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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Michoacán: "Help Spread the Word, So the U.S. Pressures Mexico to Notice us"

Auto Defense Leader says 50+ Feds Killed in Ambush
The following is an interview between the auto defense leader and educational radio in Los Angeles

Intro information:
Dr. José María Mireles, leader of the community of Tepalcatepec police: interviewed by the telephone, reported that more than 50 federal were ambushed and murdered by the Knights Templar in Caleta de Campos, in Tierra Caliente, in recent days.Also a fact not reported in the Mexican or global press is  that at the funeral of the father of one of the leaders of this criminal group, Nazario Moreno, El Chayo, the Governor or Michoacán was in attendance. 
Last week was the greatest violence in Tepalcatepec,   the community police went out  to confront the narcos, in caravans of 136 trucks, with 8 or 10 people heavily armed in each. It is a conflict in that municipality, which has  already lasted 5 months and five days and which does not cease although there are thousands of soldiers and federal. 
Lawyer Alan Diamante immigration said that immigrants from Tierra Caliente, who are in the US with deportation order, can apply for political asylum.
Programa de radio dedicado a la educación en Los Angeles, California - Radio 690

Translation of full interview into English hear interview in Spanish in video:

Interview with Jose Maria Mireles – community leader of Tepalcatepec
Interviewer: We are talking about the serious situation, that people in Tepalcatepec and in areas of Tierra Caliente are living in. Where it has come to a point in which there is an operation of federal government that includes participation of the army and federal police trying to locate the leaders of the criminal groups.
What is your point of view regarding this situation Dr. Mireles?
Dr. Mireles: Well, speaking openly about it, we are now seeing, with much interest, the change of status of the big equipment that I once told you about (referring to the convoys of the army), that only came to cruise around and did not have authorization to get off the highway into a direct confrontation with the criminals.
It seems as if they believe us now (the government).  We used to tell them where they were but they didn’t dare to go and confront them because their orders were to unarm those that were defending themselves, not to attack the organized crime. Many of the federal government, even some militars had to die so that they would start believing everything that we said 5 months ago and the press knows that it is true.
Right now, we are in the midst of battles. It was a hot week, (hot or red is a term meaning violent/clash) as we call it, because it started Monday with the murder of the people that were protesting in the Municipal Hall of Los Reyes against the municipal president and the municipal police, which are the leaders of the Knights Templar in that municipality.
All the gunfire that killed  people, the ones we know are dead,  and the others that are still injured but hiding, came from the inside of the Municipal Hall of Los Reyes, they came out from the roof of the municipal hall.
That same day, in the evening, 4 federals were killed in the community of Aguaje adjoining our community. We had done some patrolling; we were on 136 trucks with an average of 8 to 10 people highly armed, I was leading it. We started patrolling since 7 am to 6 pm. At 6:25 pm, we left the community of Aguaje to focus in La Ruana and see if we could do something for our friends of Los Reyes. We heard that 3 federals had been killed in a surprise attack in Aguaje, a community that, I repeat, we had just left 25 minutes ago.
It was weird that nobody confronted us, but the federals that were escorting us, were confronted. The ones that were at the very back and fell behind for some cause, were the ones killed.

