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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Invasion of Los Templarios and the Violent War With CJNG

Borderland Beat
Neither the federal authorities nor the state authorities dare to report  what international  intelligence agencies, such as Stratfor,  have reported;   of exactly what the inhabitants of of Jalisco and Michoacan are suffering; that the killings of the last days of 2012 and the beginning of the present year is caused by the conflict  over  expanding  territories between  the Knights Templar and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, after  emerging as the main groups in their native entities.
Inhabitants of the region, who feel at mercy of the criminals, report  the dispute between Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the Knights Templar that erupted before  Christmas and continued during the first weeks of January, is due to the conflict over  control of  the ‘Jalmich’ territory  (the border of Jalisco and Michoacan).
The clash between the groups in conflict has caused an increase in extortions of civilians and the imposition of a parallel government, since the criminal groups control the movement of the people and charge fees to merchants and agricultural producers.
The cities of Jalisco most  affected by this war are;  Jilotlán de los Dolores, Pihuamo, Tecalitlán, Quitupan, Mazamitla, San José de Gracia, Santa María del Oro, La Barca, Atotonilco, Ayotlán, Tizapán El Alto y Degollado, Tuxcueca, Jocotepec and Chapala.
In Michoacán, the conflict has erupted in;  Briseñas, Yurécuaro, Sahuayo, Marcos Castellanos, La Piedad, Zamora, Cotija de La Paz, Tepalcatepec, Los Reyes, Peribán and even Apatzingán, Tierra Caliente and hundreds of kilometers of mountain zones.
The residents of both states point out that the clashes  and the massacres in the zone was due to the advance of the Knight Templar into Jalisco territory, the bloody reaction of the CJNG and the incompetence of the authorities of both states to provide security.
“We are fearful that sooner or later this region will explode  into something more because of the conflict over the territory  is because of drug trafficking, also the location of production zones of marijuana or illegal substances".

"We don’t really know what is going on but we suppose that all these factors that are mentioned erupted in the wave of violence that ended  the peace in dozens of towns”, says a 65 year old farmer, who asked to maintain anonymous.
Government employees know they can’t travel into several municipalities to conduct work, even though their vehicles display state government license plates,  consequently road infrastructure and assistance for schools have gone incomplete or unaided due to lack of security and supervision.
The inhabitants of several municipalities are forced to pay  a  "war tax" to conduct their employment, either milkman, butcher or baker. Also those that utilize sand and gravel banks are charged.
“Sicarios demand even small business owners (in this case a milk man) pay the equivalent of three liters of milk for every ten liters they sell; farmers using the threshing  machines are charged 500 pesos for every thresh or 100 pesos for each  hectare”, says a witness.
“Employees of state  that give health services or support to communities of Jilotlan de los Dolores, Jilotlán de los Dolores, Tecalitlán, Quitupan and adjacent villages, have to enter from the south, travelling the perimeter of Michoacán territory to evade the criminals.
Citizens  have known for years, that the region is out of the control of the Jalisco government.. Explaining they came to the realization   when the attack occurred  on rural police in October of 2010.  In Jilotlan, at least 15 officers were killed, although the authorities only reported nine.
October 2010 deadly  attack on police; official tally was 9 officers killed, in reality it was 15
During the recent wave of violence, Erika Esparza Mora, of 22 years old, was killed. She was traveling Saturday  January 5th in a Frontier truck with her husband and her two year old daughter through the  Guadalajara – Morelia road, in the municipality of Tuxcueca, when they were attacked by  members of the CJNG, who apparently confused them with rivals of the Michoacán cartel (Knights Templar).                                                                               
[Below:Maria Santos former Mayor of Tiquicheo-Templarios took responsibility  for her killing]

The aggressors were in  a black Avalanche truck and in a white Mitsubishi. According to witnesses, Erika’s husband stopped after seeing they were pursuing them, but when he noticed that the aggressors were armed, he tried to escape. Then the hit men started shooting.
Later, the criminals realized their mistake and when they saw Esparza was seriously injured, they told her husband to go. It was known later that  the hit men’s Mitsubishi  had  overturned and  they escaped aboard a stolen red Tahoe truck.

