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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mexican Army to reinforce sierras in Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa

By Chris Covert

The Mexican Army is preparing to reinforce operations in a three state area in reaction to increased violence in the region, according to Mexican news reports.

Gen. Zepeda Cienfuegos
In a news account which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, Mexico's top soldier, Secretaria de Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) General Salvador Zepeda Cienfuegos told reporters that due to increasing violence from competing drug gangs in the mountains of Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa state, colloquially known as Triangulo Dorado or Golden Triangle, Mexican Army forces already present in the region are to be augmented.

Th region is known by that moniker because it is used by nearly all the drug cartels for the cultivation and production of drugs.

The region includes the areas of operations of the Mexican 9th and 10 Military Zones.  Earlier in the year the 10th Military Zone had been conducting limited security operations in Durango state seizing drugs and guns.

An increase in violence has been reported recently in Sinaloa state as well as in Chihuahua state.  The latest violence in Chihuahua took place in Guadaluoe y Calvo municipality where two accused extortionists were captured following a gunfight with Chihuahua state ministerial agents.

Manuel Antonio Montes Hernandez, 32, and Adan Ruiz Montes, 23, were wounded in the encounter and were detained by police, but a third unidentified suspect escaped capture.

Also, Mexican Army and Naval Infantry have been seen in some strength in the municipality following the June murder of Jaime Orozco Madriga, a Partido Revolucionario Institucional candidate for municipal president of Guadalupe y Calvo.  A number of shootings and shootouts have taken place as well.

General Zepeda Cienfuegos' announcement Thursday follows a more stunning announcement last month in Sinaloa when he suggested that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's plan to return Mexico's military forces to the barracks would be delayed because of the sudden increase of drug gang violence in the region.

When asked about plans for military forces in the region, General Zepeda Cienfuegos said: "Se mantienen en las calles... ( They will remain in the streets)," according to a news account which appeared in the online edition of El Debate.

Also in a separate account of that June meeting, according to El Debate, General Zepeda Cienfuegos met with local politicians and with commander of the Mexican 3rd Military Zone, General Moses Melo Garcia in Los Mochis in Sinaloa.  General Melo Garcia told the reporter that unspecified incidents in Ahome municipality had forced SEDENA to modify force deployment in the region.  The general did not elaborate.

However, the general was probably referring to a series of drug related murders in Sinaloa state last April and May including nine dead found in two incidents as well as the murder of former Ahome police commander Nicolas Galaviz Vasquez.

General Zepeda Cienfuegos' announcement is not the first time Mexico's federal security officials have reversed themselves in the face of changing conditions.  The La Laguna region is a good example, where initially Mexican Army troops had been rotated out of the region in the first of the year only later to be redeploying in a substantially more intense role that before.

La Laguna is a region that includes municipalities in western Coahuila and eastern Durango states.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and  He can be reached at


  1. What about Durango?

  2. Ai ai no puedo dice el Chaputo y tambien el Mayate Zambada.Saben muy bien que en Chihuahua nunca pudieron y menos ahora con la alianza entre CNJ Z y Beltranes peliando Chiwas y Sinaloa.Tambien el Doz Letras anda tirandole chingazos a los Chaputos y Mayates en Sinaloa.

    Que pashooo Cartel De Sinaloa se les esta poniendo mas caliente la plaza que cuando le lamben el biscocho a una vieja jaja

    1. Chinga tu puta mother fucker viva el chapo

    2. I wish I was next to u to make u shit ur pampers. Ignort basterds like you are ruining my beutifull mexico

  3. To reinforce?? Or to help Chapo out , cause he's getting he's ass whooped all over Chihuahua , parts of sinaloa and some sonora...

    1. That too,but i think there looking for" chapo isidro "since he is in Sonora laying low with "el 2000'

    2. I think 2000, is in jail

  4. This looks to me like they sare going in to help chappo , funny how in all these areas sinaloa are in combat against rivals

  5. Cienfuegos gives protection and gave his aligence to malova..and in a chapo and el the meeting..they decided to use the army and the elite police to clean up northern sinaloa up..but they cant now their calling the army to try and clean up the plaza due to the cds not wanting to send their hitmen ..because they may not come back alive and have all those corridos..jahah im talking about el 50..el oso..el bravo..los anthrax gente nueva..el macho prieto...these guys are not guerilleros ellos nomas cuidan las nalgas de los jefe..y no se la rifan con los el fantasma is out of comission hahaha

  6. I know a person who is a member of a family here in Adalma, where I live also. I married into his family. This person grows marijuana in the Sierras. The Marijuana is grown for El Chapo. This man has multiple houses in Adalma and Chihuahua. All in the names of different family members. He has lots of cars and nice toys. I have met him and he seems like a straight forward, honest businessman, but he is a drug dealer. You would never know it. I never ask questions of anyone, as most information is volunteered. At family functions it is obvious who is involved in the family business. If you want to take group pictures, some leave the group so as not to be seen in any of them. Dead give away.

