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Saturday, April 6, 2013

"EL Mayo's Bad Night and The Proceso Interview

Borderland Beat

 "El Mayo's Bad Night and The Proceso Zambada Interview"

Translated  by "Chumuko212" and previously posted on BB

He felt the Army close, "right over my head" Said el Mayo , but was able to flee.

That dusky afternoon Ismael Zambada Garcia was more restless than usual. His instinct as a man of the mountains notified him that things didn't look so good in the southern hill of Culiacán.

The guards passed him reports that was repetitive in the last couple days, mobilized Army was traveling through the zone. The soldiers installed camps through the helicopters that carried them and supplies.

"Choppers are very active", his people reported to him. "stay focused and ready", he ordered them.

The noise of the military helicopters arrived occasionally to the refuge. El Mayo Zambada's senses intensified when the silence permitted it, some nearby sounds caused him to know that things didn't look well.

And as the ridge began to darkened they received a radio notice that soldiers were near the den. "Leave, they're on you".

Some how, the troops approach el Mayo. Mocking the multiple circles of security that spread around the boss. In highways, roads, paths, hills and thickets were men "sow" themselves, some armed, others disguising them self with the environment. Watching the vanguard and the rearguard of the leader of Sinaloa's cartel.

With little time to decide the elusion, they started hearing the motor of helicopters. They were on their trail in the dark of night, disembarking a commando of masked military men. The branches of trees and abundant bushes protected them. Mayo with three of his bodyguards walked in the half-light, a reflection of survival told him to walk toward the shadows where it was darker.

Feeling the boots of the soldiers stepping their heels. The shouts of "¡There they are, there they go!" and the deafening crash of the propellers breaking the wind. It opted for running while taking cover, grasping the land and seeking that nothing betrayed him, not even the creak of branches.

Immediately after half an hour of running for the hills, the calm arrived. The stealth continued for two or three hours more. Walking on rocks, shrubs and avoiding the branches of mesquites. Not saying one word that could betray them before the almost sure presence of soldiers in the area.

Without knowing where they're going or where they're at, they kept moving to a fast pace. Already without gas the only compass they carried was the foreboding that continued their control to move on and aware that some of the gunmen knew of the situation, were already seeking to find them.

Mayo ordered to turn off the radios and to put the cell phones on vibrate, but without answering the calls. They spoke in a low voice and codes, was the necessary thing for transmitting vital instructions for them.
Mayo and Vicentilllo
Directing that he desired going to the height of a community whose name he mentioned. "There we got people that will help us escape". They didn't know the exact place of the location. Almost midnight, they saw the lights of a town. "Lets go there to seek someone that will guide us", they agreed.

While seeking out a man that knew the sierra like the palm of his hands. They found him not to old to bear the walk but not to young either, someone that knew the exact route to escape. "Get us out of here however you can and we're going to correspond very well", they told him.

They walked without stopping while the Army of personal security for el Mayo organized the search, inch by inch on the outsides of Culiacán bordering with Cosalá. His top gunmen had already ruled out that soldiers had captured their leader. Also Vicente Zambada Niebla, El Vicentillo, position an up to date with the circumstance in which his father was found. Placed himself in the front of operation to locate him.

Just as el Mayo came upon jumping streams, climbing up and down hills. El Vicentillo asked himself, did they go south of Culiacán? What had failed with the contacts in the Army, Police and the widespread of guards by routes and key points close to the den.

"What a way to begin the year", acknowledge the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, recalling the beginning of 2009.

It was already seven in the morning of the following day when they spotted the population where they wanted to arrive. Their spirit changed, they felt insurance and although the cellphones didn't have a signal by radio they began speaking to their gunmen and family.
"We are well, they're coming for us". As for the guide they thanked him and offered to seek him out, to reward him for his service. "Who serves el Mayo gets rich", one of the bodyguard commented him.

And yes, el Mayo escaped from being captured by the Army's Elite Forces sent directly from the Office of the secretary for the National Defense. They would find out later, that the guide received a gift of fortunes.

To this, Ismael Zambada refers it in the encounter that he maintained with the journalist Julio Scherer, in which gives account the magazine Process in its edition 1744:

—Have you felt the Army close? —Four times, el Chapo more.