However, municipal police of Jocotepec managed to capture them and confiscated two .45 caliber guns, a .9 mm gun and three AR-15. At the scene of the crime 37  shell casings were found.
The commando was formed of 10 individuals who said they were members of the CJNG, among them five minors. They declared that that Saturday, they were patrolling the road to Morelia and that in Tuxcueca, at the  junction to La Manzanilla, the gray recent model Nissan Frontier  and  no license plates caught their attention.
The detainees that were indicted to a criminal court by the Attorney General of Justice of Jalisco and later sent to the penitentiary of Puente Grande are: Manuel González Alonso, El Güero, 24 years old; Javier Ochoa Bautista, El Jaiba, of 30; Manuel Mercado Cruz, of 34; Francisco Ismael Grimaldo Mendoza, of 18; Pedro Magallón Orozco, also of 18, and five teenagers between 15 and 17 years old.
CJNG Thugs that Killed 22 year old mother Erika Esparza Mora;
 the 5 turned away are juveniles, Mexico 'protects' their privacy. 
Sunday 6th, at 8:45 am, the Rural Police was notified by Secretary of Public Safety of the State about the discovery of seven corpses in Jilotlan de los Dolores, at the height of Kilometer 17, over the road that takes to Tepalcatepec, Michoacán and near the ranch El Terrero.
The victims exhibited bullet wounds and were blindfolded, and gagged. The state and federal authorities reinforced the surveillance in the limits of the two states and the Public Ministry started the corresponding investigations.
At dawn of the same Sunday, four men were riddled with bullets in a house in Ciudad Del Sol, in Zapopan. One of the deceased was identified as David Alvarez Ayala, El R-4, brother of two leaders of the CJNG: Ramon and Rafael, who was captured September 9th of last year by the military  in Napoles Street of Terranova Development.
In Quitupan, the state authorities picked up the corpses of three men executed in the square of Montoso delegation. One of them was about 70 years old; another one was 50 and another one about 25. The three men were taken to Medical Forensic Service for the autopsy and to try to identify them.
Monday 7th, the director of Public Safety of San Miguel El Alto, Sara del Refugio Chavez Rangel, was gunned down by sicarios using   AK47s as she was exiting her home with her two bodyguards.

The body guards had no time to repel the attack.  Despite the immediate mobilization of the police, the aggressors managed to escape. 

The director sustained 7 bullet rounds resulting in her transfer to a Guadalajara hospital. One of her body guards was also transferred having sustained serious injuries.
Chávez Rangel  also had lead police corporations in Guanajuato and in Ojuelos, Jalisco....continues on net page

Stratfor Reports:
A recent report of the American Agency Stratfor warns that Jalisco and other Mexican entities keep increasing offenses such as kidnapping and extortions as major cartels move to diversifications to increase income.  

In the digital edition of Thursday 17th of their site, , the specialized  security and intelligence agency predicts  this year the violence in the country will keep increasing.
Stratfor also warns that the Zetas have expanded in the entity in the beginning of 2013,  and that CJNG expanded their operations. It also warns that the Knight Templar continue to advance  in the  territory of Jalisco that for decades was considered to be controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel led by Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka “el Chapo”.
It also reports  that the kidnapping, extortions and attacks on  authorities by criminal groups  might intensify in the main urban zones of the country such as Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Guerrero, Jalisco, Coahuila and Michoacán.
               -click on any image to enlarge-
Further reporting ,  that last year  CJNG made mobilizations in states such as Morelos, Colima, Michoacán, Guerrero and Quintana Roo, with the purpose of controlling the traffic routes, but also continuing extortion and selling drugs in retail in Veracruz and Colima.
According to the same analysis, in April of 2012, the conflict between the Knights Templar and the CJNG was clear, but it is not clear if in this confrontation the Sinaloa Federation has any involvement , since the two  groups have been its allies.
Several factors suggest that the CJNG separated from the Sinaloa organization last year after consolidating and beginning to expand. As an example, the intelligence firm cites several banners placed in Jalisco with threats against the organization of Michoacán and messages of La Resistencia against CJNG.
However, Stratfor specified, nothing suggests that the operation zones or the capacity of drug trafficking of the CJNG has decreased, since besides maintaining their presence in the country, this organization continues to deliver their illicit merchandise to the  United States and  has the same capacity as other dominant cartels. (indicating no decrease)
Notable is  that last year, the Knights Templar undeniably positioned themselves as successors of the La Familia Michoacana, from which they separated in 2011: they now dominate in their state and are fighting for Morelos, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Guerrero and southeast of Jalisco.
The Stratfor report cautions  about the power of the Zetas, that is considered  the second most dangerous cartel of the country and the most active “criminal organization that  operates in Mexico since 2012.

