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Monday, February 4, 2013

US Continues to Cut Cushy Deals With Drug Traffickers

Borderland Beat
Can't blame Mexico for this farce: The United States continues to cut sweet deals with drug traffickers:
On April 13, 2009, the United States Department of Justice published a list with the eleven men most wanted by the DEA, which then had Arturo Beltrán Leyva, Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán and Vicente Carrillo Fuentes topping the list.
In fourth place, however, appeared the name of an unknown: Ovidio Limón Sánchez, whom the DEA, the FBI and the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) identified as "person of El Chapo", but more curious was that Limón Sánchez is listed as wanted more than  Ismael "Mayo" Zambada, Ignacio Nacho Coronel and Juan José Esparragoza, "El Azul", who does not even appear on the list.

Such was the importance of Ovidio, who along with Víctor Emilio Cázarez, Tony Tormenta, El Coss or even El Lazca, not even the brothers Miguel Ángel and Alejandro Treviño Morales, who also made up the list, were as relevant to the DEA as Ovidio.

The hunt then began and two and a half years later the Mexican army arrested him in a residential area of Culiacán, whereas he  was immediately incarcerated  in Puente Grande, Jalisco.

It took less than a year for the Mexican Government to approve the extradition, since Ovidio was the "fourth most wanted man by the DEA, and he posed a strong threat to the United States".

But it is precisely on U.S. soil where the case came to a head, now that days after his extradition, Ovidio Limón Sánchez appeared before a federal court in Los Angeles, and at the recommendation of his lawyer, pleaded guilty. Given this, judge, Andrew J. Guilford determined to punish him with a sentence of 120 months in prison, crediting time served in Mexico.
                                                                 Phoenix BOP Prison

Undisclosed was the fact that before sentencing Ovidio agreed to give $600,000 in cash to the United States, in addition to properties valued at more than two million dollars; It was the price of a lenient sentence, considering the magnitude of his "dangerousness".

And what other agreements did Ovidio's defense make with the U.S. judicial system to achieve a sentence this light? That remains a mystery.

After a stealthy and quick trial, the name of Ovidio Limón Sánchez appeared in the lists of the Department of prisons of United States (BOP), where it is explained that he is being held at a medium security prison in Phoenix, Arizona, and that he will be free on June 5, 2021.

Federal judge Andrew J. Guilford, who after being informed that the defendant relinquished $600,000 in cash, in addition to a mansion in Los Angeles, then decided to sentence with an "exemplary punishment" of 120 months in prison, in addition to counting his incarceration in Mexico.

The Federal Court of United States from the Central District of California, located at the corner of Spring and Temple, in downtown Los Angeles, was not so kind as to overlook an additional fee for $100 that Ovidio was ordered to pay immediately, "given the gravity of his crimes".

So the United States ended up cutting a deal, once again, with another
"powerful" drug trafficker, much like the cushy deals made with; 

 Benjamín Arellano Félix, who payed $ 100 million, or Héctor "el Güero" Palma, Osiel Cardenas Guillen, who had $ 50 million seized, or Javier Torres Félix JT,

whose cases were closed, and according to the BOP he will be free in the next few years.

[Read Prison Handbook by linking here ]
The American farce
A list of the most wanted drug traffickers in the world, published by the DEA in 2009, with names, monikers, age, height and weight, was a sensational document. There appeared the names Arturo Beltrán Leyva, Joaquín "el Chapo" Guzmán, Ovidio Limon Sánchez, Emilio Cázarez Salazar, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, among others, followed by the “Most Wanted” title and  the DEA seal.

Out of all of them, only Ovidio is held by the Government of the United States, while the remainder of the most wanted, eiher remains fugitives, or they have been killed....-continued-

The record 8:09-CR-00201-AG, confirms that, indeed, an agreement was made between Ovidio and the U.S. Government, and clarifies that in addition to the properties the payment of $600,000 was to be paid "before sentencing”. 

A DEA agent, questioned about the judgments of United States, acknowledged that they were "soft", but said that they were powerless to do anything.

"We only do our work, the punishment that a judge determines  is without  contribution from us," said the agent, who requested their identity  not revealed.

Agreements under the water

When Ovidio Limón discovered  that he could be sentenced to spend the rest of his days in prison, according to the criminal Federal Code of United States, and that they could also seize $ 4 million from him, he hired a law firm led by Frank Ragen, and he made a quick negotiation.

Ovidio, originally from Mocorito, Sinaloa, had his defense attorneys meet immediately with U.S. prosecutors Jennifer Water and André Birotte, and they agreed that he would plead guilty in exchange for a
"just" sentence.