—Really close? —Up, over my head. I fled for the hills, the one where I know the branches, the streams, the stones, everything. They get me if I stay still or become careless, As for el Chapo, if we meet today, I come from far and as soon as we finish, I leave. ...end [Source:RioDoce]

Interview With Ismael Zambada Garcia aka "EL MAYO", One Of The Most Wanted Drug Lords in The world.  Translated by Chivis Martinez
Ismael Zambada Garcia, aka "EL Mayo", one of the most wanted drug lords in the world, was interviewed at an undisclosed location, somewhere in the Sinaloa's hills, by the founder of the Mexican magazine, Proceso , Julio Scherer. 
This is a rough extract of the interview, and a picture in which the face of the 60 year old drug lord can be barely seen for the very first time since the 70's. (He's the one with the baseball cap, the R letter stands for Reporter, and the M, stands for Mayo, the drug lord's nickname)
R-I asked the Capo about Vicente "Vicentillo"
M- He is my son, the first of five, I call him "mijo". He is also my compadre.
R- Zambada continued with his personal account:
M- I got my wife, five women, 15 grandsons and one great-grand son. They, the six of them (the women), are here, at the ranch, daughters of the bush, just like me. the bush is my home, my family, my protection, my land, the water I drink. The land is always good, the sky, is not.
R- I don't understand.
M- sometimes the sky won't give us any rain.
R- There was a silence which I choose to broke the only possible way I could: Vicente?
M- I don't want to talk about him right now. I don't know if he is in Chicago or in New York. I know he was in Matamoros however.
R- I have to ask you...  talking about your son, do you live his extradition with such remorse that it tears into your fatherly love?
M- Today I'm not talking about "mijo". I cry for him.
R– Do we start recording?
R- I got a lot of questions, (I insisted, already drained).
M- Some other day, you got my word on that.
R- As I was observing him. He stands up over 6ft tall and he posses a fortress-like body, far from a barely pronounced gut. He wears a green tee-shirt buttoned up to the neck and his denim blue jeans keep the straight line of the well ironed clothes. He covers himself with a baseball cap and a mustache.
M- I have read all your books, and you don't lie (he tells me).
R- I stare at the Capo, his lips tightly close.
M- All of them lie, even Proceso lies. Your magazine is the first, informs more than the other magazines, but also lies. ...continues on next page