Even though the group did not extend their zone of operations in 2012, it managed to consolidate its operations in states where they already had an important presence.

Additionally, it demonstrated noticeable acts of violence in new territory, like Sinaloa”
The agency indicates that despite the relative decrease of the wave of violence in 2011, the war of cartels for the control of the territories caused an impact in 2012.
Despite the proposal to restructure the Federal Police in a “national gendarmerie”, with 10 thousand agents trained by the Army, many changes are not expected in the strategy to combat crime in the next 11 months.
The report was published in the middle of a violence increase in the limits of Jalisco and Michoacán, chiefly from the confrontations between the Knights Templar and the CJNG.
On Tuesday 22nd, some unknowns placed in Tizapan El Alto, a banner where they reproach the Secretary of Government, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, charging he is giving more support against organized crime in Zacatecas, rather than Jalisco  and Michoacán
The New Way of "Going to work" in Jalmich
Other citizens don't have the luxury of the federal police convoy guarding transport
and work sites as the prison construction employees have in Tomatlán
New federal prison being constructed at Tomatlán
For safety employees must board at the construction site, meals, recreation facilities are at the site
Ramon explains the dangers of commuting on the Templarios controlled highway: Quotas and death


  1. notice many use the same stratagy as the obama camp. play to the emotions. little children are dieing, ban guns!
    just saw forum AJ U.S. Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 1,280 .

    aj you missed your chance you should have clipped this
    Every day approximately 151,650 people die in the world.
    How Many People Die A Day?

    Yesterday, I blabbered about Heath Ledger (promise, this is the last time) and was thinking to myself – how many people die in a single day? A quick Google search later and there appears to be a good idea according to the US Census Bureau.

    According to the bureau, World Vital Events Per Time Unit for 2008 are:

    Time unit Births Deaths Natural Increase
    Year 133,398,951 55,503,922 77,895,029
    Month 11,116,579 4,625,327 6,491,252
    Day 364,478 151,650 212,828
    Hour 15,187 6,319 8,868
    Minute 253 105 148
    Second 4.2 1.8 2.5

    These figures are astounding. Every day approximately 151,650 people die in the world. That just boggles my mind in the amount of sadness and pain there are every single day. On the other hand, 212,828 babies are born each day. That means more people are happy than sad.

    1. Althought death is its necessary. Especially now that the world is getting crowded. Also statistics that are 5 years or older are practically useless.

    2. The world isn't overpopulated, just misplaneed zones of living. earth produces enough food to feed the population 2x over. Unfortunately no ones going to do that to feed the world and cities and towns are going to b misplanned. Its in our dna, to not really care much

    3. I'm surprised yearly deaths are not much higher ... Stay safe people.
      - Junius

  2. K.T. vs CJNG but it was K.t. /Los Coronels-La corona vs CJNG ...and let me add...CJNG is split into three groups, Mencho CJNG-CDS, Independent CJNG like Coronel people and others and the third group is Mata Zetas whohave moved to group.up with G.N. Now forming G.N. Jalisco Mata Zetas....Mencho group AnD Mata zetas tiedto JAGL, while the independents join and pact with different groups depending on the Zone...
    atte: ThinkTank 28.7 Narcovision

  3. You never disappoint me. This post is filled with information and news. the translation must have been a bitch so a big thank you from the northwest

  4. Congrats Chivis, yo did a hell of a translation,
    I read the original in Spanish.

  5. I wonder where LFM is in all this.
    Thanks Chivis,great info in this one.

    1. LFM still carry strong presence in.many regions of mexico (guerrero, the state of mexico, morelos,& etc) they also contraband in many areas of the border like tijuana to tamaulipas. Theirs rumors of them making peace with ct & other allies to take back mexico and finish los z's!! So far this alliance is bein effective they have taken back so many z' s territory!! This explains the massive murders in the state of mexico making it zetas-free territory by eliminating z's allies (small org./cartels)

  6. What going on in the towns of magdela, tequila and arenal. I heard it heat up.?

  7. @3:29 PM Nobody is banning guns. Your hair's on fire.

