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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suspect Captured: Kombo Kolombia Timeline...Not All Bodies Recovered From Well

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
A devastated son
Reports were coming in at a fast pace, each day the number of bodies retrieved from the Hidalgo well became greater and closer towards the 19 presumed executed then thrown down into their deep dark watery tomb. 
Their executioners clearly thought their labor would remain their evil secret. The last report from the governors office stated "we have found all the bodies except those that can't.  Most likely meaning not all bodies could be retrieved and the mission of recovery has ended.
The mass murder of 19 young men, 15 members of the musical band Komba Kolombia, and 4 of their staff would have remained one of those tragic mysteries that have become a part of life in Mexico. 

Had it not been for the escape of a witness, a man who unmistakably had nothing to lose, a man marked for death,  who within minutes of his pending execution made a fateful decision that saved his life. {below is a Borderland Beat video, a slide timeline tribute]

Because of his decision we do know exactly what happened that night that begun with the band doing what they loved, singing, playing their instruments and entertaining people.  It began that way, but ended in a unimaginable nightmare
The escapee had to witness a horrible scene, the execution of his friends and colleagues. , it is difficult to imagine how anyone could live through a mass murder of ones friends, and ever be whole again.
The musician was able to run and escape from his kidnappers before being killed, it was him who assisted authorities locating the place of execution, and the well  where the bodies had been disposed.
According to a police source, the musician seized  an opportunity as the killers were occupied discussing the disposal of  bodies, he was able to escape without being seen by the sicarios and  managed in  reach the highway,  which is the road to Monclova.

When reaching the road,  by another stroke of luck, he was helped by a truck driver.  Luck because in Mexico many  are fearful of becoming involved, and one never knows who the “good guys” are......continues
Once he was safe, the musician told the driver what happened to him. The driver took him to a gas station where he was able to call his relatives to pick him up and he asked them to call the authorities. Even that action can have negative consequence, fore as "bad guys" permeate the very agencies that should be a source of security in a society.  One can refer to the witness as a very fortunate man in many respects.
Thanks to his escape, the authorities were able to determine what had transpired with the band, whose members kidnapped, tortured and killed.
Last Friday, the band 'Kombo Kolombia' performed at bar 'La Carreta' in the town of Hidalgo. While the band was playing, several armed men entered  and kidnapped the band members, according to witnesses
The member that was able to survive (whose identity has not been revealed), in a declaration to police  stated that  the entire band including the road staff were put in  trucks, blindfolded and were taken over an unpaved road.
Suddenly the truck stopped and the kidnappers took them out in groups of three, had them kneel and killed them.
The escapee told authorities the location where his band mates were killed, mentioning the well where the kidnappers planned to dispose the bodies. He did not know how many of them were killed.
Authorities informed that the clothes of the bodies found were similar to the performance attire worn by the band. The corpses were wearing black pants and shirts.
According to police, the surviving musician was protected while at the crime  scene, where he told more details that were not revealed
It seems that the number of dead bodies found should increase, but no authority has officially confirmed that the bodies are in fact the dead musicians. Family members of the band went today to the forensic facilities to identify the bodies.

Suspect detained:

PGJE reported the detention of a man allegedly linked with the death of members of the group Kombo Kolombia, whose corpses were found in a water well in the municipality of Mina,  January 27. 

The Highway State Police detained the man, in the municipality of El Carmen, located 40 kilometers away from where the corpses were found.

The man was turned over to the Ministry Public Agency, where an investigation for the multiple crimes was opened.
A source of the state attorney revealed that the detainee allegedly knew details of the plan to kill the members of Kombo Kolombia.

During the capture, this man was suspected of being a halcon (look out) on the road from El Carmen to Hidalgo, which has a heavy presence of organized crime groups. The detained man was one of the escapees from Apodoca prison last year.  The photo above is his mug shot from Apodoca.
As of today, Ministerial Police informed that there are several issues about the crime that are being investigated; one of the investigations is that the murder could be a vengeance against the leader of the band (Kombo Kolombia), while other reports attribute the connection of the band managers to organized crime. And attributed to CDG or Zetas cartel.
This video report blames CDG:

This report singles out Zetas:
After the murder of members of group Kolombia Kombo ,  authorities are focusing on  an escapee that fled   Apodaca prison of Monterrey last February.   Jose Isidro Cruz Villarreal , "The Pichilo" apparently one of the leaders of Los Zetas in the municipalities of Hidalgo, El Carmen, Mina, Abasolo and Mops .
The member of the criminal group, Apodaca, after the slaughter of the 44 inmates, members of the Gulf Cartel .