R- Can you site a case for me?
M- you talked about a wedding that didn't even existed.
R- Chapo's wedding?
M- You even gave up details of that wedding.
R- Sandra Avila talked about a party she went and in which also Chapo was present.
M- I knew about that party, but it was an exception in Chapo's life. If him or me were to exhibit ourselves that way, they would have had captured us already.
R- Have you ever felt the army too close to you.
M- Yes, four times, but Chapo has more.
R- How close?
M- Up in the sky, over my head. I escaped into the bush, of which I know his branches, the rivers, the stones, everything, if I keep myself quiet for a minute, or I'm careless, they could catch me, like they once did to Chapo. In order for us to meet today, I came from far away. And as soon as we're done, I will go away.
R- Are you afraid to be captured?
M- I feel panic of being behind bars.
R- If you get caught, would you end up with your life?
M- I don't know if i would have the arrests (balls) to kill myself. I want to think, yes, I would kill myself.
[R-I found out the Capo is careful with his words. He uses the term "arrests", and not the classic slang.  Zambada carries the bush in his body, but possesses his own confinement. His sons, his families, his grandsons, his son's and grandson's friends, all of them like to party. They frequently go to clubs and public places and the Capo can't come with them. He tells me that for him, there are no birthday parties, the celebrations, and the cakes for the kids, the happiness of the quinceaneras, the music, the dancing]
R- Is there any moment for tranquility in you?
M- I'm always afraid
R- Always?
M- Always
R- Will you finally get arrested?
M- Any time now, or may be never.
[R- Zambada is 60 years old and he got started in the drug trafficking business at 16. 44 years had passed which it gives him a great advantage on his today's prosecutors. He knows how to hide away, he knows how to escape and he is loved among the men and women where half of him lives, and half of him dies]
[R- There hasn't appeared any traitor yet, he suddenly expresses to himself]
R- How did you get started into the narco traffic business? His answer makes me smile.
M- Just because.
R- Just because?
R- Just because? I ask again.
M- Just because, (he answers again).
[R- There is no way in to that conversation and I keep myself to my own ideas: The narco as an irresistible and pitiless magnet that follows the money, the power, the yachts, the airplanes, the women, own and of others with the big houses and buildings, the jewels as colorful marbles to play with, the brutal impulse that leads to the summit. In the capacity of the narcotraffic exists, terrified without any horizon. The capacity of crushing.
Zambada doesn't ignore the prosecution the government has unleashed to capture him. That's their right and duty. However, he despises the army's barbaric actions. The soldiers, he says, brake doors and windows, they penetrate into the intimacy of the homes, they plant and spread terror. In this unleashed war they find immediate response to their actions. The result is the number of victims that grow. The capos are their targets, even though they are the unique figures of past times].
R- And what are they? I ask.
[R- Zambada responds with a fantastic example]
M- Let's say one day I decide to gave myself up to the government so they can execute me by fire squad. My case should be an example, a lesson to everybody. They execute me and euphoria explodes, but while days pass by, we would find out that nothing has changed.
R- Nothing after the fall of the Capo?
M- The problem with the narco, it wraps millions of people up. How to dominate them? and about the captured, dead and extradited Capos, their replacements are out there already.
[R- To Zambada's judgment, the government came to late to this war and there is nobody who can solve in days, the problems generated in years. With the government, infiltrated from the bottom up, time did it's "job" within the heart of the system and the corruption grew it's roots in the country. To he president, his collaborators cheat on him. They are liars and they inform him about advances that there are not true in this lost war]
R- Why is it lost?
M- The narco is within the society, rooted like the corruption
R– And what do you do now?
M– I work in agriculture and livestock farming, but if I can do a "business" in the united states, I do it.
R- I was pretending to dig in about the capo's fortune and I choose to use the Forbes magazine to get this topic into our conversation, I stared to his yes, faking to be anxious, "did you know that Forbes magazine includes Chapo among the biggest millionaires in the world?"
M- That's foolish.
[R- I had on my lips the following question, now superfluous, but I couldn't contain it anymore]
R- Could you figure in the Forbes list?
M- I already told you, that's foolish.
R– Is very well known your friendship with El Chapo Guzman and it couldn't bring any attention the fact that you could had been waiting for him outside of the Puente Grande prison the day he escaped. Could you tell me in which way did you lived that particular story?
M– "El Chapo" Guzmán and I are friends and compadres and we call each other on the phone frequently. But that story never existed. It's another lie they are trying to pin on me. Like the invention about me planning a hit on the President. I could never thought of that.
R– Zulema Hernandez, Chapo's mistress, told me about the corruption prevailing in Puente Grande and about the way that corruption made it easier for Chapo to escape. Do you have any knowledge about what went down that day and how things were developing?
M– I know that there was no bloodshed, only one dead. I don't know anything else.
R- With an unexpected question, Zambada surprises me:
M- Are you interested in Chapo?
R- Yes, of course.
M– Would you like to see him?.
R- I came to see you.
M- Would you like to see him?.
R- Of course.
M- I'm going to call him, may be you could see him.
[R- Our conversation comes to an end. Zambada, standing up, walks under the sun's plenitude and again, he surprises me]
M-How about a picture?
[R- I felt an absolutely unexplainable heat inside of me. The picture was the proof the authenticity of the encounter with the capo.  Zambada called one of his bodyguards and he asked him for his hat, he put it on. It was white of fine quality]
M- How do you like it?
R- That hat it's so bright, it takes the personality off of you.
M- What about the cap?
R- I think so.
R- The bodyguard aimed with the camera, and shoots.......



  1. La mera verda el Chapo no me Cai pero ay algo del Sr. Mayo que quisiera que controlara a Tamaulipas y Nuevo Leon mejor porque el chapo, X20, Z40 y Z42 valen pura madre. Ellos 4 omas les importan el puro dinero y no el respecro como al Mayo.

