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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mexican Army detains El Pipo in Zacatecas state

By Chris Covert

Numerous Mexican federal police and army counternarcotics operations taking place in the center of Zacatecas state has yielded the detention of a Gulf Cartel plaza boss, according to an anonymous correspondent for Borderland Beat.

A large police operation took place Thursday night in Zacatecas city in which the plaza boss was detained, said the correspondent.

According to data from AccesoZac supplied by the correspondent an alleged suspect identified only as El Pipo was formerly a Los Zetas operative before he went over to the Gulf Cartel. He is suspected of several killings in Zacateas city.  Clashes have occurred which have split some families whose loyalties are divided between Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, which have been vying for territory since 2010.

One of those clashes was a kidnapping and shootout in Zacatecas near the local Walmart and Soriana's stores.  A female victim was taken from her vehicle.

"There have been shootings almost daily, especially in Guadalupe, not big balaceras (shootouts)... and in the past few days there have been at least 2 nights when you could hear the helicopters up til really late, 2-4 am, which is unusual," said the correspondent.

Policia Federal units have detained since last Sunday a number of suspected drug traffickers in Zacetacas city area.

According to new accounts which  appeared on the websites of El Sol de Zacatecas and NTR Zacatecas news dailies, a total of seven suspects were detained in two separate operations, one on Calle Aragon,in España colony and one on a ranch in Mexico Federal Highway 54, known as El Rancho Milagro.

A total of 14 AK-47 rifles, 47 weapons magazines, 700 rounds of ammunition, and tactical gear were seized by Mexican security forces in both operations.

The detainees were identified Delena Felipe Rocha,  30, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Maldonado, 16, Jesus Rubalcaba Ivan Nava, 19, Raul Rodriguez Mora, 27, Guadalupe Macias Emilio Esquivel, 20,  Jairo Reyna Gonzalez, 18 and Hector Manuel Romero Garcia, 38.

Quantities of crack cocaine and powder cocaine packages for retail sale were seized as well as an undisclosed amount in cash.

Several police actions have taken place Friday and Saturday, including a shootout on the road  between Jerez municipality and Fresnillo between an element of the Mexican Army and armed suspects.  According to a post on  its Facebook page, AccesoZac claimed dead bodies were left on the road.

Last Tuesday a Mexican Army drug raid took place in Nochistlan municipality where soldiers secured two methamphetamine drug laboratories seizing large quantities of precursor materials.

According to its Facebook posting, a Mexican Army unit two days later detained two municipal police agents for violations of Mexico's Firearms and Explosives Act.  The Mexican Army is charged with enforcing Mexico's federal gun laws.

Special thanks to our anonymous correspondent in Zacatecas for the data.
Borderland Beat reporter Chivis Martinez contributed to this report.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. EL Pipo,would he of been one of talibans Commanders? sounds like the Zetas are going through hell over there.

  2. CDS sacen á ésos pinche putos de mierdaZ de Zacatecas Solo hacen daños es bola de Jotos escoria de la sociedad. Á la verga pinche zorras. Del les a la madre con los cuernos R-15s calibre.50 piñas. Metanles el pito por el culo Los Zacatecanos ya están hartos

  3. Por que no asen algo los de zacatecas enves de llorarles a los sinaloas no ai hombres en sacatecas o que. primero que saquen a zetas de sinaloa por que alla tanbien ai muchos con los beltran

    1. Porque en zacatecas ay puro hombre trabajador que no tiene tiempo pa ser chingaderas,.
      no como en tu estado ay puros huevones que estan de okis sin que aser y se meten al narco pero en verdad se meten aser dedmadre a robae y secuestrar.

  4. Los z ..they are done its just the other cartels that use that name now to make it seem like they rstill around to ..cover there asses.think about it the way thinks r with them who wants to be a Z..even z40 wiches he could be in a other cartel.

    1. U must not live in mexico pendejo jajaja even in ur gods hometown el chapo zetas are there n whoever denies this is pne big hipocrite n liar

  5. April 8, 2013 at 4:11 PM
    "Porque en zacatecas ay puro hombre trabajador que no tiene tiempo pa ser chingaderas,."
    Greetings brother,wise words indeed,true words also,,he has more important things to think about,than this bullshit,,tener cuidado from a gringo


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