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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4 die in Sinaloa state

Four men in their 20s were found executed in a remote area of Sinaloa state Sunday, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news  report posted on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily said that the four men were found in Sinaloa municipality on a road leading to Bacubirito.

The victims were identified in a separate news report which appeared on the website of El Debate news daily as Joel Lopez Cabrera, 25, La Jaina, Jose de Jesus Elizade 25, Los Mochis, Avetano Hernandez Elizade, 29, Los Mochis and Juan Carlos Valdez Sanchez, of El Gallo.

All four victims were shot at the scene.  Police found 20 spent AK-47 and two .38 Super cartridge casings at the scene.  Reports are two of the victims attempted to flee the shooting before they were caught by the gunfire.

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  1. If something happens everyday should it still be considered news?

  2. The person that died Joel Lopez Cabrera is one of the members of Antrax, I believe he is a cousin of the deceased Ondeado "m1"... he is in charge of the plaza de Los Mochis... sounds weird but antrax was in northern sinaloa for more then 2 years already controlling parts of guasave, los mochis and up to the border of sonora.

    The name cant remeber correctly on how to spell it but its FADES of FEYS from antrax.

  3. February 6, 2013 at 9:03 AM .
    Thanks for the input dude,it will be special forces of AntraX or some shit,so is this Isidro at it again do you think?

  4. beltran leyva fucking chapo up

  5. segun comentarios por hay, estos batos traicionaron al macaco del grupo del chapo isidro y por eso mamaron

  6. Another dead antrax haha anyone knw more about this we interested

  7. Rest in peace suckers

  8. Yes ...outsiders come to Bacubirito , break the law and customs of the town, the army seat quietly by doing nothing, the outsiders run but can not run fast enough .... End of story

  9. Los Antrax MZ vs Chapo I. Independent tied.with Zs..
    atte ThinkTank 28.7

  10. @12:54pm dude you confusing me... LOS Antrax versus
    Chapo... independent tied wit Z's... u lost me?

    What you trying to tell us here pls?

  11. i getcha think in Chapito isidro,i thought u meant Chapo guzman vs antrax.

  12. @tinktank 28.7 tu eres pro joke bro dices puras estupideses en todo lo que se relaciona con sinaloa....mejor pongase verga primo tantas mamada de que el mz y jgl estan peleando entre ellos lo invito para culiacan para que lo conpruebe plebe y a los otros vatos que dicen que son antrax dejesen de mamadas aqui estan cayendo de todos los bandos asi que dejence de mamadas....o ya se la saven quieren opinar vengance para sinaloa a que investiguen bien y dejen de abrir la mamadora...

  13. @5:23 que le paso al macaco?

  14. Por que no se dejan de mamadas ya es pake sinaloa este unido....
    Si Que caDa quien aga Su feria asu manera y cada quien con sus problemas
    Ogala Que en sinaloa de leyva siga igual de tranquilo por que es muy bonito ir adar la buelta por las rancherias de buena vista el agua blanka sarabia el zapote y sin olvidar la presa de bacurato

  15. can we still fish at Bacaracc lake?


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