I want to tell all the community that it was not 4 federals that were killed this week but you know how Mexican press handle things,  in Aguaje alone, that day at 6:30 pm were 4 killed, the next morning, there were confrontations in Barranca Seca, in San Jose de la Montaña and in Dos Aguas.
They were ambushed; three ambushes at the same . The federals were ambushed by the criminals, who were dressed up as militars and with the thick vegetation, well, the federals relied on their convoy and let them get to the center of a narrow pass and there is where they were ambushed and attacked by tremendous gunfire.  
Also exiting the Pacific, heading to the mountain, by Caleta de Campo –this is confidential information and I telling it to you personally- in that attack, more than 50 federals were killed and if you see what the press says; they say that 4 federals and 20 hit men were killed.
The week before, 3 soldiers were executed in San Angel Zurumucapio, another community near Los Reyes, towards the municipality of Zamora, but I repeat, the national press only says what is best for them.
I don’t know if it was because of the massacre that had occurred during the week or because the international public opinion keeps pressuring the federal government to resolve the problem; the point is that today, arriving at my municipality, besides the 600 soldiers that we have from the 4th infantry battalion, another 600 soldiers of the 9th infantry battalion which has its quarters in Jalisco. Also around 3 or 3:30 pm, 6 helicopters from the federals arrived; about 30 mobile units also arrived, also of the federal patrol.
I am telling you this because after the murder of the federals from the ambush, one can see the active presence of the army and federals. There was a presence of them, 5 months ago, well about 2 months to be exact because we have endured three months beating down organized crime, without the presence of the army, or the federals. Actually, when the army arrived, we already had three months exactly, without any abduction or executions and in this week, unfortunately, what we have seen is many executions.
It is not mentioned by the press, but our companions that were challenging the municipal president or the municipal police of Los Reyes,  used  broom sticks, machetes or with scythe. It isn’t mentioned either, that the man that was killed or the other two that were injured, from Coalcoman and were supporting the federals in Barranca Seca where the federals were being ambushed.
The confrontations there lasted 2 days (daylight), even though the press only says that it occurred  on Tuesday and on Wednesday, which were seven ambushes, but the attack in the mountains between Coalcoman and Aguililla, which is exactly Dos Aguas, Barranca Seca and San Jose de las Montañas, lasted 2 days and two nights. Until, finally, we achieved the support of General Patiño of the 43th Military Zone, which send helicopters to evacuate the injured; the dead people were left until an agent of Public Ministry came for verification.
This is the information until now at the center of Tierra Caliente, where we have been for 5 months and three days strongly in conflict to eliminate the criminals, which now, unfortunately, it took the  deaths of the federals, now the federal government and the Presidency of the Republic, turned (attention) this way, gentleman.
Dr. Mireles, do you think that they really are going to capture La Tuta and the other man that is the leader of the Knights Templar?
Well, this is a situation that I am going to make the comment and you and all the audience, interpret it however suits you best. Three days ago, died the father of Nazario Moreno,” El Chayo”; a funeral service was done in Apatzingan, on a public place. All the leadership of organized crime was present, including the temporary governor of the state of Michoacán Jesus Reyna.  (The governor immediately issued a press statement and posted on his official state website a denial of the allegation.  His wife and La Tuta's wife are sisters)
continues on next page

I’ll let you interpret it however you want. There was no apprehension whatsoever, not one movement of anything. Even the local press mentioned it but I don’t know really what the story is here,  I will say one thing clearly, we, the town will never give up weapons, even  if we have one million soldiers and federals, we really regret and feel sorry for the death of the federals that were ambushed; they were trapped as flies; they didn’t know how to defend themselves and I see that the federals don’t have the capability of confrontations in the mountains, the militars do but they haven’t had the motivation that we would like to see with the soldiers, if I make myself clear.
A week ago, I was called by General Patiño and he tells me: what do you need to finish with the criminals that are still around and I say: well only to go get them, I know where they are and he says: If you know where they are well let’s go get them.

I say: Sir, does it matter if they are in another municipality and the General says in front of the colonel that is in Tepalcatepec: It doesn’t matter even if they are in another state, if you kow where they are, we’ll  go get them anywhere, But the same thing happen previously, we organized an operation, I brought the people that was going to guide us through the different roads to avoid the camps that had most concentration of Knights Templar from escaping.

It took three days to make the plan of action. When we arrived with the people, the houses were even swept and mopped. (this is a sarcastic way of saying the Knights Templar  were warned and cleared out, even having time to mop the floors).
What the federals did was heroic; they went ahead without a plan, where someone told them the Knights Templar were  in that place but they went to a terrain they didn’t know and the other guys, control the land, it was a piece of cake for them.
I appreciate the support and hope you keep supporting us,  to place greater pressure  because all the defense that we have been given, has been only throughout the support of the international public opinion, as you are. Michoacán

Help us to spread the word so that U.S government pressures the Mexican government to notice us (pay attention to us). They are already doing it because they have had many deaths, which we were trying to avoid; we want to keep peace but we will continue to defend ourselves.

On Social Media: on Facebook  page Tres Punto Cero it is rumored that  Nazario "El Chayo" aka "Mas Loco" is alive and undergone plastic surgery, also using the name Ernesto Villa Zapata. They promise a "full report" this coming week.  It sounds far fetched to me, you can decide for yourselves.

To the reader who wrote me and suggested this post....Paz, Chivis


  1. Todo esto es culpa de chapo pinche traidor y rata vale verga ese puto traiciona a todos el puto

    1. Baboso el chapo ase lo k se tenga k aser

  2. "Help us to spread the word so that U.S government pressures the Mexican government to notice us (pay attention to us). "

    Is he serious? The U.S government is one of the root causes of this violence, they are not about to do anything in the least bit helpful.