Agreements were precisely,  that Ovidio gave them $600,000 in cash, in addition to a property located at 7007 Gage Avenue, in Los Angeles, and to eventually testify against drug traffickers when they are presented in court; all this in exchange for the minimum penalty of 10 years in prison.

*this is the Gage property value is 176k see notation at bottom
According to federal law, they would in addition, count the time he was held in Mexico, a period of little more than one year. [the Gage property is a condo, value is 176K)

Ovidio immediately accepted the offer,  it was filed with judge Guilford, and without hesitating for a second, he pleaded guilty.

The agreement was made, and was only a matter ' enacting it ', as established it the judicial bureaucracy in this country.

The charges

The charges which Ovidio was sentenced were distribution and possession of hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, the record  explains how several police departments in Southern California, including Los Angeles (LAPD) and Los Angeles of Anaheim (APD) executed searches at his various homes, finding on at least two occasions, several kilos of cocaine ready for distribution.

Therefore, if Ovidio was “just a Distributor”, isn’t it peculiar that the DEA has listed him  as a large operator of Joaquin Guzman Loera and well as El Lazca?

The truth is that, while it is said that Ovidio was one of the most connected to Chapo Guzmán  records do not mention the name of Joaquín Guzmán at all, although,  it is supposed that he was a buyer of hundreds of kilos of cocaine in Southern California, and acquired the cocaine  “from a Mexican”, although they are not specific about who .

The mystery of why the DEA ranked the man as the fourth drug trafficker most powerful and dangerous in the world, while the DOJ lists him as a simple distributor will continue like that: a mystery.


2006 A federal court of the Central District of California, in Los Angeles, presents a court order to search properties of Ovid Limón Sánchez, whom the DEA identified as a supplier of cocaine in the region

2007 The same Court of the Department of Justice of United States, in Los Angeles, issued charges against Limon Sanchez

2009 The DEA, the FBI, the ICE and ATF Limón Sánchez as the fourth most important drug trafficker in the world identify and catalog him  as a threat to the United States.

2011. On November 9th , the Mexican army with intelligence from U.S. agencies, located and arrested Ovidio in Culiacan, Sinaloa. Two days later Ovidio was held in the prison's maximum-security Puente Grande, Jalisco.

2012. On May 8th , While Ovidio Limón was imprisoned, the Department of the Treasury of United States issued a bulletin prohibiting their fellow citizens to perform any type of transaction with Ovidio, because of  his links with organized crime.

2012 September 20th , Ovidio Limón Sánchez, is extradited to the United States.

2012 December 3rd  of that same year, Ovidio is sentenced to 120 months in prison.

2012 December 5th , Ovidio Limón Sánchez is transferred to the criminal medium security Safford FCI, in Phoenix, Arizona, where he will spend the remainder of his sentence.
His release date is scheduled for June 5th  in the 2021.

*Note from Chivis:
I am doubtful of the 2.5 in properties, the Gage property is valued at 176K -190K
I accessed public information and as of today the property still is in the legal ownership of Limon, see image with * above.  It is in the gateway city of Commerce, not Los Angeles.  Confusion often arises when a reference to a gateway city is made as being LA when in fact it is in LA County.  This is a blue collar  city that is heavy with industrial parks and manufacturing, almost 50% of the city is populated with residents if Mexican ancestry. 
Public records also reflected default on property taxes for at least the year of 2012
Source: RioDoce
Siskiyou Kid of BB forum also posted this article


  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement, Buela Chivis. I checked to see if the story had been posted here, because un vato often does quality translations of Rio Doce stories.

    I'm on vacation with my family in Barra de Navidad for the next few weeks.

  2. he must be needed for info,as well as stand up to testify against other traffickers when time comes, its seems the US government love's these Mexican drug traffickers....for one reason or another.

  3. Ovidio gave up more than that, in intellectual property.
    atte...ThinkTank 28.7 Narcovision

  4. I think the important part of this is he will be required to testify against other members of organized crime in Mexico. Its not like he is just getting 10 years and a 600k fine. The important thing about this is that he will be forced to testify against other cartel members which pretty much means he will be going into witness protection when he gets done serving his time, and during his 10 years he will NEVER be in general pop. Is it less than he deserves? Probably. Will he ever be able to have a normal life again after testifying? Absolutely not.

    1. You have no of who iam but you are totally right. God bless him

    2. god bless you bruh .

  5. I wonder what his neighbors thought he did for a living ? no job , uneducated, fancy house ,(probably fancy car ) strange hours , shady people stopping by can you enjoy that knowing the cops can kick the door in at any moment ?

