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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'La Corona' Reshapes Alliances in Jalmich

Borderland Beat

An emergent gang called La Corona has made an alliance with The Knights Templar (Los Caballeros Templarios) in order to open the door to lucrative criminal activity in Jalisco  according to Mexico’s Reforma newspaper.
Police sources have told Reforma that, previous to the alliance, Knights Templar had only been able to make incursions across state lines from Michoacán to Jalisco on their own.
Members of the Knights Templar were originally part of the Familia Michoacana (LFM). However, after the death of FM’s leader, Nazario Moreno, known as “El Chayo”, in December of 2010, there was a split among members, some of whom then formed Knights Templar.
This left José de Jesús Méndez, “El Chango” (The Monkey), in charge of LFM, whereas Enrique Plancarte Solís and Servando Gómez Martínez, “La Tuta” (The Teacher) formed the leadership of Knights Templar.
Before this split LFM had formed an alliance, known as “La Resistencia” (The Resistance), with the Milenio Cartel and the Gulfo Cartel (CDG) in order to dispute the territory (plaza)  of the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (the “Jalisco New Generation Cartel”, also known as CJNG and Matazetas), which was then allied with the powerful Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), controlled by one of the most wanted men in the world, El Chapo Guzmán.
Although the alliance with The Resistance fell apart, partly due to the schism within LFM that created Knights Templar, the CJNG had mostly stuck to its side of the Jalisco/Michoacán border, and for their part LFM and Knights Templar were hesitant to stray into Jalisco from their strongholds in Michoacán. One reason was that the border area was still held by members of the Milenio Cartel, former allies within The Resistance.
The alliance fell apart when CJNG made the split with the Milenio Cartel official, giving notice that those members in towns within Michoacán close to the border with Jalisco were not only persona non grata, they were also enemies. Following the age-old cliché that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, rogue elements of the Milenio Cartel joined up with the ultra-violent Los Zetas.
Los Zetas is widely considered to be the second most powerful cartel in Mexico, after Sinaloa. The Los Zetas controlled territory extends from the northeastern border with the United States, down the Gulf of Mexico, to the Yucatan peninsula and into Central America,.
The cartel has attempted to gain access to lucrative business in Guadalajara and up the Pacific Coast, particularly in the methamphetamines business, but has met with stiff resistance.
 “La Corona”
In November of 2011 “La Corona" made its appearance in the sprawling Zapopan suburb of Guadalajara when several members were arrested.
When interviewed by the State Attorney General’s office (PGR), the detained men said that they were members of La Corona and that they were being supported by El Chapo Guzman.
From then on, La Corona didn’t waste any time in joining the conflict for control over  Jalisco territories.
But this begs the question: what does this mean for the alliance between CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel? After all, the CJNG played an important role in fending off Sinaloa’s arch enemies, Los Zetas, in the Jalisco plaza. They even took on the nickname Matazetas (Zetas killers) after going down to the Los Zetas stronghold of Veracruz in September, 2011, and killing 35 "rivals" before dumping them on a busy street.  [later victims were identified  as innocents]
It could be the CJNG – finding such success in Jalisco that they essentially ruled its capital, Guadalajara – were becoming too powerful and autonomous to do the bidding of the Sinaloa Cartel. Whatever the reason, La Corona, backed by Sinaloa, began to make waves in April of last year as it leveraged its partnership with Knights Templar. Suddenly, we were looking at a lasting alliance across the Jalisco/Michoacán border  (Jalmich) with major backing.
We now have two violent criminal organizations on the sidelines, and that can’t last. CJNG, powerful in Jalisco, has lost its major backer, and LFM, weakened by its split with Knights Templar, is isolated in Michoacán. That said, it should be noted that LFM, which was the organization that set the bar on cartel horrors in February, 2006, when it rolled five severed heads onto a dance floor, and which is accredited with being the organization that prompted  former president Felipe Calderón to start the “war on drugs” over six years ago.
 La Politica
This evolving scenario forms the backdrop of two phenomena that occurred in late 2012 and into early 2013. The first was the extreme outburst of violence in the  Jalmich  border in December, ;leaving 27 killed. And the second was the murder of two police chiefs in Jalisco within the span of two weeks early in 2013, one on January 27, and the other on February 8.
In La politica’s view, the border violence is due to conflict between CJNG and Knights Templar. The CJNG has been pushing deeper into Michoacán in response to threats on its home turf.
As well, the murder of the two police chiefs is a clear sign of the emergence of another power structure, and a move against CJNG, which may have previously secured those plazas. The chiefs, unable to serve two masters, were removed to make way for competing interests. Previously, with the CJNG in control, Sinaloa may have expected some pay off. With that now gone, they need to move in on their own with their new clients, La Corona.
The good news, such as it is, is that Jalisco’s state police are well aware of the threat that The Crown presents, as recent arrests suggest.
 la polictica es la politica  thank you to reader JMD for sending this in


  1. "El Chango" needs to get out of the cartel business and start being what he was born to be, a male model. I mean, when god gives you a face that is that good-looking, you really have no other choice but to share that gift with the world. How could you blame him?

