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Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 cops die in La Laguna

Photos of the aftermath of three of the incidents can be found here

By Chris Covert

A total of five police agents in the La Laguna region of Mexico have been shot to death and another two were wounded Thursday afternoon, according to Mexican new accounts.

Also two other individuals were killed in Torreon, Coahuila and Gomez Palacio in ongoing drug and gang related violence

A news item posted on the website of Proceso news weekly said that four of the five dead police agents were killed on the Durango side of La Laguna in three separate incidents.

Two unidentified police agents with the Gomez Palacio, Durango transit police were shot to death near the intersection of calles Morelos and Urrea.  A second incident took place minutes later near the on Bulevar Miguel Aleman near the Museo Francisco Sarabia museum against a sole police agent.

The third incident took place near the intersection of Calzada Lazaro Cardenas near a technical school Centro de Estudios Tecnologicos, where a transit police agent was shot to death while directing traffic.

A fourth incident took place on Bulevar Guadalupe Victoria, which ended with an unidentified police agent wounded.

The fifth police agent was killed in Torreon in Coahuila, but no details have appeared in Mexican press regarding that incident.

The five dead police agents were identified in a news brief posted on the website of El Siglo de Durango news daily as Gilberto Rodriguez Gonzalez, Jose Luis Gamboa Aleman, Victo Ivan Guereca Salinas, Florentino Martinez Flores and Jose Miguel Castro Roman.

Two other civilians were killed in La Laguna.
  •  A man was found stabbed to death in an incident characterized as an execution Thursday.  Francisco Javier Ramirez Aldaba, 23, was found at a residence in Ejido El Vergelito stabbed in the chest and abdomen.
  • An unidentified man in his 40s was found tortured and strangled to death on Avenida Hidalgo in Oscar Flores Tapia colony in Torreon in Coahuila Wednesday night.
Meanwhile in other security news, the Durango state Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE) or attorney general announced Thursday that a total of nine unidentified suspects were detained by security forces.  Security forces seized drugs, guns and vehicles.

A number of weapons were found when a Policia Federal (PF) road patrol stopped two men who were travelling aboard a Dodge Neon sedan.  Inside the vehicle, PF agents found one 0.30 caliber and one 0.22 caliber rifles, one 9mm pistol, one 9mm Lugar pistol, one Uzi type pistol and one 0.22 caliber pistol.  Four weapons magazines were also seized in the traffic stop.  The two detainees were identified as Javier Becerra Gallegos and Omar Becerra Gallegos, both 25 and from Ciudad Lerdo, Durango.

Separately, four suspects were detained in La Laguna for alleged car theft.  The detainees were identified as Gregorio Contreras Aguirre, Gustavo Carrillo Reyes, Aaron Vega Renteria, and Julio Cesar Vega Renteria.

Three more suspects were detained for alleged attempted robbery.  They were identified as José Martin Chavez Hernandez,  Juan de Dios Garcia Navarro and Maria Guadalupe Rubio Rodriguez.

All nine suspects were transferred to the Centro de Readaptacion Social (CERESO) in Durango city.

The La Laguna region began formal security operations named Operativo Laguna only last week in which Mexican federal security forces including the military and Policia Federal units along with Coahuila and Durango state police units would maintain patrols in the region, especially in the absence of 158 police agents who had been dismissed or who had quit the police corporations in Gomez Palacio.

That reduction in force in La Laguna had left the region with very little local police presence until the Mexican XI Military Region agreed to coordinate police activities in the region.

A separate news story posted on the website of El Siglo de Durango Tuesday said that about 100 naval infantry effectives, the equivalent of a rifle company had been deployed at the Expo Feria, or fairgrounds in Gomez Palacio to assist in security operations.  It was reported earlier this month that Mexican marine units had arrived in the region to assist  with security, but this latest news is the first of an encampment.

At last report, the Mexican Army was answering 066 telephone calls, Mexico's emergency telephone number.  It was also reported by Mexican press in a security incident earlier in the month that army marine and state police units were being combined for the purposes of patrolling then region.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Police agents..?? Or narcos working as police agents

  2. Great update. It's sad that so many police officers have been killed. Durango sounds like total chaos. God bless there families and all innocents. Viva Mexico. Keep the pressure up. Thanks, Texas Grandma. Peace.

    1. Mostly the "Laguna" area. Everywhere else pretty calm. Was down there last summer.

  3. any info on changes in los jefes de plaza in DGO? So many have fallen, gotten killed, or missing in action. So sad because Durango is such a beautiful state. In came in 9th in this years 50 most dangerous cities in the world. Mexico had 5 in the top 10.

  4. Durango city's violence spiked probably because of the discovery of all those mass graves last year. Assuming no others are found, it should go down this year.

    I'm not seeing a whole lot of violence in Durango city being reported by the press. Not saying it isn't happening; just not seeing it.

  5. Hola Malo...
    I have followed Dgo for years. There are countless fossa in and around Dgo and the press has never focused on Dgo. EVen when the fossa were found in tandem to Tamps, and even though the numbers were greater than Tamps it was all about Tamps. Dgo has been grossly ignored by the press. The fosas discovered were from a long time range of killings going back more than a is estimated that the bulk of the undiscovered fossa are in Dgo-Zaca and Coa

    1. Chivis since u live in Mexico can you answer this question for me? If the zetas are disliked by so many people and they commit so much atrocities why do they have so much territory and why are they among the top cartels if so many groups hate them? I dont understand. Usually when something isnt popular it isnt around for very long. I dont favor any one cartel more than another but I really hear more negative comments about zetas than any other group and im just wondering why the hell they're still around.

    2. Chivis since you live in Mexico can you answer this question? If the zetas are hated by so many people and groups why do they have so much territory? If they commit so many atrocities and so many people are against them why are they among the top cartels in Mexico? I dont favor any one cartel more than another but I hear and read so much more negative comments about trashy zetas than any other group. Usually when something isn't popular it isn't around for very long.

  6. Chivis the mass graves you are talkin of,would they of been done by CDS???...

  7. im guessing it is because of the aggressiveness of the atrocities and the way they had operated before strictly in a military manner, and im also guessing because they are using the ferarri logo people like ferarri's

  8. Durango.If any of you have seen a video of a sicario from then El FlacoSalgueiro/CDS(it is blacked out on the edges)he is interrogated and and is given one of the worst beatings with a baseball bat in someones living room.Point is,the camera pans away and you see at least another 10 people tied up and blindfolded on the floor.The interrogators are Los Ms,it is wrong to say every one of them ended up in the fosas?

  9. And 4 suspects were apprehended for alleged car theft.....musta stole the wrong persons car lol

  10. @ 11:10 PM.
    Jaja. I agree it must be the ferrari logo. They used to operate with military precision but most of those guys are either locked up or dead. now most of the zetas consist of street thugs and kids or civilians with a little bit of firearms training. Maybe the time span that they did operate militarily was long enough for them to establish a well based organization that is still around to this day but has changed. I never really thought about that. Thanx 11:10

  11. wrong...that person that was beat to death with a bat,he and the others were killed by the juarez cartel...very easy to look up,at that time the ms wernt involved in chihuahua...

  12. "wrong...that person that was beat to death with a bat"
    Shit man,video im talkin about dude didnt get beat to death,have you checked before you say wrong?Bet your talkin about La Linea,no?Gallegos?Fuckin know alls.....Wrong,anyway who gives a fuck.


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