  6. Hey Kid...
    It a good post, I do blame Mexico for much but the US demonstrates flaws when they hand out justice. It is frustrating, Mexico did a good job, picked up this guy and now look. RioDoce's take was hilarious poking fun at the US and the Most Wanted List...

    as for this guy giving up info..doubtful and that's the point, he really was not a big cheese..Paz, Chivis

    1. Meanwhile in Mexico its 98% impunity rate.

  7. Goes to show that even the huge mighty us govt takes bribes... How does that feel? Con dinero baila el perro

  8. no money no honey


  9. Its crazy. This guys first cousin is married to my freinds sister. He had a business and lived a middle class life. But outta no were they just packed up and left to Culiacan

  10. Damn I live 5 houses away from the gage address ?

  11. It is clear to me that dirty narco-money is "corrupting" our US law enforcement and judicial systems.

    The patterns are much clearer in Mexico where even the lowest peasant knows "corruption" at every level of government and commerce is the norm. There is abundant literature on this topic.

    To me, this "smelly" case just shows where America "is" and is heading. Our institutions and its agents are being corrupted ... but this is hidden by lawyers' sophistries "working things out" behind the scenes so we peasants don't realize it. In effect, we have a laundry system that makes things "seem" right to the peasants (us).

    There will certainly be an acceleration of this sophiticated corruption as the Latino criminal elements get more ingrained in America (as with the coming amnesty of millions of Latinos).

    Many Latinos (legal and illegal) are variously connected to narco-cartels and criminal enterprises. Some are powerful and evil characters with "blood" on their hands. and many are profiteers leeches who present as "harmless". I predict that this nefarious groups will gladly "pay" for amnesty and easily get it. They, will, of course, meld with our own criminal elements. Then, in due course when they take comfortable root, we will see atrocities that will make our massacres look petty. (Of course, this gloomy scenario may not happen as envisioned here... because of possible other catastrophic events as might occur ... War, economic collapse, plagues, etc.)

    Finally, this particular case, signals that America is increasingly becoming corrupted in political, judicial, law enforcement, labor, business, religious, and other arenas.

    Someone, please tell me I'm full of S#$t.

    Mexico Watcher

    1. You, sir, are full of shit. These are conspiracy cases with little direct evidence except snitches whose testimony must be bought and hold up poorly in court.
      If there was evidence that connected ANY of these kingpins, physical evidence, to murders or anything else the USA would throw the book at 'em.
      But there isn't. These are not common criminals, they don't touch the drugs or guns. Hence the RICO conspiracy charges.
      Actually this shows more that our courts are honest and require real litigation. Take a deep breath and read a book.

    2. I don't think you should be fearfull about future massacres they have been preparing us for such events for decades have you forgotten these names already. : David karesh , Charles Manson timothy McVeigh Adam lanza

    3. I do agree that this guy (Mexico Watcher) is full of shit and has never read the penal code, code of criminal procedures, or any criminal justice book.

      I guess he's never paid for a traffic violation.

    4. No....its obvious that the guy is a boss no one knew his name until he was picked up he was working till behind the scenes this guy probably bought out the lawers, judge and anyone else that he needed to get the outcome he wanted he's safe in jail and he can work and make big decisions and money from there

  12. He Looks like he was crying all night ! He ROLLED OVER on CHAPO big time ..Thats all these wanna be gangsters do is SNITCH on everyone to save their stinky asses

  13. I had heard some time back that he was wanted strictly for the vicente zambada case.

  14. Puro comptone varrio Setentas gang controlando y riffamos , Sinaloa mi querido Tierra , CV70s Al cien pariente nada de vergadaz

  15. @10:48 you're full of sh$t. Happy? They convicted Al Capone of tax evasion and it took 3 trails to get Gotti. Drug lords are insulated from the everyday business and hard to convict without a wiretap or something. Whoever testifies against them probably does so for a plea deal, so their testimony is only worth so much.
    Before assuming our hard working civil servants are taking bribes and hushing shit up, maybe examine the story from a LEGAL perspective. They probably agreed to a plea deal with some of these guys because they don't have a strong case against them. I know we all know the horrible shit they've ordered done, but it's hard to prove. That they would need a strong case is proof our courts are working just fine. Justice is blind.

  16. Thanks for the feedback to you who say that I am full of S#@t.

    However, I am NOT satisfied with your responses because I remain worried that the rich and powerful legal and illegal Latinos "linked" to ruthless criminal organizations (i.e. narco-cartels) will continue to use their nefarious powers to contaminate and "corrupt" our law enforcement, judicial, correctional, commercial, and even educational systems.

    IMPUNITY: I base much of my concerns on stories right out of BLB's own chronicles. Latino criminals in Mexico and the USA literally have mutually beneficial "handshake" relationships. These entities are well versed in tactics to corrupt and compromise our social systems... These entities know that "buying lawyers" to mitigate or avoid justice is essential as the "plato-o-plomo" tactic so well proves to any observer. Latino criminals are not all stupid...especially at high levels. They know how to corrupt and develop impunity from justice.

