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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zacatecas News: Confrontation Leaves 20+ Dead -CDG Presummed Responsible

Borderland Beat Submitted by "Zac"
Confrontation and pursuit in Sombrerete leaves 20+ Dead
Initially the official word came from the State Attorney, Arturo Nahle García, confirmed in a radio interview and through his twitter account 13 criminals killed, so far, the product of a chase in the center of Sombrerete, Zacatecas, which ended in a shootout in the community of Nuevo Bañuelos. So far there is no information available about to which cartel did the criminals belong or if there were any casualties among the federal forces. Noteworthy are the reports indicating the official number is far less that reality.
This evening there were additional reports and information as follows:
The “Official” Word
The Zacatecas attorney, Arturo Nahle said the arrested in the town of Bonnet today, are said to belong to the Gulf cartel so it is possible that the criminal group is operating in the state.
Nahle said that after the shootout near 13:30 CDG between suspected members of military and  of the Bañuelos Nuevo community, 13 suspects were killed, one person was arrested and guns secured exclusive use of the Army and vehicles.
The Reality:
From JEREZ, local news:
Showdown in Sombrerete with more than 20 dead
Already 3 hours of bloody clashes in Sombrerete
20 confirmed dead, many detainees and wounded
The clock struck 1 p.m. when a criminal group faced, in the city of Sombrerete, the Federal Preventive Police, which led the corporation, requested  reinforcements from the police upon  witnessing trucks appearing from everywhere trying to annihilate the federal forces.  Additionally, support from SEDENA was requested, and immediately deployed.  At 4 pm the bloody fight continues, in which already around 20 sicarios are dead, plus many more corpses were discovered inside , trucks that have been abandoned on roads and sidewalks and have not yet been reviewed.
Federal Police managed to pull the sicarios out of the city to prevent the risking the lives of innocent citizens, resulting in  a very dramatic chase, mainly in the community of Bañuelos Nuevo, in the same municipality of Sombrerete, there they were corralled by the Federal forces and the confrontation spread through several rural communities, including the community of González Ortega, that is already bordering Rio Grande, where there were also shootings resulting in deaths.
There are already have some images of the dead, notably the abandonment of trucks and weaponry, as well as dead bodies, wounded people, and also already an unknown number of detainees but approximately 15 hit men, who will be subjected to exhaustive federal investigation.
The Federal Police, as well as the army have omitted talking of casualties in the Federal forces, but residents of the communities surrounding the area say they have seen badly wounded officers and soldiers.
Initially it was given the number of 11 dead, but this was initial data from the first showdown; in the clashes being waged is known that they already exceed 20 dead, just when there was the presence of about 40 sicarios, but that calculation has been exceeded because reinforcements of the criminal group arrived, so, by this attitude, it´s presumed that for them it is very important to keep the plaza of Sombrerete.
According to these reports, the Federal forces were conducting a joint patrol when suddenly an armed group initiated the confrontation, to what the military and the Federal Preventive Police responded automatically, initially managing to kill, 11 members of organized crime, however that number is known to now be over 20..
So far information about seized weapons, vehicles and other has not been revealed,  vehicles and other items confiscated usually  carried and utilized by criminal groups.
It extends to Rio Grande
Social network reports inform that the shootings are now  in Rio Grande, presumably scattered shootings between Sombrerete and Rio Grande, both cities are about 60 kilometers away and communicate through several communities, mainly González Ortega and Almoloya.
Note from the reporter: The Attorney officially says there are only 13 dead, eyewitnesses cited 20 deaths and more fallen; figures are not the same since the Government does not give the media information statements, saying how and when everything is subject to change

CDG hangs narco mantas in several municipalities in Zacatecas, saying they go after zetas and corrupt officials who harm society.
Apparently the first mantas appeared last night and were quickly removed by the authorities, but in some roads they are still there and tonight more appeared in Fresnillo, at the exits heading to Sombrerete, Guadalupe and Zacatecas.
Other mantas with a different text appeared tonight also in Río Grande, where the CDG claims they are not hurting the people in Sombrerete, but on the contrary the people in Sombrerete know that since they arrived there are no zetas, extortion or kidnappings.
This is the text of the mantas:
"Governor of the State we address you to let you know
that CDG denies the accusations the federal police makes about Mr. Aquiles Gonzales Montoya, we don´t get into political issues and we inform you with respect that what the federal police is doing is nothing more than a poorly set theater and we will demonstrate it with facts, we've been clear that we do not come to harm people or mess with government workers or people outside organized crime.
We will take care of delivering the real culprits of Mr. Gonzales and you, Mr. Alejandro Rivera Arguelles I'm surprised of your effectiveness to clarify crimes, the first people you bump into you turn them into confessed murderers.
I think anyone already in the situation in which these people are can be manipulated and say whatever someone like you wants and more, you are a person with a career trajectory full of irregularities, for example the most recent thing that comes to mind is the amount of 200 thousand dollars you received from CACHETON CHAIRES in exchange of getting rid of the Gulf cartel in Zacatecas.....continues on following page.....

