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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Acapulco Anguish 9 State Police Dead in Ambush

Borderland Beat

Still reeling from the barrage of negative press following the recent violent robbery and rape of six Spanish tourists staying at the Babaji Bungalows (Borderland Beat), Acapulco residents have now heard even more bad news. Early Wednesday, the wave of violence plaguing Guerrero left nine policemen from the State Public Safety Secretariat dead after they were ambushed in the town of Aplaxtla de Castrejon.

According to an official report, the officers were conducting a surveillance, a double patrol operation in the area Tepoztepec when they were attacked by a group of heavily armed gunmen.

In addition to the slain officers, one other fellow officer was seriously injured.

The slain state officers were identified as:
Adrián García Mosso, Mario Ramírez Villasana, José Alfredo Navarrete Marín, Gilberto Ortiz Sánchez, José Castro Morales, Nicolás de Loya Urrutia, Modesto Muñoz Galicia, Juan Aguilar Santana y Mario Osvaldo Arellano Olea.
Before the ambush, a suspect allegedly linked to organized crime was killed during a clash between gunmen and federal agents in the nearby town of Teloloapan.
The fact was reported in the morning, in the community of El Pochote, adjoining Apaxtla, where authorities also reported the seizure of weapons and two vehicles reported as stolen.

On Monday, the political head of Acapulco, Mayor Walton Aburto, offered at a press conference about the rapes of the 6 Spanish tourists,  "it is very unfortunate what has happened, but hey, that happens anywhere in the world, "according to the newspaper Reforma.

On the verge of breaking into tears, the mayor of Acapulco, Luis Walton Aburto on Wednesday, asked the federal government to help with security problems and violence affecting the state's main tourist destination.

In his message, Luis Walton Aburto criticized the lack of support from the federal government in helping reverse the negative image of the port, although President Enrique Peña Nieto had committed to this endeavor during a visit in December.

"We're doing what's right and this misfortune affects all Acapulqueños. We will work to get beyond. Here I stress, publicly to President Enrique Peña Nieto, that he came to Acapulco and offered that he would give support."

Then he added: "Today we have not seen the support of President of the Republic and we are demanding that you return to see Acapulco, which is also part of the Republic. We support all Acapulqueños," he told residents of Barra Vieja. 

Therefore, the mayor asked residents of Barra Vieja to denounce the alleged perpetrators of the attack on the Spanish tourists, to resolve the case and get out of this crisis that impacts the image of this resort.

Officials Interrogated suspects
The Director of the State Ministerial Police (PME), Marcos Juarez Escalera, reported that so far eight people have been questioned about the case of the six raped Spanish tourists. However, the state official did not specify the status of the subjects interviewed.

There was a meeting in San Andrres near Barra Viejo between officials of the federal government and local officials to discuss aspects of the investigation.

The meeting was led by the local prosecutor, Elba Marta Bernal Garzón, who withdrew from the area without giving statements.

Enrique Peña Nieto president on Thursday urged the Interior Ministry and the Attorney General to support the government of Guerrero to clarify what happened this week in Acapulco, where six Spanish tourists were raped.
Peña Nieto said that all governments are working together since they met. He condemned the aggression.
"It is unacceptable what happened recently in Acapulco where six women of our sister nation of Spain were raped, cases like these, must occupy the authorities of the three levels of government to take full responsibility and take actions to prevent these events from happening, the public safety agencies must work effectively,"said Peña Nieto, as published by Excelsior .

According to the Mexican NGO, Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, released, Thursday February 7, 2013, the Mexican city of Acapulco and the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula are the populations of the world where most murders were committed in 2012,

The Mexican port increased from 128 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2011 to the 142 recorded last year, but it did not exceed the statistical San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with 169.3 deaths indicates.
Jose Antonio Ortega, the president of NGO JOHAN ORDONEZ Photo
The group's director, José Antonio Ortega, submitting this report referred to the situation of Acapulco to complain to Mexican authorities in general to both state and local tourism promotion in the area.
"They should be ashamed of the authorities of the three levels of government to have a city like this and invite tourists to go there to suffer the consequences of rape, killings, kidnappings," he told a news conference.

Ortega was referring to the attack and rape of six Spanish tourists attacked last Monday morning by several armed individuals with their faces covered who entered the bungalow located on the outskirts of Acapulco where they were staying with others of the same nationality and one Mexican.
"There is no authority, not to prevent the crime, not to investigate the crime, not to prosecute the crime,  impunity, and the lack of punishment, is what has led  Acapulco to have the highest number of violent  homicides in our country and the second most violent the world," said Ortega.