    So, gun deaths are OK because people die every day? Why even post this, it has nothing to do with the story?

  8. Let them all die.......Chapo needs to die fast.....why dont they just start killing his family off one by one and then he will slip and they will get his ass........

  9. It is indeed very surprising that many would still want to be in the police force, armed forces or even public services given the extraordinary violent nature of the drug war.
    Given that some may be in it for graft, still there must be a substantial number who takes pride in what they do.
    And many of them do get killed in the line of service.
    These are the unsung heroes and heroines of the drug war.

  10. Bola de putos, hijos de su chingada madre. Matando a gente inocente, pendejos, malparidos, anafalbetos.

  11. Estaria bien que se mataran entre elllos estos nuevos jotos y los tampones dejen a los inocentes vivir en paz

  12. Mexico, the AFRICA of the America's. What a bloody joke that they call themselves a country. You have your local warlords, your daily massacres. The only thing that's missing is the massive starvation and the civil wars. I guess they will come in due time.

    1. America what a JOKE.. drug addicts left and right.. school shootings were innocents little kids get killed..the country where if you don't hug you're kid enough he turns into a school shooter.. but let's make excuses for them.. I guess the only thing missing is for people to home school there kids..

    2. Africa is not a country.You should also educate yourself -really. You know how many die of starvation each year in the U.S. or the country from which you hail?

  13. Miren lo que se de los policias es que muchos andan con el cartel de Jalisco. Tengo un primo que vive en la barca y me dice que el se entero una vez que unos cdel area arestaron a una persona de michoacan(templario) y se lo entregaron a cartel de Jalisco. Por eso creo que es la razon de que los templarios andan atacando a los policias.

  14. Very good post Chivis always nothing but great info. With Pena Nieto government trying to 'censor' the violent news, borderlandbeat will be our source of info of what is happening. I have heard from family memgers in Mex. of increased extortion/kidnapping in the corridor from Zamora to Los Reyes. When will a family be able to travel to Mexico and enjoy its beuty?

  15. Where is our CT member who was posting about how they never extort"clean hands"How the CT take care of people and have a moral code and a set of rules that they must obey?Do we know any more about why they killed Maria Santos ?

    1. They didnt her!! She was in the way of a politician and he order the hit to get rid of her..he paid some.assains to murder her.. Ct clean their hands with information banners all through michoacan and other regions and expose this corrupt politician.. Ct also claim to murder all these paid assains as to show respect maria santos memorie and family.. Att. Knowledge

  16. mexico is the worst place to live this days their people has no respect for human life and yet they feel so proud to be from mexico they have no dignity

    1. Ppl like u make all the white Americans look bad. Have u lived in Mexico u piece if shit ? Have u experienced all this in person? All u idiots that comment here how Mexico is shit Mexico shouldn't be a country blah blah get ur head out ur ass dumass come to Mexico and see for yourself. Mexico will never ever be nothing close to what Iraq is Somalia etc and u say Mexico WORSTplaceto live? Till u lived in ever country in this world then come say this bullshit

  17. It took all 10 of them to kill an unarmed woman? Wow.

    The three at the left with their hands in their pockets look listless and worthless even in a police lineup. They can't even do that right !!

  18. Mencno CJNG is not aligned with CDS,remember the threats against Mencho from CDS,although CJNG seem to have split into factions ?

  19. Thanks Chivis another great article!! I'm currently in my master's program for: Criminal Justice. On my research project thesis! alot of the inforamtion was obtained "And given Credit to your Website"! Many of the gringo professors just base the information they obtained from CNN, NBC, or CBS. Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. February 3, 2013 at 10:17 AM You are an idiot, talking shit like if the U.S has always been crime free. Everyone over 30 years old will remember that during the 70s and 80s there was up to 25000 murders a year including decapitations and dismemberment, not to mention corruption and extortion.

