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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7 die in Nuevo Laredo

Seven unidentified individuals were found shot to death in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas last Saturday, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news report posted on the website of Vanguardia news daily Monday said that four men were found shot to death near a beer dispensary known as Super Plus Carmen, which is near the intersection of calles Ocampo and Gutierrez. 

The article, which was a news dispatch from an El Universal wire service said that three of the dead were partially identified. A fifth victim, an unidentified minor, was also found at the scene.

Later the same night, two unidentified men in their 20s were found shot to death at a a beer dispensary known as Modelorama near the intersection of calles Dr. Mier and Aquiles Serdan.  The article said that a third victim was taken for medical treatment, but later died.  He was identified as José Luis Pérez Vargas.

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  1. Been quite up till now.

  2. According to other civilians near the scene, they did not mention that there were other 5 killings at OXXO store the same night, making a total of 12.

  3. And the beat goes on, da de da de da de de. Lawless uncivalized ignorant waste of humanity?

  4. Looks like CDG/Allies are hitting up Zetas home base. If it contras, there would be pics and all kinds of news coverage.

    When will the war end??


  5. Three of these individuals killed at Super Plus Carmen were US Citizens. FBI is now involved. They lived in Laredo, TX and apparently owned the business. They were known as very respectable and kind men. What a shame that no one can operate any kind of business in Mexico without falling prey to corruption.

  6. I always loved living in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo in the early 1990's . I remember hanging around those streets . Times have changed and I can only imagine the regular civilians ( the elderly , women and children ) being caught in the crossfire .

  7. Joe Lara. u always post something to the effect of "SOUNDING" good to people who read ur lame comments but hidden in ur words for the "poor people" r always self grandiose remarks that U lived,workd or knew People and/it events that r making news now.PATHETIC!

  8. February 6, 2013 at 12:50 PM
    "Three of these individuals killed at Super Plus Carmen were US Citizens,and apparently owned the business,FBI is now involved"
    I hate to say it,but what better way could you heat the place up,kill US citizens and business owners.Cant see it being Z who killed them but you never know?I could see it being CDG,they been getting really naughty in the things they are prepared to do.Who knows could be completely wrong?

  9. I say bullshit. Anybody running a beer joint at ground zero in zeta headquarters knows exactly what is going down and is either in on it or paying hefty extortion. No innocent/uninvolved business owner could ever exist at that location unhindered, they sure as hell wouldn't be hanging around there.

  10. the reason its quite is because they look for target first then they stArt to hit them.they say the casino might open.good luckwith that.


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