"The authorities, instead of doing their jobs, crimes, like rape, happen all over the country no one assumes responsibility, " he said, referring to statements the mayor, Luis Walton Aburto, made after the assault, for which he had to apologize publicly.

Acapulco's Mayor Luis Walton Aburto
According to the president of the NGO, increasingly Acapulco "is closer to the status of a failed state", which is when the authority of the country "begins to lose the monopoly of the security forces" and the collection of taxes, and "it yields to the criminals. "
In contrast, Ortega considered paradigmatic case of Ciudad Juarez, which last year was second on this list and prior headed it, and now went to down to number 19, with 55.91 murders.

The key, he explained, was that the police started arresting criminals and "abate impunity, identify people who lost their lives, to know who they were, who killed them, stop them, persecute them, make them available to a judge to be processed and prosecuted. "
The report of the Mexican NGO considers all world cities of over 300,000 inhabitants,  should have homicides statistics available online, and make a list of the 50 with most severe.

This fifty, nine are Mexican cities: Acapulco, Torreón, Nuevo Laredo, Culiacan, Cuernavaca, Juarez, Chihuahua, Victoria and Monterrey. Yet Brazil is the country that has cities in this regard, with 15, followed by Mexico, Colombia with 6, and the United States and Venezuela with 5.

Among the top five most dangerous cities in the world that top this list are the aforementioned San Pedro Sula and Acapulco, followed by Caracas, Central District (Honduras) and Torreon (Mexico).



  1. Ortega from the NGO didn't hold anything back, did he? He sounded like some of us around here. Acapulco is close to a failed state and all of Mexico should be ashamed of all that happens there. It is a travesty. Mexico isn't a third world country - it just acts and is run like one. Get it togeher. Thank you for putting this on site.

  2. The seed to all this insanity is the blatantly corrupt gov that is in bed with these animals.

  3. So all you Progressive critics bitched constantly about Calderons War, the very idea that Calderon would send in the Military? Well Calderon is gone a cute fag PRI is in power we can all relax Mexico is saved, Stable,prosperous etc. Hope you are Happy you and the poet can now run the country. What you mean this Mayor is BEGGING for help,to bad so sad the journalist and intellectuals do not want the Military,O well Liberal thought saves the day once again, good luck people of Mexico!!

  4. Enter private security,which has been alive and well in 3rd world countrys forever,Viva Vigalantes

  5. Ok well the eyes of the world are looking at the government of Acapulco saying the same thing...."What you gonna do about it?"

    This is majorly severe and if the government does not do something to show their authority and presence and how much they don't appreciate their brothers being killed then the cartels are going to just do this more and more while laughing in their face.


  6. What a screwed up place! They mayor keeps bellyaching about 'restoring their image, reversing the violence or something that was missing the point and before that he was saying foreign tourists get raped every where they travel, "i mean Hey..." The guy from the NGO is basically right on the money to be disgusted at Mexico promoting such a violent place as a tourist destiination like it is a safe, tranquil place which it clearly isn't.

  7. did i read that correctly? The Mayor is criticizing EPN for not protecting the image of Acapulco., he didn't say anything about not protecting the city from crime. Just protect it's image?

  8. I gotta go to Acapulco now and straighten shit out. Them dumb fucks are gonna get it.

  9. Jajaja that's what Mexico needs... for the prez to take another vacation to a Pacific resort. Right now or recently he took two to my hood, Punta de Mita Riviera Nayarit. Peña Nieto can stay put... his job is to organize the cartels, not obstruct them. When his six years end we'll look back at a term of plunder.

  10. how did honduras come up with 169.3 deaths? how does .3 deaths occur. is it sort like a mini death or le petit mort?

  11. I can't believe how naive some of the comments are. These cops got killed because they were dirty and they were working for the wrong group. As for the "government" of Acapulco, they are dirty too and take their orders from the cartel. In case you had not noticed the cartels own Mexico. So shut up and take your meth.

    1. After reading this all i agree with Ortega and you. I think people should rise up and shoot the mayor . He got into the meth for sure! Really embarrassing.

  12. Pena Nieto is a joke!!
    nobody respects him... how can he save mexico?

    1. Seriously no one thinks he will even help Mexico much less save it! EPN is a dressed up moron! You are not far off in your estimation.

  13. im so happy to see that poor ranchers and common people are rising up in arms against these fags!

  14. @10:23pm fuk yeah!!!!! i'd love to see those folk chasin them sicario's out of town wit pitch forks heehee

  15. 100% certain that the army did this , same thing happens in juarez every week of the year.