    The Feds find, and then have the crops of some growers burned. A family member said he never worries about his crops being burned or being arrested. They said it will not happen, because he pays for protection. The captain of the army actually sends soldiers to the grows to help with the harvest or other needs when asked. The soldiers then give safe passage and actually transport some of the drug to a destination in Chihuahua, where the grower is paid. From there that person is responsible for taking it North. I understand the new guy pays off different people to get it North. I do not know more from that point and forward.

    So this grower is under protection of the Mexican army. He has no worries that his crops will be burned. He is living a good life. He is probably safer then most Mexicans on the streets.

    I do not mention names por exact locations. I do not do so as I need to protect the innocent. Mainly me and my wife and family. Family here is just family until you cross them. Then you are just garbage to be disposed off after torturing you.

    He also gives money and gifts to people that live near his grows in the Sierras. But it his not out of the goodness of his heart, as the neighbors think. It is to buy minds, and to control. All the people in these communities know who deals and what they do. But because of the police protection, the army and more. Along with fear nothing is ever done.

    You can literally go into a pueblo with a friend or relative and they say that house is Narco's, that one, and that one. The list goes on, but no authority messes with them. Either out of fear or for money.

    I do not approve of him or his lifestyle. I just want to show you a little of how it works.

    Low paying military, and police jobs can pay big dividends. A huge percentage of these people join for the money derived from the drug business. Crime does pay for many.

    The reinforcements being sent will be new guards for the crops. They will keep out competing Narco groups and kill them if they try anything.

  7. Todos ustedes bola de putos tienen envidia que el chapo tenga tanto poder que hasta el ejercito lo apoya. Pinche bola de hipocritas te lo aseguro que si los otros carteles tuvieran esa opurtunidad acceptarian la ayuda con mucho gusto. Pinche bola de jotos llorones mejor ponganse a pelear que a estar nomas llorando por lo que les hace el chapo guzman

  8. An old Chinese proverb says wealth does not last three generations.

  9. Que chingen toda su puta madre los sinaloenses. Se largan de mi estado culos o ban a murir. no soy narco o sicario soy un ciudadano Chihuahuense. Pinches culos de sinaloa empesaron esta guerra y por su culpa ah muerto muncha gente culos y todavia no puden in Chihuahua ni con su papi el gobiernio. A la gente no se les va olvidar que todo estas pendejadas es por la culpa del cds.

    Puro Chihuahua!!! El Estado Grande

    July 12, 2013 at 11:28 AM
    If what you say is true (which i doubt) he is one f the many traitors & if he (& you)is stupid enough to stay in Chiwas, then its only a matter of time before they find him. Traitors get the worst of it & sometimes so does their family.

    ~live From Delicias

    1. Tienes la razon.. ud. esta diciendo la mera neta.. Purol camargo cabrones!

    2. Afirmativo carnal,el CDS y los vendepatrias son los culpables de genocidio de nuestros hermanos Mexicanos.

  10. Chapo is in deep shit in chihuahua. Hes losing it to carillo fuentes!!!

  11. I think this operation is against El Chapo, The BLO is having the collusion with the generals and the politicians especially from the PRI party. Since the new administration step in the cds suffered the most than the other cartel, they captured and killed the key members of cds like the arrested of El Chapo father in law, el fantasma, the killing of el chapo cousin etc... This will be a BIG problem of cds and the rising of BLO and his ally.

  12. viva el Chapo el ke Mata gente como los otro narcos no Mamen alah verga con ese guey.
    Al Quds

  13. Still cds is strong they almost control in sinaloa state except guasave. Los mochis, ahome and choix still disputed territories. People always thinks that BLO is strong because every time they got killed or dumped the corpse from the rivals they often leave a message claiming the responsible of killing unlike the cds they can killed without a banner or message because cds is a professional assassins, low profile in public but dangerous in enemy. Just like the mystery murdered the sinaloa ex-governor Juan Milan and the Former Ahome police commander Nicolas Galviz Vasquez, this officials having linked the BLO, no doubt probably the cds is responsible the killing of this two officials without notice or message. In Sinaloa state averaging 50-150 murders per month and most of this killings without message.


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