    I have some knowledge of our justice and correctional systems and have a somewhat cynical opinion of how things will unfold when massive amnesty is granted to many Latinos with criminal intentions and "blood on their hands". Efforts to protect against all my fears will not be sufficient to stop the tsunami of corruption that is coming to America.


  17. Corruptionhas existed here amongst us since al Capone days unless you live under a rock you may be unaware I myself don't think you are full of shit I just think you fail to see the big picture this criminal element puts food on a lot of peoples plates.everyone from law enforcement right up to supreme justice , I actually admire your way of getting attention your views or the way you express them sure rises a lot of eyebrows right or wrong we are all entitled to have them thus the beauty of this great country if ours ,I am also glad that just like this criminal element people who share your point of view only represent a very small part of the population.

    1. Hilarious. Soooo are you pretending you're not him? This is the same guy patting himself on the back. Jajajaja

    2. I'm not Mexico watcher I have a slight feeling he is also American but not Hispanic like me

  18. anybody got a pic of that mansion he gave up in LA?

  19. cant blame mexico for this farce???? millions of mexicans already live in the US without paying taxes. their children go to school for free because their parents are not legal and therefore pay zero property taxes, costing the rest of us thousands of dollars per year in increased property taxes. Mexican DTO's come here, kill americans with their heroin, commit murders and then flee back to mexico. what else do you people want?

    1. Well said my friend

    2. they go to school for free cause they don't pay property taxes?
      more than half the u.s. go to school for free cause the only way you pay property taxes is if you actually own property you moron. so thanks for pointing out that legal citizens are a bigger drain on our country than the estimated 12mil illegal aliens.....or do you wanna argue that there are less than 12mil legal citizens that are renters in our country?

  20. Mexico-Watcher
    Will inevitably get a negative response because he is telling unfortunate and politically incorrect truths.It is distasteful truth but truth non the less.This is what it has come to,people afraid to state certain things for fear of being called names?If something is worth protecting,protect it?But that is not happening through various political reasons,we take for granted what we have sometimes,and"everyone"will rue that something more wasn't done.

    1. Truth? What truth? You use that word like it's nothing. Be specific.

  21. @ Mexico-Watcher
    At least you tell the truth and have not succumbed to spineless political motivations.

  22. @10:09 I'm not sure what convinced you that you were intelligent. Sometimes these misunderstanding happen. For example:

    'These entities know that "buying lawyers" to mitigate or avoid justice is essential as the "plato-o-plomo" tactic so well proves to any observer.'

    Do you mean hiring a lawyer to represent you in criminal proceedings?

    'powerful legal and illegal Latinos'

    What's an illegal Latino?

    You use words & phrases like; entity, impunity, mitigate, and nefarious powers (lol). You write like many undereducated: too many words that obfuscate any real meaning.

    To be more clear you have not raised one persuasive fact, you simply have beliefs. Beliefs that don't seem to be born of hard-won experience, fearless truth-seeking, or a bedrock of knowledge. It's just shit you kinda heard from others that eventually became something you 'know'.

    The worth of an opinion is directly proportional to the amount of work that went into having it.

    Do some more work.

  23. @2:33

    I had photos of the "Not so Mansion" yesterday and forgot to include them...they are up now .. It is a condo. At first I thought there was a mistake in the address because this is considered a below average home in So Cal, so I checked the public records and he is the owner of the condo above. No Mistake. you can see his name, and he is still the owner
    I added info....paz, chivis

  24. Los Angeles is Mexican ran now . Born and raised here

  25. I don't understand how these guys all talk. No heart I guess

  26. Cake walk...from Mejico prison to the comforts of a US prison. Protective custody. Maybe he will pull a Chapo Guzman and have the black caddy pull up back and escape. Im sure if he sends Atty Gen Eric Holder an SOS he can return to Mejico asap with more Arms shipments.

  27. Limon gave up intellectual property

  28. @chivis thank u for the property pic. i was expecting a nice mansion not a condo haha

  29. "Los Angeles is Mexican ran now . Born and raised here"
    Woop de fuckin doo,you want it to become Mexico?

  30. and people say the u.s.a govt. isnt corrupt. they just keep things secret thats the american way lol....

  31. February 6, 2013 at 5:52 PM
    "and people say the u.s.a govt. isnt corrupt"
    Wha wah wah it all the fault of the gringos wha wha,stick somethin in his mouth to suck,shut him the fuck up whining

  32. The truth is the u.s is as corrupt as mexico period... im with 5:52...


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