    1. You truly are a fucking moron. The US govt is one of the root causes of this violence? What a fucking retard. It's dipshits like you that perpetuate ignorance.

      Is there corruption in all governments? Of course. But to say the US govt is a cause of a bunch of hillbilly uneducated illiterate meth heads cutting people up or extorting or whatever, is just plain stupidity.

      Get a grip fool

  3. eres babaso !! el chapo no tiene nada que tener con esto .... La tuta es el que es el traidor de la gente... quieres fueron Los caballeros templarios en realidad? fueron gente que siguia la palabra de jesucristo que traiba ayuda para la gente pero en realidad Ellos eran Los que eran la problema y alrato la solucion que les quitaba la tierra el dinero a su gente para cuidarlos!!!

  4. More than 50 federal what? 50 federal rabbits?

  5. Thanks BB & Chivis for your efforts

    No one will notice anything other than BB readers.
    Poor , Poor People in Mexico have no one to cry for help. The problem exists that with so many tourist areas where Pepe is pouring margaritas
    it creates a faux sense of security for all of Mexico. No one else really cares about inland Mexico or .... Get this, People in U.S. , Canada, Europe do not even believe that all the bad things are even happening. So as long as the margaritas are flowing and turists are putting their finger up Pepe's butthole, nothing will improve in Mexico. All hope is lost for these poor gente.

    Firmado: Roughrider 1898

  6. Glad you posted this Chivis! That man looks like an honest hard working family man. Its a shame the people have to defend themselves against these POS. I bet that man never imagined he would have to abandon his career and pick up a rifle one day.


  7. Hola Chivis !!!!!!! Could you consider an article of comparison between the massacres/body count in El Salvador(during the war) along with worldwide media attention focused on El Salvador . VS the media neglect, body count, massacres in Mexico?

    I think the biggest massacre in El Salvador was in Mazote.

    Different war but different coverage by the media.
    Thank you , Roughrider 1898

  8. Que tiene Que ver con el Chapo esto,Indio sin educacion!!

  9. Well osorio chong said just this week that no motter what happen they are not leaving michoacan untill they bring peace to michoacan 2015 is the year they predict is going to be done

  10. so Nazario Moreno is alive?

  11. Feferals shouldn't michoacan because they aren't trained to do mountain combat only the army and marines should be there and fight the CT kill all those tweakers

  12. y turn mama tambien

  13. You need help spreading this news? You got it.

  14. Is Chayo Alive??

    that is a good question. and of all the "still alive" guys in my opinion the answer is "possibly".
    Motive: simple answer, his followers believe him to be Christ like and would resurrect.

    Death photos. and there is no evidence he attended his fathers funeral.

      Guy talks about El mas loco "El Chayo"

  15. Chivas,
    is Tanhuato safe to visit? They are having some big celebration for the 100 years. I have been invited to visit with some friends. please advise.

  16. hahahaha los michocanos are blaming El Chapo for there promblems now? No sean ardidos la puta tuta anda matando a muchos camepesinos y asiendo un desmadre.. la tuta es el diablo

  17. Chayo is alive even in the narcocorridos they say it and ex ct from agullilla say he saw him a few months ago

  18. 777 and others

    thank you, I am surprised and very pleased how well the post is doing. A reader wrote me asking if I would consider it. Our readers are the BEST.

    1. Chivis there is a video on the ambush on youtube

    2. His new name is Ernesto Villa Zapata ( not sure how to spell ernesto) and he got facial surgery

    3. People are saying he is alive. Had some surgery gained some weight. Was'nt called " el Mas Loco for Nothing". Ernesto as in "El Che" ; Villa as in Pancho ; Zapata as in Emiliano.

  19. Univision..has a post of a guy saying he and people in michuaocan say that they see el chayo el mas loco walking around like nothing .before all this happen.

  20. El Mas Loco got shot by .50 cal from a blackhawk...of course there are no photos, it would look like a smashed crate of tomatoes.

  21. Wow after all the US bashing now they need our help !?i thought somehow it was the US fault that their OWN ppl were killing the shit out of their own ppl. Lets see what Chapo thinks of this

  22. Excellent effort translating.

    You took the time to paraphrase and explain expressions that would be meaningless and confusing without. This trilingual reader gives you a thumbs up.