  2. Here we go again im your friend today but ill kill you tomorrow jeez these cartels are a big soap opera you cant tell who's with who from one day to the next imagine you being a sicario thinking your aligned with some other group that you hang out with and all of a sudden the group tells you your a dead man in this buisness you trust no one who's with who

  3. My apologies if someone previous to me mentioned this but Is the rumor true that Treviño Morales aka Z-40 was executed? Again sorry if I'm being repetitive.

  4. La corona=familia coronel

    Chivis att pazoplomo

  6. Who are La Corona or were they initially? They say supported by sinaloa (CDS) but they had to be established gang to be supported meaning they had to have merit or did they come from Sinaloa as El Chapo/CDS operatives.

  7. Milenio cartel-lLos Valencia stillin the picture? Could they be part of La Corona? They don't get a long with El Chapo right? Confusing mess

  8. A Question Chivis
    That sentence that states "Previouly w/ CJNG, Sinaloa may have expected some pay off. With that now gone, They (sinaloa?) need to move in on their own with their new clients , La Corona? So Sinaloa is allied with La Carona? Or they'll move against?

  9. Los Corona is the street gang.element of los a AA or Mexicles for JAGL.CDS...
    atte....eye in the sky 28.7

  10. I just read on mundonarco that z40 was found killed with a lady in a toyota tundra is this true?????????

  11. Q pedo, el fantasma se asusto solo y dio al Sarabia Puros putos traicioneros q no awantan la calentada

  12. So my comment about El Chango being ugly was apparently "inappropriate" so it didn't get posted. Pardon me for trying to have a laugh. Amazing how you would not post a funny comment but CONSTANTLY let comments thru that are racist in nature as well as the countless posts of readers talking shit to each other. That makes a whole lot of sense. I guess talking about someone being ugly hit too close to home, oh well!

    1. You're obviously not looking at the pic if you think he's ugly.

  13. 6:47

    all indications are yes, there has been a fracture. I am translating a video just released today about the subject and it concludes Sinaloa and CJNG.

    I have my own opinion about what led to the split and will add to the narrative of the video.

    It is a lot of work so it may not be ready until late or tomorrow AM....but hold on it is coming....Paz, CHivis

  14. Thanks to the readers giving me a heads up about the Z40 killed story.

    Actually I have been working on it since this AM trying to get a second source of confirmation. What I do see is that only MundoNarco is running the story and:

    They refer to #ReynosaFollow as the source
    but when going to RF they say that Mundo is their source.

    Further, Mundo says the atty Gen ad Security chief made this announcement. however, the Security Chief and Atty Gen of Tamps does not have the supposed announcement on their websites.

    I am going to recheck in a hour or so, but if I had to call it either way it looks untrue. Mundo is quick on the draw resulting in as many untrue stories as true stories. But I will continue to check for a while....thanks so much

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Los nuevos PP

  17. How come no word on what's going down in Nuevo Laredo? Can I place bets on the outcome? Is there a line - over/under?

  18. "Milenio cartel-lLos Valencia stillin the picture,They don't get a long with El Chapo right"
    I think the main man now since Eric Valencia was caught is Mencho,he seems to be pissing everyone off and doing his own thing,he is CJNG,and they announced they not down with CDS,so i doubt Los Corona has anything to do with him,but who knows,as you say a confusing mess alright,maybe they all be cool again soon ?

  19. arriba El Senor Tuta en union con El gran Senor Chapo. Los commandos X vamos a rescatar al Fantasma .Jalisco es plaza de CDS y a va comenzar la limpia !!!! CDS +CDG+CT + La Corona VS CJNG y Zetas

  20. CDS joined the lowest piece of shit lame fucks that are los Templarios this crack heads are cancer just like zetas...

  21. Los culos siempre andan en manadas tantos grupitos valen for shyt pa dos jajajaja cusan rissa fukn chonch as chaputas y bolas de mydos.. arriba la.L_______NA puro juarito

  22. "CDS +CDG+CT + La Corona VS CJNG y Zetas"
    Can you believe that shit?If true CJNG and Ztaz?But CDS got a hard on for Mencho/Torcidos/CJNG,and now he on the outs with them,he has authorities using a helicopter to keep him safe,and bragging that Mencho is his friend,crazy shit?

  23. Chivis. I apologize for going crazy on BB. My only justification is I still have problemd dealing with what happened to my family,as well as my sisters and I. We were honest farmers growing olives for olive oil. As we'd done for generations. No one in my family has ever had anything to do with criminals. When my Grandpa wouldn't give in to the demands of the local "families", we paid a huge price, in blood. We had no choice but to leave our country. I should have taking the higher road on this. My family raised me better. That's why I have spent 30 years with Dr.s Without Borders, trying to help other innocents. I admire you greatly and my sincere apologies to you,BB and all the posters on BB. Texas Grandma. Peace to all innocents.


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