  21. Feb 3rd 2:32PM, LOL at calling America a joke. We do not have over 25k people on a disappeared list. I find it odd that people in Mexico seem to neglect that a lot of their people use drugs as well. There is no doubt that America is the biggest consumer of drugs, but blaming that fact alone on what is happening in Mexico is a cop out, and a joke. If your point is people in America choose to use drugs it is too simple to say that people in Mexico CHOOSE to supply it.

    There are huge problems in both countries, but America blaming Mexico, or Mexico blaming America is just wrong. People are making terrible choices on both sides of the border. It is sad the the governments in both countries (and all political parties are to blame) look to try and blame the other when the truth of the matter is both are equal in their blame, and at the end of the day the person has to make the choice.

  22. Once again these ignorant comments about how all Mexicans are murderers and savages its like saying all Anglos like shooting up kids( sandy hook) or congress women ( Arizona) or shooting fire fighters ( new jersey) or blowing up federal buildings ( Oklahoma). or killing school bus drivers to kidnap preschoolers ( Alabama) or starting up cults ant commit mass sucides if you think that way than I think you are the savage you are nothing but a narrow minded racist and your opinions become irrelevant you obviously are the one with the problem I feel sorry for you I pitty your thoughts and I feel sorry for the folks that have the misfortune of knowing you I'm a proud Mexican American the red white and blue runs through my veins and I certainly don't feel any pride for these savages action it has nothing to do with pride or a race's identity these are all monsters Anglo or Mexican or whatever race they are they all going to have to answer for their sins in the end

    1. Thank u so much chivis does good job but ppl like jackasses like that make me not like this websites. Say what u think about a whole country when you lived there your whole life.

  23. Thank you so much for the nice support.
    The translation was difficult for me so it is nice someone noticed. I am not a translation machine like Vato and Buggs...:)

    @2:58 I get quite a few emails from students at all levels and countries. I try to make time to help. As for your professors choice of sources, can you feel me cringe? However something is better than nothing. If you want to score points with them suggest Small Wars Journal, some magnificent writers there, more emphasis on conclusion, analytical reporting and investigative rather than our news reporting. As for mainstream reporting in the states, NYTs has produced outstanding articles.

    and of course Borderland Beat

  24. Organized criminals comprise of only 1-1.5% of the entire population of Mexico. Most people of Mexico are good, hardworking people.

    I refer to them as the "malevolent 1%".

    placed in that perspective it is even more astounding.

  25. Mexico is fundamentaly racist and everyone seems to gloss over this fact,especially towards"gringos"hatefull and argumentative ?

  26. Thanks chivi for putting this awesome post!! My respects all the way from chicago!!

  27. who cares,CT and CJNG are the same....scum.

    hope the zetas get in and killem all.

  28. Please keep us posted on this area as it seems as thought it only gets worse as the days go by
    thank u chivis,keep up the good work n god bless..

  29. Is it true Mecican system will release the young offenders once they reach 18 even though they are hardened criminals and murders?

  30. I have relatives in PERIBAN and LOS REYES. The most beautiful place in mexico. How bad is it there and how bad will it get

  31. >chivis
    >Organized criminals comprise of only 1-1.5% of the entire population of
    >Mexico. Most people of Mexico are good, hardworking people.

    >I refer to them as the "malevolent 1%".

    That might be the case for the armed wings, smugglers, hawks and corrupt police/military but the problem is far bigger through money laundering, the whole economy related to the drug industrial sector and the family clans involved.

  32. If over 100k people die in just 8 years this isn't crime but civil war. It should be a warning sign to everybody, especially the US elites, where this uncontrolled capitalistic survival of the fittest ideology leads to.



  34. "I refer to them as the "malevolent 1%".

    Very good point Chivis. The problem is how to remove the bad 1% and let the good people get on with their lives.

  35. February 3, 2013 at 9:57 PM
    "Ppl like u make all the white Americans look bad"
    Without a shadow of a doubt,the most racist people on here without exception are Mexicans.You don't need anyone to look bad,your words say it all,racist terms are always on here against"whitepeople"where are the racist terms against Mexicans?

  36. February 3, 2013 at 10:01 PM
    You would feel more at home on BDN,i can read Espanol,and the racism against the US and the threats are disgusting,and you are here acting all hurt?You yourself are probably one of the ones who curse and shout the racist names against the US.