  23. @10:47PM I added the so called plastic surgery photo of mas loco -see bottom of post

    @10:54PM thank you very much, I do paraphrase and make it as clear as possible for the English reader and include notes to the reader for unfamiliar phrasing. This time I sent it to my cousin who is an English professor in DF to check the translation. :)

    @9:45PM Follow the hyperlink and there are 4 videos of the ambush, but I added one right now.

  24. Thank you very much for the time to translate we add to our digital inseguridad en michoacán noticias tonight and some readers comment for Michocana to read. We are not clear what EEUU is inform or understand. Sent email to you many thanks

  25. Federal police have no expierence in the mountains.sitting ducks if CT advances..what were they shooting? Suppresion fire?

  26. so nobody can say they are 100% certain whether or not Nazario is dead or alive????

    no real evidence either way to prove he's dead or alive???

  27. thank you chivis for replying to my comment, im the reader that send you the comment about this interview.
    I think what the leader of the policia comunitaria of tepalcatepec said in the interview is true because of the reaction of the federal government , just I think a couple days ago Osorio chong had a meeting with the michoacan government and business men ,political parties leader from michoacan . after the meeting the announced a pact for michoacan to bring peace to michoacan they set a deadline 2015 to clean michoacan from organized crime.
    personally I want community police groups to break out all over michoacan and why not all over mexico to fight organize crime because of what I have seen on them in michoacan they are not just bringing peace to the communities but also are bringing unity within the community itself so the people of these communities are starting looking each other as family even if the are not blood family ,and working together towards a common goal and not just looking each other for their own personal benefit

  28. its a sad situation in mexico,no matter how Pena Nieto and his cronnies spin it,extortions,murders,kidnappings are all in the rise,like one comment said they are only protecting the tourist areas but the rest of the country is going to hell,I really feel bad for the honest hardworking people of mexico....

  29. you see thats the plan! its been the plan since the beginning. Have mexico systematically fail as an excuse so the U.S can invade and steal theirs as well. Youll remember what im writing.

  30. excellent article! Thanks so much for translating. Getting this information out there is very important, so it frustrates me when the only info available is written in spanish! Thanks again for translating! big fan chivis :)

  31. at 6:23 PM
    "Is he serious? The U.S government is one of the root causes of this violence, they are not about to do anything in the least bit helpful"

    Yup,there's always an asshole.
    Listen to the great political analyst here !

  32. Not only in michoacan!! Guerrero has had communitario police trying their best with what they have to protect the pueblos "towns" from knights templar aka C.T.... Its amazing to see how many army soldiers are active knights templar around michoacan and guerrero..sad very sad actually... This country is so fucked up excuse my french but theres no better word honestly!!! They come cruising thru in their hummers and youll see a couple uniforms and weapons are NOT like the rest a bit off but their guns are nicer than what the actual soldiers are carrying.. An to me what gives them away are how skinny some are compared to the soldiers... Money buys anything in mexico. That being said the u.s.a. Is just as currupt not as bad as mex but key persons def are on the pay roll of some heavy guys in usa. .

  33. Continued... Its so so sad because the usa is making so much money from gun smuggling, to police to all diff federal systems in an away from border .. Jail an prison guards, the companies that provide meals an canteen an clothing to inmates officers .. Without drugs continue to make it into usa the country will fail an this is coming from someone who has enough intelligence to know all this.. The malls restaurants stores of all types would go outta biznis .. The usa needs mexico to send drugs for u.s. citizens job security an mexico def needs guns an grenades to fight the mex army an marina.. The only thing i see smart is colorado and washington with there legalize to any american an tax money goes to usa like beer tax.. Now imagine 48 more states , just off weed alone usa will be outta debt an who will want mexico weed if all 50 u.s. states got stuff like colorado washington an cali , legal only heroin an meth will be an coke mexicos cartel money

  34. he is alive but didnt do plastic surgery

  35. August 3, 2013 at 6:38 PM
    "People in U.S. , Canada, Europe do not even believe that all the bad things are even happening. So as long as the margaritas are flowing"
    Senore you are completely wrong.Many people from the various countries and continent you mentioned read BB,don't let negativity cloud your reason(even though you have cause)of course people realize these things are happening,but what can the various peoples do?No-one in their right mind wants to see decent people go through this,don't you see the frustrations evident on here by varied peoples?
    Don't fall into stereotyping people.
    Chivis girl,i,m sure Dr. José María Mireles would be happy with this post,,that dude is a goer.