According to El Norte information now points to "The Pichilo" , who allegedly was the one who ordered the vallenato group to perform at Hidalgo, Texas .

This inofmration was accessed after the  interrogation of  "The Erus",  a  subject arrested in El Carmen , and who served as "hawk" Los Zetas  and who police now say he was not involved with the mass murder.
According to investigations, the criminal group had a plan ready to hire the group to play at the winery La Carreta , in the municipality of Hidalgo, to then kidnap and execute them.

One of the main research hypothesis is that the group Kombo Kolombia played before in places that controlled the Zetas and recently did so in locations that CDG dominates.
I will update you with information as it comes in.  Keep in mind it is difficult to know who or why at this point and this to me makes little sense or at best important information needs to be provided to make sense of the motive.

Composed with information from TERRA- El Universal and PGJE


  1. The Muso's didnt deserve to depressing this story is.(murdering band members is weak)

  2. It looks like Mexico well never be the same as it was before. It's so out of control.

  3. Here's some advice to the bandas, not a good idea to be giving a shout out to the zetas after your performance

  4. A very moving video/music. great job. the black and white photo after the well, is that a head?

  5. They couldn't play for shit, but they didn't deserve any of this at all. Well, none of these tacky ass mariachi bands can play for shit, but that's not the point.

  6. they did not play mariachi music nor corridos,
    they played Vallenato which is a Colombian type of music. I liked a lot of their music. Corrridos give me a headache but good mariachi music is incredible, you must have not heard the good stuff.....paz, chivis

  7. not enough indignation yet for anyone to rise up. let me know when enough people say "enough".

    1. What more does it take? People should be ready to revolution in 2009! BTW Oficiales desartan a el Erus' en multihomicidio del Kombo Kolumbia- halcone es innocente

  8. The mexican people need to take up arms and dont be so passive there are more of you than them.let the citizens arm themselves learn to make pipe bombs set up perimeters as u r fighting a war.let them criminals know that u r mad as HELL and you arent gonna take it anymore.what have u got to lose?they r killing u anyway just make it alot harder for them to do it.every home business restaraunt etc.. should have heavily armed security at all entrances and exits make them wonder which citizen is going to take them out

  9. @9:32pm U kiddin? what i heard of them in last couple weeks after there deaths was quite entertaining...and laid back compared to what i generally listen too heavy rock...really chilled out music,and dude they new there instruments.


    if you read between the lines they are saying: "take off your masks so we can identify you" "give the criminals to us, we will take care of them with our own legal system" (you know how that goes), "we'll take it from here, shut up!"

    in my personal analysis of this situation, the mexican government is looking to co-opt and discredit the community auto-defense movement but they are moving very slowly and carefully because the movement has a lot of public sympathy and support. If you watch carefully this is what the govt will do (these are the steps and proclamations they will make/take): 1) we want to express sympathy we understand you, 2) we will support your cause, 3) let us work with you we are on your side, 4) we've got it from here, let the professionals handle this, go back to your lives, 5) We need to talk we are not the enemy, we are here to help 6) why are you giving us so much resistance? 7) why are you being hostile?, 8) you are obstructing our work, 9) you cannot take justice in your own hands, you are treating these people badly 10) you don't have the authority to detain people, you are kidnapping 11) why do you need guns? you are too violent, put away your guns, give us your guns 12) you cannot have guns, we need to stop you before this gets out of hand, 13) there are criminal elements in your group, 14) your group is a criminal organization
    The Mexican Govt is looking to crush this movement. It's an embarrassment to them and they see it as a threat because it is a legitimate blueprint to crush Organized Crime (at least at the micro level). What the govt is afraid of is the legendary "sleeping tiger" of the Mexican People so their strategy is to slowly and quietly co-opt and discredit. This is why I believe that there will be a lot of "disappearances" and "accusations" to get things back to normal. Which is what the Mexican Government does best.

  11. more dealers homes being raided confiscated in valley
    Feds Raid Properties near San Carlos


    Toggle Photos/Video

    Posted: Feb 7, 2013 4:41 PM

    Updated: Feb 7, 2013 5:12 PM

    HIDALGO COUNTY - Federal agents on Thursday raided two properties near San Carlos.

