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Monday, April 22, 2013

8 die in La Laguna

By Chris Covert

A total of eight individuals were killed or were found dead in the La Laguna region of Mexico since Friday, according to Mexican news accounts.

Two unidentified men in their 20s were found shot to death and abandoned in a Volkswagen sedan Monday, according to a news report which appeared on the website of  The Victims were found between ejidos Valle Eureka and 18 de Marzo in Gomez Palacio municipality in Durango state shot once in the thorax and head.

Elsewhere in Gomez Palacio, one unidentified armed suspect was killed by Durango state police in an exchange of gunfire, according to a  news account which appeared on the website of El Siglo de Torreon.

Somehow a patrol of the Policia Estatal encountered suspects who were travelling aboard two vehicles, one of them a Chevrolet Aveo sedan and the other an SUV on Bulevar Ejercito Mexicano near the Expo Feria de Gomez Palacio fairgrounds.

However, according to a Facebook post by Codigo Rojo Laguna, the SUV has been carjacked by a local drug gang headed by an individual identified only as TONY.

In the gunfight the remaining gang members, some of whom are claimed by Codigo Rojo laguna to be minors, escaped.

Meanwhile in Torreon in Coahuila three individuals were found shot to death, according to a news account which appeared on the website of El Diario de Coahuila.

The find was made near the intersection of calles Ninos Heroes and Fourth in Jose Ayup Tedy colony.

The victims were identified as Maria Luisa Flores Reyes, 45, Francisco Huerta, 46, and Antonio Valero Valero Parrilla,20.  A total of 15 each .223 caliber spent shell casings were found at the scene.

According to a Facebook posting by Codigo Rojo Laguna, armed suspects said to be associated with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel were seen at at least two bars, presumably in Gomez Palacio municipality.  The suspects had been intimidating bar patrons.

Friday, two more dead were found in Torreon in Coahuila, according to separate reports which appeared on the website of Vanguardia news daily.
  •  An unidentified man in his 20s was found shot to death Friday night near the intersection of Periferico Raul Lopez Sanchez and Calle Francisco I Madero in Nueva Laguna Norte colony.
  • A man in his 20s was shot and later died while receiving medical attention.  Martin Alejandro Ruiz Soto, 20, was brought into an Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) clinic by two relatives who said the victim was shot near the intersection of calles Juarez and Adolfo Lopez Mateos in ejido Zaragoza by a shooter travelling aboard a motorcycle with another driver.
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  1. What is the situation there now with the Dannys out of the picture? Could some of these killings be a cleanup of remaining members of that group?

  2. Are some of these killings innocent? Are people getting shot just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Sure seems to be a lot of killing in intersections.

  3. aaaaayyyyyyy, TONY

  4. it's nice here in laguna beach cali

    1. 6:28- I wish I lived in a nice place like you do. :-). Granted I do live in the US. BUT,IT HAPPENS TO BE IN TEXAS. Besides,my job is my life here, I do travel alot. Maybe I need a holiday in Laquna Beach, to get away from the local gangs,many crazy murders that happen daily and the upteen people who don't give a damn what's happening in Mexico! Enjoy yourself for all of us!

  5. (@1:23am)Lot of killings happen at intersections cause thats when vehicles stop at lights or for oncoming traffic,and thats when the motorbike comes alongside the side window,occupants in the vehicle cant move more than likely they blocked in with other motorbike passenger pulls out pistol and blows the desired targets brains out all over his wifes face or vice versa.

  6. "Somehow a patrol of the Policia Estatal encountered suspects" - somehow, indeed! A broken clock is always right twice a day!


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