That money was sent to you and you received from the hands of MR FLOCIREL BROCA, your trusted man and currently prisoner in the State of Jalisco, he was caught in one of the many extortions committed under your protection.
I have the evidence of what I am saying and in due time I´ll deliver it to appropriate authorities, it´s for officials like you, Mr. Arguelles, that we are struggling to give freedom to the State, we are showing it with facts that we are citizens committed with the people of Zacatecas and come here to give peace to the citizens and we will not allow that someone like you who doesn´t do his job, rather you do it to benefit the Zetas for a few pesos, discredit us, we will continue with our fight with the tranquility that gives us not being guilty of those crimes which we fully deny and soon we will deliver the guilty parties.
Att C.D.G."
Other mantas had photos of alleged zetas and were signed by Carteles Unidos.
Note from Zac: Aquiles González was a campaign coordinator of the PRD who was killed on Friday last week (suspicious story, he had been reported missing, then appeared killed at his house apparently after a party, according to the PGE, the autopsy showed no signs of alcohol or drugs in his body), Cachetón Chairez was the zeta plaza boss in Fresnillo until his recent arrest.
There was a photo of a manta but unreadable and unconfirmed, until and if it is it will not be published. 
On Wednesday evening and night SEMAR arrested 5 people in Fresnillo, 3 of them minors, and seized several weapons and ammunition.
The 3 minors were arrested during the evening and 3 AK-47, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher and a truck were seized. Later at 11 pm 2 more men were arrested at a house also in Fresnillo where they had 6 long weapons, 20 magazines and 200 rounds.
On Tuesday night armed men entered Casino la 5ta in Zacatecas-  People reporting from the ground.
There is nothing on the press about this, AccesoZac reports it was assault and robbery, allegedly over issues between the owner of the casino and CDG and they also said 2 employees and 3 customers were kidnapped, I don´t know whether that´s true or not, but what it´s true is that several armed men got there in narco type trucks trucks and entered the casino causing a conflict, different locals reported this.

Zetas are said to use to casino for money laundering, and it was CDG that may have gone to the casino in search of one of the owners.
Note: “ZAC” pointed out that though this last event has no official confirmation or published report  at this time, which is not atypical in Zacatecas narco news reporting, many people witness the event and reported it on social networks.  That is usually a good indication of validity.

Sources: ImagenZac- ZacatecasOnline- SexenioNuevoLeon – NTR – ExpressZacatecas - AccesoZac 


  1. "a 74 year old businessman from Fresnillo, Alfonso del Cojo Sucunza, killed 2 of his attackers and wounded others at his house door in the center of Fresnillo"

    Give this man a fucking medal. Always feel good to read these news where people actually counter-attack these pigs.

  2. "Zacatecas

    10-07-13. Fresnillo. Doce cuerpos abandonados en una camioneta en el rancho Los Membrillos, atrás del Balneario Las Palmas. Se encontraron 11 cadáveres al interior de una camioneta Ford, Expedition, azul obscuro, y otro más a un lado del vehículo, el cual estaba estacionado entre la casa y la bodega del rancho. Los cuerpos, en estado de putrefacción, eran de hombres que se encontraban atados de manos y pies y amordazados.

    10-07-13. Sombrerete. El cuerpo de un hombre de 30 a 35 años fue encontrado a un costado de la carretera que conduce de este municipio a Chalchihuites, a la altura de la colonia Obrera." -(

    What was up with the 12 people found dead yesterday?

    BTW, my 'Merican friends, it says in quickie US speak:

    7-10-13: Fresnillo. 12 bodies abandoned in a truck on the Los Membrillos ranch behind BLP. They found 11 bodies inside a Ford Expedition and one on the side of the truck, parked between the house and a warehouse/barn on the ranch. The bodies were found in a state of decomposition with hands, feet, and such tied up.

  3. Another old guy Badass !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like Don Alejo Garza Tamez .

  4. Oh no he didnt a 74 year old man did this dam he's a super hero

  5. The old hard bastard has obviously seen that movie "One tough Bastard" Yahooooo!!!

  6. CDG are making things worse.

  7. Estan callendo como moscas toda la bola de flojos arrastrados que prefieren ser criminals que trabajar.

  8. Jajaja all yoi bleeding heart man vaginas who cares. I wish they had video so I could watch some conyo get beat with a 2x4 and killed.

  9. Who did the 13 dead belong to zetas or cdg... Im not cheerleading.but the backstabing of el taliban came and bite the zetas in the ass big time. Seems like cdg is really kicking ass in zac

    1. Really? What about all the backstabbing done by el 40, he has betrayed every organization he has worked for in the past.

  10. Somebody write a corrido about the 74 yr old !!!!

    1. El viejo tlo mataron en defensa
      El viejo era innocenteeee.
      Estaba protegiendo asu familia
      Y se llevo a varios por delante
      tatatatataaaaa TATA

  11. @ 7:36 pm That happened in August 2012, I think I know where menosdiasaqui got their info from, a local news site from Zacatecas that never adds dates to their reports, Página 24, what I don´t know is how they ended up getting there, but the report is old.