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    Mayo says he speaks daily with Chapo. Nsis has for many decades the ability to pick converstions and determine who is the speaker whatever the method of transmission.
    And don't say they use cryptic oe others to realy the conversation as that is easily interpreted.

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  15. first i will say my own people they are animals i will yell ANIMALS!!
    my family they release all women but no men.
    my father my father i will cry a river but never see my father again until heaven.
    they made the girls watch as first one then sometimes two and three men beat my father and laughed. the men first they took one my baby sister to a room and then i cannot say what they did. then my middle sister then my mother my father could hear their screams that must have hurt more than the beating they did to him.
    no food no water no toilet four days. each day another beating for father each day screams from my sisters and mother. ANIMALS.

  16. El Mayo Zambada, 44 years in the game. Not just a lifestyle in Sinaloa, it's the Culture. Land of the biggest Bosses to ever excist in Drugtrafiking, Pedro Aviles, Manuel Sauceta "El Cochiloco", Caro Quintero, Don Neto Fonseca, Miguel Angel Felix, Amado Carrillo, Hector "El Guerro Palma", Hermanos Arellano, Beltran Leyva brothers, Chapo Guzman to name a few....

  17. @9:28AM
    If you are so good why must you write in Spanish? If you can't comprehend the post it maybe it is not the translation but your lack of English skills.

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    What do you guys think? How would a Z40 interview be?

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      hows that for your interview?

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  19. Esto aquí no se acabado la historia sigue mi gente

    Saludos a Culiacán, se llama Mayo Zambada

    El MZ sigue rifando. Con el apoyo de Chapo Guzmán, con Azul y Mayitos El Flaco y El Gordo ifierro! El Niño siempre estará presente

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      Ponte a estudiar mejor.

  20. Does anyone else get the feeling Zambada was starting to get a little irritated from all of the Chapo questions at the end of the interview?

    With all due respect, Sr. Scherer should have focused a little more on the man on front of him.

    This is a fascinating read nonetheless.

    By the way, wasn't there a foreword to this interview where Scherer talks about arriving at the location and all of the people he encounters?

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    1. Zetas got comandante diablos fam on video,
      This is a bad business.
      And sooner or later they get the family or the big whale itself.

  25. This interview was truly an insult to journalism and the public. I still respect the hell out of Proceso, Mr. Scherer, and his other work but journalism is supposed to shine the light of truth on the darkness of ignorance, not perpetuate propaganda from any source. Whether it be the government or a non gov authority does not matter...Right from the start you can tell all MZ wants to do is bullshit and give unsubstantive answers... "I have read all your books, and you don't lie (he tells me)." Then he says they all lie. Even Proceso. Julio asks for an example and Mayo responds that Proceso wrote about a wedding than never happened. The reporter responds with his source, and Mayo closes the point with the admission that it did happen but that these types of things are not common. There is not one word of truth in this entire interview. Then it closes with them talking about Chapo. Is Mayo trying to make the public feel bad for him because of his fear of incarceration and the FACT that WHEN he goes down someone will be there to take his place...Sorry dude, but that is the nature of the beast which your 44 years in had a large part of creating. Tell the familes in TJ and Juarez and everybody's families that have been chopped up by El Antrax that we should feel sorry for this dude... Granted, Mayo's guys were the ones with the guns in this case, not Sr. Julio, and that does make a significant difference (ha). But there have been brave journalists willing to ask REAL questions to the faces of these types of people, including Mexicans, Russian Mob Godfathers, and Al Qaeda Commanders, and I lost a lot of respect for Mr. Scherer when I first saw this interview a few years ago as he obviously is getting used by Sr. Mayo as a tool for his propaganda. Again, I don't blame him at all for not risking his life by asking the wrong question, but I'm saying that there are people that have, and that they deserve far more respect than this guy. I would have loved for him to address the 100,000+ dead in Mex over the last 6 years... On another note what happened to contributors like Ovemex a few years ago. I remember when (he/she) was giving updates on the CDG meetings after M3 got killed. Doesn't seem like any posters or readers have those type of sources anymore... The ones in Zacatecas are certainly interesting to hear from but don't have nearly the same access as ones from Reynosa in the good ole days... Now I see Texas Grandma haha... Maybe the influence of EPN? Or maybe people are more scared these days? Who knows...but X20 has the backing of Tormenta's surviving Escorpiones, thats why he is now in control... He killed M3 and told the Metro's he ordered it... Used cover of M3's brother sniching, that's why he got away with it...R1 left to CDS when he saw what was going down on his own...X20 turned in Coss, who led the alliance with CDS... Then CDG split between CDS supporters (Coss, Gringo, Puma, Guerra) and hard core loyalists (Pelon, M4 (who killed Guerra). Gringo smoked M4 on the orders of Chapo because he killed Guerra, then X20 sent troops to erase all CDS supporters... Not as easy as Metro's vs. Rojo's...But who the hell is Rey de Reyes... Must have some blood somewhere high up because why the hell would Chapo let him have that name and even refer to him as such? Weird...Tamaulipas is going to get even uglier...