    Drug Enforcement Administration agents took rifles and a bag out of the second home they raided on Sunshine and Alto roads north of San Carlos.

    Sources close to the investigation said the raid was conducted by DEA and Homeland Security Investigations agents. The investigation focuses on a father and son allegedly involved in a drug smuggling operation, the source said.

    No arrests were reported after the raids.

  12. I'm from higalgo and is sad to hear how this survivor made it alive is a miracle God was on his side having him to live through these horrendous acts of these cawords to have some clousure to their families my father was also killed in Hidalgo when going to visit my grandpa grave and was ambush I was 13 years old now I'm 21mexico will never be the same :(:(:(

  13. Thank you for the slide show. Hits home on what a pointless act this was and how many people it affected. I cannot begin to imagine what has happened to Mexico. My sympathies to all of the families and prayers to these men who were killed for reasons which mean nothing.

  14. 9:32 you are right about the Gov trying to discredit these people! at the end of the day the goverment is the one that is the enemy. we can doo our part im currently dooing everything i can to get in contact with comandante guerrero from the armed civilian militia in guerrero! i might not be able to give them guns or ammo but i can suport there cause by purchasing and sending them U.S made military surplus boots they are $49.99 for $500 bucks you can get 10 pairs! believe it or not if they were to recieve my help that would give them good fighting boots plus energy and amoral lift to fight another day! suport them if you can la revolucion es el cambio necesario! no more corupt officials lets start hanging them off power polls

  15. 12.59 Sounds a lot like what the current administration in the US is trying to do as well.

  16. Mexico will never be cleaned up.

  17. "Suddenly the truck stopped and the kidnappers took them out in groups of three, had them kneel and killed them"

    I though that they were tortured before beign executed. Not that I want to know the details, because i don't. But it doesn't add up that they were kidnapped, blinfolded and then suddenly in transport they just pull over to the side of the road and get killed. Were they beat in truck? Or are they just assuming that they were tortured? Or are the just withholding that much info on the case?

    Regardless, no nobody deserves something like this. And great job on the video, it's heart wrenching to see the picture of the kid on top of the casket and the ladies falling over/fainting. May they all rest in peace, and may their surving familes one day see justice done for this horrendous crime.


  18. Anybody who got kids has to be touched by the pic of the young son crying over his daddy's casket, I hate that picture, it breaks my heart. Imagine being the guy that escaped being executed, god blessed him and his family. If he didn't get free and tell, story would be "Kombo Kolombia dissappears after show" and that would be that.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. It was the zetas for playing for rivals parties

  21. everyone says CDG did this

  22. I am working on an update. Just as I posted the update I received other information that contradicts the first. Some agencies are reporting cdg responsible and others zetas, they have given a name of the plaza chief of zetas but reports are in conflict.

    I am working on it. and will get something up.

  23. Linda Ronstadt used to sing this song by Karla Bonoff called, "Goodbye My Friend". I used to just think it sounded nice when I was young. Its meaning has been seared into my life more, in the last several years, than I ever would have imagined. So, if it would help someone else to heal, even just a little, then I offer it to you:

    I'm mindful of the fact that the so many people we care for, I care for, are being ripped out of our lives daily, but I can celebrate all that they were and all the wonderful things we shared while they were in the body. RIP to all these musicos who are gone, and all the others who have died needlessly.

  24. ok...I went ahead and put the info back up. see what you think...

  25. But if they were playing for Zetas at that place they got taken from and CDG did it, it doesn't make sense why would only the band be there CDG would've killed the Zetas first. Now this guy has been fingered its looking more likely that it was the Zetas that did this horrendous crime. Plus fits in with their style more than the CDG. Just my opinion peace.

  26. that's what I say also.
    however imo zetas like to display and make a statement...but none of it adds up...yet

  27. Why do the zetas keep killing a lot of people at the same time to blame some other group. Don't they know that thing never works. The truth always comes out. Who do they have planing their missions.

  28. sorry just saw the question about the video picture in black and white. I know it is not clear, but yes those are heads popping up through the water of the well at the bottom. you can see duct tape on the one.....horrible...paz, chivis

  29. I'm glad I'm not Mexican

  30. All this for drugs and power. How sad!

  31. Gun control does work, for the criminals. They are the only ones with weapons, as the normal law-abiding Mexican citizen cannot own rifles and suck.

  32. what if he was only let go by the zetas, to let poeple know about it, and bring more news about their organization.


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