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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mexican Army continues counternarcotics operations in Durango Sierras

By Chris Covert

Mexican Army units with the 10th Military Zone have been conducting counternarcotics operations in remote mountain Durango municipalities since at least February 1st, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a news account which appeared on the website of El Siglo de Torreon news daily, Wednesday soldiers detained four unidentified suspects who were observed wearing military uniforms.  Reports are unclear where in Durango the detentions took place

Separate operations in San Dimas and Tamazula municipalities seized quantities of weapons.  The contraband were seized in the village of La Lajita in Tamazula and the village of Tayoltita in San Dimas.

Weapons seized included two AK-47 rifles, three 5.7mm pistols, two 9 mm pistols, one 40mm grenade launching attachment, one 40 mm grenade, 333 rounds of ammunition and 14 weapons magazines.

A vehicle was also seized.

According to a news article which appeared on the website of El Siglo de Durango news daily last week, last February 16th an army unit seized quantities of weapons and cash in an undisclosed location in Durango states, detaining three unidentified suspects.

Among the contraband seized were three rifles, four weapons magazines, 64 rounds of ammunition, one rifle scope and one vehicle.  The total amount if cash seized is MX $30,720 (USD$ 2409.96).

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  1. Did chapo get smoked?

    1. lets hope so im tired of everyone fighting like men and this fucker gets.all the help hes a pussy snitch

  2. Dammit"Confirmed,EL Chapo not dead"

  3. You guys are so stupid believe everything u hear in the internet wtf you think is that easy to kill the guy he is more protected than Obama is all part of the game

    1. Haha true, both my parents are from durango, n trust me those soldiers don't do their job I went to durango several times n everyone respects and protects el chapo...

    2. It's all part of the game until the game is that chapo goes down. he will outlive his usefulness one day, it may be tomorow, it may be in ten years. don't think that because he is protected he is protected for life. politicians are in the business of making money and staying in power. one day it will become more valuable to have chapo dead. but it won't be today.

    3. Its chapo im alive yall

  4. It's great to know that there are still many brave men and women who are willing to combat the drug cartels.
    Also, there are those who still perform their duties as medical personnel, news reporters, teachers and others as well as ordinary citizens who go about their ordinary life.

  5. That man has WAY too much money and connections.i believe he will eventually get taken down karmas a bitch you live by the sword you die by it but not this time

  6. Any info on the changes in jefe de plazas in Durango? So many have been captured, killed, or missing in action. Durango is such a beautiful area, so sad that Mexico has 5 of the most dangerous cities in the world in the top 10. Durango City being number 9.

  7. El Chapo got better security than the Pope he is better protected than the president of the USA and has better protection than Osama Bin Laden ever had .puro talivanes y el Bravo

  8. Mexico is not the most dangerous country in the world.

    Homicide (murder) rate:
    1. Honduras 92
    2. Salvador 70
    3. Jamaica 57
    22. Mexico 23
    67. Russia 10
    100. USA 5
    150. Canada 1.5
    163. UK
    168. France
    175. Saudi Arabia
    180. Germany
    190. Norway
    Last: Japan and Monaco (the two safest in the world)

    1. 9:48am. Great info. Any idea of the ratio in these countries of innocents murdered by drug cartels? Which is the focus of this site? The war in Mexico. I personally only care about the mayhem to a beautiful country and the innocents there. Texas Grandma, peace.

    2. 3 states of mexico are in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world for 2013....sorry but its true...I just got back from mexico 2 days ago and let me tell hear it here first before we here it there in mexico. i was there 8 months and seen more people dry from accidents..drunks stabbing and shooting each other...and hit and runs then any cartel violence verdad

  9. 50 most dangerous cities, not country.

  10. Chivis can you please check why the newspaper of Nuevo Laredo delete a article about kidnapping


  12. Just the other day i had stumbled into an old army disposable store and freaked out on how many different models there were on AKM-bayonets(for AK-47) the store owner had in his shop something like 20 different bayonets to suit each model AK-47, damn AK-47 that good every country and there dog got there own make on it.


  14. February 22, 2013 at 4:58 PM
    "i was there 8 months and seen more people dry from suicides"
    Dude are there many suicides in Mexico?Its interesting because certain countries seem to have more suicides than others?As you know US has many,Europe,then again South Asia has a lot.I wonder if its to do with materialism,religion,everyday life,worries,etc,i don't know that's why im asking,very interesting dude.


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