  16. If ever there was a time to institute Capital Punishment, it is NOW!
    Get rid of the Liberal trial attorneys who make millions protecting these filthy animals 2!
    Narcos should not get a Trial, they should be executed on site and their bodies burned so their families do not get to bury them properly.

  17. My family over many decades have spent quality time in Acapulco. After reading about what happened to these innocent tourists and now this rticle, it will be a cold day in Hell before we go back. What a complete freaking nightmare. My prayers go out to the victims and their families, as well as all the innocents in México who have to deal with the corruption and EVIL. Thanks BB FOR THE TRUTH. As always, PEACE, Texas Grandma.

  18. So what you are saying is the cops were dirty and this was that Guerrero black op/private vigilante team? Chime in on this cause it is kind of fascinating.
    If that is true, i am totally naive but I am all for it! Clean it up Acapulco vigslantes-no one else is willing to do the dirty wirk of fixing the mess

  19. Love reading all these IDIOTS talking shit about Pena Nieto.
    These are the same Jack Asses who probably voted for the Socialist Hugo Chavez wannabee AMLO..
    Save your mindless comments for somewhere else kids!

  20. The most retarded municipal government in the country of Mexico and that is saying something cause the competition is very steep. And now they are bankrupt- or just about bankrupt! Guess they better restore their image. What a stupid idiot that mayor is. They better muzzle him fast- he is ruining their image worse than the rapes, kidnappings, extortion,and usual slaughter!

  21. Article 39 of the Mexican constittution spells it out:
    National sovereignty,, essentially eminates from the people and it is instituted for them. And at times the people have the inalienable right to alter or modify their form of government.

    1. OK the time is now cause it seems to be running out for Acapulco with Mayor Super Idiota! Go for it before Acapulco is Numero Uno Crime Syndicate city in the world.

  22. hadn't planned on sharing my experiences here with this forum, since the majority of readers here have the most twisted idea of the "drug war" including the staff....but

    I was in Acapulco just this past October.

    Along the periphery surrounding the tourist attractions is completely run by cartels, Juaritos style.

    On the main street that runs parallel to the shoreline its mainly, Policia Federal patrolling, maintaining some semblance of a tourist friendly town, but of course this is a facade.

    On the side streets that go into the hills just above the shoreline hotels, the Policia Federal escorts the local cartel operators looking for the contras, keeping an eye on the plaza.

    There are numerous cartles in Acapulco and Guerrero state, vying for control, but only a couple have official support.

    I am willing to bet that Acapulco has become a major transition point of not the exclusive posrt of entry for cocaine destined for the local markets in and around Mexico City, hence the parallels between the two in terms of increased violence. It smells of complete federal government behind the scenes control of this lucrative transportation route-to-local market where profits are more easily handled without that much US intervention of money laundering.

  23. @4:03 I'd say this statement of yours generally pegs an overview of the situation in the port Acapulco and Guerrero state. It has government involvement all over it.

    "There are numerous cartles in Acapulco and Guerrero state, vying for control, but only a couple have official support.

    I am willing to bet that Acapulco has become a major transition point of not the exclusive posrt of entry for cocaine destined for the local markets in and around Mexico City, hence the parallels between the two in terms of increased violence. It smells of complete federal government behind the scenes control of this lucrative transportation route-to-local market where profits are more easily handled without that much US intervention of money laundering."

    What do you think of Bruno Plácido Valerio and
    UPOEG-Unión de Pueblos y Organizaciones Sociales del Estado de Guerrero?

    Thank you all for being civil. I appreciate all your comments. Many amuse me greatly - "EPN-a dressed up moron"

  24. I wonder why Valerio and his self defense group haven't been targeted and meet the same fate as these 9 officers? Especially since he doesn't hide from publicity. I hope he is still around by the time I finish this comment.

  25. Payback...They are heating up Chapo's plaza just like he did all the others. While he is trying to bail out CDG so he will have one northern plaza.

  26. These Ambush has nothing to do with the Acapulco region these happend in Apaxtla known as Tierra Caliente and thats not Chapo's Plaza the territory belongs to La Familia Michoacana they dont like the State Police because they work for their rival cartel known as Los Guerreros Unidos some of the state police they bodyguard Mario Casarrubias one of the top heads from Los Guerreros Unidos they are the ones fighting with La Familia Michoacana for the control of Tierra Caliente and the North region of Guerrero and they gun down too 3 municipal police officers from Teloloapan Guerrero for the death of M12 one of the leaders of La Familia Michoacana and they left a message to Mario Casarrubias that they are going to kill him.

  27. I was told that the men taken into custody are innocent of this crime and that a group of federallies did this, apparently one of them left his mask behind and it happened to be a government issued federal police mask.


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