  37. February 3, 2013 at 9:57 PM
    All u idiots that comment here how Mexico is shit Mexico shouldn't be a country blah blah,i live here and you are right,i go and try and get my sprouts and they take a 2 sprout for every 4 leave me with 3 take away 2 and you get?Then i go and get my onions and i know my onions,and i am extorted for my onions?They stole my undies one time just cause they were flowery and pink,how can you not know these things,here i am telling you what it is really likein Zaca

  38. @1:38pm So those banners were real?...everyone sayin at that time they were fake-ass.
    (remember everyone sayin they spelt sinaloan's wrong).

  39. February 3, 2013 at 10:01 PM
    "Say what u think about a whole country when you lived there your whole life"
    Your in Chicago you bitch?What are you gibbering about?Have you heard there is such a thing as a bus,and you pay and it takes you to places?Why don't you try it,know what i mean?

  40. Feb 3rd @ 9:57 who are you talking to?

  41. @2:45...
    That is the BIG Question. There is a growing vigilante movement but mostly by indigenous groups who because of their sad history know that the government will not be giving them the help they need. With the greater society they are stuck, paralyzed by fear but until they accept that in any challenge there will be loses, I wonder how many would be willing to die so that their country will be free, better, and safe? I don't feel that mindset, I think they are waiting for Superman. Also in the choices they make to lead their country, often selling their vote thinking, "what can I do?" I am one person? The one for all and one for all attitude has to be present. and it is not.

    one other point though is that we are speaking about roughly only 1/3 the country that narcos are active in, in a nation 1/3 the population of the US.

    To the reader writing about my cringe
    at the source choices of professors in the US, while learning about the Mexican Drug war, I would have posted your comment but your presentation is offensive, if you don't like what I say then stay away from my posts.

    For the record, if one is learning about the Mexican drug war by watching CNN that is pathetic. No way around it. There are informative websites, BB, Small Wars, Global post, and Insight Crime to name a few.

    How can one teach without accessing current, in-depth, and valid reality? but with your attitude I feel it serves you and me better, if you would move on, you obviously can't comprehend English if you thought I was calling anyone names.

  42. Racism is so bloody boring....seriously,u clowns who think ur so smart at using racism,i dont even bother reading after the first line. 80's.

    Im here for the mexican narco-war and how mexico and the world gonna solve everything else.

  43. Chivis, great post like always of course. El mencho is very mysterious. Would you be able to write a story about him. I cant find any pictures of him. Is he a heavyweight in the game? Thank you and keep up the good work. Amazing

  44. 10:47 PM
    "Racism is so bloody boring....seriously,u clowns who think ur so smart at using racism,i dont even bother reading after the first line"
    No shit Sherlock,,,tell that to the butt of the racism all the time.We aren't all like you,some of us get fed up with it,and say something.
    I don't particularly want to see it all the fuckin time on here

  45. @6:09 PM
    "So those banners were real?"
    It looks that way,especially since everything they said was true.Mencho has been a name a long time and well known,he was under Nacho,and now they have split into factions.Remember El Molca Resistance leader?In his interview he was saying there was a war between CJNG who he said was Menchos people against Sinaloa,cause Mencho started taking everything and picking people up and killing them in Jalisco,Sinaloa people included?

  46. I wish the USA would send navy seal team 6 and kill all these Mexican scum alreafy

  47. ok, well I hate to say it, but I told my friends about this crap years ago, but they refused to believe it! The arrogant attitudes of wealthy Americans, and Canadians, who think they can "blend" in with the locals, all the while driving their fancy cars, and living in mansions, what the hell did you think was going to happen..
    I lived in Jalisco, many years ago, in a small mountain village. Even back then, I could not walk alone on the streets because it wasn't safe. The only reason I wasn't harassed was because my husbands brother was vice president of the town. I've driven, hitch hiked all the way from Monterrey to Chetumal. Been robbed by gunpoint, so I've also been a victim.
    You all can try to make this sound like no big deal, like it won't happen to you, etc etc. But guess again, you are not immune, and if you flaunt your wealth, you will be a victim sooner or later.
    your little fantasy of living like a millionaire in a 3rd world country on the backs of the locals is over. So better build your walls, hire your personal guards, and get your car fitted with bullet proof glass. Oh yes, sounds like a wonderful way to live after retirement!


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