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Friday, April 26, 2013

Video showing torture of suspect in Torreon

This is well out of my wheelhouse, but this video purportedly shows a suspect undergoing a beating administered by Policia Federal and then presumably signing a confession.

This reminds me of the PF unit in Ciudad Juarez three years ago which had to be redeployed because of a mutiny against a commander who was out of control; who was detaining individuals and framing them with throw downs.

If these are PF agents administering the beating, this PF unit can be considered out of control as well.

Hat tip to: Codigo de Laguna


  1. after showing all those weapons and drugs i really don't see a reason why they need to torture them i men just book them all on gun and drug position its an easy 10 years in jail

  2. ese es el motivo por el cual los uniformados luego aparecen muertos ..muchos de estos delincuntes no paran su vida delictiva cuando estan en la carcel al contrario acumulan mas poder y cuando recuerdan el momento de su arresto y interrogacion que le '''brindaron'' los uniformados..el resto ya lo sabemos el mantejb1

  3. I finally figured it out. FINALLY... The reason why the mexican cops hide their faces and the reason why the sicarios hide their faces too is because theyre the same people. These cops are the guys in the mexican cartels.

  4. Well this is not a surprise. this happens everywhere in Mexico. I've seen this in Rosarito, Ensenada, SLP and Zacatecas.. FYI don't disrespect a cop in Mexico they don't play around or have time for ur bullshit.

    1. They read you the Mexican version of the Miranda rights while they waterboard your punk ass.

    2. get back what u put out there

  5. U can't even see the video wtf.

  6. this is typical justice in Mexico. That is why shit has hit the fan over there.

    "the real mexico. i have found to be a country with a written constitution and written laws in general almost as fair and democratic as our own, but with neither constitution nor laws in operation."
    - john kenneh turner (yr. 1908)

  7. either these cops are stupid or mentelly challenge they just fuck themselves wow reports like this have reported and always found to be innocent but this time what the fck do these cop have to say

  8. Can anyone describe the objects used in the torture?

    1) The white bag with yellow bands placed over the victim's head.

    2) The metallic looking thing that looks like a wrench placed on the victim's neck while being questioned.

    I would alsop like to know the meaning and significance of the hand signs the cop throws up in the video.


  9. Y luego andan llorando cuando sus companeros amanecen con la cabeza decapitadas/

  10. Viva la corrupcion!

  11. Where is the video?

  12. You cant even see the video wtf !

  13. When is the USA gonna go down there and clean house? We are so full of shit and hypocritical it is infuriating. We attack Iraq and say we are cleaning out a rat nest- but we have a country full of monsters right on our backyard and since these monsters have relatives and friends who vote in the USA, the USA's leadership pretends it doesn't see what these halfbreeds are doing.
    Give hominid subhumans access to European technology and here is what they do with it


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