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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Release of another "El Ponchis"- like Boy Assassin

"el Ponchis"Boy Hitman

13 year old juvenile admitted to killing ten, freed in Zacatecas because of his youth

The release of a minor, who confessed to participating in at least 10 homicides, divided opinions between the prosecutor and President of the State Commission of Human Rights (ECHR) , regarding the age of children to an attributable felony.
The State Attorney Arturo Nahle Garcia said, "really a boy can be even more dangerous because of his age," so it is necessary to reevaluate the criminal age of a person.

Chivis' recent example of this ongoing problem January, 2013, Leader of  "El Ivancitos"
"El Ivancito"
Buggs' The increase of young foot soldiers is a threat to Mexican society.

In separate interviews, while the state attorney general, Arturo Nahle Garcia, said that the boy is a dangerous youth, the President of the State Commission of Human Rights (ECHR), argued that children are not aware of their actions.

In this case, the juvenile is 13 years and six months.  He was arrested on February 3, along with 15 other individuals, including eight Central Americans, in two operations carried out by the Federal Police in the capital.

The state prosecutor acknowledged that it is "really a boy is truly dangerous  and maybe even more because of his age", so it is necessary to reevaluate the criminal age of a person, since there are teenagers and children belonging to criminal groups and involved in very bad crimes.

Recognizing that the Justice for Adolescents in Zacatecas is similar to other states,  it applies to the young age of 13, and after verifying that he is a minor, he was released to his home, even though he confessed to the crimes in which he participated.
Ovemex shows again - Another child "sicario" arrested in Morelos
(pals of Ponchis)

Nahle García said that the youth confessed to participating in a double murder in the vicinity of Colinas del Padre, a taxi driver at the exit of the community Sauceda de la Borda, and also killed a woman in Lomas de Bracho.

Therefore, the official considers it necessary to reevaluate the criminal age of a person, "since there are children out there who are participating in criminal groups and they are aware that they are committing crimes, so this is something that should be debated in Congress the Union. "

The attorney said that "the child under 14 years can not be held for the committed because crimes are not punished until 16 years." Smurf's Ruthless Sicario is only 12 Years Old
 Interview with El Ponchis
"Why did you kill them?" a reporter asked, according to a transcript on the website of the respected newspaper El Universal peppers El Ponchis with questions.

"'El Negro' ordered me to. I got high on weed and didn't know what I was doing," Jimenez responded.

"Why did you get into this?"

"I didn't get into it. They pulled me in," the boy responded.

"Are you sorry you did?"

"Yes, I'm sorry I got involved with all this," he responded.
El Ponchis from Universal and Borderland Beat
Meanwhile, in  Zacatecas, Arnulfo Correa Chacón said that in children there's no real biological and psychological development, there is no awareness of his actions.
Chivis' Mexico:As Many as 50,000 between ages 9-17 are involved in Organized Crime

In this case, the boy knew what he was doing but he had no idea of the magnitude of the crimes he committed, for which he will be subjected to a study to know the reasons that led him to act that way.

In turn, Ricardo Ramirez, head of the Department of Prevention and Rehabilitation, said the child was released because the judge ruled that the law stipulates that a child under 14 years must be under the tutelage of his parents.

ElDiario, Milenio, Televisa,Vanguardia



  2. Yes, they sure should re-examine this law because the cartels are taking advantage of it. That is a no-brainer.

    Chivis look at this and Benjamin says nothing happens in Nuevo Laredo att pazoplomo

  4. As always, great work Havava!! It's crazy these kids just get let go like that. Of course, the cartels know these kids just get slapped on the wrist so it gives them great incentive to continue to use very young minors to commit murders. Literally a license to kill.

  5. I don't care if they are 13 years of age. They knew what they were doing. They killed someone for that they should be treated like an adult or an eye for a eye. They are no better than those scum buckets that pulled them into killing those people.

  6. Thank you 8:57 yes I am gathering information. I was not feeling well today but hopefully tomorrow I can check on everything. I have two videos, did you see the Taxi cab conversation?

    "Nothing happens in N Laredo, its just rumors" They say 8 is much higher than that...thanks again, and to everyone sending me info in about Reynosa, N Laredo, Acuna and Saltillo today. Things are very hot all over, PN had a lot of activity yesterday and today as well...Paz, Chivis

  7. You can murder 10 people and get away with it because you are young in Mexico? No way! Is this real?

  8. Get used to it all you people,there are a million of him in every country,haven't you noticed him?The gangs of young"kids"all different sizes.For all you cowardly weak people,just don't say nothing to these gangs,for they will leave you unconscious on the pavement.Then you can bleat about"how they don't know what they are doing"you just read and see a young kid in articles like this,look at Ponchis,he is laughing at you all.He has done things that you people couldn't even contemplate never mind do.Ponchis should be getting strung up himself and beat the fuck out of him,scare the little scrub,but no,he is an innocent child.I hope you people don't have to deal with"cabritos"like this.Or maybe you do,to realize.

  9. I was in acuna for the last two days very calm and u hardly see any cops I guess of them got fired. The only solados ive seen were at the entry point even then there were only 3 before they ran deep

  10. Thax for the video..

  11. Acuña has been anything but peaceful, although it's not near as bad as PN.

  12. Forget all the questions. And all the psychology.. just start peeling the little motherfuckers face off. And then glue it to a billboard in his neighborhood....

  13. This makes me wanna vomit. So a kid who is 13 or under can kill as many people as they like and not have to face consequences? Incredible.

    The only hope I have is that a rival cartel snuffs this little bastard out and I'm sure they would not hesitate to do so.

  14. When I was 13 I knew very well what it meant to kill someone, no way should they have let this kid go.

  15. only the rich get a halfass education so I can see why so many kids are lured in!

  16. Hang these little pieces of shit!

  17. Sincerely, i remember at 3 years old I got up before my family to cook everyone brakfast. The smell of bacon alerted my father who found me me in my night clothes, on a chair with a big fork concentrating hard as high flames raged under the frypan and I turned the bacon to keep it from burning. Just as I had seen others do! I knew it was easy and I knew it was forbidden because I could catch myslf and everyone else on fire.

    I caught hell, and as I was being punished I thought , obviously grown children (adults) lose their perspective on how much kids understand. By 13, I knew the world adult, as well as ramifications for killing plants, animals and humans and had been crystal clear on that for many years. Children and young adults understand killing is the ultimate sacrafice, it hurts badly many people, it is unlawful and you will pay for it, and if you are under 14 in Mexico you can kill ten people and be home in time for homework, supper, tv, and maybe to even do it again.

  18. this has been going on in colombia for years, the same in salvador/brazil alot of kid killers are in the us states as has entire youth armies ready to chop people up. It seems the world needs a major cleansing, to start on a different path for humanity or we will slowly just drown in blood everywhere eventualy...but i think iceland maybe an ideal place to move to for the moment.

  19. Everybody just shut the fuck up you sound stupid as fuck this has been going on for years all over the World even in America so stop acting like you give a shit When your barly coming to realize that this type of shit happens


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