    1. Could Rey de Reyes be Chapo himself? Or could ir be a relative of the legendary capo JUAN NUPEMUCENA GUERRA? Juan García Abrego? Juan N. Guerra used to dominate everything in Tamaulipas.

  26. Sorry also X20 killed M3 because he executed Concord 3 in 2010... X20 was always close to Hummer (Z10) and the Zetas. He is going to restart the alliance with La Compania against CDS, and its going to be just like back in 2004 in Nuevo Laredo...The Zetas are not as militarly strong as they were, despite their large #', but Scorpions are going to take the place of the original Z's in this fight...CDG/Zetas/Scorpions vs. CDS/CT... BLO will split- Mochomo loyalists to CDS, ABL loyalists and Chapo Isidro squads to La Compania...Interesting to see where Juarez and TJ will line up...

  27. El cartel de Sinaloa es el numero1,en Durango no hay secuestros,extorsiones ni todas esas barbaridades que exisen en Mexico,bueno ala gente honesta no le esta afectando el narco en ese hermoso Edo d Dgo.

  28. At first he was but then he starTed using his own supply n everything went downhill from there

  29. @5:35

    Idiot the picture IS Mayo.

  30. Don't you see! The body guard was CHAPO...

  31. @6:05 LOL dude the old guy is the journalist, the other guy is el Mayo, you didn't even read the article

  32. Thanks for the article but I am particularly bothered by the person who wrote this comment:

    April 7, 2013 at 8:31 AM
    Anonymous said...
    first i will say my own people they are animals i will yell ANIMALS!!
    my family they release all women but no men.
    my father my father i will cry a river but never see my father again until heaven.
    they made the girls watch as first one then sometimes two and three men beat my father and laughed. the men first they took one my baby sister to a room and then i cannot say what they did. then my middle sister then my mother my father could hear their screams that must have hurt more than the beating they did to him.
    no food no water no toilet four days. each day another beating for father each day screams from my sisters and mother. ANIMALS.

    So I want to write to this person and say:
    I don't know what happened to you but I'm so terribly sorry. The evil unleashed upon your family is beyond reason or understanding. I hope someday you can find justice in this life or another. I am deeply saddened by what you have written.

  33. April 7 @8:46
    I can't find the words to express how I felt reading your comment. I had to read it twice to assure I had read what I did. Complete horror.

    Though saying our people are animals is not something I agree with, I can say a tiny evil percent are evil animals that have committed such atrocities that no one should have to think about yet alone live through, or die through. I have heard stories from people first hand, or second, that have changed who I am. I can't imagine a child actually surviving such trauma, surviving, but altering their life and depriving them of what and who they could have been. I am sorry....Chivis

  34. Narco Reporter...
    Your tweet gave me the push I needed to write something as well. Thank you friend...

  35. Was chapo really the bodyguard? Someone please explain the last part of the interview.

  36. where we are i cannot say who we are with i cannot say. i must be so careful. through her tears of grief she thinks the only reason they let her go is so they could find me. i know who i am and i know how i have lived. i can say before god that i have not been involved with bad things. my whole family is very scared my mother trembles and cannot stop shaking. my sisters grip their knees to their chest and rock back and forth crying. i cannot sleep but had to share it helps.