  36. Sorry i got off topic a bit but what i speak is the truth .. Cuz i have lived on both good an bad.. Those only good never commit crimes beleive the police are non lying heros.. Until we catch a case .. Always plead 5th amendment cause police dont waste time talkin to you if they know... An most famous line is your partner in crime is singing an they are taking educated guesses at what happened cuz they do this for a living...TO ALLU.S. CITIZENS IF YOUR EVER ARRESTED DONT SAY A WORD IF YOU DO YOUR GOIN TO JAIL IF YOU DONT NOW YOUR CHANCES ARE 50/50 on NOT GOING TO JAIL

  37. EPN: restituiremos espacios perdidos en Michoacán

    This is an article in EL UNIVERSAL that indicates EPN is "aware" of the seriousness of the situation in Michoacán.
    the link is

    In this article, EPN is saying exactly the right things. It remains to be seen if he will do what needs to be done in Michoacán; which is, bring in the Mexican military AND go to WAR with the narcos and kill them all.

    If we can keep the pressure on EPN, I think he will do it.



  38. I always said templarios were till of shit with their help the people propaganda. theyre worst than zetas

    1. I always said people like you and the one above you get put 6 feet underneath earths crust michoacan is best cartel but you are just like the rest rooting for a tweaker cartel at least knight templars stay sober and reading bible

  39. @6:04AM

    There is an article I may post. It is called "Calderon was Right" and it is about how he stabilized Michoacán and in a few months EPN lost it.

    What is frightening, and I tried to point it out when I posted a drug cartel map a couple months ago, but how there is a systematic infiltration of CT into a wide area. Into Mexico state, Guerrero and beyond. Those who laugh at CT as a joke need to ask Michoacana if they are a joke.

    I respect the people of Michoacán and Guerrero and the community police, they are heroes because as all heroes, they are willing to die for a better future for their children. I don't see that it Mexico very much. I am just being honest to my opinion, Michoacán is the state of evil and heroes....paz. chivis

    1. Cts are not only in michoacan but guanajuato . Estado de mexico. Guerrero. .jalisco. Morelos.df.queretaro.tabasco.hidalgo. in tabasco they dont go with name cts but pueblos unidos contra la delincuencia pucd they have a video in youtube talking shit about los zetas. In jalisco they go by the name los aliados. In morelos they go by the name guerreros unidos

  40. So the myth of Nazario El Mas Loco continues! The breaking up of la Familia Michoacana was not good enough evidence to suggest the death of the leader. People are stupid, they are also stupid enough to believe that the U.S. can put pressure in Mexico for Mexico to act on Michoacan.

  41. chivis i already said that templarios are third right behind sinaloa and los zetas

  42. todos ustedes saben que el pendejo guzman tambien esta chingando mexico si?no se olbiden el puto tiene control del gobierno

  43. August 4, 2013 at 2:41 PM actually your the fool. real quick search cia drug trafficking

  44. Chivis , Maybe Dr. José María Mireles community leader and others can contact the UN. Their situation seems dire.

    From BB reports out of Michoacán . Sounds like there might possibly be a serious humanitarian crisis affecting women & children too.

    Attencion gente de Michoacán abajo esta
    el informacion de contacto de Naciones Unidos

  45. well, Mario Buenrostro Quiroz who was captured on October 2011 offers a great insight how things happened, that el chayo had an idea of separating from el chango and forming caballeros templarios yall should post this its a great insight this how things happened.

  46. its from his interview

    "Nazario 'El Chayo' Moreno está vivo, dice líder de los Aboytes"

  47. Chivis there are rumors of a community police breaking out in sinaloa state is tha true or false.

  48. This situation is going two ways: one way is that it will explode into a national revolution in a couple of months; another way is that the same community police will start their own cartel.

  49. I just returned from Tierra Caliente from my grandmothers funeral. Its a war zone and there is heat. This isn't about politics its about humanity. I'm concerned for my family. Raping of young girls, executions, males of the town at risk of losing their lives because they fight for the freedom of their family and their neighbors. They are being deprived of essentials such as fuel

  50. if you have a heart help mexico!!!!!

  51. if you have a heart help michuacan !!!!!! and send money to dr mireles


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