    This is a press note from that incident with date


  12. An old man can kill these sicarios, what's wrong with the rest of you Mexicans???

    1. Why is everyone commenting on the old man on this story? There is a whole page dedicated to that...idiots.

  13. El señor Alfonso del Cojo Sucunza se cojo los delincuentes que lo trataron de privar de su libertad. ja ja ja ja. Al 100% don del Cojo. Usted si supo como defenderse ante la agresión de estos monstruos de la organizaciones delictivas. Para que les queda claro a las autordidades que un ciudadano también se puede defender ante las amenazas del crimen organizado. No necesitamos ser SEMAR, SEDENA, PF, MATAZETAS, etcétera.

  14. appears to be CDG fighting MX forces...I am doing an UPDATE story, with more facts. 20+ killed

  15. Mr.Osorio Chong keep that good work sir!Keep sending more Federales and Mexican Soldiers to fight the Golfas in Zacatecas.Remember that your superior boss gived you the Hidalgo Plaza I am talking about Saint Heriberto Lazcano.

    Golfas are more trashy than a 50 dollar whore ikees I know that hurt you.I can even imagine the way a golfa screamed lol

  16. Ufff les metiaron una putiza a los del CDG. Ahora se ve como que las autoridades estan con los Zetas. Todavia tienen mas poder en Zacatecas los Zetas si este es el caso.

  17. que pensavan pendejos golfas que las plazas se ganan a traicion como la ganaron x el pendejo del taliban jajajajaja.......ahora les toka defendela de los wachos,verdez,y los zetas que no cabrones y segun ustedes muy fuerzas especiales jajajaj pinches hipocritas

    1. Callese pendejote hablas puras pendejadas, si a los putos mugrozoz estan pior pendejo los marinos y militares esta barriendo parejo a los mugrozozz los chingan los federaes sorchos y golfos, hay los marinos son neutrales no estan con ninguno agarran parejo, hay nomas los 12 cuerpos que dejaron en una troka eran mugrozozz por si no savias, asi pongase vuso si los golfos se enfrentaron con guachos es por que ya tienen mas control en zacatecas que los mugrozozz asi de simple...

  18. the 74 year old can defend himself cause, he illegally owned high powered weapons. the regular Jose mexican Cant!

  19. Why everyone are praising this old man who killed couple of sicarios IN THIS COMMENTS? Sorry I don't get it. :)

  20. Once more it is demonstrated that these fucking putos are worthless pieces of shit against a capable opponent. They're really good against children, although they still need to tie them up before murdering them. I hope the government forces suffered no casualties and I would love it if they pile up the corpses of these culeros and then torch them up. And for all the butt hurt gangsters out there that take offense to my post, chinguen a su puta madre y salgan al topon con los Marinos. Stop murdering women and children, putos.

  21. I thought the army paved the way for cdg and protected them.I guess not in northeren zacatecass,
    an that's the reason they have made it this far in zac.
    the marines and army have killed a shit ton of estacas & comandantes in the capital an areas since last year

  22. @ 6:53 That's exactly how it's been all over Zacatecas, this is the first big thing against CDG/CU...although according to all reports it was actually CDG who attacked the Federals while on patrol, in any case I'm glad, they should go against all cartels, helping one scum over another doesn't help the citizens.

  23. I just got back from Fresnillo,zacatecas from a rancho call baluarte,it's about 30 miles south of fresnillo,it's crazy out there,I witnesses clashes between the zetas,and the federales,the zetas pretty much control all zacatecas.

    1. Is bushit los zetas ya no controlan zacatecas yo vivo aqui en frenillo, y el cdg tiene mas control yo tengo familia en todo zacatecas y la prececia del cdg es mucho mayor en todo el estado, mejor venga mas seguido para aka yo lo llevo de turista para que vea por sus propios ojos quien controla ...

    2. Y si es sierto que el CDG no extorcioma o ya esta mas tranquilo desde que se metio CDG? En el sentido de que los Zs ya no se meten con la gente?

    3. Los zetas siguen aciendo su cochinero pero andan mas vajos por que tanto el cdg como militares les estan chingando a los mugrozozz ya cea levantados o en topones, pero si esta un poko mas trankilo en unos municipios pero en otros como fresnillo guadalupe zacatecas rio grande jerez esas son las sonas que los mugrozozz quieren recuperar o estan peliando para no perder.

  24. A Carteles Unidos que pensaron que iva ser facil peliarle a La Letrona en Zacatecas? Jaja se metieron con los equivocados.Ya van casi para los 4 años su pelea en contra de La Letra ni a si pueden son para dar risa y verguenza agena.Y ustedes JURAN que La Compañia se esta acabando jaja cuanto tienen diciendo eso ya casi 4 años? jaja

    El monstro esta demasiado fuerte ni juntos ni revueltos podran inches wisos estan todos panochones vatoooows.y pura last letter homeboy

    1. Y mientras tu viviendo como pero

  25. no senor,its true and you butt hurt,the zetas own most of zac still its just that cdg keep doin their sissy raids.


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