls 9, 4, and 3.]
    Sources used for this post: Notiver-Veracruz Informa"

    There were many BB readers comments of outrage on the case. I tried to find the article in BB's archives and had no luck. The information I am providing is from the article i save in my files.


  17. @ Mexico Watcher

  18. Chivis: Thanks posting the BB location of the article. You are really on the ball!

    I urge those interested in atrocities against children and innocents in Mexico to read the Veracruz story.

    Historically, this kind of disgusting behavior goes way back and makes me wonder if maybe there is something in our human DNA to account for such atrocities?

    Mexico Watcher


    Here is the link to update apparently over 1500 peso dog breeding fee these poor people were killed.


  20. This is what AP is reporting on this tragedy

    News from @AP: Suspect says he participated in Mexico massacre:
    Suspect says he participated in Mexico massacre
    CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) - One of the suspects in the brutal stabbing deaths of a family of eight in this border city told journalists Wednesday that he stood guard outside the home as a second man detained in the case stabbed the victims to death in a dispute over a 1,500-peso ($115) dog-breeding debt.

    The shocking details of Sunday's massacre, and widespread lack of confidence in the justice system of Ciudad Juarez over suspicions that confessions have been tortured from innocent people, led prosecutors to present the two men in custody to the press and allow journalists to ask them questions.

    Neither appeared physically mistreated, but only one of them, Jesus Mendoza Hernandez, 21, spoke to reporters. He said the other suspect, Edgar Lujan Guevara, 31, was the one who actually carried out the killings.

    "I was guarding the door, but I didn't kill anybody," Mendoza Hernandez said.

    He said the two had gone to the family's home a month ago to collect a debt that he said was owed by Maximo Romero Sanchez, the head of the family, for a stud fee for his dog. At that time, Romero Sanchez said he didn't have the money, Mendoza Hernandez said.

    When the suspects returned Sunday seeking to collect and Romero Sanchez once again told them he didn't have the money, the family members were stabbed to death, assistant state prosecutor Enrique Villarreal Macias said.

    Mendoza Hernandez told reporters he heard screaming at one point, went inside and saw Romero Sanchez and one woman dead. He said at that point he took 2,500 pesos ($192) from the pockets and purses of people at the home and then left.

    Villarreal Macias said two other suspects, still at large, also participated in the killings, piling the corpses of three young children atop those of five adults on beds in the home.

    Mendoza Hernandez said that he and Lujan Guevara acted alone.

    Earlier in the day, prosecutors suggested the killings were over a debt related to dog fighting, not dog breeding.

    There was no clear explanation why the young children were killed, although prosecutors speculated that because the suspects lived nearby and one of them knew the family, they may have feared the children could identify them.

    Earlier in the day, the chief prosecutor in the northern state of Chihuahua, Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas, said that "the situation got out of control and that's why they killed them." He said the killers took money and three vehicles from the property.

    Chihuahua Gov. Cesar Duarte told local media that the government would seek life sentences for the killers if convicted. While life sentences are rare in Mexico, in 2010 the Chihuahua state legislature approved a law introducing life imprisonment for certain murder cases, including multiple murders or torturing victims before killing them.

    Dozens of friends and relatives of the two suspects demonstrated late Tuesday outside the prosecutors' offices in Ciudad Juarez, claiming authorities had detained innocent men in their rush to prosecute.

    "The people you have behind bars are innocent! Do your job!" the crowd chanted.

    Pressure on authorities to solve such crimes has increased since Ciudad Juarez was hit by another mass killing in September. Two gunmen burst into a home east of the city and killed a 7-year-old girl, her mother, three teenage boys and five adult men who were celebrating a baseball victory. A trophy from the baseball game was found at the home.

    Betting on baseball, or possible resentment over the team's victory, were suspected as possible motives in that crime.

    Investigators appear to have all but ruled out drug-gang involvement in the recent killings in a city that has suffered years of drug cartel .

  21. AP story continued:

    Investigators appear to have all but ruled out drug-gang involvement in the recent killings in a city that has suffered years of drug cartel violence.

    Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, has seen a decline in drug violence, with 341 homicides recorded in the first eight months of this year, down from 952 killings by gangs in the first half of 2012 and 1,642 in the first half of 2011.

    Dating back to the series of killings of young women in the 1990s, prosecutors in Ciudad Juarez have been suspected of torturing suspects to obtain confessions.

    Earlier this month, Mexico's Supreme Court decided to free a man who claimed soldiers tortured him into confessing to having played a role in a 2010 massacre in which 15 people were killed at a birthday party in a Ciudad Juarez working-class neighborhood. That massacre was believed to have been a case of mistaken identity, with members of a drug gang attacking the party because they wrongly thought people from a rival group were there.


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