  37. I picture mayo running through the monte in those pointy curly bright blue osterech boots gettin his white levis all dirty and sweatin through his silk shirt with the top three buttons open showin off the solid gold virgen piece he rocks probably thinkin the white cien x hat was a bad choice

  38. El Mayo is no hero or good man, his man have killed and dissapeared women before, remember when his sister and nephew where kidnapped? It was in response for Mayos people dissapearing El Sillas sister in Sonora. When the war in Tijuana started in the early 90s it was because mayo did not want to pay arellanos piso and said he had no money

  39. The reporter said Mayo was wearing a green tee..what's the color of that shirt? Why he's standing on top of something ? Look at their waist! What about the white hat? Para el cabron que Dijo que yo no sabina leer!

  40. Interview conducted the year 2012

  41. En el video de muscia llamado "el mojojojo" de los alegres del barranco sale el señor mayo zambada. Nomas sale de espalda pero es el señor.

  42. At Anonymous who posted @1:42

    Both Chivis of Borderland Beat and I have both discussed what your writing. Its all very sad. We want to know we hear you. We are listening.
    I don't know where you are. I know a church in Morelia who might be able to help you and keep you safe or at least keep the children safe. Please msg me @narcoreporter on twitter. You can do it there anonymously. I will never ask for your name. I know your here for a reason to find help and I will help you if I can. Chivis may have connections for the children as well. I am going to call the church now.

  43. So who thinks EL MAYO is actually the BOSS and CHAPO the front man for all the wars and plazas?
    After reading LOS SENORES DEL NARCO, alot has to be said about that. Argumentative or not...
    I think there are more people who would say, equal partners in a corporation but the way El MAYO portrays himself speaks for itself. He is just as much business as CHAPO and AZUL.

  44. to Narcoreporter said...
    At Anonymous who posted @1:42
    thank you for the concern.
    so many details that i cannot say. each detail brings the map closer for the kidnappers. i will say we are safe at the moment.
    i have rocks in my stomach my mother says she will return to the city the city of my family home. i am her son i might not be able to stop her she is talking crazy. i have too much fear to contact anyone outside family but i thank you for mentioning help. i say these things that happened to my family in hopes some will be moved to action of protection of families.

  45. April 8, 2013 at 1:42 AM
    Oh man,you got these self righteous assholes good.

  46. @ April 7, 2013 at 2:49 PM
    Dude,what happened to El Negro,and M4 killing Guerra was always going to cause big problems,he was much respected as a war lord,look at messages left for him.This split must have been coming and they couldn't stop it,it has got really personal and vicious,you see what they did to El Pumas children?There are many who say Rey de Reyes is R1 as you must have heard,it may be as he is supposed to have changed claves but who knows for sure,also Diablo in Coca V who is supposed to be his man.R1 is in this somewhere,his name keeps comin up,on the card,in messages?

  47. R1 last name is Reyes=Rey de Reyes

  48. download the tor browser, you can navigate without being found..

  49. Mayo's nephew commited suicide?

  50. yo chivis how bout this..hector beltran leyva just another neighbor of del valle community.
    pretty dope and heriberto lazcano r.i.p too.

  51. lol i forgot el chapo saved by a prostitute thats a dope story too.

  52. Proceso Exposé : "Los Zetas" infiltrate the Army, PGR, AFI, PF and Governorships - super article

  53. Mayo was born in January. Me too. 27 years apart, even though he is the same age as my father who was born in June 1948. Mayo's son Vicente Zambada Niebla was born in March 1975, 13 weeks younger than me. 3 of us are still alive, (well hard to guess if they're still alive because Mayo disappears and Vicente in jail) with my Dad passing away in 1982. Don't know why I'm leaving my comment in this post. I live in the Southern Hempshire, probably 22-hour away from Mexico.

  54. It says green shirt....shirt in the pic is buttoned up to his neck....purple shirt not buttoned....hmmmm but ppl like that dont take pics lest they be identified.....

  55. Camisa verde abotonada hasta el cuello era lo k vestia el senor cuando empeso la entrevista pariente,cuando el le pregunto ,kieres ver al chapo ,r dijo seguro fue cuando se puso esa camiseta purple n the hat para parecerse a chapo compa ,ya entendio?


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