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Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 die in Reynosa


A total of five unidentified individuals have been killed and another nine have been wounded in fighting in Reynosa, Tamaulipas Saturday, according to English and Spanish language news reports.

According to a news report which appeared on the website of the gun battles began near the intersection of Anzalduas Canal and Calle Bravo just before dawn between a Mexican military units and armed suspects.

A separate news report which appeared on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily said that Tamaulipas' Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estatdo (PGJE), or attorney general had little information about the shootout other than at least one of the dead was a Mexican soldier.

Excelsior news daily said the shootout took place near the intersection of  Bulevar Hidalgo and Heron Ramirez. According to the report damage from the shootout included police vehicles and buildings of businesses nearby.  A photo which appeared in the news report showed damage to a burning police vehicle.  El Sol de Zacatcas mentions joint patrols, which are mixed Mexican Army and state police patrols, were involved in the shootout.

According to a separate account which appeared in Periodico AM, several more unofficially confirmed shootouts have taken place in northern Tamaulipas state Saturday.

Near the village of Los Guerra between Miguel Aleman and Ciudad Mier, a Mexican Army detachment exchanged gunfire with armed suspects later Saturday morning.  Lives were lost but no official public account has been released.

At 0800 hrs on a road near Matamoros three armed suspects were killed in a shootout with Mexican Army troops.  Again no official confirmation of the incident has been released through government sources.

Additionally, gunfire was reported in neighborhoods of Las Cumbres and Obrera in Reynosa.

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  1. X-20 Pelon is showing some balls taking on the military. Either that or he trying to distract the soldiers inorder to evade capture.

    1. He is only showing that he is a stupid fuck, because the military is going to kill his punk ass.

  2. i was at that intersection, probably less than hour before that happened...

  3. Publish the story about El Mayito gordo & El Cholo death. Did the marines kill them ???

  4. i did not see BB do this story yet so i hope an admin picks this up. the link has a map that shows almost all of mexico under a travel ban.
    MARINE CORPS AIR STATION YUMA, Ariz. - Over the past few years, more Mexican states have been added to the directive’s prohibited list because of the increase in violence.

    Michoacan, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco, Zacatecas, Sonora and most recently added Nayarit are off-limits to active duty military personnel unless they are executing official travel orders.

    Read more:

  5. very good video at
    US Congress is debating an increase in border security as part of an overhaul of the country's immigration system.

    But local residents and long-time ranchers along the border worry that their already diminished rights might be under attack again.

    Since its peak in 2000, apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the Southern border have decreased 78% to 357,000 in 2012. Two thirds of this drop can be explained by a weak US economy, according to a report by the Council on Foreign Relations. The other third is due to enforcement increases.

    In 2012, the US government spent $18bn (£11bn) on border enforcement. The number of border patrol agents in the south more than doubled in the last decade to 18,000 from 8,000.

    Under the immigration reform bill passed by the US Senate last month, an additional 18,000 agents would be added in the next decade.

    The BBC talked to John Ladd, a fourth-generation rancher whose land borders Mexico, about the border agents who patrol his property.

    Produced by the BBC's Franz Strasser

  6. It was el 80 they call him mayito but he isn't el mayito gordo. And el 50 Torres not el 50 del cholo

  7. August 4, 2013 at 12:04 PM
    "It was el 80 they call him mayito but he isn't el mayito gordo. And el 50 Torres not el 50 del cholo"
    Dude,so not the brother of abelardo salazar,(EL 90 O EL ITALIANO)? No wonder the rumors start up.

  8. 7 Mexican Soldiers dead 15 wounded from what Valor x Tamulipas says

  9. Man you people are stupid. El Cholo Ivan and El 50 are two different sicarios. They both work for Chapo Guzman and none of them are El Mayito Gordo.


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